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Q2 RAM LP Committee Meeting
June 13

Midwest Cargo Security Council One-Day Cargo Security Summit
June 20

RLPSA Annual Conference
Aug. 5-8

GRAORCA Retail Crime Conference
Aug. 29

Retail Risk -
New York
Sept. 6

New England LP Expo
Sept. 13

Q3 RAM LP Committee Meeting
Sept. 14 -
DCU Center
Worcester, MA

Delaware Food Industry Council LP Symposium
Sept. 28

CORCA Conference
Oct. 3-4

Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo
Nov. 6-8

Q4 RAM LP Committee Meeting
Nov. 7th
BJ's Wholesale Inc Corp. Office - Westboro, MA

RLPSA Connect
Nov. 15

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2018 GLPS - Group LP Selfies
Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
Building Industry Pride - One Team Selfie at a Time

Ascena's Central Enterprise AP Team

"Asset Protection is an ascena Center of Excellence that promotes and ensures the safety and integrity of our Associates, Clients, Assets and Brands."

Featured in Picture, Left to Right: Christie Delaney (Territory AP Leader), Dave Harben (Enterprise AP Leader), Dwayne Bryant (Territory AP Leader), Jeff Aldinger (Territory AP Leader)

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Stephen Waligora named Director of Risk Management for Belle Tire

Stephen was previously part of the Domino's safety and loss prevention team before taking this new role. He'd also held other positions in both safety and loss prevention including Manager of Safety and Compliance for Cardinal Logistics Management, Loss Prevention Consultant for CVS Health and Loss Prevention Manager for Sears Holdings Corporation. Stephen earned his Bachelor's Degree in Loss Prevention Management from Northern Michigan University. Congratulations Stephen!

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ALTO Wins "Best Newcomer" Award at North American Fraud Awards
ALTO Alliance won "Best Newcomer" award recognizing the best new solution entering the LP market in the past two years at the North American Fraud Awards in Dallas last week. Congratulations to Maurizio Scrofani, Karl Langhorst, Cristian Lopez, and Sharrel Daniel (far right). Paul Bessant (second from right) presented the award.


JC Penney CEO resigns to head up Lowe's
Former Loss Prevention Exec. Goes Back to Home Improvement

The home improvement giant on Tuesday named Marvin R. Ellison as president and CEO, effective July 2. Ellison will succeed Robert A. Niblock, who previously announced his intention to retire. Ellison is chairman and CEO of JC.Penney, where he has been working to turnaround the chain to mixed results.

Prior to Penney, Ellison spent more than 12 years at The Home Depot, where he served as executive VP of U.S. stores from 2008 to 2014 and was responsible for sales, profit and overall operations for 2,000 stores and $65 billion in annual sales volume. Before the Home Depot, Ellison spent 15 years at Target Corp. in a variety of operational roles.

"Attracting Marvin is a great win for the entire Lowe's team," said Marshall O. Larsen, lead director of the Lowe's board.

Editor's Note:
Marvin Ellison actually started in Loss Prevention and worked in the industry for years taking the VP of LP job at Home Depot and progressing all the way up to the
#2 position before joining Penney's in July 2014 as their CEO.

The media outlets are saying it's a sign that Ellison has lost confidence in JC Penney and further evidence of the demise of department stores. When in reality there's just no comparison between Lowe's and JC Penney. Amazon-proof Lowe's represents Ellison's going back home to his Home Depot success and leading HD's arch enemy. A challenge virtually no one could pass up.

Experts Weigh In -1st Retail Declaration
Lowe's Acknowledges Using Facial Recognition
"Shoplifters meet their match as retailers deploy facial recognition cameras"

Shoplifters beware: Closed-circuit cameras in stores might be observing more than you think. As facial recognition software gets better, the battle against retail theft is moving into high tech.

Retail stores with facial recognition systems can spot convicted or admitted shoplifters in about the time it takes to walk two paces into an establishment.

"We can match a face against the database of 25 million people in just under a second. Two or three years ago, that was just unheard of," said Peter Trepp, chief executive of FaceFirst, an Encino, California, firm that is a leader in retail surveillance tools.

"Most people ... when they envision what retail theft looks like, they probably envision someone taking something off the shelf and hiding it in their jacket," said Malay Kundu, chief executive of StopLift, a Cambridge, Massachusetts, start-up.

But Kundu said less than half of retail losses come from shoplifters or organized retail crime gangs. More losses occur from employee theft, often at the checkout counter. In this area, too, surveillance technology is advancing.

Kundu's start-up provides a service that weds ceiling cameras over checkout lanes with artificial intelligence to send alerts when the system detects cashiers failing to scan products.

"It's not well-embedded in retail yet ... (but) it's becoming more affordable," said Karl F. Langhorst, executive vice president of Alto US, a Miami subsidiary of a Chilean company that uses computer analytics to combat theft in 7,000 stores in 100 cities.

Among major retailers, only a few acknowledge using facial recognition. Among them is Lowe's, the home improvement and appliance chain.

"In some stores, we may use facial recognition technologies to identify known shoplifters," the retailer's privacy and security statement says.

