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Tyco Retail to showcase latest innovations and collaborations
at RILA Retail Asset Protection Conference 2018

Tyco Retail Solutions (www.tycoretailsolutions.com) will showcase new innovations and industry collaborations to further digitize the store and enable retailers to provide smart, connected shopper engagement at RILA Retail Asset Protection Conference in Orlando, Florida, from April 29 - May 2, 2018. Prescriptive analytical data solutions and technology investments are helping retailers to operate proactively, efficiently and in real-time to better engage their customers along the shopping journey.

"Know What's in Store" with Tyco Retail at RILA's 2018 Asset Protection Conference:

  ● Secure Mobile Self-Checkout
  ● Shrink Management as a Service
  ● Sensormatic Synergy Storefront Detection Series
  ● New Anti-Theft Tags and Labels

These innovative collaborations and more will be showcased at the RILA Retail Asset Protection Conference 2018 at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Visit booth #401 from April 29 - May 2 to see firsthand how Tyco Retail Solutions is helping retailers "Know What's in Store."

Agilence to Present at RILA Asset Protection Conference 2018
Agilence, Inc., the leader in cloud-based data analytics solutions designed to help retailers and restaurant operators gain valuable insights from their data, today announced that Vice President of Product Strategy Derek Rodner will be speaking at the 2018 RILA Asset Protection Conference, April 29 - May 2, 2018, along with a member of a leading pharmacy operator.

Together during the session "The Rite Medication for Your Company's Data Analysis Paralysis," Derek and guest will discuss how to properly leverage data analytics solutions in order to capitalize on the date at your disposal rather than being overwhelmed by the mass of data flowing through your stores. Once your data is in order, you can begin gaining valuable insights to help optimize sales, enhance promotion performance, and improve profits.

  ● Session: "The Rite Medication for Your Company's Data Analysis Paralysis"
  ● Speakers: Derek Rodner, Vice President Product Strategy, Agilence
                    Brandan Mehaffie, Director Pharmacy-Asset Protection, Rite Aid Corporation
  ● Date and Time: Tuesday, May 1, 2018, at 2:45 pm ET   agilenceinc.com

Does Your Marketing Group Know Where Your Ads End Up?

Retailers Inadvertently Supporting Nazis?
Ads From Hundreds of Major Companies Placed on Extremist YouTube Videos

Ads from over 300 companies and organizations -- including tech giants, major retailers, newspapers and government agencies -- ran on YouTube channels promoting white nationalists, Nazis, pedophilia, conspiracy theories and North Korean propaganda, a CNN investigation has found.

Companies such as Adidas, Amazon, Cisco, Facebook, Hershey, Hilton, LinkedIn, Mozilla, Netflix, Nordstrom and Under Armour may have unknowingly helped finance some of these channels via the advertisements they paid for on Google-owned YouTube.

US tax dollars may have gone to the channels, too. Ads from five US government agencies, such as the Department of Transportation and Centers for Disease Control, appeared on the channels.

Many of the companies that responded to CNN said they were unaware their ads had been placed on these channels and were investigating how they ended up there. (Fuller responses from these companies are collected at the bottom of this article.)

One of the companies, Under Armour, is pausing its advertising buy on the platform after CNN notified the company its ads appeared on a white nationalist YouTube channel called "Wife With A Purpose." cnn.com

How Data Creates Transparency In The Ad Supply Chain
When one thinks of organized criminal activity, it is often unsavory activities involving trafficking of some form, but fraudulent web traffic is rapidly growing as a high reward, low risk, low effort criminal pursuit. Last year, the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) concluded that within a decade, online advertising fraud is likely to be the second most lucrative criminal activity, trailing only opiate and cocaine trafficking.

The WFA projected web advertising to be a half trillion-dollar industry in 2025 and then projected a 10 percent fraud rate, arriving at $50 billion as the economic impact of fraudulent activity.  Ad fraud is not only parasitic theft, but a source of easy funds for organized crime, terrorist groups and hackers.

The advertising industry needs to adopt a series of strategies which help combat fraud and ensure digital advertising is both legitimate and brand safe.

Not only does online advertising fraud represent a deadweight loss to advertisers, but it can result in brand harm when advertising is placed next to objectionable content or malvertising. In a recent study, nearly 70% of respondents said brand safety has become more important to their businesses. With programmatic marketing, advertisers are looking to ensure that ads will be displayed on brand safe networks, not "fake news" sites with fringe or hateful content.
"The challenge is to have transparency around who your partners are to make sure that they're legitimate actors, to make sure your ads are on appropriate content." mediapost.com

Securing Social Media: Becoming one of the Biggest Threats in the Private Sector
RSA CONFERENCE 2018 - San Francisco - Governments and businesses around the world are navigating concerns around social media, which is playing an increasingly important role in both national and enterprise security.

