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CNP Expo
May 15-16

Q2 RAM LP Committee Meeting
June 13

Midwest Cargo Security Council One-Day Cargo Security Summit
June 20

RLPSA Annual Conference
Aug. 5-8

GRAORCA Retail Crime Conference
Aug. 29

Retail Risk -
New York
Sept. 6

New England LP Expo
Sept. 13

Q3 RAM LP Committee Meeting
Sept. 14 -
DCU Center
Worcester, MA

CORCA Conference
Oct. 3-4

Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo
Nov. 6-8

Q4 RAM LP Committee Meeting
Nov. 7th
BJ's Wholesale Inc Corp. Office - Westboro, MA

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eBay hosts the IAFCI for their 5th annual Cyber Summit

From left to right: Stephen Huhnke, Jeffery McGuire, Lyndi Foote, Hawken Averett, Sam Guttman, Peggy Call, and Spencer Jones

On May 3-4th, eBay hosted the IAFCI's fifth annual Cyber Summit at their campus in Draper, UT. The summit covered many topics facing financial crimes investigations, with a strong focus on crypto currencies, the dark net, and identity authentication. There were 125 approximate attendees across law enforcement and private industry, with 40% of attendees being law enforcement alone. Partnering with the IAFCI was eBay, the US Marshal's Service, Ion Bank, SRT Wireless, Westfield Bank, and Wind River Financial.


Hawken Averett presenting on eBay's Global Asset Protection team

Keynote Speaker, Mathias Sundin, who flew in from Sweden

Spencer Jones, Presenting on eBay's Global Asset Protection team

Attendees listened to topics ranging from financial crime investigations to the dark net

The D&D Daily's Publicly Reported
2018 Q1 Robbery & Burglary Report

Q1 Retail Robberies & Burglaries Up 24.3% Since 2016

Quarterly Comparison

Q1 Retail Robberies & Burglaries Up 24.3% Since 2016
Q1 2018 down 1.9% from Q1 2017
Q1 2017 26% Spike Continues

Robberies & Burglaries by Weekday

Sunday, Monday & Tuesday top list again - Friday, pay day, remains lowest

Read the full report to see a complete breakdown of publicly reported retail robbery and burglary stats, including top cities/states, most targeted store types, most frequent time of day - and more.

Read the full Q1 2018 Robbery & Burglary Report here

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ADT growing its commercial business
Company's Owners Club brings top integrator talent together to lead the charge

ADT is making some noise in the commercial space, where it is now doing approximately a billion dollars in business in comparison to the company's multi-billion-dollar residential security business it has become synonymous with.

"We are bigger in commercial than people realize," Christopher BenVau, SVP, Enterprise Solutions, ADT, told Security Systems News. "Our goal is to double that business on the commercial side in the next few years."

ADT's recent acquisition of Aronson Security Group-a leading national systems integration company based in Renton, Wash.-is a giant leap toward that goal and a significant milestone in the company's strategy to grow its commercial business by acquiring commercial system integration talent across the U.S.

"The deal with ASG, which was the biggest deal so far, was one that many people did not see coming-ASG teaming with a big national like ADT?" said BenVau. "But I think this really shows how committed we are here, as we were at Protection 1, to build our commercial brand and reputation. We are really striving to bring back that full-service security company."

ADT had its first Owners Club meeting at ISC West in 2017 and continued with the tradition this year, bringing the owners of the acquired companies together to socialize, bond and talk about the path forward as ADT grows its commercial presence nationally under their guidance. securitysystemsnews.com

Operation Chill:
7-Eleven Donates 1.4 Million FREE Slurpee® Drink Coupons to Local Police Departments to Reward Kids for Good Behavior

When the temperatures heat up, kids head outside to ride bikes, play sports, visit the pool, meet friends and have fun. That means it's time for 7-Eleven to activate its popular Operation Chill® program to help local police officers meet kids where they are and have positive interactions with them.

This summer, thousands of local law enforcement officers across the U.S. will be giving free Slurpee drink coupons to kids caught doing good deeds. For the 23rd year, 7-Eleven is working with police and sheriff's departments to distribute the coupons to deserving children and youth.

During 2018, 7-Eleven will issue 1.4 million Slurpee coupons to approximately 1,100 law enforcement agencies. Most will be distributed during the summer months and back-to-school season.

"I don't know who gets more excited when Operation Chill season rolls around each year - the police officers or the kids," said Mark Stinde, 7-Eleven vice president of asset protection. "Not only is Operation Chill our most popular community service program, it's one of the best at building bridges in communities and bringing people together. Everyone loves it." prnewswire.com

Trump Administration Doubles Worksite Investigations To Combat Illegal Immigration
The Trump administration announced Monday that it has dramatically increased the number of worksite investigations and audits to make sure that American businesses do not employ people who are in the U.S. illegally.

