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ORC News Archives 2013

ORC News Archives

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December 23, 2013
  Apple Product Theft May Be Related to Target Data Hack
2.  Cargo Thefts Decline, Value of Each Skyrockets
3.  Ex-NBA player Richard Dumas arrested in theft roundup
4.  Teen stole 25 tablet computers from store in Dublin, Ireland
5.  Thieves Use Brute Force And Crash Stolen Car Into Berlin Apple Store

December 20, 2013
1. U.S. Marshals arrest 151 in Operation Grinch Stopper 2 in Arizona
2.  Former Suns player arrested in organized retail theft in Arizona in Operation Grinch Stopper 2
3. Holiday Shoplifting: Fighting Organized Retail Crime In MA
4.  Two arrested for theft of baby formula from Pick 'n Save in Racine, WI

December 19, 2013
1. 9 arrest warrants issued for 4 county ORC ring in Pittsburgh, PA area - Targeting Marshall's & 5 other retailers
2.  ORC Duo hits Williams-Sonoma, Toys R Us, and Babies-R-Us for over $100,000 in San Antonio
3.  Shoplifting spree in 2 states ends with arrests in Bossier City hitting Dillard's- Stage Stores - Wal-Mart
4.  Man Pleads Guilty To Fraud With Gift Cards
5.  Former Kmart Loss Prevention Manager busted for stealing video games and systems, selling them to GameStop in Canton, Ohio
6.  Two Florida thieves arrested after hitting Cabela’s for $8,000 in Mitchell and Sioux Falls, South Dakota

December 18, 2013
1. Seattle Fencing Operation - More Video and details about how Loss Prevention Investigators managed the investigation
2.  Target discovers extreme couponer to be extreme ORC thief - generating $300,000 a year
3.  Skimming Gang - man, two women sought in credit card cloning fraud at Biloxi Walmart buying thousands in gift cards

December 17, 2013
1. Boise Idaho Police Department wins national award for efforts in reducing ORC
2.  ORC a worldwide problem - and it's a big problem in Australia & they're shipping goods overseas as well - their recent "Operation Lightfingers" busted 98 suspects
3.  Seattle South Precinct Anti-Crime Team bust ORC retail theft ring - fencing operation
4.  4 Stores- 5 convenience store employees charged with reselling items stolen from Kroger, Publix in Huntsville, AL
5.  Jefferson County, TX Sheriff seeking a serial shoplifter facing 8 felony theft charges; believed to be connected to a shoplifting ring

December 16, 2013
Los Angeles Area Organized Retail Crime Association - LAAORCA - Announces 5th annual conference March 6, 2014
2.  Syracuse Fencing Operations Busted in 7 Stores - Onondaga County - Greater DeWitt Retail Theft Coalition
3.  Clarksville, Tenn. - Local police meet with retailers to combat ORC - $80,000 in cases solved since 3-13'
4.  Identity theft ring - skimmers convicted after hitting International Mall
5.  Serial shoplifters arrested in Cumming, GA after one too many tries hitting Publix stores
6.  5 women thought to be part of shoplifting ring arrested in Stuart, FL.
7.  Huge $2M+ Credit Card Counterfeiting Ring Bought Lots of Cosmetics
8.  Jefferson County, TX looking for member of shoplifting ring
9.  Two Indicted in Salem, Mass. Organized Mall Theft Ring hitting Abercrombie and Fitch

December 13, 2013
Ukrainian “criminal pioneer” sentenced to 18 years for US cybercrimes - worldwide dealer & leader of stolen credit card info
2.  ORC trio steals thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from Palais Royal stores in Houston
3.  Seven Super Target Employees arrested for alleged theft ring in Hesperia, CA
4.  Oswego, IL Police investigating a report of over $700 worth of baby formula stolen

December 12, 2013
Vancouver police believe goods worth $250,000 were stolen for sale at illegal 'apartment store'
2.  5 adults, 2 teens - ORC ring arrested for stealing thousands from Gallatin, Tenn., Walmart
3.  Two suspects busted buying $4,000 worth of iPads with stolen credit cards at Best Buy in Paramus, N.J.
4.  Two California male suspects hit Washington Square Mall in Portland, Ore., with fake credit cards - may be connected to same west coast gang
5.  Detroit Ring Leader of Cell phone thefts sentenced to 124 years

December 11, 2013
Organized shoplifting rings on the rise in Beaumont, TX.
2.  Police seek links between $648,000 Seattle, $100,000 San Francisco wine thefts
3.  $2 Million Dollars in Counterfeit Credit Card Purchases Scam Sees 23 In Manhattan Federal Court
4.  Scottsdale, AZ Police arrest two in baby formula theft ring
5.  Man suspected of $22,000 in thefts from Academy Sports stores across Alabama

December 10, 2013
Natick Mall Macy's security guard part of ORC ring busted at Macy's in Mass.
2.  Multi-city ORC ring leader and two others busted at Cool Springs Galleria Mall in Franklin, Tenn.
3.  East Coast Home Depot UPC switcher/refunder to spend 3yrs. 5 months in federal prison
4.  Rockford, ILL., man gets 17 months in federal prison for his role in multi-state ORC gang that hit retailers
5.  International: Malaysia Police busted baby formula theft ring; group had hit stores for over a year

December 9, 2013
Von Maur employee stole $15,000 in shoes - 150 pairs and sold them online in Louisville
2.  ID Theft gang member gets 3 years in prison in Syracuse, N.Y.
3.  Marshall’s employee and another woman arrested in theft scheme in South Charleston, WV

December 6, 2013
1.  7 Polk Winn-Dixie Employees Arrested
2.  ORC suspect gets 28 year sentence reduced to two months in jail and 20 years probation in Amherst, Va.
3.  ORC suspect busted after assaulting LP officer in Super Target in Naperville, ILL., - long list of priors
4.  Three charged with credit card fraud
5.  Kingpin Gets 124 Years In Phone Store Robberies in Detroit
6.  UPS driver in Washington accused of stealing phones worth $50,000
7.  Spring, Texas man charged with organized retail theft

December 5, 2013
1.  "Shoplifting crew" hit Kohl's Evesham, N.J.
2.  Officers Bust traveling Counterfeit Credit Card ring in Boise
3.  California couple guilty of cross-country identity theft, credit card fraud; admission of nearly $400,000 in charges
4.  Two men steal $650,000 of wine from Seattle wine shop
5.  Von Maur Store employee charged with stealing $15,000 of shoes in Louisville

December 4, 2013
1.  Richmond, British Columbia, Canada - ORC duo - husband wife team busted with truckload of stolen toys & clothing - selling online
2.  ORC trio busted in Rochester, N.Y. with itemized list and stolen goods found in truck after police chase
3.  Thieves steal dozens of bras from South Barrington Victoria's Secret outside of Chicago

December 3, 2013
1.  ORC gang of three busted in Safford, Az., hitting Wal-Mart
2.  Serial shoplifter - ORC gang of 4 - busted again in Erie, PA.
3.  Hotel room marijuana smell bust turns into multi-state fake credit card case in Tremonton, Utah with 4 arrests
4.  ORC charges for two in Conroe, TX.
5.  Cadillac, Michigan ORC male suspect pleads out of ORC charge to lesser charge
6.  Traffic stop leads to fake ID's, 18 fake Visa's, iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3's in Chester, Md. - hitting BJ's stores
7.  Shoplifting gang leader jailed for six months after 1900 pounds ($3,000 U.S.) raid on Stirling store in UK
8.  Police hunt Romanian ATM thieves who are behind 90% of UK cashpoint fraud (skimming)
9.  Traveling gangs blamed for 50% spike in UK town - Cookstown - It's spiking across the pond as well
10. Springfield, Tennessee woman steals $200,000 from Walmart and Straigttalk in phone card scheme

December 2, 2013
1.  Suspects Bought $20,000 Worth Of Gift Cards At Walmart in Centennial, Colo. - Can You ID them? Hitting stores from Colo. to New York
2.  Clarksville, Tenn., police bust one female - ID'ed two more females - still looking for 5 ORC gang members that hit Governors Square Mall
3.  Five member ORC female gang busted in Houston Tx. hitting Houston Premium Outlets
4.  Traffic stop leads to international large scale credit card and identity theft ring - 4 arrested in Emanuel, Ga.
5.  4 charged in ‘major shoplifting ring’ in Manchester area of Rock Hill, N.C.
6.  Female ORC Duo busted in Jacksonville, Fla., hitting Western Boulevard retail store for over $6k
7.  3 Bronx women busted for $4,800 electronics shoplifting spree at Wal-Mart in East Greenbush, N.Y. - one was prison escapee
8.  Fayetteville Police announce Organized Retail Crime effort for the holidays

November 26, 2013
1.  The D&D Daily appoints new ORC Advisory Council
2.  UTORCA – Utah Organized Retail Crime Association
3.  Shoplifting Ring hits Kmart in Chesterton, Indiana, again
4.  Louisville Couple accused of stealing $40,000 of Dillard's merchandise; Employee Theft
5.  Babies R Us hit for over $600 in merchandise in Boardman, Ohio

November 25, 2013
1.  Fencing Operation identified - San Bernardino police arrest 30 hitting retailers in 2 day operation
2.  Pair arrested for ATM skimming device in Lake St Louis, Mo. - Turning money into gift cards - Eastern Europeans
3.  Thief Steals 20 North Face Jackets From Store in Skokie

November 22, 2013
1.  Kroger's ORC Leader Denny Dansak in the news - Retail giant makes law enforcement a priority at Kroger (KR) stores
2.  Alhambra, Ca., man sentenced for $1 million credit card fraud scheme
3.  Two male suspects busted with $16,000 worth of gift cards, stolen credit cards and fake IDs in American Fork, Utah Wal-Mart
4.  ORC defendant pleads guilty to six thefts gets 24 months in prison in Mahoning Township, Oh.

November 21, 2013
1.  The Oregon fraud gang keeps growing - 3 more busted for $150,000 in fake credit cards
2.  Sears Clerk Indicted in Organized Retail Theft Spree in Salem, Mass.
3.  Framingham Police nab 3 suspects in stolen credit card crime ring - part of larger ring
4.  Authorities search for credit card fraud suspects buying gift cards state wide in South Carolina
5.  Thieves use counterfeit debit cards to steal thousands in stores from Georgia to Dallas, TX., to Miami

November 20, 2013
1.  UPDATE - California credit card fraudsters gift card scam busted in Oregon reported yesterday - Case is bigger
2.  Ringleader in 2 credit card fraud schemes sentenced to over 17 years in prison in Baltimore
3.  Two Georgia men sentenced in gift card scheme
4.  Tyler, TX., Police arrest 22nd suspect in massive identity theft ring
5.  Southeast Regional ORC group helps Law Enforcement and Retailers share information, fight retail crime
6.  Evansville, IL women struck a Toys R Us employee with car after theft
7.  Baby Formula thief fights with Kroger’s Loss Prevention in Louisville, Kentucky
8.  Two men in Australia charged with stealing $100,000 in baby formula and cigarettes

November 19, 2013
1.  Seattle Fence/Bar Owner in ORC liquor theft ring appears in court
2.  Two identity thieves charged with racketeering in Astoria, Ore., connected to West Coast Ring
3.  ORC trio hitting Wal-Mart store - one gets 1 yr. in prison & another getting time as well in Hillsdale, Mich.

