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The D&D Daily's Publicly Reported
2018 Q1 ORC Report

Q1 Cases Up 8.2%
2015 Dramatic 55% Increase Remains Steady
ORC Dollar Amount Remains Flat to LY

Five-Year Quarterly Comparison
2014 thru 2018

With 380 publically reported cases in Q1 '18 we saw an 8.2% increase over Q1 2017.

2013 was excluded from our comparisons - as it was the first year developing the research model.

2015's 61% increase over 2014 may be debatable by some. But we feel very confident in the numbers and our research model.

It also corresponds to the dramatic increase in data breaches, cyber crime, credit card & gift card fraud spikes, and the upcoming move to EMV. Therefore we included it in our comparison calculations. Especially given that the last four years ORC publicly reported cases have remained somewhat level which lends creditability to our model and the report itself.

Not to mention the direct link to the opioid epidemic which first started appearing in the headlines around late 2015 early 2016, which could be viewed as another confirmed contributor to the 55% increase in ORC in 2015 and has now grown to such a problem that the vast majority of ORC articles mention addiction as the primary driver.

The fact is that publically reported ORC cases have remained level even with shrinking media outlets and fewer reporters covering individual cities.

This dramatic increase in 2015 and the continued steady levels of activity in our opinion is directly attributed to the growth of the ORC Associations across the America and the great work they do in resolving ORC cases and is obviously supported by all of the new ORC laws sweeping the nation and the increased awareness.

Even with all of these efforts, ORC remains a significant gateway criminal problem and if our research is correct we saw a dramatic 55% increase in 2015 that has remained level. Meaning that, we as an industry are apprehending more but we haven't been able to turn the tide even with all of the efforts and EMV.

Cyber crime, the internet, and the opioid epidemic have become so engrained in society that ORC is a never ending plague that we all must remain vigilant and continue to fight this problem impacting our stores, our associates, and our customers. As it is this group that negatively impacts store safeness and cost lives in the stores. Let's keep them all safe out there.

ORC Cases by Average Dollar Amount

Below is a breakdown of the total dollar amount reported in Q1 of each year since 2013, as well as the average dollar amount per case.

We removed two credit card cases and one counterfeit case ($200M in 2014, $325M in 2015 & $200M in 2016) which skewed the average case value.

Removed, the average dollar amount per case ranged from a low of $21,878 to a high of $152,624, as the table below shows.

Year $ Amount Reported Average $ Amount
2013 $24,555,110 $136,417
2014 $116,392,986 $152,624
2015 $380,464,168 $140,415
2016 $208,051,138 $21,878
2017 $32,912,889 $93,768
2018 $32,829,145 $86,392

Read the full Q1 2018 ORC Report

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Robert Bull named Vice President Integrated Video Solutions for ADT
Robert previously served as President & CEO for Cam Connections, Inc. (CCI), a full service security systems integrator based in Lakeland, Florida, where he started in 2002.

CCI was acquired by Protection 1 in 2015, which later merged with ADT. Robert's most recent role was Vice President CCI, a division of Protection 1.

Robert is also an active member of the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC), serving as a member on the LPRC Board of Advisors since 2013.

Congratulations on your new position, Robert!

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Starbucks letter to employees:
No purchases needed to sit inside, use bathroom

You don't have to be a Starbucks customer to use the bathroom. Starbucks informed employees of the official policy in a letter sent to them on Saturday, spelling out that "any person who enters our spaces, including patios, cafes and restrooms, regardless of whether they make a purchase, is considered a customer."

Starbucks employees are told to follow company procedure in dealing with customers who might behave in a "disruptive manner." If there is a perception of imminent danger or safety concerns, employees are still urged to call 911. usatoday.com

Suspect Arrested in Third Molotov Cocktail Incident in Fort Worth's Hulen Mall
Police say a suspect has been taken into custody after another Molotov cocktail was ignited in Hulen Mall one week after a similar arson attack in the same Fort Worth shopping center.

The fire was reported Friday morning in the women's shoe section of the Sears department store. According to police at the scene, the fire was started by a Molotov cocktail, which was the same incendiary device used to set blazes inside the mall last week.

Police arrested 46-year-old Craig Michael Tezeno after receiving "critical information" from the mall staff about 10 a.m. Friday. He is the sole suspect and has no known connection to the mall.

Chief Joel Fitzgerald said mall employees recognized the suspect Friday from images released from the previous arson attack.