"I do believe it is the wave of the future," echoed Terry Sullivan, president of the Loss Prevention Foundation. mcclatchydc.com

Study: Consumers wary about facial recognition
Despite retailers' efforts to integrate disrupting technologies within shopping experiences, consumers aren't embracing all of it.

Nearly half (49%) of shoppers do not think facial recognition will improve their shopping experience, but, conversely, nearly half (48%) of shoppers agree that mobile applications, like 'Scan & Go,' will make shopping easier, according to the "Reality of Retail Personalization" report from GPShopper.

When it comes to facial recognition, 45% of shoppers said they would be concerned about their privacy should it be used. However, they do see its value within specific industries. Nearly a third of shoppers (30%) think facial recognition would be helpful when shopping for beauty products, for example. chainstoreage.com

Counterfeit fraud in U.S. down 76%
Chip-Enabled Merchants Reach 2.9M in US

"One of the leading factors was that chip technology is extremely effective in reducing counterfeit fraud, which was the leading type of fraud in the U.S. at the time (2011)."

The company's research shows that for merchants who have completed the chip upgrade, counterfeit fraud dollars dropped 76 percent in December 2017 compared to December 2015.

As of March 2018, there were 483.6 million Visa chip cards in the United States, compared to 159 million in September 2015 - a 203 percent increase. And 97 percent of overall U.S. payment volume in March was on EMV cards.

As for international research, in December 2017, data from secure payments enabler EMVCo showed that 58.9 percent of card present transactions were EMV chip-enabled. pymnts.com

Popular European EAS and RFID Tags Now Available in North America Through New Partnership Between CONTROLTEK and Thoonsen
CONTROLTEK, an emerging leader in retail product protection, has entered into an agreement with French EAS innovator Thoonsen to bring some of the most popular EAS tags in Europe to the North American market.

"Thoonsen excels in several important EAS segments, such as eyewear protection, padlock-style tags, and solutions for food & drug retailers," said Tom Meehan, CONTROLTEK's Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Information Security Officer. "This strategic partnership will enable our customers to have a wider selection of EAS products that have already been proven in the European and other markets, and that can address specific shrink challenges for which there are currently no ideal solutions in the U.S."

"CONTROLTEK's focus is to bring to our customers the best in product protection, whether the product is ours or not," said Rod Diplock, CONTROLTEK's CEO. "In instances where we notice that another technology company has an exceptionally good solution, we look to partner with them for the benefit of our customers. Through this partnership with Thoonsen, it is our customers that ultimately win, which is how we define a win for ourselves, too."  Read more here.

Starbucks issues rules on calling 911
In a letter to partners on Friday, Rossann Williams, executive vice president and president of U.S. retail, wrote that the company consulted Starbucks employees, government officials, community leaders and experts on unconscious bias in forming the new rules. Key to the policy was the conclusion that everyone who enters a Starbucks is a considered a customer and is "welcome in our spaces."

The procedure identifies eight examples of when employees should call 911, including gas leak or fire, robbery, threat of violence, use or selling illegal drugs and destruction of store property.

First, employees are instructed to assess a customer's behavior - rather than the person alone. Disruptive or harmful behavior identified by Starbucks include being unreasonably noisy, viewing inappropriate media, verbally abusing people, making unwanted sexual advances and indecent exposure.

Employees should then consider how any decision they make will affect the customer's experience. That includes judging whether the customer or situation is safe to approach, and whether an employee's chosen response would be the same for any customer in the same circumstance.

Employees who are unsure how to handle a situation should get help from a store or district manager.

When taking action against disruptive behavior, employees are told to ask another employee to "observe and verify" the behavior. Employees are told to introduce themselves to the disruptive customer and ask for the person's name, "listen actively, use a calm tone and respectfully request that they stop the disruptive behavior."

"If the situation becomes unsafe, call 911," the procedure says. columbian.com

1st Circ. Says Food Stamp-Fraud Proof Burden Is On Grocer
In a case of first impression, the First Circuit ruled Monday found that the burden of proof for rebutting food stamp fraud allegations falls on a grocer, in a case against a store that claimed to sell pricey goat and camel meat and catered to Somali immigrants. law360.com

Here's a First - Brilliant Really
Motivating the Bad Apples
Why Amazon pays employees $5,000 to quit

Amazon has a solution for employees who no longer want to work there - pay them to quit.

Once a year, the company offers to pay full-time associates at Amazon fulfillment centers up to $5,000 to leave the company. Employees are eligible after one year of service, but there is a caveat: Those who accept the offer can never work at Amazon again.

"We want people working at Amazon who want to be here," Amazon spokesperson Melanie Etches tells CNBC Make It via email. "In the long-term, staying somewhere you don't want to be isn't healthy for our employees or for the company."

The company offers $2,000 to employees who have been at the company one year, and the offer increases by $1,000 per year of tenure, maxing out at $5,000. cnbc.com

ICE worksite enforcement investigations already double over last year
Less than seven months after U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Deputy Director Thomas Homan issued a directive that called for increased worksite enforcement investigations to ensure U.S. businesses maintain a culture of compliance, the agency's Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) has already doubled the amount of ongoing worksite cases this fiscal year compared to the last fully completed fiscal year.

