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Q2 RAM LP Committee Meeting
June 13

Midwest Cargo Security Council One-Day Cargo Security Summit
June 20

RLPSA Annual Conference
Aug. 5-8

GRAORCA Retail Crime Conference
Aug. 29

Retail Risk -
New York
Sept. 6

New England LP Expo
Sept. 13

Q3 RAM LP Committee Meeting
Sept. 14 -
DCU Center
Worcester, MA

CORCA Conference
Oct. 3-4

Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo
Nov. 6-8

Q4 RAM LP Committee Meeting
Nov. 7th
BJ's Wholesale Inc Corp. Office - Westboro, MA

RLPSA Connect
Nov. 15

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Stephen Waligora named Director of Risk Management for Belle Tire

Stephen was previously part of the Domino's safety and loss prevention team before taking this new role. He'd also held other positions in both safety and loss prevention including Manager of Safety and Compliance for Cardinal Logistics Management, Loss Prevention Consultant for CVS Health and Loss Prevention Manager for Sears Holdings Corporation. Stephen earned his Bachelor's Degree in Loss Prevention Management from Northern Michigan University. Congratulations Stephen!

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Amazon Keynote - 2018 Food Safety Summit
Amazon plans to become the fresh food safety leader
VP & LP Pyramid Head Makes Rare Keynote

Amazon VP, health, safety, sustainability, security and compliance, Careltta Ooton spoke last Tuesday morning during the Food Safety Summit keynote about how the company uses Natural Language Processing to scan customer feedback, and constantly monitor for food safety issues.

When it comes to food safety innovation, not many industry experts would consider Amazon.com a leader. The online retail giant is working diligently to change that opinion as it strives to do in fresh foods what it's done in books and dozens of other categories.

Ms. Ooton described Amazon's innovation as a mission critical element for the retailer, one that has the support of every level of the organization, up to and including CEO Jeff Bezos.

During her keynote, Ms. Ooton shared a few case studies to explain the company's food safety strategy. One of the examples showed how the company uses physical process control in the deli slicing operation to reduce the risk of food borne illness and contamination. All steps - from the unwrapping of the bulk meat or cheese to the individually packaged orders being prepared for delivery - are scanned, and the data is collected to track shrink dates and alert workers to any potential issues.

A second case study involved the use of machine learning for detection and assessment. Amazon uses natural language processing to detect customer sentiment found in 16 million emails, phone calls, chats, product reviews and social media posts on a weekly basis and uses the findings to alert managers of potential contamination or other issues. For example, a series of negative product reviews allowed Amazon to detect a food safety issue and block a product 57-days before it was recalled by the manufacturer.

Ms. Ooton said Amazon views food safety as a non-competitive issue, insisting the company is working with its suppliers and others to strengthen the recall process and reduce weak links in the supply chain. She wouldn't discuss the food safety activity at Whole Foods, the chain bought by Amazon last year, saying the systems of the two companies have not been integrated.

Editor's Note: It's rare to see an Amazon VP keynote at a conference. Also, Loss Prevention does report up to Carletta Ooton. foodsafetystrategies.com retailwire.com

Se-Kure Controls Helps Retailers Deter Theft in 'High-Touch' Environments
Here's the quandary: To minimize shoplifting, retailers lock up or chain down valuable merchandise from electronics and hardware to cookware and high-end jeans. That, of course, makes evaluating these desirable products more difficult, often resulting in customer annoyance and lost sales.

Teri Tapella, senior manager of security operations at Ace Hardware, says Ace store owners need something that is "practical, easy to use and a step beyond traditional alarms that are easy to beat. They also need solutions that can provide a substitution or an alternative to locking products in glass cases, and Se-Kure can do that."

Se-Kure Controls, a manufacturer of retail product security devices, has a wide variety of anti-theft solutions that satisfy both loss prevention and merchandising needs. Tapella says Se-Kure enables "a perfect balance of helping our retailers best sell and merchandise their products." stores.org

Managing risk: How organized crime has changed the retail security business
Local Lexington, KY Paper Interviews Industry Subject Matter Expert:
Q & A With Walt Palmer
RILA's Total Retail Loss - Cyber Security - Social Media - NRF's ORC Report

The business of retail security isn't just about shoplifting, employee theft and credit card fraud. These days it includes organized crime, cyber security data breaches and other problems that can be caused by information sharing.

Walter Palmer graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in 1986 with a degree in Security and Loss Prevention. He went on to become a leading expert in the retail loss prevention industry. He built a business, PCG Solutions which was recently purchased by a national risk management company.

Tom Martin talked with Palmer about the profession.

Q: In the business you now use the phrase "total retail loss." What does that mean?