Police detained Tezeno after a fire about 11 a.m. in Sears' women's shoe department. The fire was extinguished and the mall has been closed to the public while arson specialists investigate.

Last Saturday, Fort Worth police released images of a male suspect in connection to the previous Molotov cocktail incidents. According to police, the man ignited bottles filled with flammable liquid inside the Dillard's and Sears department stores.

The FBI is investigating whether the arson constitutes terrorism. patch.com wfaa.com

Former Loss Prevention Officer Tries to Rob Stockton CVS
Employees stopped a man who tried to rob a Stockton CVS Pharmacy, where he once worked as a loss prevention officer.

Early Sunday morning, a masked suspect armed with a knife held up employees at the CVS on West March Lane, according to the Stockton Police Department. As the suspect began to walk out with around $2,500 from a register, employees tackled him and restrained him. Once officers arrived they took the suspect's ski mask off and revealed his identity as 24-year-old Nicholas Juarez, who once worked at the store. fox40.com

Americans Say, 'Bring On the Data Privacy Regulations!'
73% We Know Too Much About Them - 42% We Don't Care

Most Americans would like to see GDPR-style laws enacted in the US, a new survey found.

Identity management company Janrain polled US internet users in April, putting this question to respondents: "The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will give European Union citizens greater control over how businesses can use their personal data. Would you like to see similar laws enacted in the US?"

Fully 68% said yes, while 10% said no and the remainder were unsure.

The survey suggests a consumer mindset that is generally wary of the ways that digital companies make use of personal data. Just over half (51%) of those polled said they were "very concerned" about the security and privacy of their data, and 43% were somewhat concerned.
What's more, a significant portion of the respondents, 42%, agreed with the statement, "I don't think [websites] care about using our data responsibly or securely at all."

Almost three-quarters (73%) said that websites know too much about them. emarketer.com

Is RFID Really Coming?
80% of retailers to spend on visibility platforms powered by RFID, IoT
Visibility Solutions for the Retail Enterprise
About 80% of retail organizations have allocated budget to spend on visibility platforms supported by technologies such as RFID, IoT, inventory management systems and related capabilities aimed at helping them improve several in-store and supply chain processes, according to new IDC Tech Brief from IDC Retail Insights.

Among the top reasons for deploying visibility platforms: Many retailers see the technology as helping them improve internal business productivity, as well as helping to realize savings in areas such as inventory, energy and fuel, systems maintenance and head count, according to IDC.

Literally and figuratively interconnected, RFID and IoT technologies are becoming incredibly important to the future of brick-and-mortar retail, especially when joined with systems and processes for things like inventory management, returns and theft detection.

The retailers allocating more of their budgets toward these types of platforms are looking for ways to gain greater visibility from the store shelf through on-site and off-site inventory and also deep into the supply chain in the name of improving inventory accuracy, product return efficiency and loss prevention.

In short, these technologies help assure that a customer who comes into a store looking for a particular thing in a particular size and color will either walk away with exactly what they wanted, or with detailed information as to why not.

Retailers face considerable risk if they wait much longer to invest in visibility improvements, she said. "At a time when the ability to execute efficiently to manage basic operational processes, and to assist consumers to find and buy products more efficiently literally makes or breaks consumer relationships, retailers cannot afford to wait any longer to deploy visibility solutions."

A new IDC TechBrief, Visibility Solutions for the Retail Enterprise (Doc #US42404918), describes the technology, technology benefits, adoption patterns, metrics, risks, and key vendors offering this technology, including Check Point Software, Fujitsu (GLobeRanger), Impinj, PTC, RFID Global Systems Visi-Trac, Smartrac Smart Cosmos, SML RFID, and Tyco Retail Solutions. idc.com  retaildive.com

Hawaiian Volcano Threats Not Impacting Businesses or Tourists Activities
In the weeks since Hawaii's Kilauea volcano began erupting, dozens of homes have burned from oozing lava, but the area affected by lava and ash is small compared to the Big Island, which is about 4,000 square miles (10,360 square kilometers). Most of the island and the rest of the Hawaiian chain is unaffected by the volcanic activity on Kilauea.

State and local officials have been reminding tourists that flights in and out of the entire state, including the Big Island, have not been impacted. Even on the Big Island, most tourist activities are still available and businesses are open. businessinsider.com

UK's Biggest Grocer - Tesco Installing Public View Monitors Above Self-Serv Registers
Trying to Stop Customer Theft at Self-Serv Registers
A number of supermarkets are already signed up

Tesco is ramping up security at the self-checkouts to stop people sneaking items into their bags that they have not paid for. Shoplifters have been targeting the supermarket and to stop them, the retail giant will install CCTV at self-checkouts at a "small number" of stores.