From Oct. 1, 2017, through May 4, HSI opened 3,510 worksite investigations; initiated 2,282 I-9 audits; and made 594 criminal and 610 administrative worksite-related arrests, respectively. In comparison, for fiscal year 2017 - running October 2016 to September 2017 - HSI opened 1,716 worksite investigations; initiated 1,360 I-9 audits; and made 139 criminal arrests and 172 administrative arrests related to worksite enforcement.

HSI uses a three-pronged approach to worksite enforcement: compliance, from I-9 inspections, civil fines and referrals for debarment; enforcement, through the criminal arrest of employers and administrative arrest of unauthorized workers; and outreach, through the ICE Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers, or IMAGE program, to instill a culture of compliance and accountability. ice.gov

Help Calibration Group Prevent School Violence
LP Marketing Group Provides Free Hotline Posters for Schools

In light of yet another tragic school shooting, the Calibration Group, LLC, continues the fight back by providing schools with free hotline posters designed to help students confidentially report information that may help prevent future acts of violence.

We need your help to spread the word!
Notify your local schools that these tools are available at no cost. Any school wishing to download the various hotline posters for free created by The Calibration Group, LLC, can do so by visiting www.calibrationgroup.com.

Read full press release here.

The Great Debate - Is it worth it?
The Price of Admission vs. Being Invisible
Solution Providers Constantly Debating the Value of Booths at Trade Shows

For the LP/AP executive most just don't get it, as it relates to the cost and efforts that go into booths at trade shows.

Standing there for hours on a concrete floor waiting for the severely limited Expo hours and the passer bys that refuse to make eye contact and just walk by, after spending thousands on the booth and fees and countless hours rethinking the booth layout and look.

Waiting a year to see specific executives they've been trying to meet, just to see them lost in the crowd or encircled by their team or busy with the big boys.

These shows can be very frustrating for a lot of solution providers and critical for a number of them.

And how many walk away with business? Not that many actually, with the best to look forward to is an acceptance to visit their corporate office, and a number of those ending up lacking follow up.

Then the inevitable conversation or just comments: Is it worth it - I didn't get anything from it - Expo hours were too short - They had that during expo hours.

Shows can be tough and over the last thirty years we've heard it all. But the bottom line is, it's not about what the community can do for you, it's about what you can do for the community. And yes this is a community and if you want to be a part of it then the booth is merely one form of admission and one way to show support for the industry and the trade association that's doing everything they can to please every party.

If you didn't get anything out of it then maybe it's time to rethink how you approach it, plan it, and set it up beforehand. You only get out of something what you put in it and you've got to make a plan for any trade show or you will get lost in the crowd and that has nothing to do with the value of a booth.

Booths are critical and important vehicles that send your message. Without them you're invisible and that's something can't afford. Just a thought Gus Downing

Loss prevention officer charged - setting fire in W. Manchester Kohl's
A former loss prevention officer at the West Manchester Township Kohl's is accused of intentionally setting a fire in the store. Township police say Eric J. Robertson repeatedly delayed giving authorities surveillance video from the May 2017 fire and acted nervous when officials asked for the footage.

Robertson, 28, of Hatboro, Montgomery County, is charged with two counts of arson of an inhabited building, and one count each of arson endangering property, reckless burning, tampering with evidence, and a summary dangerous burning offense. yorkdispatch.com

Sephora Reposts VP, Internal Control New Position in San Francisco, CA - in Finance department
This one will take time to fill being in San Fran.
But what a company and 1st time position! Great Challenge

The Vice President, Internal Control will lead Sephora's cross-channel strategies to protect the company assets and business from all external and internal sources of losses. This role requires business, financial and leadership acumen. As the head of Loss Prevention and Fraud management, this leader will drive fights against theft and fraud in-store and on-line. As the head of internal control, this person will manage procedures and policies and champion their enforcement. Finally, this leader will manage the Crisis Management Plans to restore operations in case of an incident or disaster.  ● Oversees Internal Control, Fraud Management, Field Loss Prevention teams (approx. 40) sephora.com

A Call to Action
LP/AP Leaders Teaching Tomorrow's
Live in Dallas at NRF Protect - Tuesday, June 12th

As NRF Protect approaches it's time once again to Live stream and record our ninth series of "LP Leaders Teaching Tomorrow's".

With the support of our sponsors led by ADT/ Protection 1 and Tyco Retail Solutions we try to put together a series of LP/AP Leaders and a very special guest this year, that reflects the conference educational content and the hot topics and technology that's impacting our industry.

Giving those executives not attending and hopefully LP/AP field teams an opportunity to hear and learn from some of the industry's best and brightest who are leading efforts. All with the intention of today's 'LP Leaders Teaching Tomorrow's."

With this said we're now focused on developing the agenda and if any of you senior leaders are reading and have an idea and want to film an episode please let me know.