In the private sector, one of the biggest threats to the business will be fraudulent and spoofed accounts, Foster pointed out. With social as their platform, attackers can get to the two most important groups of enterprise targets: employees and customers. It puts businesses in a strange position: to what extent do employees' social media accounts pose a threat? How do they govern social media? Are they responsible for protecting employees' accounts?

Foster and Geers outlined several steps organizations can take to lessen the risk of social media-based threats in the enterprise. Their recommendations: work with the communications teams to build a social media policy and dictate what can and cannot be posted. Tell employees how to report abuses and potential threats. Teach best practices for hardening their accounts, and establish a policy around breach notifications and lost credentials. darkreading.com

Prioritizing Third Party Exposure
Supply Chains Coming Under More & More Scrutiny
"Amid National Security Warnings, NIST Adds Supply-Chain Security to Cyber Framework"

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said in a speech Tuesday few firms have the visibility into their own supply chain necessary to address all security vulnerabilities. Ms. Nielsen's remarks and the NIST update both come after the U.S. government has said the technology companies ZTE Corp., and Huawei Technologies Co., based in China, and Kaspersky Lab, based in Russia, could present national security threats.

"The supply-chain risk management is about discerning the outcomes of different relationships and examining those on a regular basis," said Matt Barrett, cybersecurity framework lead at NIST.

Here is what executives should keep in mind when assessing the security of organizations in their supply chain, according to NIST.

Conduct quarterly supply chain assessments. Firms must determine cybersecurity requirements for suppliers, formalize those requirements in contractual form and communicate to suppliers how those requirements will be verified over the course of a business agreement, according to the NIST update. Companies then must use a variety of methodologies to validate that both sides are meeting their requirements.

'You don't do this once and just call it a day.'

It's crucial for companies to routinely assess their partners' cybersecurity, perhaps on a quarterly basis. "Assessments need to be continuous and ongoing because cyber is a dynamic risk that is always changing."

Understand that best practices are evolving. The NIST guidance doesn't specify how businesses should conduct their risk assessments. Still, companies need to take an inventory of the firms they do business with, then prioritize those relationships based on the sensitivity of the information they share, said David Cowan, a cybersecurity investor at the venture capital firm Bessemer Venture Partners.

Organizations following current best practices in third-party risk will send their security teams to conduct in-person inspections at a handful of the most sensitive partners, such as their cloud vendor, Mr. Cowan said. Others will administer detailed questionnaires, while companies likely disregard most of the firms they work with upon determining those relationships contain negligible levels of risk, he said.

Fortune 500 companies "are spending $1.5 billion a year on these assessments," estimated Mr. Cowan. "Five years ago it was nothing. But anyone who's doing assessments today is doing it dynamically and in a way where the best practices are changing. There's no golden standard as to what the best kind of assessment looks like yet." wsj.com

The Workplace Culture Chasm: Why So Many Get It Wrong
Getting a workplace culture right starts with the basics of interpersonal relationships, says author Todd Davis.
One of the biggest challenges in the business world today is developing a collaborative and productive workplace culture that can than boost performance. Organizations are beginning to discover that interpersonal relationships are key to a harmonious office where employees feel good about each other and their work. Todd Davis, whose title is chief people officer for FranklinCovey, has poured more than 30 years of experience in human resources and talent development into his new book, Get Better: Fifteen Proven Practices to Build Effective Relationships at Work. He joined the Knowledge@Wharton show on SiriusXM channel 111 to share some insights on creating a kinder, gentler office where conflict-resolution is constructive and peaceful. (Click the audio player below to listen to the podcast online.) upenn.edu

The New Pay Taboo for Employers
Big companies such as Amazon.com Inc. and Wells Fargo & Co. have told recruiters not to ask about compensation job candidates received in previous roles, as more employers shift away from using past wages as a guide for setting their future pay, reports the Wall Street Journal's Kelsey Gee.

The move stems from a slew of new laws around the U.S. aimed at closing wage gaps in the workforce. The theory behind them is that using past salaries to benchmark future pay can perpetuate unfairly high or low wages that workers carry from job to job.

Massachusetts and New York City passed laws in 2016 banning employers in those places from pressing job seekers to disclose their salary history. More than a dozen cities and states have followed suit.

An appeals court ruled last week that businesses may be held liable for discrepancies in their workers' pay, even if the imbalance stems from a previous employer, adding further pressure to correct pay gaps based on gender, race or other nonperformance related factors. wsj.com

Cognistix Launches New Fraud-Detection Functionality for its Flagship Product Suite
Cognistix, the retail-focused intelligent workforce solutions provider, has announced that it has launched a new functionality, adding to its flagship product suite.

The new advanced Fraud Detection capability, will help contain, identify, and prevent fraudulent behavior, across multiple field representatives. This behavior could include several possible scenarios, such as - incorrect check-ins, duplicate photo submissions, and work location deviations, that are often common occurrences. And with remote workforces becoming a mainstay for several industries, the onus is on HR teams and managers to curb discrepancies and willful fraud. hrtechnologist.com

FREE Workplace Violence Preparedness Seminar
Hosted By Security Resources in Philadelphia Thursday, May 3rd

RSVP By Wednesday, April 25th

Security Resources will be hosting a FREE Workplace Violence Preparedness Seminar on May 3rd in Philadelphia, PA.