It means shoppers' faces now appear on screens above each checkout at the store. A warning in each bagging area states: "CCTV recording in operation for the protection of customers, staff and stock."

Similar security measures have already been brought in at hundreds of Sainsbury's stores across the country (reported on March 18, 2018) in a crackdown on shoplifters using self-service tills.

One in four people reportedly admit to stealing at least one item when shopping and that theft from unmanned checkouts has more than doubled in the past four years.

A security guard monitoring the footage from an Asda supermarket in Derby stopped the pair as they made their way out with the stolen goods.

The Daily Mail media outlet entitled their article "Big Brother is watching you." hulldailymail.co.uk dailymail.co.uk

In the Aftermath - Equifax Has Been Re-Building Information Security Team
With last years breach Equifax has been re-building their Information Security team from top down with posting numerous positions on the internet since then. Including the three post made Friday for Director of Information Security for three branches of their organization. Business Development, USIS Customer Compliance, and COE - their Center of Excellence.

As reported on March 14, 2018, their previous CIO is being investigated for insider trading with selling his stock before releasing the data breach report to the public. myworkdaysjobs.com

Dallas officer who survived Home Depot shooting gets police escort home from hospital
Officer Crystal Almeida lost her colleague - and almost her life - while trying to arrest a suspect at a Home Depot in Dallas last month. Almeida was shot in the face in the April 24 shooting, which also critically wounded loss-prevention officer Scott Painter. Officer Rogelio Santander, Almeida's partner and close friend, died the next morning.

On Saturday, three weeks after the shooting, about 50 Dallas officers lined up outside Baylor University Medical Center's rehab facility to surprise the 26-year-old Almeida as she was released to go home. dallasnews.com

Tulsa police see increase in pharmacy robberies this year
Police sat they've had five pharmacy robberies this year - more than the last two years combined. fox23.com

Sears is closing 40 stores in 24 states

Dollar General has opened its 15th distribution center

HD Supply Officially Opens New Atlanta Headquarters

Graduation spending to reach $5.2B - cash & greeting cards most popular gifts

UK: Marks & Spencer to close 100 stores

CEO Eddie Lampert says Sears is shedding assets, shrinking in fight to stay alive

Last week's #1 article --

(Update) Visalia, CA: Kmart LP employee stabbed at Visalia store dies from his injuries
The Kmart employee who was stabbed in Visalia has died from his injuries Friday morning. 31-year-old Jeff Campbell passed away a day and a half after he was stabbed in the neck and chest while escorting a customer out of the store. The suspect, identified as 43-year-old Jeremy Kechloian had been acting strangely inside the store, so he was asked to leave. For unknown reasons, he stabbed Campbell, a loss prevention associate, near the store's exit. Kechloian is being held without bail and will be back in court later this month. abc30.com

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Brinker International Press Release Friday
Update on Chili's Restaurants POS Data Breach

On May 11, 2018, we learned that some of our Guests' payment card information was compromised at certain Chili's restaurants as the result of a data incident. Currently, we believe the data incident was limited to between March - April 2018; however, we continue to assess the scope of the incident

Based on the details currently uncovered, we believe that malware was used to gather payment card information including credit or debit card numbers and cardholder names, and potentially expiration dates and CVV codes from our payment-related systems for in-restaurant purchases at certain Chili's restaurants.

Chili's does not collect social security numbers, full date of birth, or federal or state identification numbers from Guests. Therefore, this personal information was not compromised. mediaroom.com

The Bright Side of GDPR: Better Data Practices Build Trust
A new report from the Enterprise Data Management Council makes the case that strong data management practices prompted by the General Data Protection Regulation could have effects beyond simply complying with the EU's rule.

While GDPR is a regulatory mandate, if executed effectively there is significant business value derived from the resulting ... enhanced customer relationship. The GDPR regulation requires a process of interaction with a customer that delivers transparency, customer empowerment, efficient portability, and data quality. These are all opportunities to deepen the relationship and develop trust, providing a positive customer experience in order to drive profit and gain competitive advantage. associationsnow.com

Network security in the age of the internet of things
Ten years ago, we only worried about protecting our computers, and it was only five years ago when we needed to protect our smartphones. Now we need to consider protecting our fridges, heating systems and industrial machines in order to safeguard company networks.