A: The Retail Industry Leaders Association published a commissioned research on this recently.
It's a way to think about loss in a more holistic fashion so that you're not just thinking about shoplifting, employee theft and credit card fraud. Certainly those are important factors, but what about the losses a company incurs from damages, regulatory fines or safety accidents? Most of those things are cross-functional, so no one person owns them. Read full article kentucky.com

12 Years in Jail for Shoplifting:
How Walmart is Helping Prosecutors Hike Up Sentences

The case of a man facing 12 years in prison for shoplifting shows a growing trend in America: corporations successfully pushing state prosecutors to increase shoplifting charges to felonies

It was late afternoon on 26 December 2016 - the day after Christmas, a day when most stores are busy processing the returns for unwanted gifts - when Curtis Lawson entered a Walmart in Knoxville, Tennessee. He had a receipt for $39.57 in purchases made earlier that month. He needed cash. He walked through the store, picking up the same items he had purchased previously - dishwasher detergent, Oral-B refills, and a pair of girl's jeggings - and put them in a shopping bag. He brought them to the register, returned the items using his receipt, and received $39.57 in cash. Lawson had committed what is known as "return fraud" - pretending to return items that you didn't buy.

When Lawson walked into the Walmart empty-handed, Walmart loss prevention officer Robert McAuley decided he looked suspicious and watched him on the security cameras. He watched Lawson pick up the clothes and return them at the customer service desk. McAuley immediately detained Lawson, who admitted right away that he had stolen the items, and Lawson was eventually charged with shoplifting and criminal trespass. What came next was a startling encounter with a local criminal justice system heavily influenced by a big box retailer's desire to reduce shoplifting and a prosecutor's penchant for punishing those who are more unlucky than dangerous. theguardian.com

New York Times Article
Violent Arrest at Century 21 Casts Spotlight on Security Guards

The video was chaotic and jarring: It showed a Century 21 security guard with his hands wrapped around the throat of a man suspected of shoplifting Prada shoes, as another guard pinned him down.

According to state records, Mr. Acosta, the security guard who was arrested, was not registered to work as a security guard at the time of the encounter. That lapse illustrates the difficulty of regulating the expanding, multibillion-dollar security industry. Century 21 said the "Asset Protection" team member had been suspended pending an investigation.

The private security industry, estimated to be worth $44 billion in the United States, is thriving. For every 10 police officers, there are more than 16 security guards, according to the latest numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

But there are no federal regulations governing how those guards are trained and licensed, said Mahesh Nalla, a criminal justice professor at Michigan State University who has studied the private security industry. That responsibility falls to individual states, where the requirements can vary widely. nytimes.com

Washington Post Article Today
Shopping while black. African Americans continue to face retail racism

If you're black, you just shake your head thinking this can't be 2018.

In a paper published in the Journal of Consumer Culture, Cassi Pittman, a sociologist at Case Western Reserve University, said racial discrimination alters African Americans' experiences as consumers.

"Retail settings are often sites where anti-black bias is made evident, requiring black shoppers to navigate racial hierarchies while procuring goods," Pittman writes. "Second, discrimination alters the experience of shopping, arguably raising the costs and reducing the rewards derived from consumption. When a store's sales staff is hesitant to serve black shoppers or suspects that they are prospective shoplifters, shopping no longer becomes a form of leisure."

In another paper published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, researchers examined racial discrimination in a retail setting:

"To investigate racial discrimination in the marketplace, we conducted a field experiment to examine both overt and subtle forms of retail discrimination. 'Customers' browsing in high-end retail stores asked a salesperson if they would remove a security sensor from a pair of sunglasses before trying them on in front of a mirror. Although the request to remove the sensor was granted in all conditions, the salespersons showed greater levels of suspicion (i.e., staring, following) in the black conditions, especially in the male-group condition. These findings are consistent with current field research examining subtle biases toward other stigmatized groups," the researchers wrote. washingtonpost.com

San Jose Woman Accuses Macy's of Racial Profiling in Stop-and-Search Incident

Starbucks Facing More Racism Allegations After Latino Customer Receives Cup With 'Beaner' On The Label

Violent Crime & Theft Felonies Still Impacts Hiring
Research: Employers Overlook Criminal Records to Hire the Right Person

At a time when unemployment is at a 17-year low of 3.9 percent and 70 million Americans-or 1 in 3 adults-have a criminal record, employers are widening their search for job candidates to include people with a criminal history. U.S. employers are willing to hire someone with a record if that applicant is the best person for the job, according to a study from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Charles Koch Institute (CKI) released today.

Employers are willing to consider candidates with criminal histories if they have good references, a solid performance record and a certificate of rehabilitation and are trained in skills the employer is seeking, according to the report. Six states-Arizona, California, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey and New York-offer rehabilitation certificates or something similar.

In fact, two-thirds of managers and three-fourths of HR professionals have hired people who committed misdemeanors or substance-related felonies such as DUIs. Fewer report hiring people convicted of violent or theft felonies. And more than two-thirds of HR professionals who have hired people with a criminal history think their quality of work is as high as or higher than the work of employees who don't have a criminal record.

The findings are from a survey SHRM conducted with 1,228 HR professionals in March and interviews that the national opinion research center, NORC at the University of Chicago, conducted with 540 managers-including members of the C-suite-and 512 nonmanagers in March and April. CKI helped fund the research.

Blanket bans on hiring felons is unlawful, but criminal history and other background checks are common as prescreening hiring methods. Nearly half of those surveyed said their organization asks applicants if they have a criminal history.