November 18, 2013
1.  ORC ring testing new Outlet's of Mississippi one day into grand opening in Pearl, Mississippi
2.  Houston ORC gang of 5 (3 females & 2 males) busted in hair extensions heists & Hitting Academy store
3.  Two females hit Mason, Mi., retailer for 12 Vera Bradley purses - eye in the sky taped them
4.  Misty Simmons, 34, Twilajoy Rayshandor, 27, of Overton, TX., arrested-charged with OR retail theft

November 15, 2013
1.  "Jugging" - The New Crime Trend - Two juggers busted hitting Ross store in Houston
2.  Las Vegas Jewelry Store Fence Gets Two Years in Prison
3.  Female Internet ID Thief shipping the goods internationally - busted in Rincon, GA.
4.  Man hits Walmart store for $2k in Culpepper, Virginia

November 14, 2013
1.  International credit card fraud syndicate operating in North Carolina - shipping product worldwide - identified with computer parts from Office Depot
2.  Target shoplifter in Fridley, Minn. charged with felony theft; believed to have stolen over $5,000 in past four months
3.  Seven Univ. of Wisconsin Platteville students face retail theft charges; $1,929 reported stolen from Walmart

November 13, 2013
1.  Photos released of three suspects being sought for stealing 62 bras from Victoria’s Secret in the Tri-County Mall in Springdale, Ohio
2.  Three Montgomery, Alabama women accused of stealing nearly $2000 of merchandise from Walmart
3.  Columbus man charged with robbery in Springfield, OH, stealing Crest White Stripes from Rite Aid
4.  Two female shoplifters being sought for theft of cases of Red Bull being stolen from a Fort Worth, Target; assaulted a Loss Prevention agent
5.  Lower Nazareth, PA woman steals $785 in merchandise from PetSmart
6.  Kroger Loss Prevention apprehends a man with over $600 in baby formula in Johnson City, Tenn.

November 12, 2013
1.  Knoxville Police using Data to track patterns of thefts
2.  Shoplifting parent leave 2 children behind in a Walmart store in Dallas
3.  Lancashire, England shoplifter focused on paper goods; Tesco was the #1 target

November 11, 2013
1.  Denver grand jury indicts 10 in widespread identity theft gang who hit O'Reilly Auto Parts, Safeway, US Bank, Wells Fargo, Walgreens, King Soopers, Walmart & others
2.  Two females charged with organized retail theft in Kilgore, TX
3.  Toronto Crime Stoppers Organized Retail Crime Campaign - Kicks off Nov. 13th
4.  Missouri man arrested in string of retail felony fraud cases
5.  Shoplifting gangs exist worldwide - even in Nairobi, Africa
6.  Three Charged with Theft of Baby Formula in Saratoga Springs, New York

November 8, 2013
1.  Buffalo woman banned from Niagara Fashion Outlets after $4000 theft plea
2.  Sacramento County, California man pleads guilty to mail theft ring
3.  Conyers, Georgia Police investigating a hair weave smash and grab

November 7, 2013
1.  Georgia female felon turns up near Daytona Beach, Florida running a shoplifting gang
2.  Blaine, Minnesota Woman sentenced to 13 months for stealing several thousands in clothing from Maurice’s and Kohl’s: attempted to flee at over 100 mph
3.  Three arrested in Bellefontaine, Ohio with a cartload of merchandise from a Logan County Walmart
4.  10 members of identity theft ring in Denver victimized 270 Coloradans 

November 6, 2013
1.  Two Chicago ‘professional shoplifters’ busted in Framingham, Massachusetts
2.  Walmart Loss Prevention in Royal Palm Beach, FL apprehend one, second gets away in $800 razor theft
3.  New Rochelle, New York Shoplifter attempts to steal 37 hats from Lord & Taylor; facing charges of robbery
4.  Three Florida men pulled over for a bad headlight; Police discover $20,000 in merchandise
5.  Jefferson Parish, Louisiana store hit with a smash and grab; van full of NFL and College apparel stolen
6.  Halifax, NS Canada Police are seeking the identity of a Trio hitting Best Buy and Future Shops

November 5, 2013
1.  Seattle Restaurant owner among those charged in liquor ORC ring
2.  Kentucky man admits he was part of an ORC group responsible for over $32,000 in theft
3.  Four suspects in Helena, Montana charged in alleged theft ring
4.  Five New Yorkers sentenced in Federal Court on Credit Card fraud in Indianapolis
5.  Trio of shoplifters hit Coach Outlet in Gonzales, Louisiana

November 4, 2013
1.  I-Team: Thieves Cost Retailers, Shoppers Millions - Cracking down on swap meets in Las Vegas
2.  3 On Your Side exposes undercover ORC crime rings - "Saturating" Arizona
3.  'Virtual Factory' of Fraud Discovered in LIRR Credit Card Scam in Long Island, N.Y. - 4 Romanians busted
4.  Three Arrested In Beaverton, Oregon For Counterfeit Credit Cards
5.  Portland-area retailers among California credit card fraud suspects’ targets
6.  "Criminal enterprise" busted in Boston - operating out of cell phone store - unloading cell phones overseas
7.  Thieves stealing baby formula - St. Louis is sees uptick in ORC
8.  Man charged with grand larceny for baby formula thefts in Clifton Park, N.Y.
9.  Female busted stealing 170 bottles of nail polish from Walmart store in Freehold, N.J. after hitting CVS for 199 bottles
10.  Two California credit card fraudsters try hitting stores in Orem, Utah for tens of thousands with fake cards - busted

November 1, 2013
1.  Jonesboro, Arkansas couple arrested with stolen merchandise, firearms and drugs: JC Penney store took the biggest hit
2.  Schenectady, NY man charged with grand larceny for the theft of baby formula from Price Choppers
3.  Two arrested with ‘booster bag’ for theft at Sephora store in Novato, California

October 31, 2013
1.  Victoria’s Secret store in Bowling Green, Kentucky hit for $8000 in merchandise theft
2.  Pittsburgh Police arrest three suspects in ‘ghost employee’ counterfeit check scheme
3.  Detroit area suspects arrested for the theft of 48 cans of baby formula from Meijers
4.  Two accused of cargo theft of $83,000 of Kansas Beef want to change their plea

October 30, 2013
1.  California Couple Stole $37k in Eyeglass Frames from Twin Cities stores in Minnesota
2.  Three charged in counterfeit cash-for-merchandise case at Kohl’s in Fort Wayne, Indiana
3.  Nationwide, the baby formula theft rings continue to trouble Law Enforcement
4.  Oro Valley Police in Arizona investigating multiple credit card fraud cases
5.  Weis Market in Fredrick County, Maryland seeking the apprehension of a possible ORC ring

October 29, 2013
1.  Cape Coral, Florida Police seeking the identity of an ORC suspect targeting Lowes
2.  Ohio credit card ring charged in Warren County; over $100,000 in transactions
3.  Woman apprehended with $4000 of merchandise from Kohl’s in Brownsville, Texas
4.  Winter Haven Police arrest 14 suspect in multi-store shoplifting spree
5.  Bass Pro Shop apprehends a credit card fraud suspect from Florida in Clarksville, Tennessee; second suspect escaped

October 28, 2013
1.  Denver businessman indicted by feds in multi-million dollar retail theft scheme - $16+ million
2.  Hollister employee busted for $5000 theft at the Post Oak Mall in Texas; upset she did not get recognition for turning in other store thieves
3.  Organised crime gangs are targeting Britain's payday lenders - up 90%, according to fraud experts
4.  Woman arrested on organized fraud charges in Hernando, Fla.
5.  Florida Highway Patrol’s Bureau of Investigations is working to reduce Cargo Thefts

October 25, 2013
1.  The ORC cases since Jan. 2012
2.  12 Accused In Wide-Ranging ATM Fraud, Credit Card & Gift Card Theft Ring
3.  Denver man faces 30 Federal charges; Feds say he operated at $16 Million theft ring

October 24, 2013
1.  Nine charged following $808,450 U.S. credit card scam in UK
2.  Trio busted with dozens of fake credit cards
3.  Parolee busted stealing nine pair of gloves from Saks Fifth Ave. store in Chicago
4.  Clarksville Police request Public’s assistance in identifying Local Organized Retail Crime Group
5.  Sterling, ILL., Police Look For Thieves Hitting Multiple Stores
6.  Four arrested in $15,000 Hair Extension theft in Houston
7.  Saginaw, Michigan man sentenced to 2 years in prison; four counts of Organized Retail Crime

October 23, 2013
1.  Man charged with multiple counts of retail theft in Bay County, Fla.
2.  Kentucky brother and sister arrested for shoplifting/ return scheme at Walmart
3.  Nashville market busted for trafficking in stolen merchandise
4.  Minnesota State Patrol assisted with arrest of two Baby Formula thieves fleeing Target in Rochester
5.  Shoplifting team apprehended at Sephora in Santa Monica with over $2000 in merchandise

October 22, 2013
1.  ORC duo busted hitting CVS stores in Scranton, PA. - hit other stores as well
2.  ORC trio busted yesterday in Big Rapids, MI. may be linked to more credit card fraud at Meijer's stores
3.  Oswego County, N.Y., duo charged with stealing 25 iPhone cases from Granby Wal-Mart

October 21, 2013
1.  'Get Money Team' retail crime ring busted in Indy - Police used GPS tracking and Facebook to bust them
2.  Two men from California used counterfeit credit cards for $100K at Nordstrom, Macy and others
3.  ORC ring led from inside Ala. prison with inmates cell phone scams leading to retail fraud arrest - loading up their prison accounts with sales of fraud purchases
4.  Organized Retail Crime charge dismissed for one of the first people to be charged under Michigan's new state law
5.  Female duo busted stealing 614 items from Wal-Mart in Utica, N.Y.
6.  UK Serial shoplifter with 163 offenses must serve 6 months in jail
7.  Two Miami men busted on I-75 in Bonita Springs, Fla. - the west coast of Fla. - with 15 counterfeit credit cards
8.  Michigan trio hits multiple stores in two or three Michigan counties - busted this morning
9.  Two arrested for Organized Theft in Corpus Christi, TX.
10.  Two Gainesville Furniture store employees accused of theft; selling stolen new product to a consignment shop

October 18, 2013
1.  Miami Man arrested with ‘booster bag’ in Coastland Center Mall
2.  Austintown, Ohio Police investigating three suspects stealing $1000 worth of baby formula from Walmart
3.  Flint woman arraigned on felony charges for baby formula theft
4.  Two Cleveland area men arrested for DVD theft; ties to multiple retailers
5.  Three Rochester men apprehended fleeing Walmart with nearly $2000 in merchandise

October 17, 2013
1.  Toronto Police and LP officers crack "sophisticated" shoplifting ring
2.  Dayton’s Better Business Bureau speaks on the impact of Organized Retail Crime
3.  Police in Spain arrest 17 suspects in $33 Million dollar Watch store robbery
4.  Russian National living in Michigan indicted on conspiracy and wire fraud; may have stolen millions from retailers
5.  New England Organized Retail Crime Alliance to Replace LERANE Bulletins

October 16, 2013
1.  Michigan couple plead not guilty to ORC charges; among the first testing Michigan’s new ORC law
2.  Syracuse ORC ring sold over $10,000 of gift cards to pawn shops
3.  Waco suspect arrested; believed to be a gang member connected to Organized Retail theft
4.  Three Arrested in Minnesota attempting to steal $5000 of merchandise from Walmart

October 15, 2013
1.  Over $5,000 Worth of Panties and Bras stolen from Corpus Christi Victoria's Secret
2.  Bridgeport woman arrested for theft and possession of criminal tool at the Gap
3.  Two arrested in retail theft ring also facing drug charges in Louisville
4.  Connecticut woman arrested on 2 day Baby formula shoplifting spree
5.  Police believe COACH outlet smash and grab tied to an Atlanta ORC group

October 14, 2013
1.  ID theft ring filed false tax returns, bought gift cards, authorities say
2.  Two ORC ring leaders indicted in Ocean County, N.J.
3.  Female shoplifter makes 10 trips with stolen goods at a Berlin, MD Walmart
4.  D.C. police arrest members of rap group in retail store thefts targeting cellphones