Immigration officials say they have launched more than 3,500 worksite investigations, already doubling the number of cases compared to the previous fiscal year. Similarly, 2,282 employer audits were conducted between Oct. 1 and May 4 (with five months remaining in FY18). Over the course of last fiscal year, only 1,360 audits were launched.

Thus far, 594 employers have been arrested for criminal violations of the immigration law, that's four times the number of arrests last fiscal year.

According to the Associated Press, ICE plans to ramp up its audit campaign this summer.

"Derek Benner, head of ICE's Homeland Security Investigations unit, told The Associated Press that another nationwide wave of audits planned this summer would push the total 'well over' 5,000 by Sept 30. ICE audits peaked at 3,127 in 2013.

"The agency has developed a plan to open as many as 15,000 audits a year, subject to funding and support for the plan from other areas of the administration, Benner said.

The ICE statement says that in FY17, "businesses were ordered to pay $97.6 million in judicial forfeitures, fines and restitution, and $7.8 million in civil fines." wfae.org

Food Safety is a $55 Billion Annual Problem
America's food industry has a $55.5 billion safety problem annually, as recently reported by Fortune Magazine. This includes foodborne illnesses at convenience stores and restaurants, food recalls and other food safety issues.

Each year 48 million Americans become sick from foodborne illness, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Therefore, investing in food safety is one of the smartest things c-stores can do. The expense, time and energy necessary to implement - or elevate - your food safety protocols won't be overwhelming, and it's crucial to your business success.

Earlier this year, approximately 2,000 7-Eleven customers in West Jordan, Utah were exposed to hepatitis A, due to an infected 7-Eleven employee who had gone to work and handled the c-store's food while sick.

Having a foodborne illness incident or outbreak can result in decreased revenues, hefty legal fees, potential lawsuits, diminished sales (and loyalty) from guests afraid to visit the (possibly contaminated) store, and a damaged reputation that could permanently shut your doors. c-storedecisions.com

Florida 7-Eleven blasts opera music to ward off loiterers
7-Eleven in Jacksonville, Florida, is blasting classical music and opera around its gas pumps in an effort to stop loitering and cut down on crime. 

This music is part of a 7-Eleven initiative that encourages non-confrontational methods to reduce loitering. It's been underway for three weeks.

The corporate office at 7-Eleven sent this statement:

"We have received very positive feedback from our customers about the atmosphere created by the music devices piloted in several 7-Eleven stores across the U.S." wsbradio.com

Nordstrom, Starbucks incidents highlight retail's bias problem
Apologies can only go so far, and a lack of concrete steps to address bias could be particularly damaging for brands that depend on a progressive image and high levels of customer service.

For Deborah Munster, executive director of Diversity Best Practices, silence seems to symbolize the greater industry problem: There is no standard - or compliance - when it comes to unconscious bias training and company culture.

Bias isn't exactly something companies are excited to talk about in detail unless they have to. But, with more retailers finding incidents of racial profiling at their stores reported in national media, it's likely that many behind closed doors are reflecting on their practices and mulling how they might create new programs or enhance existing training curriculum.

Bias isn't the only topic working its way into retailers' workplace discussions. Conversations around sexual harassment and "boys club" corporate culture have also risen dramatically over the last year thanks to the rise of the #metoo movement. As employees and others have come forward either in a company setting or to the greater public to raise concerns about such culture, many executives have departed.

There are a few other reasons why the conversation on bias and diversity has escalated. "One is, you have a generation who is much more socially conscious and probably more diverse than any other generation prior to them, and secondly, the access to information. We did not grow up with social media and the ability to go viral very quickly," Munster said. retaildive.com

Cheesecake Factory suspends workers after a customer was reportedly harassed and threatened for wearing a 'Make America Great Again' hat

Walmart LP Partners with Academia in Fighting Gift Card Fraud
Much of the fraud involving counterfeit credit, ATM debit and retail gift cards relies on the ability of thieves to use cheap, widely available hardware to encode stolen data onto any card's magnetic stripe. But new research suggests retailers and ATM operators could reliably detect counterfeit cards using a simple technology that flags cards which appear to have been altered by such tools.

Researchers at the University of Florida partnered with retail giant WalMart to test their technology, which Professor Patrick Traynor said can be easily and quite cheaply incorporated into point-of-sale systems at retail store cash registers. They said the WalMart trial demonstrated that researchers' technology distinguished legitimate gift cards from clones with up to 99.3 percent accuracy.

While impressive, that rate still means the technology could still generate a "false positive" - erroneously flagging a legitimate customer as using a fraudulently obtained gift card in a non-trivial number of cases. But Traynor said the retailers they spoke with in testing their equipment all indicated they would welcome any additional tools to curb the incidence of gift card fraud.

