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Spotlight on Leadership 4-25-13


By Jennifer Overstreet
Published: April 18, 2013
As we’ve been talking about all week here on the blog, the retail industry offers some unique and fascinating careers. With our Loss Prevention Conference and EXPO coming up in June, we decided to talk to some of our Loss Prevention Advisory Council leaders for a three-part blog series on the evolving careers of LP leaders. We’ll cover three perspectives on what it means to work in retail loss prevention, asking each LP professional how he got his start, why he loves it, and where the profession is headed.

To kick off the series, we started with one of our LP Advisory Council’s vice chairs, Dan Faketty, vice president for asset protection at BI-LO/Winn-Dixie. Read on to find out how he changed his mind about a career in retail, how his experience as a young store employee prepared him for leadership, and why today’s LP professional needs to have a head for data.

When were you first exposed to the loss prevention profession? What made you decide to pursue a career in loss prevention/asset protection?

I had completed my two-year associate’s degree and had just gone through the regional police academy. I was back in school, and at the same time looking for employment as a police officer. That’s when I received a call from a district LP manager who worked for Shopko Stores, Inc. He saw my resume and wanted to know if I would be interested in applying for a single-store loss prevention manager position. I responded immediately with “no” and proceeded to tell him I was a certified police officer and had no interest in a career in retail! Fortunately for me he said “before you say ‘no’, don’t you think you should understand what you’re saying no to?” Based off his statement, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to meet and listen. The following day we met at a local store and after a couple of hours he convinced me that a career in loss prevention was at least worth a shot. He then hired me, on the spot, contingent on me relocating. The rest is history!

How has your unique personal background helped you succeed in your LP career?

I worked at a Ben Franklin store all through high school, so I learned a lot about store operations and merchandising. When I went to college I was a full-time student, working and managing a restaurant. When I left college, I went to work in stores for a couple of years before being promoted to a district manager. When I think about it now, I had eight years of retail experience before going to work at Shopko. I think the time I spent in stores along with what I learned in school gave me unique insight into how things worked from a practical application standpoint. Even today, every process, every control, every system that our department implements is meticulously scrutinized and tested from an end-user standpoint. These programs must be simple to execute and user friendly to store personnel. If not, they will never achieve the desired result. This thought process has enabled me to gain credibility as we drive organizational change in all parts of the business, not just asset protection.

Tell us about a particular moment, challenge or success that made you certain this was the right profession for you.

After only two years of working stores a promotional opportunity for district manager presented itself. I never thought I had a real opportunity to land the job because so many internal candidates had applied, some of whom had more than 10 years of experience. After going through a series of interviews and testing, I learned I was one of two final candidates. A few days later the director of loss prevention showed up at my store. I thought he was there to tell me I didn’t get the job but instead he said, “I am going to hire you over a lot of other candidates with much more experience.” When I asked why, he said, “Because you can’t take a Missouri mule to the Kentucky Derby and expect to win!” It was at that moment that I realized this was my profession. If for no other reason than because someone had noticed me and my accomplishments.

The role of LP is continuing to expand and grow. When it comes to hiring and promoting team members, what kind of talent and skill sets are you looking for to be successful now and in the future?

Rather than skill sets, I tend to focus on competencies because if someone has a strong base of core competencies, they should be able to learn the skill sets necessary to be successful. I have identified 10 competencies that are important to me. Some of the most important are the ability to champion change, lead courageously, be results-driven and work cross-functionally. The interview process, for new and existing promotional opportunities, is behavioral in the form of questioning designed to solicit responses to measure if a candidate poses these competencies or not. Additionally, anyone entering high-level loss prevention management positions must be technologically savvy and data-centric. If you have the competencies, love technology, are data-centric and can work cross-functionally, then you are going to be very successful in this line of work.

Faketty will be presenting at NRF’s Loss Prevention Conference in San Diego, June 12 – 14. For more about the conference, visit

Stay tuned for the next installments of our series, where we’ll talk to LP leaders from Gap Inc. and The Vitamin Shoppe.

This article was published by and recently appeared in LP portion of Retail's BIG blog, a part of the National Retail Federation's (NRF) website.  An excellent resource for LP executives to incorporate in your quest for information and education of the LP industry. This is an industry leading publication and one of the best, if not the best, resource for industry leading, thought provoking material that you need to use as you continue to build your career.

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Spotlight on Leadership 4-25-13
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