SHRM plans to release a toolkit for members later this year to help organizations have conversations about hiring from this population. It is not advocating for or against hiring people with criminal records, Burner said. shrm.org

Bumble Bee Foods CEO Indicted for Price Fixing - Fined $25M
Ongoing DOJ Investigation Involves at Least 3 Other Seafood Execs

The chief executive officer of Bumble Bee Foods has been indicted on one count of price fixing as part of an ongoing investigation that includes at least three other current or former executives at packaged-seafood producers.

A San Francisco grand jury has charged that Christopher Lischewski conspired with others in his industry from November 2010 to December 2013 to eliminate competition and set prices for canned tuna, the U.S. Department of Justice said in a statement Wednesday.

The government began investigating Bumble Bee Foods, Starkist and Chicken of the Sea more than two years ago, according to the Associated Press. Stephen Hodge, a former executive at StarKist, pleaded guilty to price fixing last year. Two other Bumble Bee executives also have pleaded guilty.

"The Antitrust Division is committed to prosecuting senior executives who unjustly profit at the expense of their customers," Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim of the Justice Department's Antitrust Division said in the statement. "American consumers deserve free enterprise, not fixed prices, so the Department will not tolerate crimes like the one charged in today's indictment."

Bumble Bee, according to the DOJ, already has pleaded guilty and agreed to pay a fine of $25 million. abcnews.com

JP Morgan: Amazon will catch up to Walmart in 2-3 years
Unlikely Accelerated Growth Without Major Acquisition

"[Amazon] is the 2nd largest U.S. retailer and fastest growing at scale.. ... We look for [it] to continue to take share, reach ~50% of U.S. e-commerce, and catch-up with Walmart's U.S. GMV in 2020-21."

The analysts cited the key drivers of Amazon's gains as its Prime ecosystem, the endless aisle provided by its marketplace, "outsized growth in large, underpenetrated categories (grocery, apparel, & CPG) and removing friction and moving closer to customers."

"When you back out international sales, web services (cloud storage), over 30 ancillary businesses, third-party fulfillment and Marketplace sales, we estimate Amazon had about 1% of U.S. retail sales as of December 2017, or about $50 billion." Amazon would need to increase its US. retail sales by nearly 500% to reach Walmart's roughly $400 billion in U.S. retail sales and over $550 billion in worldwide sales as of December 2017. retaildive.com

Quiz: What Can Employees Take with Them When They Leave?
To avoid confusion, employers should be clear from the start. The initial new-hire packet should contain a confidentiality or nondisclosure agreement outlining what is considered the company's property and proprietary information. This agreement puts the employee on notice that all confidential and proprietary information is the exclusive property of the employer.

"In addition, the agreement could serve as a key piece of favorable evidence for the company if it were to find itself in litigation over the misappropriation of proprietary information," she said.

"If you think a former employee left with the company's proprietary and confidential information, you must act fast to mitigate any harm that may result." "You will want to involve IT immediately to assess the extent of what is missing and preserve and suspend destruction of all evidence, including any evidence showing that the employee took the information."

Employers should also promptly consult counsel and devise a strategy for demanding that the information be returned, she added. shrm.com

News Trends Impact Retailers - Senior Mgt. Teams - Sales & Stock Value
Bringing You the Trends Impacting Retailers & Consumers Alike

We at the Daily focus on reporting the news trends from around North America and often times the UK and Western Europe in order to ensure you're up to date with exactly what's happening in real-time as much as possible.

Often times repeating themes and local news that, when put together, represent larger trends that we all need to be aware of and in some cases need to respond to internally. In so far as corporate policy, direction, resources, and response.

Certainly we're aware that some may seem to be repetitive and at times redundant. However, if different cities are following the same events, news, and incidents then that effects that cities readers and consumers, which is ultimately those people who we all serve and need to know what's impacting them. Just a thought.

Carson's to Lay Off Over 1,800 Workers Across the Chicago Area

UK baby products retailer Mothercare closing 50 stores

Dick's faces boycott over decision to end sales of sporting rifles

Survey: Target is America's most popular department store

Uber is planning food delivery by drone in 30 minutes

Quarterly Results

Walmart U.S. Q1 comp's up 2.1%, U.S. eCommerce sales up 33%, Sam's Clubs comp's up 3.8%, International net sales up 11.7%, total revenue up 4.4%
Dillard's Q1 comp's up 2%, net sales up 2%
JC Penney Q1 comp's up 0.2%, net sales don 4.3% (141 stores closed)
Jack in the Box Q2 comp's down 0.1%, sales up


D&D Daily's Exclusive
Q1 2018 ORC Report C
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The Evolution of "Saving the Sale" and
What It Means Today | Part 3 of 3

By Patrick O'Leary, Vice President & General Manager, Nedap Retail

So far in this three-part series on how to "Save the Sale", I have covered:

How 'Save the Sale' Means Real-Time Access to Inventory Levels
How Failing to 'Save the Sale' Increases Inventory Shrinkage
How Merchandise Simply Available is 'Saving the Sale'
How to 'Save the Sale' with Seamless Mobile Checkouts
How to Use In-Store and Cloud-Based Technology to 'Save the Sale'

In this third and final part to this "Save the Sale" series, the discussion will slightly shift toward the challenges retailers experience when attempting to digitize their business model to increase sales by enhancing their customers' experiences.