"We've talked with quite a few retail loss prevention folks," he said. "Most said even if they can simply flag the transaction and make a note of the person [presenting the cloned card] that this would be a win for them. Often, putting someone on notice that loss prevention is watching is enough to make them stop - at least at that store. From our discussions with a few big-box retailers, this kind of fraud is probably their newest big concern, although they don't talk much about it publicly. If the attacker does any better than simply cloning the card to a blank white card, they're pretty much powerless to stop the attack, and that's a pretty consistent story behind closed doors." krebsonsecurity.com

Amazon Go stores are coming to Chicago and San Francisco
The company is expanding its experimental Amazon Go store to the two US cities, but did not say when they would open. It has posted job listings for store managers in the cities on its own site, which were first noticed by the Seattle Times.

The store uses a collection of cameras and sensors to constantly track customers and inventory as they move around. Shoppers need to open the Amazon Go app to enter, and any products they take from the store are automatically charged to their account when they leave.

There are no cashiers but there are plenty of human employees restocking shelves, checking ID for wines, and working security. cnn.com


The most trusted retail brand is...
Wegmans took the No. 2 spot on Temkin Group's 2018 Temkin Trust Ratings. Based on a study of 10,000 U.S consumers, the ratings, which are now in their eighth year, benchmarks the level of trust that consumers have with 318 companies across 20 industries.

Several other retailers placed in the top 20, with Publix and Hy-Vee both ranked at No. 12 with a rating of 72%. Trader Joe's, Aldi Ace Hardware, Menards and O'Reilly Auto Parts all came in at No. 14 with a rating of 71%.

The supermarket industry earned the highest average trust rating (66%) of any industry. The 2018 Temkin Trust Ratings along with other ratings can be accessed at the Temkin Ratings website, TemkinRatings.com. chainstoreage.com

GoFundMe Page for Kmart LP Employee, Jeff Campbell,
Who Died from Stabbing Injuries Suffered Last Week

The Kmart employee who was stabbed in Visalia died from his injuries Friday morning. 31-year-old Jeff Campbell passed away a day and a half after he was stabbed in the neck and chest while escorting a customer out of the store. The suspect, identified as 43-year-old Jeremy Kechloian had been acting strangely inside the store, so he was asked to leave. For unknown reasons, he stabbed Campbell, a loss prevention associate, near the store's exit. Kechloian is being held without bail and will be back in court later this month.

Jeff Campbell had his life taken from him at an early age of 31 years. He spent his life taking care of family, working, and spreading joy to those around him. To donate to Jeff's family, visit their GoFundMe page here

New Jersey bill would nullify aspects of non-compete agreements
The state legislature is considering a bill that would nullify aspects of non-compete agreements for certain types of workers. The bill is in the early stages of the legislative process in the general assembly. There has been a growing interest by federal and state lawmakers to regulate non-compete or no-poach agreements. law360.com

New York City, NY - Mayor de Blasio signed the NYC Sexual Harassment Act
A slate of bills including a mandate that employers with fifteen or more employees provide city-approved sexual harassment prevention training. law360.com

Chains including Panera and Red Lobster getting hit with lawsuits - Customers getting ill from romaine lettuce
Lawsuits against chains including Red Lobster, Panera, and Papa Murphy's have been filed in response to a food-poisoning outbreak that has sickened at least 121 people in 25 US states. Supplier Freshway Foods has also been hit by two lawsuits. businessinsider.com

Target Employee Shares Funny Story
The Nude Wrestlers

Everyone knows that in-store scuffles sometimes erupt on Black Friday, as shoppers tear through retail outlets searching for the best deals.

But former Target team member Allan Koh wrote on Quora that he saw a much more unusual fight on his shift. Namely, two naked people fighting over alcohol.

"They walked in properly dressed, but got angry with each other because they couldn't agree on what alcohol to buy," he wrote. "They stripped nude first before wrestling each other." businessinsider.com

April retail sales increased 2.8 percent over last year

Southeastern Grocers Plan of Reorganization Confirmed by Court

Amazon 'Questions' Its Growth In Seattle After City Passes Watered-Down Tax to Help Homeless

Toys 'R' Us to sell Geoffrey the Giraffe ... and sex-toys-r-us.com

Quarterly Results

Home Depot Q1 comp's up 4.2%, U.S. comp's up 3.9%, sales up 4.4%

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ADT Partners with Cofense to Provide Phishing Solutions for Enterprises and Mid-Sized Companies

Cofense Triage Phishing Incident Response Bolsters ADT Cybersecurity's Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Offering

LEESBURG, VA and BOCA RATON, FL, May 15, 2018 - ADT Inc. (NYSE: ADT), the leading provider of monitored security and interactive home and business automation solutions in the United States and Canada, and Cofense, the leading provider of human-driven phishing defense solutions worldwide, today announced a partnership to offer phishing detection and response to ADT customers. ADT Cybersecurity provides enterprise and mid-market businesses with managed detection and response (MDR) services to combat advanced cyberthreats in real time. This service is now augmented by Cofense Triage, the first phishing-specific automated incident response platform.