Two points: We will not discuss anything company specific and everything can be reviewed and approved before the shoot and before publishing it. And finally, and more importantly, it's a great opportunity to: give something back to the community - represent your entire team - add a tool to your recruiting efforts - impact young LP/AP executives - share your wisdom - and finally the family will love it because you get a copy of it.
Thanks to our sponsors for allowing us this opportunity, we do have a few spots left by the way for sponsors who truly want to be Education Providers because that's what this is all about. Thanks from the Daily's Team.

Retailers unhappy with CEO/executive pay disclosures - Biggest Gap in S&P 500

Quarterly Results
TJX Q1 comp's up 3%, net sales up 12%
   Marmaxx comp's up 4%
   Home Goods comp's up 2%
   TJX Canada comp's up 3%
   TJX Inter. comp's up 1%
Kohl's Q1 comp's up 3.6%, sales up 3.5%

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True Stories of Face Recognition and Retail Crime
Case 1: The Fake Budweiser Delivery Man

The first episode of FaceFirst's true retail crime series reveals the shocking true story of a man who dressed like a Budweiser delivery man to steal beer instead of delivering it. See how face recognition alerted loss prevention instantly and led to this creative criminal's apprehension.

Retail shrink is a $45 billion problem each year, and facial recognition is already helping major retailers reduce external shrink by up to 34% and in-store violence by 91%. These are the real-life stories of how face recognition has helped loss prevention pros capture some of the world's most notorious retail criminals.

Episode Presented By:



Agilence Maintains Momentum with Outstanding
Net Promoter Score

Best-in-Class Satisfaction Score Outranks Prior
Internal Customer Satisfaction Benchmarks

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ - May 22, 2018 - Agilence, Inc., the leading provider of vertical-focused analytics solutions to the retail, grocery, pharmacy and restaurant industries, today announced it has earned an outstanding Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 71. Far exceeding the average NPS score of 41 for B2B software solutions, Agilence continues to deliver on the promise of placing customers at the center of their product roadmap.

NPS is a customer loyalty metric which produces a number between -100 and +100 that measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company's products or services to others. It is used as a proxy for gauging the customer's overall satisfaction with a company's product or service. NPS has been widely adopted with more than two-thirds of Fortune 1000 companies using the metric. With a score of 71, Agilence increases their 2017 benchmark of 70 and continues to maintain a score higher than almost all within the business intelligence and data analytics industries.

Below is a partial list of feedback from leading brands surveyed on their experience as an Agilence customer:

 ● "The knowledge of their product and industry is second to none."
 ● "Not just in business to sell you a product, but to help your team succeed."
 ● "The product is very user-friendly and extremely beneficial from all aspects of the business."
 ● "It's doing what they said it would do."
 ● "The company has a culture of customer service and listening to the customer and what their needs are."

To learn more about the Agilence Customer Community, visit AgilenceInc.com.


Biometrics Becoming Part of Fraud-Prevention Landscape
Biometric Customer Authentication is Hot Right Now, But It's Not a Cure-All for CNP Fraud

Two big pieces of news from the payments world have put the spotlight on biometric authentication tools for shopping and banking, and at a glance it seems like biometrics could fix a lot of the fraud challenges the retail and banking industries face. But other news and a growing chorus of input from security experts indicates that some types of biometrics are as vulnerable to exploitation as other consumer data-and far more potentially damaging once compromised. As consumers may increasingly expect to be able to use a thumbprint, voice, or facial scan to shop, merchants need to understand the usefulness and limits of biometric data for fraud prevention and customer experience.

Biometrics have been in the news on both sides of the Atlantic this year. In April, the four major card brands dropped some or all of their consumer signature requirements for POS purchases in the US in a bid to reduce friction at checkout and reduce merchant processing costs. To replace signatures for customer authentication, Visa is trialing EMV contactless-compatible cards that have built-in fingerprint sensors. At the point of sale, users will touch the fingerprint sensor to validate their identity by comparing the impression to their stored fingerprint data.

Meanwhile, in Europe, the implementation of the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) means that banks and other payment services must support two-factor transaction authentication on mobile devices. Industry watchers and app developers expect biometrics to figure prominently in new security protocols because they create less friction than keying in passwords or codes delivered via SMS. It's clear that biometrics are becoming part of the fraud-prevention landscape. What's less clear is what happens when, not if, biometric data is compromisedpaymentsjournal.com

Seventh Circuit Decision Impacts Retailers Regarding Data Security Breach Damages and PIPA
Courts have been confronted with the question of whether plaintiffs in data breach cases can seek recovery through tort law in addition to contract law, and whether retailers have a duty to protect credit- and debit-card information from data breaches.

A Seventh Circuit decision in Community Bank of Trenton v. Schnuck Markets, Inc. that addresses these issues, including the decision's practical implications for liability distribution in network contracts between retailers, banks, and credit card companies, as well as alternative approaches aggrieved parties may use to recover data breach losses.

As described in further detail below, the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, basing its decision in part on how it predicts that Illinois and Missouri courts would rule, opined that (1) retailers do not have a common law duty to safeguard personal information, and (2) issuing banks cannot use tort law in addition to contract law to recover damages from data security breaches. lexology.com

Walmart Files Blockchain Patent To Keep Track Of Customer Purchases
According to CoinDesk, the patent details a blockchain ledger that can track items that stores sell to particular customers. The system would allow a customer to register an item after it's been purchased and then choose a price for resale, with the system acting like a digital marketplace.