Seek First to Understand (the Challenges)

In a recent article entitled, The Digitalized Retail Store - a Conversion Driver or a Giant Headache?, author Tom Vieweger highlights the challenges retailers face when digitizing their operations, as well as the steps retailers must take to successfully accomplish this relevant transition. Vieweger states retailers must first lay a foundation, meaning whatever "digital touch points" a retailer utilizes (i.e., displays, in-store kiosks or smart mirrors), they can only drive conversion if the promoted products are actually available.

To accomplish the next step laid out by Vieweger, retailers must "play, measure, learn & adjust," meaning they need to learn how customers react to offering new services so they can begin innovating with customers, as opposed to for customers. The third and final step Vieweger lays out for retailers looking to successfully digitize is to stay flexible by removing internal barriers while creating new, agile approaches that can be adjusted as technology changes.

The bottom line? Accurate, real-time stock information is essential for any organization launching into this new world of retail. Launching new digital initiatives that inspire customers to purchase more items, only to be disappointed when the item is not in stock, will only serve to damage a retailer's brand and alienate customers. RFID and EPCIS standards are the keys to success in this arena, as RFID enables a high stock accuracy while EPCIS is a standardized protocol to exchange information on RFID events.

Read more here


"Asset Protection is of Increasing Global Importance"
As Cybercrime Continues to Rise

According to IHS forecasts, the IoT market will grow to an installed base of 75.4 billion by 2025, with analysts predicting security and industrial asset management among the biggest drivers. In fact, asset protection is of increasing global importance, especially as cybercrime continues to be on a meteoric rise.

In 2017 alone, the annual cost of cybercrime hit $600 billion worldwide, fueled by the growing sophistication of hackers, the proliferation of criminal marketplaces and cryptocurrencies and an expanded attack surface, according to a report produced by security firm McAfee in conjunction with the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Cybersecurity has often been focused on conventional threats, but new Advanced Persistent Threats and malware attacks are becoming unconventional, taking advantage of every new attack surface such as in the physical domain. As a result, monitoring this environment is becoming increasingly complex as ever-larger quantities of video and IoT sensor-related data need to be processed, analyzed and managed in context to digital forensic evidence.

As a result, physical security technology is becoming an increasingly important tool in the fight against cybercrime and is expected to exceed $100 billion by 2019, which is more than double today's market value. As the physical world becomes increasingly connected, closer attention needs to be paid to cyber and physical security risks to evaluate businesses' as well as our critical infrastructure's readiness for a cyber or physical attack.

Organizations do not need to recreate the wheel, however. Network and physical security can fight cybercrime, but there must be greater convergence among existing security approaches. Furthermore, there must be greater collaboration across private and government databases - tapping multiple data streams from mobile, CCTV, IP and geo location information. securitysystemsnews.com

Retail Sector Driving Asset Tracking & Inventory Management Solutions Market
According to a new market report pertaining to the asset tracking and inventory management solutions market, published by Transparency Market Research, the global asset tracking and inventory management solutions market is expected to reach US$ 30.59 Bn by 2026, expanding at a CAGR of 12.9% from 2018 to 2026. According to the report study, the global market is expected to be influenced by a wide range of macroeconomic and industry-specific factors. Growing demand by businesses to optimize product lifecycle management is anticipated to significantly drive the asset tracking and inventory management solutions market across the globe.

Growth of inventory management and asset tracking solutions in the retail sector is driving the global asset tracking and inventory management solutions market. prnewswire.com

Frequency & Costs of DNS-Based Attacks Soar
The average cost of a DNS attack in the US has climbed 57% over the last year to $654,000 in 2018, a survey from EfficientIP shows.

The results showed that the global average costs of DNS attacks have surged 57% over 2017 to $715,000 in 2018. In the past 12 months, organizations faced an average of seven DNS attacks. Some of the victims ended up paying more than $5 million in associated costs. One in five (22%) organizations suffered business losses to DNS attacks.

The costs per DNS attack associated with remediation, recovery, and business disruption tended to vary by region. In North America, organizations in the US had the highest average costs, at around $654,000. Companies in the region also experienced the steepest year-over-year increase in costs at 82%.

The five most common DNS-based attacks in EfficientIP's survey included those in which DNS is used as an attack vector and those in which an organization's DNS infrastructure is the target. Topping the list for 2018 is DNS-based malware followed by phishing, DNS tunneling, domain lock-up, and DNS-based DDoS attacks. darkreading.com

Prevention and detection are key to limit dwell time
Any cyber dwell time is detrimental to an organisation's security posture and can result in significant harm. Dwell time is the length of time that a cyber attacker enjoys undetected access to a network before being discovered and expelled from that environment.

Dwell time allows attackers to escalate privileges and create back doors, thereby expanding their access with a view to consolidating control of an organisation's system. Attackers with a persistent presence are not only harder to detect, but are also more capable of corrupting or extracting information to exploit.