"As our commercial customer needs expand beyond the physical into the cyber realm, this offering immediately enhances our current cybersecurity solution that ADT is providing to organizations," said Jim DeVries, President, ADT. "Phishing emails are among the most dominant form of social engineering attacks today, and by adding Cofense Triage phishing defense to our managed service and detection, we can mitigate phishing threats quickly and effectively."

"We are very excited to scale Cofense Triage for ADT customers," said Rohyt Belani, CEO and Co-founder, Cofense. "Relying on perimeter technologies, alone, is a failing proposition to defend against email-borne attacks. The combination of Cofense's Triage technology and ADT's managed services skillset brings to market a unique solution focused on thwarting phishing attacks before they cause damage, by moving the detection of such attacks up the kill chain."

Data breaches caused by cyberattacks on networks are plaguing businesses of all sizes. The median time of compromise to discovery is 80 days, with the average cost of data breach costing organizations $3.62 million.
ADT Cybersecurity provides a unified platform for organizing, managing, and collecting cyber intelligence and automates security analyst workflows to close the gap between cyberattack and breach detection time and remediation for customers.

For more information on this combined offering, please visit www.adt.com/cyber.


New Zealand's Largest Supermarket Chain Admits Facial Recognition Usage, Apologizes After Misidentifying Man as Shoplifter
Privacy advocates in New Zealand have complained after it emerged that the country's largest supermarket company, Foodstuffs NZ, had quietly rolled out facial recognition CCTV.

A man was mistakenly identified as a shoplifter amid warnings from the Privacy Commissioner about the use of the covert surveillance technique, reported a local newspaper. The man was allegedly misidentified due to human error, and Foodstuffs NZ claimed facial recognition was not used in the South Island.

Dunedin mechanic Daniel Ryan said he was recently taken aside by staff shortly after entering the Centre City New World in Great King St, owned by Foodstuffs. He alleged he was taken into a side room and questioned by staff, who said he had been identified as a known shoplifter. Ryan said the staff then realised he had been mis-identified and he received an apology from the company.

Facial recognition technology is widely used by retailers overseas. The Guardian has reported that 59 percent of fashion retailers in the United Kingdom use facial tracking, which captured the faces of shoppers, before cross-referencing their biometric data with known criminals. The technology is also prevalent in China, where local governments use it to track people in public places.

Organized crime organizations are behind 62% of external actor-based breaches
Organized crime organizations complete 62% of external actor-based breaches, and system admins are the top internal actors responsible for breaches 25.9% of the time, according to Verizon's 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report. Organized crime and state-affiliated actors are responsible for 6% of external breaches. Internally-based actors responsible for breaches are more distributed, with end users responsible for 22.3%, doctors or nurses initiating 11.5%, and developers, 5% of internal breaches.

Databases are the top assets involved in breaches (19.6%), followed by POS terminals (15.8%), POS controllers (15.8%), and Web Apps (13.7%). Verizon's analysis reflects the wide variety of assets involved in breaches, ranging from desktop systems (12.8%) to digital documents (11.3%) and mail servers (6%).

IoT and personal devices pose huge security risk to enterprises
The cyber security risk posed to enterprises by personal devices and internet-enabled devices making up the internet of things (IoT) is significant, a study shows.

Enterprise networks across the UK, Germany and US have thousands of unmanaged personal devices and IoT devices connecting to their networks, according to a study by network control firm Infoblox.

The research report on shadow IT devices lurking on enterprise networks warns organisations against overlooking employee-owned laptops, e-readers and mobile phones, and IoT devices such as digital assistants and smart kitchen appliances that are connecting to their networks.

Employees in the US and UK admitted to connecting to the enterprise network for a number of reasons, including to access social media (39%), as well as to download apps (24%), games (13%) and films (7%).

Security policy awareness

While 88% of the IT leaders that responded to the survey believe their security policy is either effective or very effective, nearly a quarter of employees from the US and UK did not know if their organisation had a security policy.

Of those that reported that their organisation did have a security policy for connected devices, 20% of UK respondents claimed they either rarely, or never, follow it. Only one-fifth of respondents in the US and UK reported that they followed it to the letter. computerweekly.com

Five Steps To Address Third-Party IoT Risks
1. Update asset management processes and inventory systems to include IoT devices and applications, and understand the security characteristics of all inventoried devices. When devices are found to have inadequate IoT security controls, replace them.

2. Identify and assign accountability for approval, monitoring, use, and deployment of IoT devices and applications within your organization.

3. Ensure that IoT devices, applications and metrics are included, monitored, and reported as part of your third-party risk management program.

4. Verify that specific third-party IoT related controls included in contract clauses, policies, and procedures can be operationalized and monitored for adherence and compliance.