Event will be held at DoubleTree by Hilton Philadelphia Airport
4509 Island Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19153

Topics will include Threat Assessment, Planning & Resiliency, and Active Shooter. Presenters will be Mr. Jin Kim, a 23-year veteran of FBI's New York Division, and Mr. Jason Patton from Security Resources, Inc. Jason is a physical security subject matter expert with 18 years prior experience designing, integrating and implementing complete security programs for the US Government including the White House, Air Force One, The Department of Energy and The Pentagon.

Seating is limited and multiple attendees are welcome.

Those interested can reply to sboardley@securityresources.net by April 25, 2018. 

See more info in today's Vendor Spotlight below.

Slip-And-Fall Gang of 5 Charged
Defrauding NYC Businesses & Ins. Comp's $31.7M+

"As alleged, these defendants employed one of the oldest plays in the fraudster handbook - the fake slip-and-fall routine - to develop a network of 'fall victims' to obtain an astonishing $31 million in fraudulent insurance and compensation payouts. Allegedly, some of the 'victims' went as far as having unnecessary surgery to increase the likelihood of a higher settlement. Today, however, these defendants' fraud careers are over, and they will be forced to answer for their alleged crimes."

But perhaps the most shocking allegation revealed today is the fact that additional incentives were offered for participants to undergo surgery in order to receive payment for their involvement.

The gang recruited individuals to stage slip-and-fall accidents at particular locations throughout New York City. Recruited patients were referred to specific attorneys who would file lawsuits against the owners of the accident sites and/or insurance companies. They were also instructed to receive ongoing chiropractic and medical treatment from certain chiropractors and doctors.

KALKANIS, a former chiropractor, was the organizer and leader of the scheme. As alleged in the indictment, KALKANIS paid his co-defendants to recruit patients into the scheme and transport the patients to medical and attorney appointments. justice.gov

Samsung GalaxyS9 phones worth $1M stolen from airport
Three armed Brazilian robbers disguised as airport workers stole a huge shipment of Samsung Galaxy S9 phones worth $1 million from Rio de Janeiro's Galeao International Airport last Sunday. brecorder.com

Cool temps take financial toll on retailers
Fox News: Coldest April on Record

The first quarter has been challenging for many retailers as winter has been slow to loosen its grip across much of the country, according to Planalytics. An extended period of cooler temperatures and a series of late season snow events has delayed the shift to spring spending in many markets. Planalytics estimates that the weather extracted $1.4 billion in sales from DIY stores and $425 million from clothing stores versus the prior year.

For the restaurant sector, chillier temperatures and inclement weather really hurt traffic levels producing weather headwinds of $984 million, compared to March 2017. Things haven't improved much in April, especially in the eastern half of the country where to date temperatures have remained below normal and 2017 levels. chainstoreage.com

Sr Director Assets Protection, HQ Operations for Target Stores in Minneapolis, MN
One of the world's leading and most recognized brands requires an industry-leading Asset Protection team who ensures the safety and security of our team, guests, stores, DCs and merchandise. We use strive to maintain a profitable, safe and secure environment; whether within our stores, our headquarters or our distribution centers. You'll promote a culture of safety and security, while preventing and responding to incidents that fall within our many areas of expertise.

In Assets Protection we identify, evaluate and mitigate risks to team members, stores and guests. We create safe and secure environments and control shortage by preventing theft and fraud and supporting sound operations. In this role you will provide strategic leadership for teams that implement programs and projects that drive continuous improvement.

A role leading Headquarters Operations is an opportunity to positively impact shortage and safe and secure results in stores and supply chain by leading a team that drives continuous improvement throughout AP. This role pulls together support services, technology, reporting, and design teams to provide cross-functional support to stores, supply chain and headquarter teams and business innovation focusing on new technologies, tools and resources. You will be responsible for aligning company programs and processes to protect our company assets and working with teams across the organization including Store Operations, Supply Chain Operations, Finance, Property Management, Corporate Compliance and Risk, Human Resources and Merchandising to name a few. target.com

Wells Fargo to pay $1 Billion to Settle Risk Management Claims

Kroger Sells 762 C-Stores Group to EG Group

ATF: 704 lbs of explosives stolen from Marietta, GA worksite

Ban the Box Laws by State and Municipality

Amazon's 100M Prime members will help it become #1 apparel retailer in the US

Walmart eases its dress code to allow jeans

WiFi network named 'remote detonator' prompts WI Planet Fitness evacuation

Florida Massage Envy employee arrested, accused of sexually assaulting client

Quarterly Results

Sketchers Q1 retail comp's up 9.5%, retail sales up 26.4, total sales up 16.5%
Pier 1 Imports Q4 comp's down 7.5%, net sales down 3.1%, full yr. comp's down 2%, net sales down 1.6%






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Event will be held at DoubleTree by Hilton Philadelphia Airport
4509 Island Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19153

RSVP to sboardley@securityresources.net by Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Still Think Apprehending Shoplifters is a Good Idea?