October 11, 2013
1.  Broward Sheriff's ORC unit bust major identity theft ring operating in South Florida - took 2 yrs. to bust
2.  D.C. police arrest members of rap group in retail store ORC thefts targeting cellphones
3.  Police trying to ID trio that stole 21 smartphones from Walmart in Gastonia, NC
4.  Female ORC trio, one with 37 arrests, hit Wal-Mart in Fort Myers, FL
5.  Visalia, California Police arrest suspect tied to Sally Beauty Supply theft
6.  Suspects arrested for COACH store robbery in Bakersfield

October 10, 2013
1.  Retailers launch major effort to fight losses from retail theft - NEORCA makes the news in New Hampshire

October 9, 2013
1.  New Las Vegas ORC Police Task Force Bust Swap Meet Vendors - Fencing stolen merchandise from ORC thieves
2.  ORC thief gets 30 days in jail and 3 years probation in Door County, Wis. for one case and 6 months in jail for another case
3.  ORC gang of five women who hit James City, Va., Premium Outlets - 103 charges dropped - investigation ongoing - Part of a bigger operation?
4.  ORC electronics gang of three busted hitting Wal-Mart stores throughout North Carolina for over $150,000
5.  Pair charged with felony theft from Kingsport Town Center

October 8, 2013
1.  Florence, S.C. Police arrest 10 in ORC shoplifting ring
2.  4 1/2 years for woman who stole $675,000 worth of returned merchandise
3.  Two Cuban nationals busted in Beachwood, Ohio, using fake credit cards to purchase thousands from area malls
4.  Fencing operation - retail store - busted in D.C.
5.  Two busted hitting Lowes for over $7,000 in plumbing equipment in Wyandotte, Mi.
6.  Two suspects arrested after Wal-Mart shoplifting with multiple warrants outstanding on both in Milford, Del.
7.  Serial shoplifter busted hitting South Jersey stores - Shoprite and Acme stores in Cape May and Atlantic Counties
8.  Silver Spring Township Police seek 2 suspects in Walmart thefts
9.  Bass Pro Shops in Harlingen arrest 2 shoplifters with criminal tools
10.  Finish Line Employee steals 200 pairs of Nike’s
11.  Marietta police link two suspects to possibly 16 smash and grabs at Beauty Stores in Georgia

October 7, 2013
1.  New ORC task force bust Lakeland, FL., ORC ring operating "Amazon room" - closes 20 cases - more coming?
2.  Two suspects busted with 23 re-encoded credit cards hitting Wal-Mart, Meijer's, and Bloomingdales stores in ILL. & Ind.

October 4, 2013
1.  Livingston,Texas couple charged with Organized Retail theft in connection to Walmart electronics theft
2.  Two arrested for shoplifting spree with pawn-shop tickets in hand in Sarasota County, Fl.
3.  Bridgeport Woman charged in Radio Shack Robbery Ring.

October 3, 2013
1.  Ten arrested in massive ORC shoplifting ring in Florence, S.C.
2.  Two pros busted at Wrentham outlets, Mansfield, Mass.
3.  Chelmsford Man Charged With Alleged Multi-State Baby Formula Theft Spree; caught by Police K9
4.  A Refrigerator and 5 cases of Red Bull stolen from a Pennsylvania Walmart
5.  Provo Police seeking three suspects in Jewelry Courier theft at Provo Towne Center.

October 2, 2013
1.  Toronto ORC gang hits GTA retailers for $395,000+ in credit card scam - hitting Home Depot and others
2.  Identity theft couple busted for ORC hitting Wal-Mart in San Tan Valley, Az.
3.  Three men indicted on federal charges for stealing construction supplies from Columbia, S.C., area Lowe’s Home Improvement stores
4.  Fraudster hits T-Mobile for 22 iPhones worth $16,400 with closed credit card
5.  Baby formula ORC duo busted hitting Wal-Mart stores in Lexington, Ky.
6.  Memphis trio behind bars for a $1700 jean theft

October 1, 2013
1.  With Flea Markets being a primary sales channel for ORC, here's what their Association says about it
2.  ORC crew member gets three 2 year sentences in prison in Tucson
3.  Mom Gone Wild - Shoplifting secret of the housewife who stole 900 designer handbags worth $811,400 U.S. - Britain's most prolific handbag thief
4.  ORC gang of four busted at Woodbury Common Premium Outlets in Orange County, FL
5.  ORC suspects point gun at off-duty officer working security at Wolfchase Galleria in Memphis, Tenn.
6.  Woodland, Wash., police arrest two on "suspicion of organized retail theft" - Have they hit your stores?
7.  Wal-Mart bar code switcher sentenced to 30 months in prison
8.  60 bras stolen from Rock Hill Victoria’s Secret
9.  Two women with three children use a 14 year old as a look-out in a Walmart theft in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
10.  Danville, Virginia shoplifting suspect arrested; hit store several times
11.  Lancaster police seek suspect accused of multiple thefts from Giant Foods store
12.  The Daily appoints ORC Advisory Council

September 30, 2013
1.  NYC ORC Trio busted hitting pharmacies in Westport
2.  Authorities identify armed and dangerous ORC suspect hitting supermarkets in Cumberland County, PA
3.  Three brothers and a woman charged with a series of retail thefts in Hermitage, Pennsylvania
4.  Trio in Florida suspected of stealing laptops
5.  Buffalo man apprehended with $1000 worth of jeans at Fashion Outlets of Niagara

September 27, 2013
1.  7th Annual New England Organized Retail Crime Symposium and Trade Show – DCU Center Worcester, MA, September 19, 2013 - Awards Winners
2.  Secret Service busts Israeli identity theft ORC ring stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cigarettes from Sam"s Club in Orange County with fraudulent credit cards
3.  ORC female duo busted at Town Center at Boca Raton, FL., with shoplifting tools
4.  ORC suspect busted stealing thousands in baby formula from Wal-Mart stores in Johnson City, Tenn.
5.  ORC female duo hitting Wal-Mart in Easton, MD. - Busted

September 26, 2013
1.  7th Annual New England Organized Retail Crime Symposium and Trade Show – DCU Center Worcester, MA, September 19, 2013
2.  Laurel County, Ky., woman, part of "shoplifting gang" busted hitting Wal-Mart and Dollar General stores
3.  4 Houston men face organized crime charges over Dollar Store burglaries
4.  ORC getaway driver gang member who rammed Delaware State Police car after "shoplifting spree" at Home Depot - captured in PA

September 25, 2013
1.  The Hurricane Police Department arrested two immigrants and seized more than $25,000 in cigarettes, electronics and gift cards, all of which investigators believe were obtained as part of an international conspiracy fueled by identity theft
2.  New England Organized Crime Alliance launches with strong support from Law Enforcement
3.  Three additional athletes at Vermont’s Castleton College arrested in Dick’s Sporting Good theft
4.  Arlington Heights man arrested in bar code switching case at The Home Depot
5.  Boca Raton Mall shoplifters caught with shoplifting tools
6.  Police arrest Cadott women in Walmart theft
7.  Suspect leaves ID after fleeing from attempted theft at Walmart
8.  Washington Township man charged in scam to return stolen bras to Kohl's

September 24, 2013
1.  Arraignments begin for the 70 suspects in gift card theft ring in Louisville
2.  New England Retailers have new weapon in fight against ORC - meet NEORCA
3.  Broken headlight leads Police to a $20,000 ORC bust in Fort Lauderdale
4.  Lufkin Crime Stoppers are looking for two thieves who stole mobile phones from a Lufkin Department store

September 23, 2013
1.  In the wake of Middletown, Ohio's big 52 member ORC gang bust, Dayton's Better Business Bureau hosts ORC Seminar
2.  A Wolf in Sheep's clothing? "The Lone Granny Gang" ORC Thief & former Department of Justice employee is a financial fraud specialist
3.  New Jersey's ORC Law - 2009 New Jersey Code
4.  Orlando thieves targeting baby formula at Target
5.  “Operation Asset” run by North Port Police makes 38 assets in 4 days

September 20, 2013
1.  70 people so far - could be hundreds involved - indicted in organized retail theft ring in Louisville, Ky. hitting Home Depot, Lowes, Target, Wal-Mart and others
2.  ORC Trio hitting Wal-Mart stores in Southeast Texas busted
3.  Three in Missouri could face 50 federal charges for mail theft and check fraud
4.  C&S Wholesale employee in Connecticut arrested for the theft of cases of baby formula

September 19, 2013
1.  ORC Trio hitting Home Depot stores in Atlanta, Ga. - One arrested after using stun gun on security guard - two escaped
2.  112 bottles of cologne = $6,000 - ORC????? You make the call
3.  More Vt. football players charged in ORC thefts from Dick's Sporting Goods store
4.  High Point, N.C. organized retail theft charged

September 18, 2013
1.  TJ Maxx employee + husband - ORC duo - hit TJ's for nearly $325,000
2.  UPDATE - 6 College football players' retail theft ring hitting Dick's Sporting Goods impacts their college - Castleton State College - President speaks out
3.  Update - ORC female suspect busted in Northeast for $100,000 part of shoplifting ring
4.  ORC couple in Saginaw, MI., headed for prison after hitting Meijer's, Kohl's, Toys R Us, and Hobby Lobby stores
5.  Does stealing 61 tubes of Lip Stick constitute ORC? We'd say so.
6.  Escaping ORC male duo runs down and injures pregnant women in Wal-Mart refund fraud attempt in Spanaway, Wash.
7.  ORC gang hitting Wal-Mart stores in Hilton Head Island over last four days for electronics
8.  A Wyoming County Attorney focused on Organized Retail Crime; suspects could face felony burglary charges

September 17, 2013
1.  ORC woman faces arraignment in mall thefts of more then $100,000 in two states
2.  Organized Cargo Thefts the recent focus of the North Texas Crime Commission

September 16, 2013
1.  Greenfield, Wis., police closing in on ORC gang of women hitting Wal-Mart stores in five states
2.  Private security service tech unplugs Wal-Mart camera so buddy can steal 34 high-tech items - busted in La.
3.  Massachusetts woman arrested in theft of more than $100,000 in merchandise from local malls

September 13, 2013
1.  Walmart and Pathmark Loss Prevention catch the same Tide thief on the same day in Upper Chichester, Pennsylvania
2.  Security officer busted stealing $100,000 of Daytona International Speedway NASCAR gear from souvenir trailers
3.  New Haven police bust fencing operation run by ex-con
4.  Police release security footage of suspected serial shoplifter in Riverdale, Utah
5.  Tempe woman accused of $1886 of merchandise theft from Saks Off 5th

September 12, 2013
1.  The Daily forms an ORC Advisory Council
2.  South American Theft Group Intelligence Network (SATGIN) plans first of four regional ORC workshops at Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida on Nov. 4th, 2013
3.  ORC in University of North Carolina's book stores
4.  5 Facing Long List of Computer, Credit Card Fraud Charges in Joliet, ILL.
5.  8 plead guilty in LA-area ID theft scheme

September 11, 2013
1.  Man stole dozens of deodorants; threatened officer with box cutter
2.  Harris County Sheriffs release video of second Best Buy shoplifter
3.  Oaks Mall security, Gainesville Police apprehend a theft ring

September 10, 2013
1.  3 Weeks - 239 ORC Suspects - $5,048,670 Stolen - 4 Fencing Operations - 2 International Gangs -
1 Global Gang = Tied to the Cartels?
2.  Recent parolee went on $50,000 shoplifting spree in Atlanta
3.  Saturday night's Nashville undercover operation at the Mall at Green Hills nets two "serial shoplifters"
4.  Two NYC men apprehended with booster bag in North Attleboro, Massachusetts
5.  93.5% of retailers report experiencing some sort of Organized Retail Crime in the past year, according to the National Retail Federation.