"By one approach, the transfer from the seller to the courier may require signatures from both the sender and the courier using their respective private keys," the company wrote. "The new transaction may be broadcasted and verified by the sender, the courier, the buyer and/or other nodes on the system before being added to the distributed delivery record blockchain. When the package is transferred from the courier to the buyer, the courier may use the courier's private key to authorize the transfer of the digital asset representing the physical asset from the courier to the buyer and update the delivery record with the new transaction."

This is just the latest blockchain-based patent the retailer has filed. Last month, it was revealed that the company had drafted two patent applications that reference a platform powered by blockchain technology for vendor payments and digital shopping. pymnts.com

Multifactor Authentication
Call Centers Vulnerable to Spoofing & Fraud

Sophisticated fraudsters do not limit themselves to the online channel, and many organizations have been slow to adopt effective measures to mitigate the risk of fraud carried out through other channels, such as customer contact centers. In many ways, the phone channel has become the weak link.

Most contact centers have continued to rely heavily on knowledge-based authentication to grant callers access to their accounts. However, the ready availability of personal information, either stolen in data breaches or gleaned from social media, makes it increasingly easy for criminals to impersonate customers. Add in some Caller ID or automatic number identification (ANI) spoofing, and fraudsters are well on their way to deceiving call center staff and taking over customer accounts.

The basic answer, no matter the particular security solutions involved, is multifactor authentication. Multifactor authentication has long been recognized as more secure, and the available tools are becoming increasingly sophisticated. For example, to incorporate an inherence factor, which uses a physical attribute of a caller, contact centers can deploy voice recognition systems. These systems obtain a voice print from a caller and compare it to a reference voice print to make an authentication determination.

A complementary technology uses a caller's phone as an ownership-based authentication token.

In transitioning to an optimally secure authentication solution, voice biometrics or phone ownership authentication can be paired with KBA to create a quick-fix two-factor authentication approach. Our recent survey of contact center professionals showed that the majority of organizations planning to move to multifactor authentication expect to do so by adding a new factor to their existing KBA process. darkreading.com


How to Turn Your Smartphone Into a Walkie Talkie

Remember the old Nextel phones with their push-to-talk feature? They may be gone, but the feature is not, thanks to neat app called Zello. It's available for IOS and Android phones, and works across different platforms, meaning if you have an Android phone and your colleagues have iPhones, you can still talk to each other using Zello. It's great for a quick conversation between individuals or groups. Check it out!







'Live in NYC 2018' Top 5



Cloud-Based, Data-Driven Retail Solutions

Tyco Retail Solutions, part of Johnson Controls, is a leading provider of analytics-based Loss Prevention, Inventory Intelligence and Traffic Insights for the retail industry. Their retail portfolio features the premier Sensormatic, ShopperTrak and TrueVUE brands, as well as a full suite of building technology solutions. Tony D'Onofrio, Chief Customer Officer for Tyco Retail Solutions, talks about Tyco's latest innovations, the trends shaping retail, and the new technologies that excite him the most.



Amazon Bans Chronic Returns
Banned From Amazon: The Shoppers Who Make Too Many Returns

The e-commerce giant bans shoppers from the site for infractions such as returning too many items, sometimes without telling them what they did wrong.

Amazon has cultivated an image as a customer-friendly company in part by making it easy for shoppers to send back items they don't want. The site's lax return policies have conditioned consumers to expect the same treatment from other retailers, adding to pressure on brick-and-mortar chains. But shoppers are finding out there are some customers Amazon has determined aren't worth keeping.

Nir Nissim received an email in March notifying him that his account had been closed because he violated the company's conditions of use agreement. "You cannot open a new account or use another account to place orders on our site," Amazon wrote.

"We want everyone to be able to use Amazon, but there are rare occasions where someone abuses our service over an extended period of time," an Amazon spokesman said. "We never take these decisions lightly, but with over 300 million customers around the world, we take action when appropriate to protect the experience for all our customers."

The spokesman said Amazon encourages customers to contact the company if they think they have been mistakenly banned.

The Wall Street Journal previously reported that chains such as Best Buy Co. and J.C. Penney Inc., have hired a third-party firm called Retail Equation to develop a "risk score" on each customer for the purpose of policing returns.

It tends to happen when "you're creating a lot of headaches for Amazon," said Chris McCabe, a former policy enforcement investigator at Amazon and now a consultant at EcommerceChris LLC. wsj.com

Rising e-commerce sales mean more returns
With rising e-commerce sales come a higher percentage of returns, presenting a challenge for shippers and haulers to ensure there is sufficient capacity and properly located fulfillment centers to handle reverse logistics.

The National Retail Federation estimated consumers returned 13% of purchases during the holiday season.

The latest "UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper" study found 75% of consumers have returned items to retailers, an increase of 7% from 2016. During December, UPS said consumers shipped more than 1 million return packages to retailers daily. It labeled January 3 as "National Returns Day," with an estimated 1.4 million packages sent back to businesses.