To effectively tackle dwell time, here are some security measures for organisations to consider:

● Establish and maintain situational awareness by obtaining threat intelligence from both external and internal sources to profile adversaries and identify emerging or imminent threat events. Organisations should engage with outside sources to help validate the likelihood of attackers present on the network, but should not rely solely on law enforcement or government agencies to provide notification of a breach. In fact, the dwell time can be shorter if a breach is discovered internally.

● Share information about incidents with external parties to improve protection in the future and use historical event information to help establish the most likely paths, methods and techniques used by attackers.

● Perform rigorous monitoring of network traffic, endpoints and security-related events. Event monitoring requires configuration of systems, applications, network devices and security products.

● Conduct behavioural analysis of users to identify malicious insiders or corporate spies. Baseline expected activity to identify any deviation that may indicate suspicious activity.

● Adopt a robust patch programme that ensures the latest patches are applied regularly.

● Educate users to identify unusual behaviour and tactics, such as social engineering.

● Apply advanced protection, including honeypots, threat hunting and use of big data analytical tools. computerweekly.com

IT Pros Worried About IoT But Not Prepared to Secure It
Few organizations have a security policy in place for Internet of Things devices, new survey shows. darkreading.com

Talk About a Geographical Cure
Kaspersky to move data center from Russia to Switzerland

7 highest-paying IT security jobs








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2016 NRSS Survey

2015 NRSS Survey


'Live in DC 2017' Top 5


Change Management

From Jobs to Teams to Realignments & Initiatives

Mike Lamb, VP of AP, Kroger

While managing change has always been a critical function for every executive, in today's retail environment, it has never been more critical. Change is guaranteed, and how you manage it will determine how far you go and how far you get.

Over the last five years, Mike Lamb, Vice President of Asset Protection for Kroger, has successfully navigated and managed the change process at three of the biggest AP positions in the industry. He's done it with skill, finesse, political savvy, and a touch of humility that everyone can learn from. In this LPNN interview, he shares some of his thoughts on managing change.

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Why Do Cyber-Shoplifters Get So Much Slack?
One problem - known as "cyber shoplifting"- stands out among all other chargeback triggers. Just like all other aspects of commerce, shoplifting evolved to adapt to the digital economy, and criminals have twisted the chargeback process to their benefit.

Cyber-shoplifting describes a specific type of fraud in which a customer sets out with the intent to steal from merchants. It's a deceptively easy practice to pull-off; fraudsters operate by making a purchase, just like any legitimate customer. But once the goods arrive, the individual contacts her issuing bank and makes a bogus claim, such as that the item never came, it was defective, or what arrived didn't match the seller's description. The bank then initiates a chargeback on their customer's behalf.

Some people use cyber-shoplifting to acquire merchandise they may resell; this is essentially the next step in the evolution of organized retail crime. However, it's not uncommon for ordinary individuals to pull-off these attacks as a way of simply getting something for free. And unfortunately, a successful attack tends to encourage future bad behavior, as about 40% of consumers who file a chargeback will file another one within 60 days. newsmax.com

Is money laundering easier in a digital world?
The rise of social media, peer-to-peer platforms and online banks has had a huge impact on the convenience and ease of transactions between individuals. But these platforms have simultaneously opened new doors for fraudsters to trick people out of their money and particularly criminals looking for ever more innovative ways of laundering the proceeds of their crimes. In an increasingly digital world, is money laundering becoming easier to pull off?

With ecommerce so commonplace and only on the rise, legitimate websites are being used as payment processors in order to launder vast amounts of money. Drugs can be ordered online and the transaction will appear as something innocuous on your statement, such as a floristry purchase. From the bank's side, their customer appears to be an online florist, helping mask funds as cash is not used. Transactions are funnelled through other legitimate payment ecosystems for illegitimate purposes, including the financing of terror through criminal enterprises. Last year it was alleged that an ISIS operative in the US had used eBay to 'sell' computer printers and received payments for these transactions from overseas via PayPal. itproportal.com

Swarovski Battles Online Counterfeiting With $22M TM Suit
International crystal and jewelry maker Swarovski Aktiengesellschaft and its North American component filed a lawsuit in Illinois federal court Wednesday asking a judge to help it combat a host of alleged counterfeiters it says are infringing its trademarks and faking its products.

Swarovski says it believes it is fighting an interrelated group of alleged fraudsters from China and other foreign jurisdictions who are purportedly working together to steer web traffic away from online stores selling its genuine products and over to their visually similar but fake sites offering counterfeit items.

The allegedly fake online stores are linked to sites like eBay and Alibaba and contain similar grammatical and spelling mistakes as well as a lack of contact information, Swarovski says. And their creators allegedly use similar evasion tactics, including the use of several fake names and addresses to register their stores. law360.com

Walmart's U.S. e-commerce sales grow 33% in Q1

Amazon expands its distribution network in Ohio

Target rolling out same-day delivery nationwide, lowers fees

The Loss Prevention Foundation Announces ORC Certificate
Course Webinar Sponsored by Tyco Retail Solutions

Loss Prevention Foundation - ORC Certificate Course
Intro and the Benefits of LPF Membership

Date/Time: May 24, 2018 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Join us May 24th at 3:00 PM EST as the Loss Prevention Foundation launches its first 2018 webinar discussing the benefits of LPF Membership and have an inside look to the newest LPF Certificate Course on Organized Retail Crime. Joining the Loss Prevention Foundation to discuss this content will be representatives from the Tyco Retail Solutions Team and the LPM Media Group.