5. Collaborate with industry peers, colleagues, and experts to identify successful approaches, techniques, solutions, and standards to monitor and mitigate third-party IoT device and application risks. darkreading.com

Video Surveillance Must Modernize In Storage, Recording And On-Demand Access
Dollars spent by video surveillance customers must go towards ensuring high-availability capture, storage and on-demand access to live and archived video. Reaching this goal mandates high-availability of independent components - camera, network, storage (edge, external), internet connectivity, display, all Video Management Software (VMS) components and an architecture that can take advantage of this. In this note, we focus on seeing our way through to a video surveillance architecture, that provides high availability storage, access to live and stored video content. securityinformed.com

'EFAIL' Email Encryption Flaw Research Stirs Debate
Two common methods of encrypting email messages are broken and could lead to an attacker seeing every encrypted detail in plain text, according to a group of researchers in Europe. The research paper, "Efail: Breaking S/MIME and OpenPGP Email Encryption using Exfiltration Channels," was written by eight researchers working at three European universities. In it, they describe a method by which an attacker can intercept an encrypted message, insert simple HTML code, and have returned to them an unencrypted version of the text. darkreading.com

Facial recognition tech used by UK cops is 'dangerously inaccurate'

Why Unmanned Stores Are About To Take Off In China's Retail Market

Kaspersky Lab shifts infrastructure to Switzerland for customers outside Russia


What is the "Internet of Things" (IoT)?

When we think of the Internet, we usually think websites and how we connect to them via browsers on our computers. An easy way to think of IoT is that it consists of any device that turns on and can be connected to the internet. This can include everything from cellphones, headphones, lights, wearable devices like the Fitbit and almost anything else you can think of. IoT exists in both the commercial and consumer space. It is estimated by 2020 there will be 26 billion IOT devices out in the wild.








'17 National Retail Security Survey

2016 NRSS Survey

2015 NRSS Survey


'Live in DC 2017' Top 5


The Armed Robbery Epidemic:
How to Stay Safe

Dr. Read Hayes, Director of LPRC
Robert Oberosler, Group VP of LP, Rite Aid
Kevin Larson, Sr. Manager of AP, Kroger

With armed robberies spiking nationwide, retailers like Kroger and Rite Aid are working alongside the University of Florida's Loss Prevention Research Council to make robbery attempts tougher, riskier and less rewarding for criminals. In this session, Read Hayes, PhD, Director of the LPRC; Bob Oberosler, Group Vice President of Loss Prevention for Rite Aid; and Kevin Larson, Senior Manager of Asset Protection for Kroger, discuss how new research on offender decision making, anti-robbery tactics, and other incident reporting is being used to help counteract violence in retail.

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Finding Value While Fending Off Threats
While the World Goes Mobile, Bad Guys are Going Digital

For years, it seemed every payments prestidigitator was predicting an imminent mobile disruption. After a run of false starts, the digital revolution is finally upon us. And not just in the U.S.: Digital platforms are how the world does business. That business now ranges far and wide. Consumers want to be mobile for every financial transaction, and firms like LendingClub have been able to ride that trend into an unexpected comeback. They also like being mobile for every commercial transaction - particularly since digital tends to send prices down. Yet, for all there is to cheer about, businesses and platforms aren't the only ones surfing the digital wave; cyber criminals and identity thieves abound.

$26.8 billion: Estimated total value of the consumer mobile payments market by 2026.

2.1 billion: Projected number of digital mobile payments platforms used globally by 2019.

2 percent: The average amount airline ticket prices have fallen over the last year.

2.8 million: The number of applications LendingClub processed in Q1.

100 percent: The amount identity theft rates have climbed, by some accounts, during Q1. pymnts.com

Tesco Mulls Joining Amazon, EBay in U.K.'s New Tax Fraud Fight
Tesco Plc is considering signing up to the U.K.'s latest efforts to combat tax fraud among online marketplaces, a move that would put pressure on businesses shunning the initiative.

Last month, the government called on e-marketplaces like Amazon.com Inc. and eBay Inc. to commit publicly to tackling value-added tax fraud among traders using their online platforms. bna.com

2018 CNP Expo Kicks Off in Orlando
Two fraud and payments veterans who spent significant parts of their careers at tech innovators will highlight the keynote stage at the CNP Expo, which opened its doors yesterday at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, Fla.

Headlining today is former Riot Games exec Scott Adams, who will detail his experiences fighting fraud and chargebacks in the video game industry-a space notorious for facing fraud schemes first that then percolate to other merchant verticals. And, on Wednesday, Google Payments former Chief Compliance Officer Tracy Wilk will share strategies for navigating a career in payments and fraud.