September 9, 2013
1.  New England Organized Retail Crime Symposium and Trade Show: Register now!
2.  The first Michigan ORC conviction
3.  Ft. Oglethorpe Police bust multi-state credit card fraud
4.  $12,000 worth of cellphones stolen from Walmart store in Thomasville, N.C.
5.  Miami-Dade Police bust fencing operation after an 8-month investigation at a Flea Market
6.  Refund fraud ring operating in Michigan
7.  Police arrest man accused of stealing $30K worth of iPads from several PA. Walmart stores

September 6, 2013
1.  ORC duo arrested hiding in a Toys R Us store in Tigard, Ore. after SWAT team searched him out
2.  Major credit card fraud ring uncovered in Studio City, CA.
3.  Delco pair face charges in baby formula thefts hitting Target and Wal-Mart stores in PA. and Del.
4.  Columbus, Ohio Authorities Searching for Serial Shoplifter
5.  Three times in four days, thieves load shopping carts, walk out of Wal-Mart in St. Louis County
6.  ORC duo busted hitting Wal-Mart stores in PA. for over $30,000 in electronics 

September 5, 2013
1.  More on the Middletown, Ohio ORC ring bust - With Denny Dansak, Kroger's Senior Corp. Mgr. of ORC educating the public
2.  ORC ex-con gets 2 1/2 years in prison and complains to the judge while two of his accomplices get prison too!
3.  Serial Shoplifter Steals Unusual Items From At Least 5 Kohl’s Stores in Ohio 

September 4, 2013
1.  7th annual New England Organized Retail Crime Symposium Hotel Room Block Expiring Thursday
2.  San Antonio international theft ring member racks up new ORC charges
3.  Mt. Juliet, Tenn., ORC Trio busted hitting Target store with Wal-Mart merchandise in getaway car
4.  2 more sought in theft of $10,000 in clothing from Melbourne Square Mall in Melbourne, Fla.
5.  Lower Southampton Police arrest razor thief in Giant Foods

September 3, 2013
1.  Undercover police task force busts $1M ORC shoplifting ring in Middletown, Ohio, hitting four counties and 13 cities
2.  New Kensington police questioning female suspect in $30,000 ORC thefts from Wal-Mart in Pittsburgh, PA.
3.  Two charged with Organized Retail Theft under new law in Fayetteville, N.C.
4.  Two busted in Sarasota, FL., with 120 counterfeit credit cards hitting several retailers
5.  ‘Time Factory Outlet' store employee stole 850 watches in Woodbury, New York
6.  $1000 in Baby Formula stolen from Albany-area Target
7.  LERANE Bulletin: Police Seeking Woman who stole $100,000 in items from Mall at Rockingham Park in Salem, NH, Pheasant Lane in Nashua, NH, and North Shore Mall in Peabody, MA

August 30, 2013
1.  There Are No Coincidences: Five Women Connected to Global Theft Ring Busted Yesterday in San Antonio - Editor's Note - An extension of the Drug Cartels?
2.  Five Women Connected to Global Theft Ring in San Antonio - hits for $500,000
3.  US retail theft ring sold to Australia - actual article published in Australia
4.  Update: More on the One-Female ORC pro hitting New England Malls and now more suspects added to the ORC problem
5.  Female ORC suspect being questioned for $30,000 in electronics theft from Wal-Mart stores in New Kensington, Pa
6.  Peabody, MA Police investigate the theft of 72 bras from Victoria’s Secret.

August 29, 2013
1.  Five Women Connected to Global Theft Ring in San Antonio - hits for $500,000
2.  ORC Family busted in connection with $750,000 gift-card scam in Toronto, Canada
3.  One person female ORC thief hitting Boston stores for over $100,000 - Police ask for help ID'ing her
4.  Jamaican ORC gang hits West Towne Mall in Madison, Wis.
5.  UPDATE - ORC gang member of the Laurel County gang arrested yesterday in KY. after tip
6.  Lexington police arrest two trying to steal thousands in electronics  

August 28, 2013
1.  Spokane Valley, Wash., officials book 4 brothers for theft, possession charges
2.  Female ORC duo hitting Target stores busted in Cumberland County, PA.
3.  Two refunders busted in Sarasota by TJ Maxx National Task Force  
4.  Delaware State Trooper injured in crash with ORC thieves fleeing Home Depot
5.  Retailer's Alert: Investigators Ask For Public's Help To Catch "Shoplifting Gang" in Laurel County, KY

August 27, 2013
1.  UPDATE: San Bernardino ORC Operation busts 25 in retail theft sting - It started with Tide "Liquid Gold" and drug raids
2.  Vietnamese credit fraud gang importing "hundreds of thousands of dollars" of U.S. goods - busted - largest of its kind ever busted in Vietnam
3.  ORC duo stealing laptops from Wal-Mart multiple times busted in Lexington
4.  Four suspects charged with Grand Larceny, Shoplifting, and Criminal Conspiracy
5.  Luxottica Employee steals $8000 worth of sunglasses to sell online
6.  Sunglass Hut hit for nearly 1,000 pairs of sunglasses in the Poconos
7.  Boise trio busted for thefts of Blu-ray disks from area retailers
8.  Georgia gun shop hit with dramatic Smash and Grab

August 26, 2013
1.  CLEAR Fourth Annual Training Conference November 4th Reminder
2.  ORC duo hits Home Depot stores in 20 states for $1.3M, switching bar codes and selling them online 

August 23, 2013
1.  San Bernardino and Riverside police arrest 25 people during operation focused on organized retail crime in San Bernardino
2.  Six charged in ‘organized retail theft' hitting Wal-Mart and selling stolen goods to pawn shops in N.C.
3.  ORC gang of three busted hitting Wal-Mart stores in North Carolina
4.  Two HEB shoplifters linked to organized crime gang and Mexican kidnapping of pop star's husband
5.  ORC gang of three busted stealing $1,000 of Rogaine and Crest White Strips at Wal-Mart in Indian Trail, N.C.
6.  Daytona Beach Police seek two credit-card thieves
7.  One man left holding the bags at Kohl's in Lower Nazareth Township
8.  Burglars hit South Pasadena optical store for $50,000 in frames

August 22, 2013
1.  Michigan Retailers Association names ORC bill author State Representative Joseph Graves "Legislator of the Year"
2.  Shoplifters hit Greenville Walmart for over $2000 in batteries and cigarette lighters
3.  Two more Felony Lane Gang members arrested for identity theft
4.  Alton Police arrest two after a chase from Kmart  
5.  Derry Township Police looking into the same possible suspects from Coach and Bon Ton crimes
6.  Two additional suspects identified in Silver Spring Walmart theft

August 21, 2013
1.  ORC duo charged in Walla Walla, WA., hitting Home Depot
2.  Middletown woman stole $15K in hair care products sold to pawn shops
3.  Two Minnesota females face felony charges for theft at TJ Maxx in Oakdale

August 20, 2013
1.  West Haven Women Linked to Large-Scale Fencing Operation
2.  Man pleads guilty to role in multi-state, $300,000 retail fraud scheme that included Flint, MI., -area stores
3.  Serial shoplifting suspects sought in Elsmere, Delaware
4.  ORC thief convicted on one count now faces more charges in three more counties - hitting Toys R Us for TVs in N.J.
5.  LAPD Sting Operation Targets Cash for Gold Stores Buying Stolen Goods
6.  ORC trio hits Wal-Mart in Chatham County, N.C. multiple times - Sheriff's need help identifying them

August 19, 2013
1.  ORC takes major hit with 361 MS-13 Gang Members Rounded Up Nationwide By ICE
2.  ICE's "Operation Razor's Edge" -Nationwide MS-13 gang Sweep - 361 arrested - Defining the ORC impact?
3.  Wal-Mart Global Security busts $300,000 counterfeit check casher in Madison, GA. - member of larger operation - investigation is ongoing
4.  2 male suspects hit The Buckle for $3,000 worth of merchandise stuffing Hot Topic bags at Quincy Mall on August 14th
5.  Habitual ORC thief sentenced to 4 years in prison for $4000 of over-the-counter pharmaceuticals theft in DuPage County, IL
6.  The South American Theft Group Intelligence Network (SATGIN)
7.  Nordstrom hit for 48 designer shirts at Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg, IL

August 16, 2013
1.  Lego thief who stole $2 million in toys not competent for trial
2.  ORC suspect busted hitting Canadian Tire stores in Ottawa, Canada
3.  ORC charge filed in Fayetteville, N.C.
4.  Two People Involved In Theft Ring Busted in Dothan, Alabama
5.  Two Minnesota women charged with $1,500 in theft from Maurices and Kohl’s; 100 mile per hour Police chase

August 15, 2013
1.  T.J. Maxx manager in Long Island busted for possession of $130,000 in stolen goods and had his own store set up selling stolen T.J. Maxx goods
2.  ORC gang member kills accomplice girlfriend - drives over her with his car in Calgary
3.  Chandler police bust retail theft ring hitting Kroger's division Fry's Foods and others
4.  Shoppers at a TJ Maxx help bust ORC gang in Ohio who had also hit other retailers
5.  ORC Trio charged with organized shoplifting in Wexford County, MI., hitting Meijer, Wal-Mart and Rite Aid stores
6.  New Hampshire Sears employee arrested on charges of operating an organized retail crime enterprise
7.  TJ Maxx employee in Ireland caught giving credit card information to a West African gang
8.  Hy-Vee grocery cashier steals $7000 in merchandise

August 14, 2013
1.  Huge identity theft & counterfeit credit card skimming gang busted in Glendale, CA., responsible for millions in losses
2.  Gift card theft gang leader pleads guilty to $120,000 of gift card theft from Giant Eagle stores in Detroit
3.  ORC gang reselling fuel purchased with stolen credit cards
4.  Boston man steals $2,400 worth of sunglasses from Natick Mall Solstice store
5.  Repeat retail robbers caught in Barron, Wis. after crossing state lines scamming retailers
6.  CVS employee challenged to a fight with shoplifters
7.  Wegman’s makes a catch of two seafood bandits, hitting for nearly $1000 in crab legs

August 13, 2013
1.  New St. Paul police unit takes aim at booming retail theft rings
2.  ORC gang busted in Pittsburgh - investigation is ongoing
3.  North Carolina Gang Investigators Association holding annual conference; addressing organized retail crime
4.  Arvada, Colorado credit card thieves ring up $5000 in an hour

August 12, 2013
1.  Refunders targeting air conditioners and high-end faucets from the Brownsville Home Depot
2.  East Rutherford police collar ‘serial shoplifter’
3.  Law Enforcement Retailer Alliance of NE (LERANE) Organized Retail Theft Bulletin: New England Organized Retail Crime Symposium and Trade Show

August 9, 2013
1.  Fifteen people known as "Western Express" convicted in $5 million cybercrime ring
2.  77 year old Milwaukee ORC Ring Leader bound over for trial
3.  Waco, TX., habitual thief using stolen credit cards at various Waco retailers sentenced to four concurrent 35-year prison terms

August 8, 2013
1.  Eastern European gangs operating "shoplifting tourism" rackets are hitting Ireland's retailers
2.  Pair used cloned credit cards, had cloning machine and stolen numbers - used up and down east coast
3.  Two suspects dressed up like golf club members hit golf courses stealing credit cards and head to retailers buying gift cards up and down east coast - busted in Elizabeth, N.J.
4.  ORC duo hitting retailers in Hillsborough and Burlington, N.C. - one arrested and one on the loose
5.  "Serial shoplifters" hitting Orlando Premium Outlets - Police want public's help
6.  Durham Target store nabbed ORC thief who targeted Barnes and Noble and Kroger.