"While the day after Christmas used to be reserved for long return lines at department stores, the growth of e-commerce has changed when and how consumers return gifts," said Alan Gershenhorn, chief commercial officer of UPS. "A customer-friendly returns program is now an essential part of any successful e-commerce program. fleetowner.com

An E-Book from Vesta Corporation
Unauthorized Transactions Hit New Highs: How Merchants Can Protect Themselves

Minneapolis, MN: FBI Now Investigating Theft Ring Targeting Family-Owned Businesses Across Twin Cities; over $250,000 of merchandise stolen
The FBI is now investigating a string of burglaries which targeted five different sports memorabilia stores in four separate cities. Investigators said the burglaries all happened in 2017 with two stores victimized in Golden Valley; the other three businesses are located in St. Paul, Roseville and Hopkins. Investigators think all of the thefts, combined, have resulted in more than a quarter-of-a-million dollars in losses for the sports memorabilia stores. No arrests have been made. kstp.com

Memphis, TN: Bass Pro employee accused of stealing $30k in just 7 months
The store became aware of the theft after noticing that numerous items were missing that showed to have been returned by customers. All of the items, investigators said, were processed by an employee named Alan Weems, but did not have the required customer signatures. Weems only worked for Bass Pro Shops from September 2017 to April 2018. In that time period, he reportedly stole $30,955. He was arrested and charged with theft of property. wreg.com

Los Angeles, CA: Police Seek to ID Man Who's Stolen $25K Worth of Home Electronics From More Than 30 Target Stores Across SoCal
The man is accused of stealing approximately $25,000 worth of merchandise in the form of Dyson and iRobot vacuums and Nest products such as thermostats and smoke detectors, according to Detective Joseph Hampton with the Los Angeles Police Department.

He's targeted locations in Ventura, San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties, Hampton said. In one surveillance video from a location in North Hollywood, the suspect is seen with his cart full of items, which he covered with a blanket or mat. He stops near an emergency exit, ditches the covering and makes off with merchandise while activating the alarm. He always parks his vehicle near the emergency exit to ensure a clean escape, and sometimes uses a getaway driver, Hampton said. ktla.com

Vancouver, WA: Man arrested for stealing 157 Plants from Fred Meyer, Lowe's and Wilco; nearly $7,000 of merchandise recovered
Thomas M. Aldin, 41, stole the property from the stores at multiple locations over the course of two to three years, court documents allege. Court documents further allege that Aldin was trying to sell the plants online. Police say interested buyers stopped by the home this weekend as they searched the property. Detectives say $3953 worth of the stolen property found at Aldin's home belonged to Fred Meyer, $1883 belonged to Lowe's and $1031 belonged to Wilco. kptv.com

North Wales, PA: Man and woman wanted for Health and Beauty form Giant Eagle

On 5-16-18 at 3:55pm,the suspects entered Giant Food Store-North Wales. The suspects then went to the HBC section, and took a large amount of razors, crest white strips, electronic toothbrushes, and over the counter medication. the items were then placed in the females handbag. Suspects then left the store without paying for the items.

Pullman, WA: 3 charged in $900 Walmart electronics theft; facing felony theft and Burglary

Cleveland Heights, OH: Police looking to id a Shoplifter who hit CVS, Zagara's and Family Dollar in the same day

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Shootings & Deaths

West Memphis, TN: Walmart Robbery suspect killed in pursuit with Police
A robbery suspect is dead after officers shot him at the tail-end of a pursuit Monday evening, the West Memphis Police Department confirmed. The suspect, who is believed to have stolen from a Walmart, crashed a black Nissan into a fuel tanker on I-40 near mile-marker 280 around 5 p.m. while fleeing officers. Police said officers fired at the suspect at one point, but it isn't clear if the suspect died from gunshots or from the crash. wreg.com

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: McDonald's Manager shot and killed in Armed Robbery

Robberies & Thefts

Houston, TX: Possible crime ring broken up after courthouse ATM targeted in downtown Houston
Three men are in custody after investigators say they stole an ATM out of the Harris County Administration Building. Police believed that these men are part of a ring that has hit several Harris County Court buildings. A Police Task Force was formed to track this organized ATM Theft ring. abc13.com

Springfield, IL: Men charged with AT&T store Armed Robbery, tasering employee
Two people are in custody after a cellphone store was robbed and an employee was tied up and tasered. Police were called to the AT&T store in the 3600 block of South Sixth Street Rd. around 1:30 on Friday. The clerk was ordered to the back of the store. Zip ties were used on his hands and feet. A second man came into the back of the store and shocked the tied up employee with a Taser. They then took off with about 40 cellphones. wandtv.com

Okmulgee, OK: McDonald's attempted Armed Robbery a hoax; Employee and others go to jail
Just after midnight, officers responded to an attempted armed robbery at McDonald's in Okmulgee. The attempted robbery has been determined to be a hoax, police say. According to Police, the clerk reported that it has confessed to faking the robbery with three other individuals. The clerk who police have identified as Cassandra Brown has been arrested and booked into the Okmulgee County Jail. Police also arrested an adult male and a juvenile. Police are looking for a fourth suspect. newson6.com