In addition to the keynotes, a full agenda of educational sessions and networking events begins, highlighted by a one-on-one discussion on the main stage between CNP Editor-in-Chief D.J. Murphy and Discover's Global Head of Digital Product, Jamie Uppenberg. cardnotpresent.com

Hermosa Beach, CA: Duo Arrested For $160K Fraudulent CC Purchases
Men have hit other locations in the past

The owners of a local Hermosa Beach business discovered that multiple purchases of premium alcoholic beverages were purchased using fraudulent credit cards and identification several times throughout the course of last week. The owners filed a crime report with the Hermosa Beach Police Department in an attempt to locate the suspects and merchandise, estimating their loss to be in excess of $160,000, according to HBPD. HBPD Detectives investigated the incident, eventually finding the suspects' identity and home addresses - they also found the suspects were previously involved in similar crimes, according to police. They served arrest and search warrants at multiple locations outside the City of Hermosa Beach, eventually recovering evidence of the fraud and arresting the two suspects, police said. The suspects were David Antione Miller of Covina, and Armando Maximilliano Del Real of Huntington Park. patch.com

Hobart, IN: Man accused in theft of $2,100 in paint, selling it on eBay
An arrest warrant has been issued for a Merrillville man accused of stealing more than $2,100 in art supplies from Hobby Lobby and selling them on eBay, police said. Richard Bruckman, 42, came to the attention of Hobart police in April after a retail crime investigator for Hobby Lobby reported he was selling Winsor & Newton paints from his eBay account that still had price tags from the Hobart store on them, according to Lake Criminal Court records. The investigator had obtained Bruckman's name from eBay and identified him by using mugshots.com and Facebook, records say. Police reviewed store surveillance video provided by the investigator and subsequently sought theft charges. Video showed Bruckman concealing tubes of paint in various locations, including on the right side of his body, in his right sock, in his right cargo pocket and inside his right front jacket pocket, court records say. nwitimes.com

San Carlos, CA: Trio arrested in four-figure theft from CVS
A trio of San Francisco men was arrested on suspicion of stealing more than $1,000 worth of merchandise from a San Carlos drugstore over the weekend. The incident was reported about 5 p.m. Sunday at the CVS Pharmacy on the 1300 block of San Carlos Avenue. Carmona and Nevarez Rodriguez were allegedly found with more than $1,000 worth of stolen merchandise. Deputies booked both men into San Mateo County jail on charges of burglary, conspiracy to commit a crime and possession of a controlled substance. mercurynews.com

Nashua, NH: Three women arrested after weekend theft spree
-One woman hit Target for $2,700 - stole 93 items
-Another charged with biting and pushing two mall security officers
-Third woman hit Home Depot for power drills.  nashuatelegraph.com

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Shootings & Deaths

Clinton, MD: Police shoot, kill armed robbery suspect at Checkers
Authorities said a robbery suspect armed with a gun is dead after police shot him at a Checkers in Clinton early Monday morning. Officers were called to the Checkers around 3:40 a.m. after one of their officers saw the suspect and found a broken drive-through window at the Checkers. Officers said they saw the suspect inside at the safe and told him to surrender after they set up a perimeter but the suspect did not comply. An officer noticed the suspect had a weapon and told the others before the suspect came out of a side door holding the weapon. An officer then shot the suspect once and police "immediately began rendering aid to the suspect," but he died at the hospital, according to officials. wjla.com

Houston, TX: C-Store clerk killed after man opens fire in parking lot
Police are searching for a killer who shot a store employee in the northwest part of Houston. It happened just after 5 p.m. outside the T&T Food Mart. Shell casings from a firearm were littered everywhere in the parking lot. The Houston Police Department believe one shooter fired at the victim who they described as a male in his 40s. Dozens of people gathered in the street shortly after the shots were heard. Few people could recall seeing a car or anyone take off from the scene. khou.com

Hollywood, CA: Intoxicated 7-Eleven Security Guard Shoots Man After Dispute
Authorities said an intoxicated security guard for a 7-Eleven store in Hollywood shot another man following dispute early Tuesday morning. The shooting occurred at about 1:30 a.m. outside a 7-Eleven. According to Los Angeles police, the two men got into an argument that became physical. The security guard then pulled out his gun and shot the man in the knee. Witnesses told police that the security guard and the victim were drinking together prior to the shooting. The suspect later failed a breathalyzer test, police said. cbslocal.com

Okolona, MS: Gunman on the loose after shooting up gas station
Okolona police are searching for a suspected gunman after a shooting at a local gas station left one injured. A store manager was afraid bullets would hit a gas pump. Police say the shooting took place Sunday at the Happy Mart, also known as M&M Mart. One person was shot and taken to the hospital. "It happened so fast. All I heard were gun shots," said Mohamed Mohsin. "I came outside to look and the man was running away." Police are looking for Dewayne Brown. Mohsin says the victim appears to be okay and has returned to the store. wtva.com

Flint, MI: One person dead in Flint party store shooting

Little Rock, AR: Police identify man fatally shot behind Little Rock clothing store