By David E. George, CFE, CFI, Managing Partner, Calibration Group, LLC

A story with an all-too-familiar ring. Another death occurred during the apprehension of a shoplifter. In the most recent case, the victim was an alleged shoplifter being apprehended by supermarket employees in Brooklyn, NY. It seems like just a few months ago we read about another death. Then another. And yet...another. In fact, 2017 was a year fraught with fatalities during store employees' attempts to apprehend shoplifters:

A shoplifter was tackled by a store employee, then bled to death from lacerations caused by landing on the glass bottles he was attempting to steal.

A store owner was stabbed to death while attempting to apprehend a female shoplifter.

A store owner was killed trying to block the exit while two thieves attempted to steal TVs.

A Loss Prevention employee charged with murder after chasing, then allegedly shooting and killing a shoplifter.

Shoplifter dies after struggle with store employees.

A Loss Prevention employee was stabbed to death by a shoplifter.

The most frightening thing about the list above is that it is not all-inclusive. Not only does this list exclude the many violent altercations ending with serious injuries to employees, customers, or shoplifters, but it also excludes the many individuals injured or killed during Police chases after-the-fact.

​As a retail Loss Prevention/Asset Protection community, we once again find ourselves in a horrible dilemma: How do we prevent shoplifting while simultaneously protecting our coworkers, customers, and, yes, shoplifters, from injuries and fatalities? A common belief is that if retailers implement a "No Apprehension" policy, then shoplifting will increase. But is this true? In Calibration Group's most recent whitepaper entitled, Violence in Loss Prevention: Dissecting Shoplifter Apprehensions, this very question is addressed.

Read more here.


Canada Debuts Federal Data-Breach Reporting Rules
Referring to Europe's GDPR Guidelines Somewhat

Ottawa has unveiled the final regulations for Canadian organizations who discover data breaches, offering a checklist of steps for those affected, but stopping short of enforcing strict timelines coming into effect next month in Europe.

The federal government has been mulling data-breach regulations for three years, and has rolled out drafts and incremental final details for months. Slated to come into effect Nov. 1., the regulations announced Wednesday outline the minimum reporting requirements for organizations whose security safeguards have been compromised, affecting individuals' private data.

Canada's new reporting requirements include an assessment of whether a breach has a "real risk of significant harm" to individuals and disclosures to both them and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner. They include the circumstances and timeframe of the breach; the type of personal information that has been accessed; how the organization is minimizing harm from the incident, as well as what individuals can do to minimize risk; and contact details the Commissioner's office or affected individual can use to ask questions about what happened.

A deliberate failure to notify the Commissioner or an affected individual, or to keep a record of a breach, will be greeted with a fine of up to $100,000 for each offence. And affected organizations must also outline how they will notify consumers - but the new regulations do not lay out any minimum timelines to do so. Continue reading here  theglobeandmail.com

Artificial intelligence and the retail revolution
Today, AI powered retail technologies provide a variety of benefits to retailers and consumers alike. It can improve customer service and experience; help protect customers from fraud and thieves; and enhance productivity. In the future, new applications of AI powered technologies could see retailers delivering goods via drone, targeting consumers with items based on their mood, or transforming the way we pay for items.

The use of AI enabled self-service checkouts is one area where AI is really starting to impact a consumer's daily life.

Better service, faster checkouts, and anti-fraud

Using AI enabled visual recognition technology, self-checkouts can now be equipped with smart recognition technology that enables the checkout to "see" the item, recognize it, and promptly provide the customer with the item for selection on the screen. Furthermore, the system then checks again to ensure that the item selected by the customer is still the same item that goes into the bagging area - helping to protect retailers from item-swap theft. The technology can protect retailers from other theft types too, such as detecting when a customer feigns scanning an item, or leaves an item in their shopping basket. To reduce friction even more, instead of halting the transaction entirely when errors or potential theft occurs, the system alerts the supervising shop assistant to check on the transaction, rather than making the customer wait for them to authorize the continuation of the self-scan process.

The recognition systems are powered by vast data sets that enable the checkouts to analyze an item by sight alone. This evolution of self-checkout technology is just one of the ways that AI is changing and enhancing the in-store retail experience today. essentialretail.com

The Biometric Security Boom
Download the "Biometric Security Boom" white paper to learn why leading organizations are turning to highly sophisticated and secure multi-modal biometric authentication technologies to provide customers with a dramatically better experience and realize major efficiency and security gains.