Participants will receive a discount code at the end of the webinar for the Organized Retail Crime Certificate Course. Signup Today!


Auburn, CA: Trio arrested for pepper-spraying, robbing delivery driver of thousands of dollars in cigarettes
Marquis Lewis and Marquis Bell, both 22, as well as Sydney Burke, 23, were arrested in connection with the robbery Tuesday, after allegedly leading police and Placer County sheriff's deputies on a car chase that passed through Loomis and ended in Rocklin. Police were searching Wednesday for a fourth suspect in the heist. The robbery took place at 650 Auburn Folsom Road, the location of a small shopping center in Auburn, shortly after 4 p.m. Tuesday. The truck driver was transporting bulk boxes of cigarettes to the store, police said. sacbee.com

Solstice Sunglass thieves foiled by flat tire: $7,000 in merchandise recovered
Three suspects accused of stealing more than $7,000 worth of sunglasses in Corte Madera were arrested after getting a flat tire on their escape route, police said. The crime occurred at about 1:15 p.m. Tuesday at the Solstice store at The Village at Corte Madera. An employee confronted the suspects as they were grabbing a large number of sunglasses from the display. One of the burglars pushed the employee away and all three fled the store. A witness who saw the burglars run to a car provided police with the license plate number. marinj.com

Wilton, NY: Warrant out for woman who stole $4,000 in Victoria's Secret underwear
A woman who took part in the theft of $4,000 in underwear is among the suspects wanted as part of the State Police's Warrant Wednesday effort. Eniyah T. Simmons, 23, is wanted by State Police in Wilton on a charge of grand larceny for stealing $2,000 worth of merchandise from Victoria's Secret. State troopers said she and four other women distracted a salesperson while others placed items in shopping bags and left without buying them. Troopers say she is also wanted by the Menands Police Department for an alleged robbery and has additional warrants with the East Greenbush and Colonie police departments. timesunion.com

West Allis, WI: Family video employee created imaginary returns and pocketed customer late fees, made $1,380
An employee of Family Video at 76th Street and National Avenue is accused of giving himself a $1,380 raise, that was until police arrested him for theft. The employee, Ryan Krupar, 40, is suspected of creating imaginary returns and pocketing money from them, police said. He also admitted to taking late fees from customers and making the system show the fees were waived, police said. The total loss is expected to be more than $1,380. jsonline.com

Hammond, LA: Tide laundry detergent thieves sought by police
The Sheriff's Office is seeking the public's help in identifying the three women who stole more than $450 worth of Tide laundry detergent Tuesday afternoon from the store on Old Baton Rouge Highway and Pumpkin Center Road in Hammond. The suspects The subjects reportedly fled the store in an older model brown SUV. The trio is also suspected to have stolen hundreds of dollars worth of Tide Pods from a store in Livingston Parish, Tangipahoa Parish authorities said. nola.com

Charleston couple connected to string of thefts across area Walmarts; $1,750

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Shootings & Deaths

New Orleans, LA: Man killed, another injured in shooting outside Family Dollar store
A man was fatally shot and a second was injured Wednesday night  near a Family Dollar store in Algiers, New Orleans. The shooting occurred just after 11 p.m. One victim later died of his injuries. Later, NOPD said a second man arrived at a hospital. He had been shot in the side and the leg and was in surgery as of 1 a.m. Thursday. Late Wednesday, NOPD officers blocked traffic on east-bank-bound Gen. de Gaulle Drive from Sandra Drive near the Family Dollar store to the other intersection of Sandra Drive and Gen. de Gaulle. nola.com

Colorado Springs, CO: Man shot in the neck in shooting at marijuana shop
The shooting happened Tuesday evening at Colorado Cultivations on 3490 W. Carefree Circle. 11 News partner The Gazette is reporting one man was shot in the neck and was treated for non-life threatening injuries. Four customers were in the store at the time of the shooting. The gunman was detained and charges are expected to be filed according to The Gazette. kktv.com

Troutdale, OR: Woman arrested for stabbing boyfriend at c-store
A man was stabbed at a Plaid Pantry on Wednesday evening. Multnomah County Sheriff's Office deputies arrested the victim's girlfriend, Charlee Banzel in connection with the stabbing. Deputies reported to a stabbing at the Plaid Pantry located at Southwest 257th Avenue and West Columbia River Highway. When officers arrived, they found a man with a stab wound. The victim was taken to the hospital with non-life threating injuries. Banzul is facing charges of second-degree domestic violence. kptv.com

Phoenix, AZ: Two Wounded in Shooting in C-Store Parking Lot

Racine, WI: Police arrest 9 suspects rash of paintball-related shooting crimes

Jackson, MI: Officers justified in killing Dollar General armed robbery suspect, prosecutor rules