These devices are becoming an increasingly attractive target for criminals, as more connected devices mean more attack vectors and possible vulnerabilities.

"Each team involved in facilities management and network operations typically has visibility of each other's systems; this creates islands of self-contained information. The problem is, should one system/group see an issue, it is only seen on their system. This lack of interconnected view is what hackers exploit."

One of the core problems with IoT devices is that despite being network-connected, they were originally not considered a threat. And that is true when they are considered as separate entities, but when they connected to a wider corporate network, this network-connected device with weak security becomes a vulnerable point of the network and a risk to data security.

IoT devices are also always connected, always on and typically use a one-time only authentication, further making them ideal targets for network infiltration. "Once a hacker has gained access to the system and logged in, there are no secondary checks and often no event logs," says Tankard. "From here they can install malware or any other monitoring software with no alerts being sent to the system console or, worse still, to any IDS installed within the organization.

The first thing organizations should do is ensure all IoT devices are properly updated and patched with the latest security updates that are available for the devices. Manually updating each device is simply not feasible due to the number of devices an organization can expect to have. Equally, automatic updates can carry with them the risk of being exploited. The ideal solution would be to dry-run the update on a test device to check the update performs correctly.

Organizations should consider performing a risk assessment of the danger posed by a vulnerable update being installed for each of network-connected device and assess each update on a case-by-case basis. Also, this process should be incorporated into the organization's data protection strategy. "Businesses must have complete sight of where the device is located, how it is being used and the corporate access governance it includes." computerweekly.com

Get Ready for 'WannaCry 2.0'
They're still out there, pinging away for vulnerable Sever Message Block (SMB) services in order to find a way in. One year after the historic and massive WannaCry ransomware attack unleashed by nation-state hackers from North Korea, an unknown number of WannaCry-infected Windows machines in their zombie state around the globe continue to attack other devices.

WannaCry marked the biggest ransomware attack ever, but it wasn't the first widespread worm infection, and experts say it won't be the last. Symantec blocked some 5.4 billion WannaCry attack attempts last year overall.

Security experts say another worm-spreading mass attack akin to WannaCry is inevitable. It may not be a ransomware attack, but it likely will be another SMB-type worm that exploits the fact that so many organizations leave Windows machines unattended and with open ports to the Internet - and unpatched for the newest flaws. darkreading.com








Q2 RAM LP Committee Meeting
June 13

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June 20

RLPSA Annual Conference
Aug. 5-8

GRAORCA Retail Crime Conference
Aug. 29

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New York
Sept. 6

New England LP Expo
Sept. 13

Q3 RAM LP Committee Meeting
Sept. 14 -
DCU Center
Worcester, MA

CORCA Conference
Oct. 3-4

Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo
Nov. 6-8

Q4 RAM LP Committee Meeting
Nov. 7th
BJ's Wholesale Inc Corp. Office - Westboro, MA

RLPSA Connect
Nov. 15

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'Live in NYC 2018' Top 5


Intelligent Video.
What's Your Store Showing You?

Network surveillance technologies continue to revolutionize the way retail professionals work with not just loss prevention, but also with store optimization, operational efficiencies, and enhancements to the overall customer experience.

Hedgie Bartol, Retail Business Development Manager for Axis Communications
, tells us how new advancements in intelligent devices and deep learning technology can provide business intelligence that helps LP/AP professionals drive results beyond shrink, safety, and security.



Retailers risk frustrating online shoppers with out-of-date payment technology
While 86 per cent of retailers say they are looking to increase online transactions over the next 12 months, the study suggests that many aren't providing the best possible ecommerce experience for their customers. Keeping payment technology up-to-date helps retailers provide shoppers with a fast and easy experience at the online point of sale and could help drive revenue by reducing online abandonment.

This comes as the study shows that retailers could be missing out on 18 billion UK pounds in sales each year, as consumers abandon online baskets worth almost 30 UK pounds a month.
Barclaycard research also shows that 15 per cent of shoppers have chosen to abort an online purchase because they couldn't pay using methods such as 'one-click' ordering, while 16 per cent highlight long checkout processes as their biggest frustration when buying online. One in five (22 per cent) consumers also say they would like to see more retailers incorporate faster payments technology into their websites to speed up the check-out process. finextra.com

President threatens to raise Amazon's postal rates
President Donald Trump just threw another swing at Amazon in his ongoing feud with the company's CEO Jeff Bezos. President Trump personally pushed U.S. Postmaster General Megan Brennan to double the rate the United States Postal Service charges Amazon and other firms to ship packages, a dramatic move that probably would cost these companies billions of dollars, according to the Washington Post.