New Orleans, LA: Dispute over drink spurs shooting at Shell station

Gladewater, TX: Shot fired by masked gunman in c-store robbery

Charlotte, NC: Person shot at northeast Charlotte convenience store

Sikeston, MO: One person shot during liquor store dispute

Robberies & Thefts

Arapahoe County, CO: 6 arrested in crime spree including Petsmart pistol whipping: 'We got ambushed'
Six people have been arrested and charged in connection to several armed robberies, including one that involved pistol whipping employees at a Glendale PetSmart while money was stolen from the store's safe. The investigation into the string of robberies and attempted robberies that spanned Jan. 13 to Feb. 28 required help from the FBI Denver Division's Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force, according to the arrest affidavit for one of the six suspects. Of the six people arrested, most are in jail, all have been charged and each of them participated in one or more of the six incidents. 9news.com

Chesapeake, VA: Suspects steal 10K from c-store in broad daylight
Police in Chesapeake want to find the two people who robbed a local business of nearly $10,000 in cash in the middle of the day. The robbery took place Friday, May 11 at the Circle D Food Mart on Great Bridge Boulevard. Police say the suspects entered the store around 12:45 p.m. and stole the cash. Police released several surveillance images of the crime in progress. If you recognize either suspect or know anything about this case, contact Chesapeake Police. wavy.com

Macon, GA: Store employees injured by gunman in parking lot robbery
Two employees headed to work were hurt early Tuesday when they were confronted by a gunman in the parking lot. Just before 3:15 a.m., workers parked at the Serena Wholesale when an armed robber came up from behind, according to a Bibb County sheriff's news release. Raul Dastellano Nistail, 32, was hit in the back of the head as the gunman pointed the weapon and yelled "Where is the money?" Enoch Larorre Raver, 31, was pulled from the vehicle and thrown to the pavement before the gunman grabbed the money bag for the business. He got away with an undisclosed amount of money, a cell phone and keys to the vehicle and ran toward Bloomfield Road and provides goods for convenience stores and grocers. macon.com

Humble, TX: Good Samaritans catch shoplifter who hit store clerk, wait for police to arrive
Deputies say good Samaritans helped rescue a shoplifter who hit a clerk with his fist as he tried to run from a boot store in northeast Harris County. 21-year-old Jonathan Garcia hid some merchandise and tried to leave the store. Deputies said when a clerk tried to stop Garcia, he hit the clerk with a closed fist. Good Samaritans saw what was happening and grabbed Garcia. They then waited for police to arrive. Garcia was charged with robbery and his bond was set at $20,000, according to deputies. khou.com

North Olmsted, OH: Four women, 1 man arrested in rash of area store thefts
-GetGo employee caught by loss prevention officer, admits to stealing $420.
-Woman steals $119 in infant clothes from Macy's.
-Woman shoplifts $245 in men's clothing from Macy's.
-Two women steal $65 in clothes from Walmart.  cleveland.com

Libertyville, IL: Man charged in string of convenience store thefts

Hamburg, NY: Town of Hamburg looking to identify 2 people after theft

Waterloo, IA: Teen pleads guilty in plot to steal guns from downtown pawn shop

Ocala, FL: Two arrested, third sought in gun store theft; 2 dozen firearms stolen

Columbus, OH: Narcotics stolen in CVS robbery

Skimming Thefts

Boston, MA: Three Romanian Nationals Sentenced for ATM Skimming and Racketeering Conspiracy
Three Romanian nationals were sentenced today in federal court in Boston in connection with an ATM skimming scheme operating throughout Massachusetts and other states including Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York and South Carolina. The defendants, except for Trifu, were members of the Hornea Crew ("Crew"), led by Constantin Denis Hornea and Ludemis Hornea, and engaged in ATM skimming - obtaining debit card numbers and PINs from unsuspecting bank customers, creating counterfeit cards, and making unauthorized withdrawals from the victims' bank accounts. Over a period of 18 months, the Crew installed skimming devices and made unauthorized withdrawals from ATMs in various town in seven states: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. justice.gov

Okaloosa County, FL: Two Romanians arrested for skimming scheme in Northwest Florida


Morgan County, IN: Mooresville man facing criminal charges for trying to pass counterfeit money at store

Sentencings, Arrests & Charges

The Mattress Warehouse Owner & Wife Murdered By Gang at Home
Life Prison Sentences To Three United Blood Nation Gang Members

Charlotte: On May 25, 2014, Adoma, Cureton, and Fudge robbed The Mattress Warehouse, a store owned by Douglas and Deborah London. The three were later charged in connection with that robbery. Cureton and other Bloods gang members discussed that Douglas London was the only eye witness that could identify Cureton, and that he needed to be eliminated. On or about October 23, 2014, Johnson drove Hartley, another Blood Gang member, to South Carolina, where Hartley shot and killed the couple at their home. As a result of carrying out the gang leadership orders, Hartley was "ranked up" or "promoted" to a 2-Star General. justice.gov