August 7, 2013
1.  Male-female duo identified hitting female shoppers at grocery stores, stealing wallets, using credit cards at various retailers in 2 states and DC
2.  Ulta store in Oro Valley, AZ., hit by ORC gang of 4 for $3,500 worth of perfume
3.  Dress With 'Inner Compartments' Not Enough to Conceal Theft

August 6, 2013
1.  Thief steals trailer and tractor valued at $32,000 in Minnesota
2.  ORC gang of three hits CVS for $5K in cold medicine with one busted in New Providence, N.J.
7th Annual New England Organized Retail Crime Symposium Registration Now Open

August 5, 2013
1.  Organized retail theft ring busted operating in Chandler and Mesa, Arizona
2.  Polish "Gypsy" Theft Organization Operating in Tenn., Georgia, Illinois, and Ohio
3.  Vancouver woman charged in ORC gift card crime ring - with ring leader/brother still on the run
4.  Reading, PA., ORC ring member agrees to testify against three others in theft ring
5.  Victoria’s Secret Thief makes off with $1450 in panties.

August 2, 2013
1.  "Operation Booster Buster" in Sarasota County, FL., cracks down on ORC with 59 arrests
2.  Leader of extensive criminal enterprise & two accomplices in Downtown Crossing, Mass., indicted- arraigned for counterfeit money, credit card fraud, and drug offenses
3.  Hardcore shoplifters in UK with 10 or more convictions responsible for 66% of all thefts & are up 10%
4.  ORC - Online seller - shoplifting to meet demand in Ogden, Utah 
5.  ORC male suspect arrested running an "elaborate retail theft scheme" out of his house in Glendora, Calif.
6.  ORC Trio? - Shoplifter uses stun-gun on Target Asset Protection officer and causes "significant injuries" to another Target employee in Nashville, Tenn.

August 1, 2013
1.  More Details on Yesterday's Cargo theft task force multi-million dollar bust in Florida
2.  ORC threesome hits CVS for 34 ink cartridges in Saddle Brook, N.J. with one busted and three still loose - ORC gang operating in area
3.  ORC group of four busted in Orange County, N.Y. hitting Galleria Mall
4.  Male - female duo busted hitting Wal-Mart for electronics and believed to be involved in other burglaries in Washington State
5.  Nationwide ID thief who hit Wal-Mart stores for over $370,000 and busted at Tanger Outlet Mall gets two years in prison

July 31, 2013
1.  Ax-wielding robbers stole $100K worth of jewelry in Orange County, Florida.
2.  ORC group of 4 busted hitting Hibbet Sports at Statesboro Mall, GA.
3.  Highlands, FL., part of statewide cargo theft ring - Stealing millions in products
4.  Boca Raton ORC suspect arrested, believed to be part of a Palm Beach County ring.
5.  Professional shoplifter busted hitting Best Buy with hidden pocket and blocked antitheft sensors with electrical device
Call for Nominations for ORC Awards

July 30, 2013
1.  Collaboration main weapon in fighting ORC, RILA exec says and he recommends LERPnet website
2.  Chicago Police designate two full time Detectives to fight ORC full-time
3.  Las Vegas fencing operation - retail store - closed down
4.  State wide baby formula case suspected with one couple leading it in Fla.
5.  ORC arrest of 4 at Centralia Outlet Mall in Lewis County, WA.
6.  Four suspects lead Police on a high speed chase fleeing Walmart in Hendersonville; the one male suspect dressed as woman.
7.  Two suspects busted for stealing 30 blue ray disc's from Wal-Mart in Muscogee County, GA.
8.  Three suspects ram Police cruiser attempting to flee Northgate Mall.

July 29, 2013
1.  ORC Trio busted stealing 62 movies from Wal-Mart in Summerfield, FL.
2.  ORC group of four hit Shreve City, LA., Wal-Mart using stolen debit and credit cards
3.  Three Suspects steal $430 worth of candy from Wal-Mart.

July 26, 2013
1.  Two men charged in gas-pump 'skimming' hitting Wal-Mart stores from April 2012 through January
2.  ORC suspect made at least 7 TV-shoplifting trips to same Bridgewater, N.J., Target store
3.  Laughing ORC Duo busted at TJ Maxx after hitting Sally Beauty and Old Navy in Madison. WI.
4.  Shoplifting ringleader arrested in California; believed to have stolen $100,000 in merchandise.
5.  Two women in Winter Haven roll merchandise out of a Walmart.

July 25, 2013
1.  ORC ring leader & eBay seller skips bail and disappears in Clark County, WA.
2.  ORC gang of 4 sentenced to prison in Rockford, ILL.
3.  Cell Phone Thief Targets 2 Local H.H. Gregg Stores in Pittsburgh, PA.
4.  Facial tatoos helped bust an ORC duo hitting Nordstrom for handbags at Town Center Mall
5.  ORC Duo busted stealing liquor from Safeway and QFC stores in Seattle

July 24, 2013
1.  Florida's new federal, state and city ORC task force brings the various prosecutors into the fight
2.  ORC suspect who conspired with 5 Wal-Mart employees to steal $57,000 over three months behind bars
3.  Police search for serial Home Depot shoplifter in Delaware
4.  Two men swipe $12,000 in cellphones from Wal-Mart in Cherryville, N.C.
5.  Chattanooga thief grabs 15 pairs of jeans from JC Penney.
6.  Three women wanted in connection to theft from Sephora in Lake Grove.
7.  Two men charged in Allegheny County shoplifting spree.
8.  Missouri High Speed Chase ends with 6 arrested after theft at Walmart.

July 23, 2013
1.  Second employee at Wireless Solutions arrested for $14,000 of merchandise theft.
2.  Law Enforcement from Los Angeles to San Francisco focus on Eyeglass Store burglaries.

July 22, 2013
1.  Everett MA Best Buy Arrests
2.  Man stole $1,300 of baby formula from Wal-Mart in two days in Boonton, N.J.
3.  ORC duo busted hitting Wal-Mart Saturday in Beatrice, NE

July 19, 2013
1.  Local Couple Indicted on Charges of Selling Stolen Merchandise
2.  Two members of Mexican ORC fraud gang busted with Home Depot gift cards in Tucson- Part of the Mexican Cartel?
3.  Stolen credit card ring operating in Ripon and Stockton, CA.
4.  Publix Store Manager’s tip leads to the arrest of a major Counterfeit Credit Card thief.
5.  University of Illinois at Chicago employee arrested in $1 Million credit card case.
6.  Police arrest seven suspects; seize evidence in Oklahoma pharmacy burglary.

July 18, 2013
1.  Organized retail crime gets federal recognition
2.  Baxter, Minn., police Sgt. Russ Wicklund recognized for busting 19 state $2.5M identity theft ring that hit retailers
3.  Seattle area Macy’s nabs shoplifters focused on North Face merchandise.

July 17, 2013
1.  ORC trio hits Town Center at Boca Raton mall
2.  Former Dillard's employee charged with ORC and organizing theft in Laredo
3.  ORC trio hits Wal-Mart store in Spanaway, Wash., for digital cameras
4.  Boston man sentenced to 6 years for credit card scheme: restitution set at $64,713.

July 16, 2013
1.  ORC male duo hits Walgreens for 3 cases of liquor in Port Charlotte, Fla. last Thursday
2.  Brooklyn ORC duo busted hitting Palisade Center Mall in West Nyack
3.  Atlanta duo hit for $10,000 with stolen Visa debit card.
4.  Two Cuban Nationals busted at Polo Ralph Lauren outlet in Victorville to face a judge in Las Vegas.
5.  Thief in Albany, Georgia grabs expensive necklaces and runs.
6.  Three charged with $1000 baby formula theft for Clarksville Walmart.

July 15, 2013
1.  Boston Retailers Push Bill to Crack Down on Organized Crime
2.  5 women busted hitting stores at St. Augustine Premium Outlet Mall in St. Augustine, Fla.
3.  Gresham, Ore., police bust largest check fraud scheme they've ever seen
4.  Off-Duty Sheriff makes arrest outside Von Maur store in Indianapolis.
5.  Four San Benito women arrested for shoplifting from Harlingen Kmart.
6.  New Hampshire man flees after being stopped with 2 stolen televisions.

July 12, 2013
1.  Orlando Surf Shop Manager busted for theft, profiting $36,000 off the merchandise he sold on Craigslist.
2.  Three charged in Organized theft in North Carolina.
3.  Two T-Mobile thieves in custody after high speed chase, manhunt in marsh near New Orleans.
4.  Gainesville Police arrest Two suspected of shoplifting and pawning for the last 1 ½ years.

July 11, 2013
1.  Two Arizona suspects held in $15K Organized retail crime case.
2.  Marsh employee in Indianapolis accused of giving friends $6000 in Visa Gift cards.
3.  Boston Retailers Push Bill to Crack Down on Organized Crime.
4.  Burglars steal $9,000 Worth of Jeans from a Corpus Christi store.

July 10, 2013
1.  Three member distraction team hits a Scarsdale jewelry store with precession.
2.  Paramus police chase, arrest suspect in $4,500 sunglasses theft.
3.  Pair sought in theft of TV sets from Gonzales Wal-Mart.
4.  Zara, Gap, Forever 21 and H&M targets for Shoplifting gangs in SE Asia.
5.  Two Shoplifters hit an Academy store employee with a car during get-a-way.

July 9, 2013
1.  National and State Law Enforcement agencies create ORC taskforce in Florida.
2.  Two arrested in burglary of the Polo Ralph Lauren store in Barstow, California.
3.  One Suspect charged, Exton Police seeking second suspect in Walmart thefts.
4.  Illinois ‘Crew’ being sought for the theft of $6000 of electronics from Walmart.

July 8, 2013
1.  Burlington man guilty of stealing $600,000, reselling items pleads guilty
2.  ORC male duo from York, PA., busted who had 43 retail theft convictions between the two of them
3.  5 females arrested after shoplifting at Home Depot in Hermitage, Tenn.
4.  Former manager of Lorain County Community College’s bookstore guilty of theft
5.  $250K Bond For Woman Charged With Robbery Of Beauty Supply Store.
6.  Suspects Steal over $4000 in Perfume from JC Penney.
7.  Tom Thumb shoplifters in Texas steal $1600 worth of wine.
8.  Two Cleveland area men accused of thefts from several Walmarts.

July 3, 2013
1.  Update - Huge theft bust at Caesar Creek Flea Market connected to ORC - drug trafficking and MORE TO COME
2.  Developing Story - ORC ring operating in New Providence, N.J.?
3.  Delaware couple arrested on multiple theft charges from the Cambridge Walmart.
4.  Career Criminal sought in baby formula thefts in Easton, Massachusetts.

July 2, 2013
1.  Gift cards for store merchandise: Stafford pair organized shoplifting scheme hitting TJ Maxx, Kmart and Target in Ocean County, Calif.
2.  Trio accused of Lexington County, S.C., ORC ring and they're looking for more suspects
3.  4 member check fraud gang busted in Putnam County, Fla., hitting Publix and Hitchock's supermarkets
4.  Warren County indicts four Stealing Flat Screen TVs from Target store in Detroit
5.  Four females steal $1500 worth of hair weaves from North Charleston, SC Beauty store.

July 1, 2013
1.  Raid at Caesar Creek Flea Market in Clinton County, Ohio tied to ORC ring
2.  Nationwide manhunt for "Handsome Bandit" ORC suspect hitting Walgreens nationwide ends - arrested in Idaho
3.  Pennsylvania Walmart employee ordered to pay $254,000 in restitution for coupon to cash scheme.
4.  Walmart shoplifting shot and killed by police following a police chase down I-80 in California.