The five most popular biometric technologies today, from voice and behavioral biometrics to iris scanning and beyond

● Why companies are taking a multi-modal approach, using a combination of biometric technologies to strengthen security and give customers freedom of choice
● Recommendations for getting started with biometric authentication and staying ahead of the curve. Sponsor Nuance. Registration Required for White Paper computerworld.com

Ultrasonic Signals Are the Wild West of Wireless Tech
IoT Devices using Ultrasonic Technology?
Ultrasonic Services Could Quickly Become a Massive Security & Privacy Problem

Ultrasounds have already gained a sinister reputation for their use in device tracking schemes in which apps gain permission to access a user's smartphone, then listen for inaudible "beacons" being broadcast in advertisements, websites, and even physical stores. At the RSA security conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, researchers are presenting new findings about where things stand with ultrasonic communication-and how concerned you should be about the technology.

Ultrasonic communication technology has increasingly found usefulness for a diverse array of location-based services, in which an app listens for beacons and suggests location-related services or content when your device is close enough to hear particular ultrasonic emissions.

Every company codes its own version and develops a different implementation of ultrasonic communication, and there's no way to ensure that all these different versions provide basic privacy and security protections.

"The real value of this technology is that you don't need any specific network setup, you are riding a physical phenomenon and can model proximity in a physical way."

"For IoT that could be important, because it's something you cannot spoof across walls or across barriers. But leaving ultrasound completely unchecked causes confusion, and implementations are flawed because they're ad hoc. There are risks that are only going to become worse without standardization."

The researchers are relieved that the most abusable elements of ultrasonic cross-device tracking don't seem to be gaining popularity right now. But overall, companies are increasingly finding proximity-related uses for ultrasounds and implementing them more and more. Without widespread collaboration on a robust standard, ultrasonic services could quickly become a massive security and privacy problem. wired.com

Wombat Security Named Best IT Security-Related Training Program at 2018 SC Awards


Critical Incident Management - Technology - Response

Pat McEvoy, Sr. Dir of AP Administration, Hudson's Bay Company
Bryan Granata
, Managing Dir of AP, Saks Fifth Avenue

With lone wolf terrorist attacks happening more frequently in the greater NYC area and active shooter incidents increasing nationwide, the need for critical incident management programs, technology and hardware has never been more important.

Pat McEvoy, Sr. Director of Asset Protection Administration, Hudson's Bay Company and Bryan Granata, Managing Director of Asset Protection, Saks Fifth Avenue, tell us about the preventative measures their stores are taking from training drills and K9 dogs to gunshot detection systems.

Episode Sponsored By

Rex Gillette Shares How the ADT/Protection 1 Merger is Going

Rex Gillette, Vice President of Retail Sales for ADT/Protection 1, tells us why a great employee culture with top notch customer service have helped Protection 1 and ADT set itself apart as a leading integrator in the retail security business.


Miss an episode? Catch all our "Live in NYC" 2018 videos here.

Get involved in our next broadcast in June at NRF Protect in Dallas. Contact us!



Don't Give In To Ecommerce Fraud
Everything You Need To Know About Chargeback Prevention

Every ecommerce provider will have come across that dreaded fact of online trading life: the chargeback. With online transactions commonly completed via credit cards, chargebacks are inevitable - and oh so costly. As much as credit card providers need to protect their customers against erroneous charges, merchants often pull at the short straw as many chargebacks are the result of fraud. Below, we'll explain what causes chargebacks and what merchants can do to prevent them.

Why chargebacks occur

Chargebacks can be both fraudulent in nature - and entirely innocent, based on a misunderstanding. The trigger for chargebacks related to fraudulent transactions is straight-forward: a customer's credit card data is stolen, and an order is placed by a criminal.

Customers can also choose to abuse the chargeback process. Though this is not clear-cut fraud, it is an abuse of a valid dispute process.

Merchants should also be aware that some chargebacks are the result of customers not understanding what a transaction on their statement presents.

Fraud prevention is key

Though chargeback requests that are the result of a misunderstanding can often be ironed out, chargebacks that are the result of fraud represent a dead loss to the merchant. Cumulatively, these chargebacks could be a substantial loss for an individual merchant. Goods, once shipped to a criminal's location of choice, cannot be retrieved yet the merchant will be out of pocket - both in terms of cash and in terms of their reputation with their payment processor.

For this reason, fraud and chargeback protection that effectively indemnifies merchants against incorrectly approved transactions is incredibly important for any ecommerce merchant which wishes to protect its bottom line and its reputation. The mechanics of successful fraud prevention are complex, with successful fraud prevention strategies relying on a highly informed, and highly adaptable approach. hostreview.com

Account takeover up tenfold in past year
The incidence of online account takeover and the proportion of high-risk account access attempts underlines the need for improved authentication, says fraud detection firm.

Security statistics for 2017 paint a worrying picture of the account takeover landscape, according to passive biometrics firm NuData Security, a Mastercard company. Of the roughly 200 billion events monitored by NuData Security in the past year, 40% were flagged as high-risk, up from just 15% in 2016.

According to the Cifas report, as some targets become harder to crack, criminals are turning to what they consider softer targets. For example, the report said more than one-third of bank account takeover victims were over 60 years old.