New York City: Personal Shopper admits to shoplifting at Bergdorf Goodman
Admitted shoplifter Remi Landau apparently couldn't resist all the high-end merchandise she lavished on her clients and was discovered swiping more than $6,000 in luxury goods from the Manhattan department store, according to court papers. The 23-year-old from Scarsdale was allegedly caught red-handed on March 21 attempting to slip out of an employee entrance at the flagship Fifth Avenue store with a $1,880 haul. Landau later conceded in writing that she'd started lifting clothing from her former workplace in June 2017 and had taken around $6,095 in the months prior to her arrest. nypost.com

UK: Cheltenham, England: Smash and Grab thieves hit Boots stealing perfumes in early morning raid
The suspects targeted Boots on the Gallagher Retail Park, which was recently given a makeover incorporating a smart glass frontage. But at around 12.55am on Sunday morning, entry was gained to the premises and carnage was caused. gloucestershirelive.co.uk

Dallas, TX: C-Store Clerk shoots Robber; suspect arrested

Tucson, AZ: Bike Store employees attacked with Bear Spray during a theft of 2 high-end bikes; estimated value over $10,000

Lower Nazareth Township, PA: Target Shoplifting Mother drags her children behind as she attempts to flee Police; $600 of merchandise and heroin needle recovered

Detroit, MI: Fourth 7-Eleven in metro Detroit was robbed this week; 3 in St Clair Shores

Mt. Pleasant, SC: String of watch heists reported at jewelry stores

Binghamton, NY: Man pleads guilty to JC Walmart robbery

Fred Meyer Jewelers in Burien, WA reported a Grab & Run on 5/16, item valued at $6,055

Kay Jewelers in the Military Circle Mall, Norfolk, VA reported a Grab & Run on 5/14, item valued at $1,799

Kay Jewelers in the Westminster Mall, Westminster, CA reported a Grab & Run on 5/17, items valued at $6,398

Kay Jewelers in the Anderson Mall, Anderson, SC reported a Distraction Theft on 5/18, item valued at $29,087

Kay Jewelers in the Stonestown Galleria, San Francisco, CA reported a Grab & Run on 5/21, item valued at $1,999

Piercing Pagoda in the Lloyd Center, Portland, OR reported a Grab & Run on 5/19, items valued at $1,188

Zales in The Shops at Mission, Mission Valley, CA reported a Grab & Run on 5/16, items valued at $3,138

Zales in the Woodland Hills, Tulsa, OK reported a Grab & Run on 5/18, item valued at $1,629

Zales in The Esplanade, Kenner, LA reported a Grab & Run on 5/21, items valued at $11,000

Zales in the Cortana Mall, Baton Rouge, LA reported a Grab & Run on 5/21, items valued at $4,698

Cargo Theft

Puebla, Mexico: Mexican truckers travel in fear as highway robberies
bleed economy

Truckers covering Mexico's vast territory often move in convoys to reduce the risk of robberies, which in 2017 almost doubled to nearly 3,000. Some drive with armed escorts traveling alongside them. Others remove the logos from their trucks. On the most dangerous roads, like those connecting Mexico City with major ports on the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific, it is almost certain that one in every two truckers will be held up, a study by U.S.-based security firm Sensitech showed. While no official data on losses exist, insurers paid out almost $100 million in 2016 to crime-hit cargo operators, up 4.5 percent on 2015, Mexican insurance association AMIS says. reuters.com


Laredo, TX: ICE, CBP seize nearly 79,000 counterfeit items valued at $16 million

Sentencings, Charges & Arrests

Cleveland, OH: Duo charged in death threat, armed robbery of 75 year old Slavic Village deli owner

Bridgeport, CT: Trial begins today for a 2nd Suspect in the Armed Robbery / murder of a C-Store Owner in 2015

Miami Gardens Resident Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison for Operating a Fraudulent Credit Card Manufacturing Facility

Middlesex County, New Jersey, Woman Admits Role In $150k to $250k Credit Card Fraud - Account Takeover

Pittsburgh, PA:  Two Men Convinced on All Charges Related to Armed Robbery Spree and Shooting

Houston, TX: Brothers Guilty in Relation to Robberies of Bank and River Oaks Jewelry Store

Polk County, FL: Jury convicts man of 14 charges in 2016 crime rampage

Memphis, TN: Man convicted in 2014 Family Dollar store beating, robbery


Barber Shop - Belleville, IL - Robbery
Bike Shop - Tucson, AZ - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Dallas, TX - Robbery
C-Store - Jackson, MI - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Leavenworth, KS - Armed Robbery
Circle K - Horry County, SC - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Daytona Beach, FL - Armed Robbery
Dollar Tree - New Orleans, LA - Burglary
Family Dollar - Lake County, FL - Armed Robbery
Food Lion - Burlington, NC - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Knoxville, TN - Armed Robbery
Kroger - Sidney, OH - Robbery
Long John Silver's - Knoxville, TN - Armed Robbery
McDonald's - New Orleans, LA - Robbery
Marijuana Store - Kirkland, WA - Armed Robbery
Motorcycle Store - Chattanooga, TN - Burglary
Once Upon a Time - Columbus, OH - Robbery
Pharmacy - Scranton, PA - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Philadelphia, PA - Robbery
Save-a-Lot - Whitley County, KY - Armed Robbery
Valero - San Antonio, TX - Robbery/ Assault
Verizon - Plano, TX - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Davis, CA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Detroit, MI - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
22 robberies
2 burglaries
0 shootings
0 killings