Robberies & Thefts

El Paso, TX: Second hand dealer arrested in connection to a Jewelry burglary
El Paso Police made a second arrest in connection to a Westside burglary Tuesday after thousands of dollars in stolen jewelry were found inside a second hand store just blocks from the Paso Del Norte Bridge. Store owner Marco Antonio Grado, 52, is charged with Theft over $2,500, less than $30,000. Initially, police arrested Joseph Pena, 21, after he was allegedly caught on camera entering a home on May 7. Investigators who were looking into the home burglary executed a warrant on the Central de Plata y Oro store. During the search, thousands of dollars in jewelry reported stolen during the Star View burglary was located. Investigators also say Grado had some of the stolen jewelry sent to a refinery where it was melted down. kvia.com

Phenix, AL: Man steals $7,000 motorcycle from store, immediately totals it
in police chase

South Jordan, UT: 2 boys arrested in gun theft case; left the store with two guns and ammunition concealed in their clothing

Albuquerque, NM: Female shoplifter steals $530 worth of party supplies from Target

Westland, MI: Police arrest 4 connected to a Pawn Shop Robbery in Albany, GA; 3 guns recovered

Friendswood, TX: Police release video of suspect in 20+ business burglaries

Lowndes County, GA: Sheriff's Office investigating 3 Dollar General Armed Robberies

Jared in the Deerbrook Mall, Humble, TX reported a Grab & Run on 5/15, item valued at $9,920

Zales in the Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg, IL reported a Grab & Run on 5/16, item valued at $1,999

Piercing Pagoda in the Coronado Call, Albuquerque, NM reported a Grab & Run on 5/8, item valued at $399
Kay Jewelers in the Towson Town Center, Towson, MD reported a Grab & Run on 5/16, item valued at $6,899

Piercing Pagoda in the Solano Town Center, Fairfield, CA reported an External Chain Switch, item valued at $239

Skimming Thefts

Glendale, CA: Armenian national pleads guilty to gas pump skimming scheme
Conspired with six others to steal 18,000 card numbers

An Armenian national and resident of Glendale, California, pleaded guilty today in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, to conspiracy to commit bank and wire fraud and aggravated identity theft in connection with his involvement in obtaining and using thousands of stolen credit and debit card numbers. According to court documents, Armen Saplekchian, 37, conspired with at least six other individuals to steal at least 18,000 credit and debit cards numbers, as well as the personal identification numbers associated with many of the stolen card numbers, through the use of electronic devices known as "skimmers. alexandrianews.com

Denver, CO: ATMs targeted by Romanian syndicate that stole hundreds of thousands of dollars
Two members of a Romanian bank-fraud syndicate have been arrested on federal charges that they siphoned hundreds of thousands of dollars from individual bank accounts, including some in Colorado. Agents from Homeland Security Investigations are still trying to identify the leader of the credit-card cloning operation who operates in North Hollywood, Calif., and is known only by the name, Gogu, according to federal court records. The thieves have acknowledged placing card cloning devices - also called skimmers - on ATMs. denverpost.com

Roseville, MN: Police Find Credit Card Skimming Operation in Car
Roseville officers were called to a suspicious vehicle in a gas station in a parking lot at 2 a.m. They discovered a man and women inside, and Roseville police said the man presented a fake ID to the officer. He was arrested for the fake ID, and the women were released. However, authorities noticed a laptop, magnetic card reader - also known as a skimming device - and power source in the car. Charges have not yet been filed. Police continue to investigate and are checking with local banks for possible victims. kstp.com

Henrico County, VA: 2 Henrico men arrested in skimming scheme linked to organized crime

Lincoln, NE: Skimmer device claims more than 40 victims

Springfield, OR: ATM compromised by skimming device

Sentencings, Charges & Arrests

"Federal Charges - Interfered with interstate commerce"
Two Michigan Smash & Grab Robbery Crew Plead Guilty - Robbed St. Louis Jared Jewelers off of I-170

Due to the presence of police officers in the area on an unrelated incident, the four robbers were not able to reach their getaway driver and were quickly apprehended.  justice.gov

Port Huron, MI: Jeweler who stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry sentenced to 2-10 years
A Port Huron jeweler who was found in Florida after disappearing with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry was sentenced Wednesday to 2-10 years in prison. Police said Rick Bud Currie, 62, wanted in connection with missing jewelry from the now closed Rick Currie Master Goldsmiths at 307 Huron Ave., was arrested near Jasper, Florida. Currie left months ago with the jewelry items, some of which were valuable family heirlooms that were left with him for repairs. clickondetroit.com

Muskegon, MI: Jurors find Jeffrey Willis guilty of killing Norton Shores store clerk


Boutique - Friendswood, TX - Burglary
C-Store - Brimfield, OH - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Warner Robins, GA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Charlotte, NC - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Seal Beach, CA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Cumberland County, PA - Armed Robbery
Deli - Cleveland, OH - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Lowndes County, GA - Robbery
Dollar General - North Little Rock, AR - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - San Antonio, TX - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Burley, ID - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Fort Pierce, FL - Armed Robbery
Long John Silver's - Knoxville, TN - Armed Robbery
Metro PCS - Miami, FL - Armed Robbery
Papa Murphy's - Meridian, ID - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Danville, VA - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Cleveland, OH - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Medford, OR - Armed Robbery
Sprint - Bridgeport, CT - Burglary
Turkey Hill - Lower Allen Township, PA - Armed Robbery
Turkey Hill - Turbot Township, PA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - St. Clair Shores, MI - Robbery