NuData Security also identified that the total purchases across their client base had doubled from 2016 to 2017, with the number of purchases made with flagged credit cards also doubling. computerweekly.com

Wayfair follows Amazon with its own made-up holiday: Way Day

Online, Amazon is Most-Shopped Grocer, but Walmart Wins for Traditional Trips

USPS board nominees prepare to challenge Trump over Amazon rates

Over 400 Retail LP & Law Enforcement Attend
Successful MetrORCA Conference

Over 400 retail, law enforcement, loss prevention/asset protection and security professionals attended the MetrORCA's first annual conference at the NYPD academy in Flushing, NY. Each member came with a common goal, to learn more about what we can do to protect the public while preventing loss.

The NYPD color guard unit led the singing of the National Anthem, followed by introductions from Gregg Roberts of the NYC Police Foundation, an overview by TJ Flynn, President of the METRORCA, and comments from Lt. Tarik Sheppard of the NYPD.

NYPD Police Commissioner James P. O'Neill spoke regarding support of and belief in private/public partnerships. Commissioner O'Neill discussed the importance of working together to keep the public safe.

Presenters Included:
Contessa Brewer and Scott Zamost of CNBC, who reviewed the current opioid crisis and its impact/connection to retail crime;
Jean-Francois Legault of JP Morgan Chase N.A., who spoke about crypto and cyber security;
Dave Thompson of Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates, who spoke about the Cognitive Interview & reviewed the tools of the trade;
Tom Meehan of CONTROLTEK, who spoke about the Convergence of ORC and .Com fraud.

MetrORCA has also started to launch an app to help quickly identify potential thieves and alert security workers in nearby stores. Group president T.J. Flynn said it's already making an impact, with about 20 alerts in just two days.

"This is going to allow our members on the fly to put in incidents. You see a guy in the mall that is a booster, you take a picture, and you post it. 30 seconds - bam!" Flynn said at Tuesday's METRORCA conference "This is a huge game-changer for us."

METRORCA Group Photo

Left to Right: Chief, Robert Ruiz, Maj. Ron Hampton, NYPD Commissioner O'Neill, Tom Meehan, TJ Flynn, Sean Huggins, Dave Thompson, Amanda Hobert, Lt. Tarik Sheppard, Dermot Fitzsimons, Contessa Brewer, Chip Chiappetta, Scott Zamost, Gregg Roberts, Stefanie Mangiante, John B. Moore.

Click here to see more coverage of Tuesday's conference.

Update: York County, PA: Leader of massive Shoplifting Ring is stuck with having to pay $452K bill
The leader of a far-reaching midstate shoplifting ring is stuck with a $452,000 bill for his crime after a state Superior Court panel rejected his appeal. The court wasn't convinced by James Giuffrida's claim that his lawyer was ineffective both before and after he pleaded no contest to running an "organized retail theft conspiracy" that employed more than 100 drug addicts. The York County man was arrested in November 2012. Two years later, right after a jury was selected for his trial, Giuffrida pleaded no contest to multiple criminal charges. He had no sentencing deal. York County Judge Craig T. Trebilcock sentenced Giuffrida to 6 3/4 to 13 1/2 years in prison and fined him $55,000. Giuffida, 35, later was ordered to pay $397,431 in restitution as well. pennlive.com

Dearborn Heights, MI: Home Depot, Lowe's and Target scammed in Fencing Operation
Multiple police agencies confiscate merchandise during raids at Pawn Shops

At U.S. Jewelry and Loan Pawn Shop at the intersection of Beech Daly Road and Eton Avenue in Dearborn Heights, Canton police cleared out much of the store's inventory, while Westland police and Michigan State Police raided Bank Pawn Shop at the intersection of Warren and Venoy roads in Westland. Search warrants were served in Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Southgate and Westland as police focused on stolen property, and at least one of the warrants was served on a residence. A large number of tools and televisions were taken from the Dearborn Heights shop. Musical instruments were also confiscated. Police said three major retailers Home Depot, Lowe's and Target may have been scammed. It's unclear if the raids led to any arrests. clickondetroit.com

Tallahassee, FL: Update: Third person arrested in $21K Victoria's Secret
package theft

A third person facing felony theft charges concerning Victoria's Secret clothing stolen from a delivery company was out on bond Friday after her arrest Thursday. Jaresa Frye, 25, of Quincy was released from the Leon County Detention Center on a $10,000 bond. An engaged couple is facing felony theft charges after police learned they stole more than $20,000 worth of Victoria's Secret clothing and sold it on the street. According to court documents, a manager for the company Newgistics filed a report with the Tallahassee Police Department regarding Victoria's Secret package thefts that started in November 2017. wtxl.com

Gonzales, LA: Two women sought in $3,200 Sunglass Hut theft
Two women who stole more than $3,200 worth of sunglasses are being sought by police. The Gonzales Police Department reported the theft happened at the Sunglass Hut in the Tanger Mall on April 6. Detectives said the women walked in, grabbed several pairs of sunglasses, hid them, and then walked out without paying. They added the total value of stolen merchandise was $3,225. wafb.com