Three sources told the Post that Brennan has resisted the demand, stating that these arrangements are bound by contracts, and must be reviewed by a regulatory commission. She added that Amazon's relationship is beneficial for the USPS, and gave him a set of slides that showed the variety of companies, in addition to Amazon, that also partner for deliveries. chainstoreage.com

Some think landing Amazon HQ2 would be a big problem in Boston

Kount integrates BehavioSec's behavioural biometrics to boost authentication

How Amazon's floating warehouse blimps are about to change product delivery forever

The Loss Prevention Foundation Announces ORC Certificate
Course Webinar Sponsored by Tyco Retail Solutions

Join us May 24th at 3:00 PM EST as the Loss Prevention Foundation launches its first 2018 webinar discussing the benefits of LPF Membership and have an inside look to the newest LPF Certificate Course on Organized Retail Crime.


Muncie, Ind., Married ORC Couple Get Nearly 6 Yrs in Fed. Prison for $1.2M Amazon Theft
Erin Joseph Finan (5 yrs. 11M) and Leah Jeannette Finan (5Y 10M), both 38, were sentenced Thursday in U.S. District Court, Indianapolis, after each pleading guilty to mail fraud and money laundering. They're also ordered to make restitution of $1,281,504.00 as well has having forfeited personal assets.

At the time the Finans were charged in May 2017, U.S. Attorney Josh Minkler said they had purchased hundreds of electronics items from Amazon, using "hundreds of false online identities."

They then routinely contacted Amazon and falsely claimed the items they received were damaged, receiving replacements from the retailer at no cost.

Authorities said the Finans sold the merchandize they received fraudulently to Danijel Glumac, 29, of Inndy., who in turn sold them to an unnamed "New York entity," which sold the items to consumers.

Editor's Note: The "other New York entity" has not been named and we would assume they will be soon enough - what retailer is it? As it specifically states the items were sold to consumers.
Co-defendant in the federal case, Danijel Glumac, 29, of Indianapolis, is scheduled to be sentenced in June. thestarpress.com

Richmond, RI: Women had $20,000 worth of stolen merchandise from Outlets in their car
Police say they were pulled over on Interstate 95 in Richmond on Friday for violating the law that requires drivers to move a lane over and slow down when there's an emergency vehicle stopped on the highway. Troopers say stolen designer clothing, jewelry, perfume and cosmetics were in plain sight. Police say they also found foil lined "booster bags" used by shoplifters to fool store security, in the vehicle. sfchronicle.com

Clinton, IA: Home Depot theft scheme ends in guilty plea; Restitution of over $1,600
Tammy R. Kershner, 50, appeared Thursday in Court and pleaded guilty to second-degree theft, a class D felony. The plea agreement states Kershner will agree to victim restitution in the amount of $1,628.13. On Feb. 8, a Home Depot asset protection manager contacted the Police in reference to a theft scheme. The asset protection manager had information a female was entering the store empty handed or with an empty shopping cart, selecting non-purchased merchandise from the sale floor and taking the non-purchased to the returns register. The affidavit states during the transactions Kershner went to the returns area and presented the merchandise not purchased for a refund without making prior payments for the merchandise. Kershner did this on six separate occasions at the Home Depot store. clintonherald.com

Gloucester County, NJ: Woman Sought In Retail Theft Ring
Corinne L. Post, 33, of Blackwood, is wanted by the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office for failure to appear in Superior Court, Woodbury on Nov. 9, 2017, for a pre-indictment conference on shoplifting and fencing charges. Post is accused of stealing merchandise from a Marshall's store and trafficking in merchandise stolen from retailers in Deptford and Washington townships as part of an alleged organized retail theft ring. On June 12, 2017, Post was charged by New Jersey State Police with second-degree shoplifting and third-degree fencing. patch.com

Nederland, TX: Store catches thieves on camera stuffing $1,000 of stolen items into their pants
A group of men were caught on camera stuffing more than $1,000 worth of clothes into their pants at a Nederland industrial store. "It's very discouraging for someone to come and take your stuff like that," said Teresa Figueroa, wife of the small business owner. The not-so-sneaky shoplifters are now caught on camera stuffing their pants with over $1,000 worth of refinery work clothing. 12newsnow.com

UK: Cheshire, England: Organized Crime Ring target three Car phone Warehouse stores in violent attacks