Greg Knox
named Representative - Safety and Security for Domino's

Cody Masten
named Representative - Safety and Security for Domino's

Jim Kriston
promoted to Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Dollar General

Thomas Cesario
named District Asset Protection Manager for JC Penney

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Sr. Director Loss Prevention
Goodlettsville, TN

The Sr. Director of Loss Prevention will have full responsibility for implementation of loss prevention and shrink reduction initiatives for all stores...

Director of Loss Prevention
Bolingbrook, IL

The Director, Loss Prevention - Store Operations is responsible for leading and inspiring a team of Regional Loss Prevention Managers and Area Loss Prevention Managers and coordinating Loss Prevention efforts for the largest beauty retailer in the United States...
Director Loss Prevention
Westlake Village, CA

The purpose of this job is to develop and implement programs and activities for the Loss Prevention department, to include inventory control and shrinkage protection, investigations, safety and health, and bad debt...

Fulfillment Center Asset Protection Manager
Atlanta, GA

Manages and coordinates Loss Prevention and Safety Programs intended to protect Staples assets and ensure a safe work environment within a major NAD Fulfillment Center, a Retail Distribution Center or a combination of Staples locations...

Loss Prevention Analyst
New York, NY

Protects company assets and increases profitability through the analysis, response and management of various data across a broad spectrum of internal financial and technology resources such as Exception Reporting, Sales Audit, FP&A, IT and Loss Prevention. The Loss Prevention Business Analyst works cross-functionally in a dynamic, fast paced and demanding environment providing critical guidance to the organization's asset protection and profit improvement initiatives...

Loss Prevention Analyst
Richmond, VA

Protects company assets and increases profitability through the analysis, response and management of various data across a broad spectrum of internal financial and technology resources such as Exception Reporting, Sales Audit, FP&A, IT and Loss Prevention. The Loss Prevention Business Analyst works cross-functionally in a dynamic, fast paced and demanding environment providing critical guidance to the organization's asset protection and profit improvement initiatives...

Field Loss Prevention Manager
Philadelphia, PA

● Manages and coordinates Loss Prevention and Safety Programs intended to protect Staples assets and ensure a safe work environment within Staples Retail locations

● Manages Loss Prevention initiatives and programs on facility levels which may include a combination of locations within a geographical area; travel required...

Senior Manager, Asset Protection Field Operations
Kent, WA

PLEASE NOTE: This position can be located anywhere in the US near a hub
The Senior Manager Asset Protection Field Operations is responsible for the leadership, oversight and support of the comprehensive asset protection strategy, function(s) and team(s), within REI Stores to drive business objectives and strategies while protecting the co-op's assets...

Manager, Asset Protection Operations
Kent, WA

The Manager, Asset Protection Operations is responsible for the leadership, oversight and support of the comprehensive asset protection strategy, function(s) and team(s), within headquarters, supply chain and "experiences" (adventures, classes, events etc.) to drive REI's business objectives and strategies while protecting the co-op's assets...

Senior Asset Protection Specialist
Santa Monica, CA

This job contributes to REI's success by mitigating and reducing shrink (including theft and fraud by customers and employees) and increasing physical security for people and products in a specified retail store...

Safety & Loss Prevention Manager
Ocala, FL

This individual will be responsible for the fulfillment center safety, loss prevention, environmental compliance, and food safety programs as well as employee engagement in support of Building a Culture of Safety...

Manager of District Loss Prevention
Salt Lake City, UT

You will be responsible for driving company objectives in profit and loss control, sales performance, customer satisfaction, and shrink results. District Loss Prevention Managers are responsible for leading Loss Prevention functions within a specific operations district and for collaborating with Store Operations and Human Resources in an effort to prevent company loss...

Senior Asset Protection Specialist - San Francisco
San Francisco, CA

This job contributes to REI's success by mitigating and reducing shrink (including theft and fraud by customers and employees) and increasing physical security for people and products in a specified retail store...

Regional LP Investigator
Northern CA/Phoenix

The Regional Loss Prevention Investigator is responsible for analyzing internal & external theft trends in assigned market and to develop strategies to identify and resolve theft cases. The Regional Loss Prevention Investigator will work with the Investigative Risk and Fraud Analyst in the identification of internal theft cases, and ensure that all cases are brought to a successful resolution...

Regional LP Investigator

The Regional Loss Prevention Investigator is responsible for analyzing internal & external theft trends in assigned market and to develop strategies to identify and resolve theft cases. The Regional Loss Prevention Investigator will work with the Investigative Risk and Fraud Analyst in the identification of internal theft cases, and ensure that all cases are brought to a successful resolution...

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