June 28, 2013
1. Arrested again: Deputies nab leader of a Tampa organized retail theft ring who had 20+ previous arrests
2.  Woman who bought $133K with stolen credit card numbers sentenced to 7 years prison.
3.  ORC duo sentenced for hitting Home Depot, Albertsons, Macy's, Target, Walmart, Staples, and Office Depot
4.  Canada ORC: Two arrested in credit card fraud that hit Vancouver stores & part of a 4 member ORC ring
5.  Florida Attorney General praises Gov. Rick Scott’s passage of the Organized Retail Theft bill.
6.  Abercrombie and Fitch merchandise recovered in Wellington, FL from three ORC suspects.
7.  Two suspects busted at Sak’s Off Fifth in Mebane with over $1700 in merchandise.

June 27, 2013
1. Two men charged in U.S. Federal court for $220,000 theft from Walgreen Distribution Center in Deforest, WI.
2. Two charged with Identity Theft at Nordstrom in Palo Alto.
3. Ohio man accused of stealing over $60,000 of merchandise from a CPS delivery terminal.
4. ORC couple hits Babies R Us and Toys R Us over 50 times in Broward and Miami-Dade counties
5. Three women arrested for theft of $1000 of merchandise from a Stuart, Florida Walmart; not their first time.
6. West Virginia mother gets six months for felony theft with her 12 year old daughter.
7. Flea Market busts 9 people for selling counterfeit merchandise in Tulare County, Calif.

June 26, 2013
1. Trotwood, OH., ORC ring busted hitting Wal-Mart and Meijer stores for $75,000 a month

2. ATM and retail burglary ring of 16 sentenced in Worcester, MA. - and had operated for over 5 years
3.A dozen suspects busted in check scam hitting Kroger, Wal-Mart, Summit Market, and Save-A-Lot stores in Fort Wayne, IN.
4. Wisconsin man charged with shoplifting $2395 of fragrances from Sephora in Gurnee Mills.

June 25, 2013
1.  NY Woman Pleads Guilty In $250K Gift Card Fraud From Lowes
2.  Smash-and-grab burglars hit for hair extensions - A growing problem in St. Louis - 14th incident in a month
3.  Man and woman orc duo hitting Wal-Mart stores in Berea and Williamsburg, KY., for computers
4.  Target Loss Prevention in Cleveland planned the apprehension on elusive suspect.

June 24, 2013
1.  South Florida man accused of shoplifting more than $2 million in toys and was addicted to Toys R Us and Thanked CVS for funding his worldwide travels
2.  Organized retail crime ring arrested in Sarasota
3.  ORC female hits Walgreens in Parsippany, N.J., led cops on foot chase and tried to hide in ex-police chief's yard
4.  ORC female serial shoplifter pleads guilty to hitting Target in Coon Rapids, MN.
5.  Baby Formula theft in Rancho Cucamonga sparks high-speed chase.

June 21, 2013
1.  Pawn Shop Owner and Theft Ring Leader plead guilty in Federal Court in Charleston; $1 Million in stolen goods.
2.  Fifth Suspect in $218,000 Macy's Gift Card Scheme Arrested
3.  Hair extensions the focus of another burglary in Baltimore.
4.  Getaway driver jumps out with gun threatening employees in pursuit
5.  ORC San Antonio man busted for hitting various Target stores throughout San Antonio
6.  Police arrest 3 on ORC theft charges in Longview, TX., Wal-Mart
7.  ORC? Mahoning, PA., police seek pair of Walmart shoplifting suspects
8.  Boxstuffers hit Toys R Us in Burbank
9.  ORC male duo busted hitting Target stores in Detroit
10.  Gainesville PD arrests 3 men trying to recruit homeless men to steal cellphones from Wal-Mart
11.  One of an ORC trio gets max+ jail sentence for $100,000 coupon fraud and price switching scheme at Wal-Mart in Jackson, MI.
12.  Two sentenced in Lafayette in credit card fraud scheme

June 20, 2013
1.  Omaha Police arrest two believed to be serial shoplifters.
2.  Two Oregon men sought in the theft of 6000 pounds of Watermelons.
3.  Toccoa, S.C., police make arrest in Wal-Mart 31 cell-phones theft from earlier this year

June 19, 2013
1.  $200 Million Credit Card Ring busted with the help of Payza’s Fraud Prevention Team.
2.  Laundry Detergent: Black Market Currency
3.  Atlanta Police bust 3 brothers who set up fake electronics company.
4.  Four Charged in ORC case in Washington State liquor store thefts.
5.  New Zealand ‘Bay of Plenty’ sees dramatic increase in Organized Retail theft; looking for help.

June 18, 2013
1.  Muncy Police Dept. Suspects 8 Involved in Retail Theft Ring
2.  Two arrested in Lexington’s Fayette Mall for theft ring; possible 10 additional suspects.
3.  High Speed chase from a Walmart in Redding, Cal. hits over 100mph.

June 17, 2013
1. Consumers Stuck with Estimated $40 Billion a Year from Organized Retail Theft
2.  Nationwide ID Operation busted in Oklahoma.
3.  Two Brothers Steal over $100,000 From Chandler, AZ Kohl's
4.  Chadron Police Arrests Three Shoplifting $1,500 in Merchandise

June 14, 2013
1.  3 More Arrested in Connection with Boise, ID Retail Crime Ring
2.  “Rainbow Girls”- High-End Fashion Thieves
3.  Ohio Police Get Briefed on Stopping Organized Retail Crime

June 13, 2013
1.  Special Agent Expresses Impact of Organized Retail Theft  
2.  U.S. Federal Prosecutors Charge Eight People with Multimillion-dollar Fraud
3.  Two ORC Suspects Arrested in Boise, ID, Part of Larger Crime Ring
4.  Five More Members of ORC Ring Busted in Boise
5.  $7000 of Merchandise Stolen from Prime Outlet Stores - Five Women Responsible

June 12, 2013
1.  Theft Ring Used Counterfeit Traveler’s Checks in Dallas County-Two Arrested
2.  Legislation Passed: Cracking Down on Repeat Shoplifters in PA
3.  Best Buy Robberies: ORC ring?  

June 11, 2013
1.  ORC: Billion Dollar Industry
2.  77 year old ORC ringleader appeared in Wisconsin court

June 10, 2013
1.  San Benito Police arrest five suspects in shoplifting ring at Bealls.  
2.  Two suspects wanted in theft at Best Buy in Mechanicsburg, PA

June 7, 2013
1.  Complex credit card fraud netted ringleaders "$1 million easily" in Alabama and Georgia hitting retailers
2.  Two-year investigation into theft, fraud leads to 19 indictments in Wood County, OH.
3.  Organized retail theft ring may be targeting Sparks, NV
4.  ORC team of three busted hitting Wal-Mart stores in Newton Count, GA.
5.  Credit card ID theft ring busted in Coweta County, GA.

June 6, 2013
1.  Current challenges in organized retail crime - The NRF 2013 Organized Retail Crime Survey
2.  Retailers in agreement on rise in organized retail crime
3.  Three charged with selling stolen goods at shop - Investigation led by ShopRite Loss Prevention
4.  Aluminum-Lined Shopping Bags Used To Get Past Store Sensors - 3 women busted hitting Governor's Square Mall in Clarksville, Tenn. hitting Dillard’s, Dick’s and Victoria‘s Secret.
5.  Counterfeit Check Ring/Latest Arrest in Alabama
6.  Pittsburgh woman arrested with $200 of Crest White Strips from Giant Eagle.

June 5, 2013
1.  NRF Continues to Seek Federal ORC Law
2.  ORC - New Orleans duo arrested Tuesday suspected in more than 20 shoplifting incidents
3.  Four suspects hit Wal-Mart - smashing cell phone cases and scooping up cell phones - escaping in getaway car in Port Allen, LA.
4.  Rockford man sentenced for wire fraud, identity theft.
5.  Armed robbers in Chicago steal thousands in hair extensions.
6.  Police in Woodway, TX are seeking four suspects for theft at H.E.B. store.

June 4, 2013
1.  Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Signs Organized Retail Crime Act
2.  Louisville Woman charged with engaging in Organized Crime and theft of $61,000.
3.  Tractor Supply nabs California ORC suspect that hit 3 stores for $5000.
4.  ORC? Man hitting Wal-Mart stores for TV's in Franklin, Tenn.
5.  Tampa thieves cashing in on stolen debit cards; $3500 of transactions done in minutes.

June 3, 2013
1.  Retail store "large-scale fencing operation" in Milwaukee County
2.  Trio ORC gang busted hitting Wal-Mart in Winter Haven, Florida
3.  Safeway's "most wanted" ORC liquor thief busted in Bainbridge Island, WA.
4.  Ten people arrested in counterfeit check ring at Walmart in Greensboro, AL
5.  Police recover $500K in stolen goods from Chicago warehouse
6.  Five arrested after extensive Thursday night manhunt: robbery at Williamsburg Mall in Jasper.
7.  Police Seek 3 Men for theft at Westmoreland Mall Macy’s.

May 31, 2013
1.  Stockton, California woman steals 300 people’s identities; accused of stealing over $200,000.
2.  Heroin addict busted stealing over $10k in merchandise from Wal-Mart stores since February
3.  Four Cincinnati suspects arrested for television theft from Target.

May 30, 2013
1.  South Carolina Senate Judicial Subcommittee approves ORC legislation and sends it back to the Senate floor for debate next week
2.  Washington woman sentenced to two years for Target ORC case.
3.  Two Boca Raton shoplifters apprehended with $900 of merchandise in a baby stroller.
4.  ORC? Four charged with theft from JC Penney in Marlborough.

May 29, 2013
1.  Burlington man accused of stealing $600G in books, LEGO toys
2.  Shopper's tip leads police to bust suspected out-of-state ID theft ring
3.  Four females sought in Saks Fifth Avenue theft at the St. Augustine Outlets.

May 28, 2013
1.  West York ORC gang of 4 busted - including two store managers from Dollar General - Second ORC Gang this year
2.  ORC suspect arrested for hitting Wal-Mart and other retailers in multiple states
3.  Thieves rush Livermore Outlets store, steal thousands of dollars worth of designer jeans.
4.  Couple in Coral Springs steal nearly $1000 worth of shoes from Burlington Coat.
5.  Georgia Man Stole 195 Sticks of Deodorant.

May 24, 2013
1.  Two arrested in Fraud Ring hitting The Home Depot in 12 States; over $300,000.
2.  Man tried using false receipt to take two TVs from Watchung Walmart.
3.  Cops Crack Down On Retailers- Fences - Who Sell Stolen Goods in Chicago
4.  Sevierville, Tenn., police and retailers form ALERT - "Area Law Enforcement and Retailer Team" to fight ORC

May 23, 2013
1.  Three arrested in Kansas attempting steal a semi-truck load of processed beef valued at $83,000.
2.  Houston Jewelry thieves make a daring daytime raid as shocked customers looked on.

May 22, 2013
1.  Kroger shoplifter caught in Louisville with hundreds of dollar of videos and DVD’s.
2.  Holiday gas prices rise, one suspect wanted in fixing the pump; stealing 750 gallons of fuel.

May 21, 2013
1.  Man accused of stealing $600K from Walmart in Carolinas and Georgia.
2.  Burlington Coat shoplifter in Louisville tries to run over Loss Prevention agent.
3.  Kingpin goes to court in a Shoplifting/ Gift Card Ring in Oregon.

May 20, 2013
1.  ORC? Serial shoplifter busted hitting Home Depot and Cabela's after serving time earlier this year for shoplifting in Maidencreek Township, PA at Giant Food
2.  Raleigh man charged with felony theft, 26 clothing items in a foil-lined bag in the Crabtree Mall.