Soho, NY: Thieves purchase $800 of sunglasses with stolen credit card

Queens, NY: Shoplifter with gun sticks out his tongue as he flees Burlington store

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Shootings, Deaths & Hit-and-Run

Jackson, MI: Dashcam video of Dollar General Armed Robbery suspect shot and killed as he draws his gun at Police
The video shows the officers in Jackson, Michigan repeatedly telling Kenneth Townley, 47, to drop his gun before eventually opening fire after he refused. No charges will be filed against the five officers after a Jackson County prosecutor determined that the shooting was justified. The harrowing footage begins when the officers pull up and see Townley, who matched the description of a man who robbed a nearby Dollar General store just minutes earlier. dailymail.co.uk

Downey, CA: Man turns himself in for suspected hit-and-run that left a Security Guard critically hurt
A man suspected of attempted homicide turned himself into authorities Friday in connection to a Downey security guard who was seriously wounded in a restaurant parking lot. The suspected driver, Hector Vallejo, 28, was arrested and booked after he turned himself in. Authorities are also looking for two other people, Rosie Padilla and Patricia Bujase, both of Bell Gardens. The security guard, 49-year-old Joseph Quintero, of Downey, is fighting for his life as he is listed in critical condition in a hospital. Investigators said Bujase was involved in an argument that included the other two suspects inside Gloria's restaurant, which led to the security guard escorting them out of the establishment. It ultimately led to the hit-and-run in the parking lot.  abc7.com

Monroe, LA: Man charged with Attempted Murder outside of Target
Monroe Police were called around 4:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon to Target on Pecanland Mall Drive, for a disturbance outside of the store. When they arrived they found a man who says he was leaving the area, when he heard several shots fired behind him, and then saw a man following him. Police say that man is 29 year old JeQuinton Bolton. Police say one shot appears to have hit the victim's car door. Bolton surrendered to police, and told them he did fight with the victim, but no gun was involved. myarklamiss.com

Totowa, NJ: Man arrested in the stabbing death of a man outside C-Store, witnessed by Police

Wyoming, MI: Gas Station clerk shot and killed in Armed Robbery

Albany, GA: Man trying to stop a fight inside a C-Store is shot and killed, Two in custody

Robberies & Thefts

Johnstown, OH: Police investigating attempted Robbery, Stabbing at Kroger
Police are investigating after a woman was slashed with a knife while in the bathroom at Kroger. Lt. Josh Boudinot said the female victim walked into the bathroom and another female followed her into one of the larger, handicapped stalls at the Kroger around 10:25 a.m. Saturday. Boudinot said the suspect pulled a knife and demanded the victim's purse. The victim refused and the suspect slashed the victim multiple times in the abdomen. The victim also suffered some defensive wounds to her hands. The suspect fled without getting the victim's purse and left the store in a white SUV. newarkadvocate.com

Beverly Hills, CA: Smash & Grab Burglary Reported at Saks Fifth Avenue
A burglary was reported after 4 a.m at the Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills Monday morning. Responding officers found a broken window at the men's store and began searching the scene. The entire store front window was eventually taken out for the investigation. Video from the scene showed a backpack outside of the store that appeared to have been taken from inside. It is unknown what was taken during the burglary, but several cases inside the store appeared to be smashed or compromised. ktla.com

Champaign County, IL: Police seeking 2 suspects in Kohl's theft

Helzberg Diamonds in the Haywood Mall, Greenville, SC reported at Distraction Theft, item valued at $7,998

Kay Jewelers in the Shops of Fenton, Fenton, MI reported an Armed Robbery/ Smash & Grab, items valued at over $100,000

Kay Jewelers in The Greene, Beavercreek, OH reported a Grab & Run on 5/18, item valued at $13,899.

Piercing Pagoda in the Southlake Mall, Merrillville, IN reported a Burglary on 5/18, items valued at $51,000

Piercing Pagoda in the Lloyd Center, Portland, OR reported a Grab & Run on 5/19, items valued at $1,188

Zales Outlet in the Tanger Outlet Centers, Commerce, GA reported a Distraction Theft, item valued at $6,860

Zales in The Empire, Sioux Falls, SD reported a Diamond Switch on 5/19, item valued at $5,999

Six Robberies in Two and a Half Hours in Seattle - Linked to Two on May 16th - Suspects on the Loose