(Update) Providence, RI: Albanian man pleads guilty in Target, CVS rooftop robbery case; $14K and drugs stolen
An Albanian man living in New York pleaded guilty in a Rhode Island federal court to cutting his way through a Target department store roof last October, prying open an ATM and stealing more than $14,000. Krasniqi went on to cut through a wall of the store into a CVS pharmacy, where he stole a prescription package of Oxycodone from a locked cabinet. Thirty-two-year-old Liridon Gashi allegedly helped him with the break-in. The two were equipped with portable two-way radios. chron.com

Dallas, TX: Man Sentenced to 8+ Years for Two Metro PCS Store Robberies

Willoughby, OH: Juvenile sentenced to 6 years in adult prison for armed Circle K robbery


C-Store - Prince George, VA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Charlotte, NC - Robbery (Statesville Rd.)
C-Store - Charlotte, NC - Robbery (Glenwood Dr.)
C-Store - Austin, TX - Armed Robbery
Checkers - Clinton, MD - Burglary/Police killed suspect
Circle D - Chesapeake, VA - Robbery
Curacao Store - Chino, CA - Robbery
CVS - Winston-Salem, NC - Armed Robbery
CVS - Talleyville, DE - Robbery
EZ Mart - Hooks, TX - Armed Robbery
Fair Deal Market - Sparks, NV - Armed Robbery
G&J Food Mart - Gladewater, TX - Armed Robbery/Shooting
Gun Store - Chester County, PA - Armed Robbery
Honey Stop - Orange, TX - Armed Robbery
Jewelry Store - Maidencreek Twp., PA - Burglary
Johnstone Supply - Baton Rouge, LA - Burglary
Mr. Gas - Burley, ID - Armed Robbery
One Stop Market - Brookline, MA - Armed Robbery
Quick Stop - Lebanon, TN - Robbery
Rite Aid - Pittsburgh, PA - Robbery
Serena Wholesale - Macon, GA - Armed Robbery
Tobacco Shop - Montebello, CA - Armed Robbery/Shooting/Male injured
Vintage Stock - Duquesne, MO - Robbery
Walgreens - Mattoon, IL - Burglary



Daily Totals:
20 robberies
3 burglaries
2 shootings
1 killing



None to report.

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The Vice President of Security will set our long term strategic vision and oversee planning for the security and safety of employees, facilities, assets, customers, vendors, and participants. In this position, you will align financial and operational performance to create economic value and reports to the executive team on all functions of security...


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The Vice President, Internal Control will lead Sephora's cross-channel strategies to protect the company assets and business from all external and internal sources of losses...

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Manager, Asset Protection Operations
Kent, WA

The Manager, Asset Protection Operations is responsible for the leadership, oversight and support of the comprehensive asset protection strategy, function(s) and team(s), within headquarters, supply chain and "experiences" (adventures, classes, events etc.) to drive REI's business objectives and strategies while protecting the co-op's assets...

Senior Asset Protection Specialist
Santa Monica, CA

This job contributes to REI's success by mitigating and reducing shrink (including theft and fraud by customers and employees) and increasing physical security for people and products in a specified retail store...

Safety & Loss Prevention Manager
Ocala, FL

Chewy is currently hiring a Safety & Loss Prevention Manager for our Ocala, FL fulfillment center. This individual will be responsible for the fulfillment center safety, loss prevention, environmental compliance, and food safety programs as well as employee engagement in support of Building a Culture of Safety...

Manager of District Loss Prevention
Salt Lake City, UT

You will be responsible for driving company objectives in profit and loss control, sales performance, customer satisfaction, and shrink results. District Loss Prevention Managers are responsible for leading Loss Prevention functions within a specific operations district and for collaborating with Store Operations and Human Resources in an effort to prevent company loss...

Senior Asset Protection Specialist - San Francisco
San Francisco, CA

This job contributes to REI's success by mitigating and reducing shrink (including theft and fraud by customers and employees) and increasing physical security for people and products in a specified retail store...

Regional LP Investigator
Northern CA/Phoenix

The Regional Loss Prevention Investigator is responsible for analyzing internal & external theft trends in assigned market and to develop strategies to identify and resolve theft cases. The Regional Loss Prevention Investigator will work with the Investigative Risk and Fraud Analyst in the identification of internal theft cases, and ensure that all cases are brought to a successful resolution...

Regional LP Investigator

The Regional Loss Prevention Investigator is responsible for analyzing internal & external theft trends in assigned market and to develop strategies to identify and resolve theft cases. The Regional Loss Prevention Investigator will work with the Investigative Risk and Fraud Analyst in the identification of internal theft cases, and ensure that all cases are brought to a successful resolution...

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