May 17, 2013
1.  16 Arrested, 2 Others Sought in Retail Theft Ring making $400k yearly, Poke County, FL., Sheriff's Office Says
2.  'Professional Shoplifters' cause headaches for retailers
3.  ORC? TJ Maxx in Kansas City hit by two women taking $1,250 in purses
4.  Southern Ohio man pleads guilty to selling stolen items from Walgreens, CVS and Rite-Aid at Flea Market.
5.  Urban Outfitters in Brooklyn, NY hit by 5 suspects stealing 20 pairs of pants.
6.  Maryland woman arrested, three still being sought in a Distraction Team theft at a Radio Shack in Muhlenberg.
7.  News on a new ORC effort in a specific locality that is much needed may be released next week.

May 16, 2013
1.  SFPD bust grocery store shoplifting ring hitting CVS, Target, Safeway, Walgreens
2.  Here's the Video of the ORC bust yesterday in WAUKESHA - Hitting Target Stores 54 times
3.  Theft ring hitting Hastings Entertainment with check fraud in Wichita Falls
4.  ORC? Mom-Son duo busted as son was running trying to jump into mom-driven getaway car in Madison, WI.
5.  Three Philadelphia area women arrested following High Speed chase from a TJ Maxx.
6.  Five arrested in Walmart shoplifting spree in Orange Park, Florida.
7.  Friend turns in Baby Formula thief hoping she will get help for drug addiction.  

May 15, 2013
1.  77 year old Wisconsin man busted for operating a Shoplifting Ring.
2.  Suspect sought in theft of cell phones from North Augusta Walmart.
3.  64 yr-old habitual offender sentenced to prison for stealing $100 in razors from Stop & Shop supermarket
4.  Credit card fraudster convicted after police found 49 prepaid credit/debit cards and store-issued gift cards
5.  Pennsylvania man walks out of a local grocery store with $745 in baby formula.
6.  Texas Car Dealership finds 48 vehicles stripped of wheels over the weekend.

May 14, 2013
1.  More arrests in credit card fraud ring in New England
2.  Flint woman ordered to pay $70,000 restitution for her role in credit card fraud operation at the Walmart
3.  ORC? Two males busted pushing cart full of electronics out of a Walmart store in Sturgis, MI.

May 13, 2013
1.  Sante Fe suspect arrested in connection to $12,000 iPad smash-and-grab.
2.  Orlando man steals $1,800 worth of razors, using a large dog food bag for concealment.
3.  Couple robs a RadioShack of 50 cell phones and cash in Orange, CT.
4.  Iowa man steals $11,000 worth of Sunglasses from Sunglass Hut.
5.  Four man Distraction robbery team busted in West York, PA.
6.  ID Thief hitting Jared jewelry stores and Best Buy stores in Michigan and Indiana

May 10, 2013
1.  Three suspects being sought in Pittsburgh in connection with a $1 Million Jewelry heist; Salesman robbed at gunpoint.
2.  Target assists in two year investigation resulting in 5 arrested for ORC ring in Florida.
3.  Pennsylvania Police arrest a woman who stole nearly $6000 of baby formula from Walmart.

May 9, 2013
1.  South Georgia Deputies make a traffic stop and seize $18,000 of stolen merchandise.
2.  Minnesota woman steals 73 bottles of perfume from JC Penney and Ulta Beauty.
3.  Two Louisville men attempt to steal $665 worth of 5-Hour Energy drinks.

May 8, 2013
1.  Female ORC trio hits Kohl's and may be part of a bigger ring in North Andover
2.  ORC thief hitting Wal-Mart stores in Tenn.
3.  Couple steals $1000 worth of Michael Kors product from Bloomingdale's in Palm Beach Gardens.

May 7, 2013
1.  NYC identity theft ring started in North Texas with skimmers
2.  ID thief had spotting scope and video camera pointing at gas station from hotel room - with skimming device on a pump
3.  Three women arrested hitting Kohl's in North Andover & may be involved in organized shoplifting ring
4.  Baby formula ORC thief using unsuspecting mom as getaway driver gets one year in prison
5.  Five arrested in Arkansas ORC ring involved in theft and counterfeiting.
6.  Three men plead guilty to stealing 41 guns from a store in Fife, Washington.

May 6, 2013
1.  South Carolina retailers pushing for tougher ORC penalties
2.  ORC credit card fraud ring hits Oaks Mall in Gainesville, FL.
3.  ORC male duo hits Lowe's twice for power tools in Raleigh, NC
4.  ORC duo busted in traffic stop in Sandusky, OH.
5.  Pennsylvania man to be charged with Organized Retail Theft, witness intimidation charges dropped.
6.  Victoria’s Secret hit for $565 worth of perfume in Taunton, MA.
7.  Two arrested in Indiana, PA following a shoplifting spree hitting Kmart, Walmart and Sears.

May 3, 2013
1.  22 more people arrested in organized retail crime ring in West York Borough, PA., now totaling 133 arrests
2.  $1.3M ORC female suspect arrested in Colorado Springs after asking for public's help last week & posted on the Daily April 26.
3.  ORC duo busted hitting Wal-Mart stores in Alabama
4.  Baby formula theft rings increasing in Milwaukee and across the country
5.  Organized retail theft on the rise in Durham
6.  Cape Coral woman arrested in a major baby formula theft operation: stealing up to $1800 per day.

May 2, 2013
1.  Kroger's ORC team plays vital role in helping Jackson, Tenn., police in busting ORC ring and multiple fencing operations - Case is ongoing - update expected later today.
2.  Interesting development in same city as above case - Two women hit Macy's stores multiple times for over $6,000 in Jackson, Tenn.
3.  3 charged with retail theft in Naperville; one tasered by Police.
4.  Two ORC suspects hit Victoria’s Secret for 160 pairs of panties in Fairfield, Connecticut.
5.  Opelika Police are looking for three suspects in connection to laptop thefts from Target.

May 1, 2013
1.  Safeway/Albertson's ORC teams breaks up baby formula theft ring
2.  Two man ORC gang hitting Wal-Mart stores in Hazelton and Lehighton, PA.

April 30, 2013
1.  ORC ring targeting Cabela's and Dick's Sporting Goods in the Midwest for weapons
2.  The Sunglass gang of two hitting Richmond mall - Stony Point Fashion Park
3.  Trio arrested for stealing $20,000 in jewelry from Kmart in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
4.  2013 GRAORCA Retail Crime Conference!

April 29, 2013
1.  Three suspects charged with Organized Retail Theft at Toys R Us in Houston; theft is estimated at tens of thousand of dollars.
2.   Major credit card theft ring busted in Westerville, OH.
3.  Allentown, PA., ORC duo busted stealing baby formula
4  ORC duo hitting Walmart stores in Lancaster County, SC - police ask for public assistance

April 26, 2013
1.  South Carolina looks to toughen ORC shoplifting penalties
2.  Southern Nevada retailers and Las Vegas Police team up on Organized Retail Crime.
3.  Chandler, AZ., ORC gang of three busted hitting Wal-Mart stores for more than $230,000 in electronics
4.  Colorado Spring Police are looking for a phony gift card scammer.
5.  Well dressed man steals over $5000 in merchandise from Walgreen’s in Colorado.
6.  $1,000 reward offered for tips on Briarwood Mall serial shoplifter, MI.
7.  Two shoplifters in Pennsylvania are on the run after eluding police.
8.  Jacksonville Police arrest 5 suspects in $100,000 shoplifting ring.
9.  ORC thieves turn themselves in in Plattsburgh, NY

April 25, 2013
1.  Five New Yorkers arrested in Clarksville for credit card theft.
2.  Two women hitting stores in Mount Pleasant, WI., with stolen credit cards 
3.  Phoenix man accused of running a retail theft operation; sold over $6000 in Jawbone Jambox speakers.
4.  Two suspects being sought in baby formula thefts from Walgreens and Super Walmart in Rochelle, Illinois.
5.  Three women caught on tape shoplifting at a Sprint store in Florida.
6.  Two arrested for stealing thousands in electronics from a Ukiah, California Walmart.

April 24, 2013
1.  Torrance police break up alleged identity theft ring spending their loot at high-end retailers
2.  Mesa police bust ORC gang of 3 hitting JC Penney
3.  ORC? Five arrested for felony retail theft hitting Best Buy in Quincy, IL
4.  Nine suspects hit a Victoria’s Secret store in Newark, California.
5.  Senate Passes Five Zeldin Bills Targeting Organized Retail Crime

April 23, 2013
1.  Crackdown on gangs jetting in for crime sprees in Eastern Europe
2.  Five arrested in Treasure Coast ORC shoplifting ring with links to thefts from Brevard to Martin counties in Florida.
3.  Ringleader awaits sentencing and pleads guilty to what turns out to be Mobile’s biggest Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act prosecution in the last 20 years.
4.  The Granny Gang - Wheelchair-bound granny, son accused of massive retail theft scheme- 83 yr. old and 61 yr. old theft ring having unique garage sales
5.  ORC? Man busted stealing 102 bottles of nail polish from CVS in Connecticut
6.  ORC habitual offender sentenced to 20 to 90 months in Michigan court
7.  NY woman attempted to use fake ID to buy $4,000 of electronics at Sears in Milford, Connecticut.

April 22, 2013
1.  ORC organizations nationwide are helping in more ways than one
2.  Couple stole baby formula full-time; suspect said he made $90,000 in six months
3.  Two teens arrested for shoplifting $6800 in merchandise from the Danbury Fair mall.
4.  Armed Man steals Apple products from Walmart in Santa Fe store.

April 19, 2013
1.  ORC - Three arrested in retail theft ring in San Diego
2.  ORC Gang of three sold stolen goods on Trade Me in New Zealand
3.  3 or 4 suspects hit Wal-Mart stores with stolen checks in Uniontown, PA.
4.  Sephora Loss Prevention agents apprehend a serial shoplifter at Staten Island Mall; foil booster bag and $1300 of merchandise recovered.

April 18, 2013
1.  Two member ORC gang hitting Wal-Mart, Dollar General, Meijer, and Glen's Market in Emmet CO. for over a year finally busted
2.  ORC? Maybe a tip of an iceberg? Three busted hitting Wal-Mart in Richland, PA. stealing merchandise & trying to obtain gift cards
3.  Identity theft -Counterfeit check couple spent thousands busted hitting multiple retailers in Bossier City, LA.
4.  Five arrested in connection to the multimillion Swiss Store robbery in Jamaica, now focused on similar robbery in the Cayman Islands.
5.  Multi-Agency Investigation Brings Down Retail Theft Ring Totaling Nearly $100,000 

April 17, 2013
1.  LPRC's ORC Working Group is working on their 2013 research agenda
2.  Kroger's ORC team to partner with Ohio's Richland County Sherriff's new Violent Crimes Impact Team
3.  ALERT - Ukrainian Gift Card scam hitting E-commerce retailers in the U.S. with 30 retailers involved - are you one of them?
4.  Supermarket Shoplifting Gang Stopped In Their Tracks
5.  Retail ORC theft ringleader indicted in Warren County, Ky.
6.  Associates arrested in counterfeiting scheme to purchase Walmart gift cards in Hammond, Indiana.
7.  Weis Market Associate in Pennsylvania accused of the theft of $8000 in baby formula.

April 16, 2013
1.  $1.5M Tractor-trailer theft ring and fencing operation busted in Montreal, Canada
2.  One suspect tells an Ocala Walmart associates she lost her child while another suspect pushes $1000 of merchandise out the door.