CBP seizes counterfeit jewelry worth more than $3M at Philly Airport
U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers confiscated dozens of rings and bracelets coming in from Hong Kong and branded with the names "Tiffany" and "Cartier. The jewelry was estimated to have a value of more than $3 million. Third major bust this year of jewelry this year in Philly. fox29.com

Sentences, Arrests & Charges

North Little Rock, AR: Suspect connected to three robberies faces charges

Jacksonville, FL: Suspect of Westside gas station murder arrested

Joplin, MO: Jewelry store robber draws 25-year prison term

Union County, NC: Father and son charged for trio of McDonald's armed robberies

Modesto, CA: Man acquitted of murder gets prison time for armed robberies

Dallas, TX: Irving Man Sentenced to 155 Months in Federal Prison String of Armed Robberies

Jacksonville, FL: US Marshals arrest suspect for the murder of a in 65 year old C-Store customer

Poplar, MT: Man charged in federal court for beating death of a man behind a C-Store

Columbus, GA: Handcuffed woman runs from Police Officers during arrest at Walmart

Cedar Rapids, IA: Man granted new trial in girlfriend's stabbing death outside a Hy-Vee Grocery store, pleads guilty to murder

Arson & Bomb Threats

West Manchester Township, Kohl's Loss Prevention employee charged with setting Fire inside store, then puts it out
A former Kohl's employee who police say is also a volunteer firefighter allegedly set a fire inside the West Manchester Township store in May 2017, and then put it out. Eric J. Robertson, 28, was employed as a loss prevention officer at the store until his termination in late June. Charges against Robertson were filed on Tuesday. He was arraigned the next day and released on $10,000 unsecured bail. Robertson, faces three counts of arson and one count each of reckless burning or exploding, dangerous burning, and tampering with/fabricating physical evidence. Police began their investigation on May 1, 2017 after they were called to the Kohl's, for a small fire in the store's electrical room. Once there, police found several stuffed animals that had been burned in the fire. They also learned that the fire had been extinguished by the store's loss prevention officer, Robertson, before they got there. It is believed that Robertson lied to Investigators regarding camera coverage of the area and the status of a broken DVD burner. Robertson has denied setting the fire, he has a preliminary hearing before scheduled for June 11. ydr.com

Liberty, OH: Walmart evacuated for bomb threat

Panama City, FL: Bomb threat made to Panama City Mall leads to mall closure and evacuation


Antique Mall - Shreveport, LA - Burglary
Casey's General - Fort Dodge, IA - Robbery
C-Store - Memphis, TN - Burglary
C-Store - San Diego, CA - Robbery/ Assault
C-Store - Hagerstown, MD - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Dillsburg, PA - Armed Robbery
Coastal Farm & Ranch - Cornelius, OR - Burglary
CVS - Dayton, OH - Burglary
Family Dollar - Springfield, OH - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Wyoming, MI - Armed Robbery/ Clerk killed
• Kay Jewelers - Fenton, MI - Armed Robbery
Lawn & Garden - Lake George, NY - Burglary
Liquor Store - Fresno, CA - Burglary
• Piercing Pagoda- Merrillville, IN - Burglary
Puetz Golf - Tacoma, WA - Burglary
Saks Fifth Avenue - Beverly Hills, CA - Burglary
Sheetz - Roanoke Rapids, NC - Armed Robbery
Stripes - Altus, OK - Armed Robbery
T-Mobile - Hollywood, FL - Burglary
Vape Store - Shreveport, LA - Burglary
Whistle Workwear - Tacoma, WA - Burglary
7-Eleven - Silver Springs, MD - Robbery
7-Eleven - Seattle, WA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
11 robberies
12 burglaries
1 shooting
1 killing




Eric Stone, CFI
for promoted to Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Amazon Robotics

Lucio Botello
named District Asset Protection Manager for JCPenney

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Featured Job Spotlights


VP of Loss Prevention
Anaheim, CA

The Vice President is responsible for the strategic planning and execution of the company's Loss Prevention program across more than 400 stores nationwide, and ecommerce...


VP, Internal Controls
San Francisco, CA

The Vice President, Internal Control will lead Sephora's cross-channel strategies to protect the company assets and business from all external and internal sources of losses...

Sr. Director Loss Prevention
Goodlettsville, TN

The Sr. Director of Loss Prevention will have full responsibility for implementation of loss prevention and shrink reduction initiatives for all stores...

Director Investigations
New York, NY

He/she develops the strategy and vision of the investigative program to ensure that all cases are fully and thoroughly investigated in-house, while also persuading law enforcement agencies and prosecutorial agencies to aggressively pursue all cases referred to them...