Boston, MA: Wig Store shoplifters hit for a 3rd time; Owner injured in an attempted apprehension
A wig shop owner was left bruised and bloodied after he said several people shoplifting from his store in Boston attacked him. Two women and a man ran out of Wig World on Temple Place, carrying stolen merchandise (approx. $500) to two other people waiting outside in broad daylight, store owner James Han said. Han chased the alleged shoplifters down and managed to tackle one man, but was beaten and punched by the group. whdh.com

Beaumont, TX: Thieves caught on camera stealing a trailer full of diapers from a Non-profit Center

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Shootings & Deaths

Trenton, FL: 2 Deputies die after shooter fires through restaurant window
Gilchrist County Sheriff Bobby Schultz identified the slain deputies during a news conference as Sgt. Noel Ramirez, 30, and Deputy Taylor Lindsey, 25. The deputies were getting food at the Ace China restaurant in Trenton when the shooter walked up to the building and fired at them through a window, Schultz said. Fellow deputies responding to the scene found the shooter dead outside the business. Schultz wouldn't say how the suspect died, adding that state law enforcement officials were investigating. There's no apparent motive for the shooting. local10.com

Fresno, CA: O'Reilly's Store employee shot and critically injured in Shoplifting Stop
An employee at an O'Reilly Auto Parts store was critically injured after he was shot while confronting a man he thought might be shoplifting. The Fresno Police Department says around 9 pm Thursday, a group of people walked into the store at Blackstone and Sierra in North Fresno. An employee noticed one of the men concealing something, so he started talking to him. The discussion got heated and moved into the parking lot outside of the store. At that point, the suspect shot the employee. abc30.com

Johannesburg, South Africa: One Security Guard killed in Armed Robbery of American Swiss Jewelry store in the East Rand Mall

Yakima, WA: Shooting reported outside Walmart; one wounded, two suspects arrested

Miami, FL: Surveillance video shows moment of impact in violent Miami gas station crash; 1 man killed, 1 man injured

Robberies & Thefts

Santa Rosa, CA: Nearly Naked man suspected of stealing Coors Beer truck
A man wearing nothing but boxer shorts in the pattern of the American flag and sneakers got behind the wheel of a beer delivery truck idling in front of a liquor store in southwest Santa Rosa on Thursday and drove away. The beer distribution company tracked the missing truck with a GPS device in the vehicle and alerted police it appeared to be parked somewhere behind a McDonald's restaurant about three miles away. pressdemocrat.com

Lexington, KY: Family Dollar Clerk punched, kidnapped during Armed Robbery
Police say the suspect had a gun, demanded money, and punched the clerk. The police say he forced the clerk to drive him several blocks away before running off. The clerk suffered minor injuries. wkyt.com

Irving, TX: Thieves caught on camera robbing Bitcoin machine at gas station; used a tire iron to break into a Bitcoin ATM

Baytown, TX: Thieves target courthouse ATM for 3rd time in a week

Skimming Thefts

Credit card skimmers at Florida gas pumps are becoming harder to stop
A skyrocketing number of credit card skimmers has been found at Florida's gas pumps - and they've become increasingly sophisticated. New technology has allowed criminals to install the devices inside gas pumps and retrieve information remotely on their cellphones, said Aaron Keller, with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

State inspectors are on pace this year to find the skimmers in about 1,000 gas pumps across Florida. That's up from more than 650 pumps last year and nearly 220 in 2016. Already this year, almost 200 skimmers have been found in South Florida. Broward had 112, Palm Beach, 54, and Miami-Dade had 18.  sun-sentinel.com

Kansas City, MO: Romanian National Charged in ATM Skimming Scheme
The group used skimming devices to steal dozens of debit card numbers, PINs from ATMs in Olathe, Riverside. justive.gov

Shreveport, LA: Austin men aplead guilty to using card skimmers to steal identities, money

(Update) Boston, MA: Brazilian Couple Indicted in ATM Skimming Scheme

Kentland, IN: Credit card 'skimming' reported in Kentland area

Coeymans, KY: Card skimmer device, forged bank cards found after traffic stop

Ross Township, PA: Skimming device found at GetGo in North Hills

Washington County, WI: Police investigating possible card skimming devices

Fairfax, VA: Skimming Device Found At Bank ATM


Mitchell, SD: Jimmy John's Thief sentenced to 3yr Probation and $4,200 in restitution