Daily Totals:
20 robberies
2 burglaries
0 shootings
0 killings



Mark Nutter named Area Loss Prevention Coordinator for Stein Mart

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VP of Loss Prevention
Anaheim, CA

The Vice President is responsible for the strategic planning and execution of the company's Loss Prevention program across more than 400 stores nationwide, and ecommerce. Reporting to the CFO, this position has overall leadership responsibility for leading the charge in driving shrink reduction...

Vice President Security
Greendale, WI

The Vice President of Security will set our long term strategic vision and oversee planning for the security and safety of employees, facilities, assets, customers, vendors, and participants. In this position, you will align financial and operational performance to create economic value and reports to the executive team on all functions of security...


VP, Internal Controls
San Francisco, CA

The Vice President, Internal Control will lead Sephora's cross-channel strategies to protect the company assets and business from all external and internal sources of losses...

Director Investigations
New York, NY

The Director of Investigations is responsible for developing a multi-tiered investigative strategy across all banners throughout North America. He/she develops the strategy and vision of the investigative program to ensure that all cases are fully and thoroughly investigated in-house, while also persuading law enforcement agencies and prosecutorial agencies to aggressively pursue all cases referred to them...

Loss Prevention Analyst
New York, NY

Protects company assets and increases profitability through the analysis, response and management of various data across a broad spectrum of internal financial and technology resources such as Exception Reporting, Sales Audit, FP&A, IT and Loss Prevention. The Loss Prevention Business Analyst works cross-functionally in a dynamic, fast paced and demanding environment providing critical guidance to the organization's asset protection and profit improvement initiatives...

Loss Prevention Analyst
Richmond, VA

Protects company assets and increases profitability through the analysis, response and management of various data across a broad spectrum of internal financial and technology resources such as Exception Reporting, Sales Audit, FP&A, IT and Loss Prevention. The Loss Prevention Bsuiness Analyst works cross-functionally in a dynamic, fast paced and demanding environment providing critical guidance to the organization's asset protection and profit improvement initiatives...

Field Loss Prevention Manager
Philadelphia, PA

● Manages and coordinates Loss Prevention and Safety Programs intended to protect Staples assets and ensure a safe work environment within Staples Retail locations

● Manages Loss Prevention initiatives and programs on facility levels which may include a combination of locations within a geographical area; travel required...

Senior Manager, Asset Protection Field Operations
Kent, WA

PLEASE NOTE: This position can be located anywhere in the US near a hub
The Senior Manager Asset Protection Field Operations is responsible for the leadership, oversight and support of the comprehensive asset protection strategy, function(s) and team(s), within REI Stores to drive business objectives and strategies while protecting the co-op's assets...

Manager, Asset Protection Operations
Kent, WA

The Manager, Asset Protection Operations is responsible for the leadership, oversight and support of the comprehensive asset protection strategy, function(s) and team(s), within headquarters, supply chain and "experiences" (adventures, classes, events etc.) to drive REI's business objectives and strategies while protecting the co-op's assets...

Senior Asset Protection Specialist
Santa Monica, CA

This job contributes to REI's success by mitigating and reducing shrink (including theft and fraud by customers and employees) and increasing physical security for people and products in a specified retail store...

Safety & Loss Prevention Manager
Ocala, FL

Chewy is currently hiring a Safety & Loss Prevention Manager for our Ocala, FL fulfillment center. This individual will be responsible for the fulfillment center safety, loss prevention, environmental compliance, and food safety programs as well as employee engagement in support of Building a Culture of Safety...

Manager of District Loss Prevention
Salt Lake City, UT

You will be responsible for driving company objectives in profit and loss control, sales performance, customer satisfaction, and shrink results. District Loss Prevention Managers are responsible for leading Loss Prevention functions within a specific operations district and for collaborating with Store Operations and Human Resources in an effort to prevent company loss...

Senior Asset Protection Specialist - San Francisco
San Francisco, CA

This job contributes to REI's success by mitigating and reducing shrink (including theft and fraud by customers and employees) and increasing physical security for people and products in a specified retail store...

Regional LP Investigator
Northern CA/Phoenix

The Regional Loss Prevention Investigator is responsible for analyzing internal & external theft trends in assigned market and to develop strategies to identify and resolve theft cases. The Regional Loss Prevention Investigator will work with the Investigative Risk and Fraud Analyst in the identification of internal theft cases, and ensure that all cases are brought to a successful resolution...

Regional LP Investigator

The Regional Loss Prevention Investigator is responsible for analyzing internal & external theft trends in assigned market and to develop strategies to identify and resolve theft cases. The Regional Loss Prevention Investigator will work with the Investigative Risk and Fraud Analyst in the identification of internal theft cases, and ensure that all cases are brought to a successful resolution...

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