Director of Loss Prevention
Bolingbrook, IL

The Director, Loss Prevention - Store Operations is responsible for leading and inspiring a team of Regional Loss Prevention Managers and Area Loss Prevention Managers and coordinating Loss Prevention efforts for the largest beauty retailer in the United States...
Director Loss Prevention
Westlake Village, CA

The purpose of this job is to develop and implement programs and activities for the Loss Prevention department, to include inventory control and shrinkage protection, investigations, safety and health, and bad debt...

Loss Prevention Analyst
New York, NY

Protects company assets and increases profitability through the analysis, response and management of various data across a broad spectrum of internal financial and technology resources such as Exception Reporting, Sales Audit, FP&A, IT and Loss Prevention. The Loss Prevention Business Analyst works cross-functionally in a dynamic, fast paced and demanding environment providing critical guidance to the organization's asset protection and profit improvement initiatives...

Loss Prevention Analyst
Richmond, VA

Protects company assets and increases profitability through the analysis, response and management of various data across a broad spectrum of internal financial and technology resources such as Exception Reporting, Sales Audit, FP&A, IT and Loss Prevention. The Loss Prevention Business Analyst works cross-functionally in a dynamic, fast paced and demanding environment providing critical guidance to the organization's asset protection and profit improvement initiatives...

Field Loss Prevention Manager
Philadelphia, PA

● Manages and coordinates Loss Prevention and Safety Programs intended to protect Staples assets and ensure a safe work environment within Staples Retail locations

● Manages Loss Prevention initiatives and programs on facility levels which may include a combination of locations within a geographical area; travel required...

Senior Manager, Asset Protection Field Operations
Kent, WA

PLEASE NOTE: This position can be located anywhere in the US near a hub
The Senior Manager Asset Protection Field Operations is responsible for the leadership, oversight and support of the comprehensive asset protection strategy, function(s) and team(s), within REI Stores to drive business objectives and strategies while protecting the co-op's assets...

Manager, Asset Protection Operations
Kent, WA

The Manager, Asset Protection Operations is responsible for the leadership, oversight and support of the comprehensive asset protection strategy, function(s) and team(s), within headquarters, supply chain and "experiences" (adventures, classes, events etc.) to drive REI's business objectives and strategies while protecting the co-op's assets...

Senior Asset Protection Specialist
Santa Monica, CA

This job contributes to REI's success by mitigating and reducing shrink (including theft and fraud by customers and employees) and increasing physical security for people and products in a specified retail store...

Safety & Loss Prevention Manager
Ocala, FL

This individual will be responsible for the fulfillment center safety, loss prevention, environmental compliance, and food safety programs as well as employee engagement in support of Building a Culture of Safety...

Manager of District Loss Prevention
Salt Lake City, UT

You will be responsible for driving company objectives in profit and loss control, sales performance, customer satisfaction, and shrink results. District Loss Prevention Managers are responsible for leading Loss Prevention functions within a specific operations district and for collaborating with Store Operations and Human Resources in an effort to prevent company loss...

Senior Asset Protection Specialist - San Francisco
San Francisco, CA

This job contributes to REI's success by mitigating and reducing shrink (including theft and fraud by customers and employees) and increasing physical security for people and products in a specified retail store...

Regional LP Investigator
Northern CA/Phoenix

The Regional Loss Prevention Investigator is responsible for analyzing internal & external theft trends in assigned market and to develop strategies to identify and resolve theft cases. The Regional Loss Prevention Investigator will work with the Investigative Risk and Fraud Analyst in the identification of internal theft cases, and ensure that all cases are brought to a successful resolution...

Regional LP Investigator

The Regional Loss Prevention Investigator is responsible for analyzing internal & external theft trends in assigned market and to develop strategies to identify and resolve theft cases. The Regional Loss Prevention Investigator will work with the Investigative Risk and Fraud Analyst in the identification of internal theft cases, and ensure that all cases are brought to a successful resolution...

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Promotions: Asking, Surviving, Supporting

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It seems like we're always saying "get back to the basics" and "keep it simple" almost on a daily basis. We say it so much, most of us don't even hear it and certainly don't appreciate its absolute truth that it speaks to. In our self-motivating attempts to be great at what we do, oftentimes we run faster and try to do more and lose sight of one basic rule. Success begins with the basics. And it's only when we feel like we've evolved beyond them that we find we've only outsmarted ourselves and at that point we've all got to start over and just get back to the basics.

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