Auto Zone - Tulsa, OK - Armed Robbery
C- Store - Tomahawk, KY - Burglary
C-Store - Oxford, MS - Armed Robbery
Circle K - Tucson, AZ - Armed Robbery
CVS - New York, NY - Armed Robbery (Lexington Ave)
Family Dollar - Lexington, KY - Armed Robbery
First Nutrition - Manchester, NH - Robbery/ Assault
Gun Range - Upper Darby, PA - Burglary (22 weapons)
Gun Store - Sparks, NV - Burglary
Hibbett Sports - Athens-Clarke County, GA - Burglary
Jewelry Kiosk - St Louis, MO - Burglary
O'Reilly's - Fresno, CA - Armed Robbery/Shooting
Pawn Shop - Shreveport, LA - Burglary
Pawn Shop - Columbus, GA - Burglary (58 weapons)
Wig World - Boston, MA - Robbery/ Assault
7-Eleven - Pompano Beach, FL - Robbery
7-Eleven - Wichita Falls, TX- Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - New York, NY - Armed Robbery (3rd Ave)



Daily Totals:
11 robberies
7 burglaries
1 shooting
0 killings


Weekly Totals:
23 burglaries
2 shootings
1 killing



None to report.

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VP of Loss Prevention
Anaheim, CA

The Vice President is responsible for the strategic planning and execution of the company's Loss Prevention program across more than 400 stores nationwide, and ecommerce. Reporting to the CFO, this position has overall leadership responsibility for leading the charge in driving shrink reduction...

VP, Loss Prevention
Brentwood, TN

Key duties include developing and implementing strategies and programs to (i) reduce the Company's financial losses resulting from internal and external theft; (ii) improve the company's receiving and inventory control processes and procedures to reduce financial losses resulting from administrative errors; and (iii) identify and investigate fraud and theft of company assets...

Vice President Security
Greendale, WI

The Vice President of Security will set our long term strategic vision and oversee planning for the security and safety of employees, facilities, assets, customers, vendors, and participants. In this position, you will align financial and operational performance to create economic value and reports to the executive team on all functions of security...

Global Risk and Control Director
Beaverton, OR

As our Nike Direct Risk & Control Operations Director you will be responsible for aligning our resources and plans to the global strategy. In this role you will support teams in Stores, Digital and Operational Excellence to influence how we develop and deliver core programs in support of the Risk & Control mission around the globe, and help our teams to cut shrink, fight fraud and manage risk in Nike Direct...

Field Loss Prevention Manager
Jacksonville, FL

● Manages and coordinates Loss Prevention and Safety Programs intended to protect Staples assets and ensure a safe work environment within Staples Retail locations

● Manages Loss Prevention initiatives and programs on facility levels which may include a combination of locations within a geographical area; travel required...


Manager of District Loss Prevention
Salt Lake City, UT

You will be responsible for driving company objectives in profit and loss control, sales performance, customer satisfaction, and shrink results. District Loss Prevention Managers are responsible for leading Loss Prevention functions within a specific operations district and for collaborating with Store Operations and Human Resources in an effort to prevent company loss...

Field Manager, Asset Protection (East Coast & Canada)
Atlanta, GA

The Field Manager, Asset Protection is based in Atlanta, GA and is responsible for executing AP programs and strategies relating to theft and fraud mitigation, operational integrity, and compliance supporting the East Coast and Canada facilities...

Fraud Operations Analyst
Atlanta, GA

The Fraud Analyst is based in Atlanta, GA and is responsible for protecting HD Supply Construction & Industrial through proactive review of internal and external transactions to identity fraudulent and/or inappropriate use which warrant further investigation. This role will also support Asset Protection through the ongoing development of reporting intelligence and administration...
Supervisor Asset Protection - Maurices Headquarters
Duluth, MN
We are currently looking for an Asset Protection Supervisor for our maurices Corporate Offices in in Duluth, MN. In this role you will oversee the day to day safety & asset protection operations as they relate to the corporate office with general direction from AP management & supervises a team of hourly AP associates...

Global Investigator I - GS
Bentonville, AR

● Acts as an internal and external liaison for assigned business segment

● Conducts investigations (for example, fraud, theft, misappropriation, diversion, personal conduct, major crime)...

Senior Asset Protection Specialist - San Francisco
San Francisco, CA

This job contributes to REI's success by mitigating and reducing shrink (including theft and fraud by customers and employees) and increasing physical security for people and products in a specified retail store...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager-West Coast Region Pasadena, CA
Crate and Barrel is America's most exciting housewares specialty retailer with 100+ locations and over 6,500 associates nationwide. We are seeking an experienced, committed and enthusiastic professional to join our Internal Audit department...

Regional LP Investigator
Northern CA/Phoenix

The Regional Loss Prevention Investigator is responsible for analyzing internal & external theft trends in assigned market and to develop strategies to identify and resolve theft cases. The Regional Loss Prevention Investigator will work with the Investigative Risk and Fraud Analyst in the identification of internal theft cases, and ensure that all cases are brought to a successful resolution...

Regional LP Investigator

The Regional Loss Prevention Investigator is responsible for analyzing internal & external theft trends in assigned market and to develop strategies to identify and resolve theft cases. The Regional Loss Prevention Investigator will work with the Investigative Risk and Fraud Analyst in the identification of internal theft cases, and ensure that all cases are brought to a successful resolution...

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