April 15, 2013
1.  Florida State Attorney General focuses on examples of ORC crimes: costing Florida $35 Million in sales tax revenue.
2.  Rochester, NH Police Department Launches Website to Share Shoplifting Information

April 12, 2013
1.  South Carolina looks to roll-out ORC laws
2.  Romanian ORC gang touring the UK targeting Morrison's supermarkets gets busted
3.  Gang of three ORC women charged in Seattle Safeway liquor thefts
Onalaska, Wis., police bust group responsible for hitting multiple stores in area
5.  The UK's most prolific shoplifter jailed after 342nd offense for 18 months

April 11, 2013
1.  Derry, NH increase in Pawned Gift Cards from Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Staples
2.  NYPD on Staten Island seek the identity of three female shoplifters; rave about the quality of the surveillance video captures.

April 10, 2013
1.  ORC ring of 6 busted hitting Walmart store in Bethlehem Township, PA.
2.  ORC gang member appears in Atlanta court for hitting Dillard's
3.  Massive credit card fraud scheme hits Madera County, Cailf.
4.  Three charged in multistate credit card fraud ring in Sayreville, N.J.
5.  Armed shoplifters hit JC Penney at Lone Tree Mall in Colorado.
6.  Peabody, Mass. man remains behind bars pending trial on federal charges; faces 17 years for identity theft in 30 states. 

April 9, 2013
1.  Additional arrests being made in Colorado $1.3M stolen merchandise ORC investigation 
2.  Accused female shoplifters suspected in Russian ORC 'retail theft ring" hit Saks in Boca Raton
3.  Four people busted stealing thousands of dollars worth of clothing from the Dillards at Lakeline Mall, Austin, TX
4.  Philadelphia Wal-Mart cashier-husband, ringleaders scam $60,000 from store
5.  Atlanta man sentenced to seven years for eBay fraud.

April 8, 2013
1.  20 Nigerians in Multi-Million Dollar Credit Card Fraud in U.S.
2.  ORC Theft epidemic in Albuquerque
3.  Michigan Governor appoints four to ORC Advisory Council
4.  Springfield twins sentenced to 7 yrs each for check fraud scheme hitting retailers

April 5 2013
1.  Police in Montgomery County, MD arrest three in $200K Nordstrom and Sunglass Hut Fraud Scheme.

April 3, 2013
1.  Barney's store in SoHo, NYC, gets hit for thousands by two men yesterday, similar incidents increasing

April 2, 2013
1.  New Michigan ORC law takes effect
2.  We're advocating this type of legislation around the country. We're actually trying to get a federal law like this passed, said Rich Mellor, VPLP for the National Retail Federation in an article in the Detroit Free Press March 30th.
3.  Florida’s Organized Retail Theft Bill passes Senate Criminal Justice Committee.
4.  Two NY South Bronx arraigned yesterday for more than 100 gift cards linked to stolen credit cards in East Providence, RI
5.  Three sought in retail theft ring hitting Walmart stores in Portland
6.  Husband and wife team-up to shoplift $6000 fro H-E-B store in San Benito, Texas.
7.  Tampa Police focus on recent ORC investigation at Abercrombie and Fitch.

April 1, 2013
1.  Virginia based Jewelry theft ring leader pleads guilty.
2.  Wilson Borough man attempts to steal vacuums from Pennsylvania Wal-Mart, flees scene.

March 28, 2013
1.  Alabama grand jury indicts three in identity theft case.
2.  Two men arrested at Kohl’s in Brownsville, charged with ORC.

March 27, 2013
1.  Six arrested in Phoenix connected to home and business burglaries; second burglary ring busted in last two weeks.
2.  Pennsylvania man spends 60 days in jail for $1.79 pack of Twizzlers; and connected to $750,000 ORC ring.
3.  Three arrested at Cabelas for shoplifting in West Virginia; attempting to support a drug habit.

March 26, 2013
1.  Natick, Mass. man steals nearly $1800 worth of jeans.

March 25, 2013
1.  Colorado Springs Computer store busted, center of Million dollar ORC ring.
2.  Nearly two dozen Retailers meet with Police in Clarksville, Tennessee to focus on ORC.
3.  Three arrested in Lane County, Oregon, outstanding warrants and theft from Walmart and Fred Meyer.
4.  Brothers in Utica busted for baby formula theft from CVS.
5.  Norfolk suspect gets 10 yr. in prison for $1M gift card scheme

March 22, 2013
1.  ORC duo hitting Kroger and Walgreens stores in Fort Wayne, Ind. charged
2.  Another Suspect Charged in Home Depot Shoplifting Ring in Conn.
3.  Three charged with the theft of over $10,000 in diesel fuel in Illinois.
4.  Two arrested in the theft of electronic toothbrush and whitening stripes from Walgreens and Rite Aid in Monroe, CT.
5.  Charlotte area couple stealing Xbox 360’s from seven different Target stores.

March 21, 2013
1.  Louisville trio takes orders on Craigslist prior to shoplifting, busted at JC Penney.
2.  Identity Thieves busted in Jared store after alert from Kay Jewelers
3.  ORC Suspect? Hits Walgreen's in Hamilton Co., TN.
4.  CLEAR is now interviewing both law enforcement and retail loss prevention volunteers to serve as CLEAR State Representatives.

March 20, 2013
1.  Lexington Walmart hit for over $15,000 in electronics in the last few days.
2.  Central Florida TJ Maxx robbed by five thieves of over $3,000 in hand bags.
3.  Walmart shoplifter takes 91 packs of deodorant in Houston
4.  CLEAR is now interviewing both law enforcement and retail loss prevention volunteers to serve as CLEAR State Representatives.

March 19, 2013
1.  Centre for Retail Research's study "Changing Retail, Changing Loss Prevention" sponsored by Checkpoint Systems points out ORC for the fist time as being a major concern
2.  Louisville AT&T burglarized of over $50,000 in merchandise.
3.  Detroit Foot Locker store burglarized early Monday morning.
4.  CLEAR is now interviewing both law enforcement and retail loss prevention volunteers to serve as CLEAR State Representatives.

March 18, 2013
1.  Nationwide ORC ring the "Gypsy Family" busted targeting Apples stores and other electronics retailers for over $3M
2.  Skimming duo and Subway POS vendor charged with $40k of gift card theft from Subways across the country
3.  Northampton, UK, based Romanian shoplifting gang jailed
4.  Booster Bag thieves steal $2600 of merchandise from 8 stores in Limerick Outlet Mall.
5.  New Jersey Police halt $8000 Crime Spree from CVS.
6.  Two women hit Lancaster Mall, Salem, OR., - multiple stores - stuffing bags - multiple nights - for phone accessories
7.  Identity thief bilked billions of dollars from retailers and government, and ruined credit ratings

March 15, 2013
1.  ORC ring of five busted in Peoria, Ariz., hitting 43 Valley stores
2.  ORC couple busted in Port Orchard, WA., hitting Walmart, Target, and other retailers
3.  Boston ring leader and store owner busted using "runners" with stolen identities & fake credit cards to buy cell phones & high-end electronics for re-sale
4.  Leader of identity theft ring sentenced to 12 years
5.  Old fashion Train Robberies, happen everyday; operated by highly Organized Theft Rings.

March 14, 2013
1.  Oakland County, Mi., Sheriff's detectives continue credit card fraud investigation that stretches several states
2.  Waynesboro, Va., one man ORC ring busted hitting grocery stores
3.  Two charged in Retail Theft Spree going to trial in Pittsburgh
4.  Macy’s shoplifting suspect in Taunton, MA goes by nine different names.
5.  Target ORC suspect busted in Watertown, Ma.
6.  Organized Retail Theft: Major Middle Eastern Crime Ring Dismantled

March 13, 2013
1.  Saudi Arabia executes 7 men for ORC by firing squad
2.  Three women arrested after hitting the same store day after day in Clarkesville, Tennessee.
3.  ORC gang of three busted hitting J.C. Penney in Wichita
4.  San Antonio Police arrest two females at Home Depot, possible connection to ORC.

March 12, 2013
1.  4 Southern Cal. gang members busted for over 50 shoplifting incidents hitting Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, and Ross Stores
2.  Two male ex-employees busted stealing over $11,000 worth of merchandise from College Station Sports in Atlanta and selling them to Plato's Closet

March 11, 2013
1.  UK's "Queen of Shoplifting" jailed for $35K heist of luxury goods from Harrods
2.  Woman ORC couple busted, $4,500 shoplifting spree and high-speed chase
3.  Two members of ORC gang busted, hitting Kohl's in Philadelphia at least six times

March 8, 2013
1.  Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi Friday proposed a plan intended to stop organized retail theft
2.  Update: 4 Mount Pleasant Men Charged With Shoplifting - ORC
3.  Three suspects arrested at Target, the focus of investigation for hitting both San Pedro and Hawthorne stores back in January.

March 7, 2013
1.  Police Close 'Store' 20 year Fencing Operation -- Probe Leads To The Arrests Of Two in Seattle
2.  Five member ORC ring busted hitting Fred Meyer stores and selling stolen loot on eBay
3.  Ulta store in Kentucky hit for $600.
4.  ORC - Two men busted selling stolen electronics on Craigslist in El Paso

March 6, 2013
1.  Virginia Beach husband and wife pleaded guilty to $100K TJ Maxx theft.
2.  Two women in Mesa accused of $4600 theft from area merchants.

March 5, 2013
1.  Foreign National Convicted in Multi-Million-Dollar, Multi-State Criminal Operation
2.  Houston Near Top Of Organized Retail Crime In US
3.  Stop N Save baby formula ORC thief busted in Edwardsville, ILL.
4.  Bowie, Texas Police investigate ORC ring accused of stealing $7000 from Walmart.
5.  Pennsylvania State Police are looking for a woman who stole $16,000 worth of toothbrushes from Kohl’s.

March 4, 2013
1.  Walmart's Global Investigation Department leads in AZ store owner arrested in 'fencing' operation
2.  Two ORC gang members busted hitting Kohl's in Philadelphia- with other conspirators on the loose
3.  Louisville police say shoplifter hit same Best Buy four times
4.  Clarksville, Tenn., Police Push For Break In Shoplifting Ring
5.  Mahoning, PA., Wal-Mart getting hit by ORC couple
6.  Armenian Hoodlum Involved In Massive $7M LA-OC Identity Theft Ring Gets Prison
7.  Three women steal $5,000 in computers, cameras, blankets from Walmart.
8.  Raley’s Supermarket LP Agent nearly injured as suspect drives away with the car door still open.

March 1, 2013
1.  Circle K in Arizona hit 30 times by juvenile beer bandit; suspect now behind bars.
2.  Sociologist at SUNY and author of ““American Street Gangs” launches an updated 2nd edition; new directions of gang crimes.

February 28, 2013
1.  Pittsburgh area woman busted for her 13th time in seven years.
2.  Steaks now the commodity of choice for drug using shoplifters in Southern Ohio.
3.  Victoria’s Secrets apprehends two suspects with $1600 in merchandise near Philadelphia.

February 27, 2013
1.  "Nightline" last night's episode - Busting Underground Shoplifting Rings: Inside Organized Retail Crime Raids
2.  Four member gang busted in Mount Pleasant, MI. hitting stores

February 26, 2013
1.  Craftsman tools the target of two men in Spartanburg.
2.  Four charged with Organized Retail Theft in a Crockett, Texas Walmart.
3.  Six suspects hit the Victoria’s Secret store in Redmond, WA for $2700 in bras; second time in 11 days.
4. Serial Shoplifter hits Metro stores in Omaha and stores his loot in storage unit
5.  UK shoplifter travels to Ireland to shoplift for an unidentified third party

February 25, 2013
1.  Two shopkeepers busted running ORC ring in York City, Pa.
2.  Best Buy Pittsburg ORC ring still at large
3.  Target shoplifting crew sought in San Pedro
4. Victoria’s Secret store hit again in Gastonia, NC; losing another $2000.
5.  Georgia Police looking for a iPad thief hitting Walmart for thousands.
6.  Organized Retail Crime: Estimated Lost Sales Tax Revenue by State

February 22, 2013
1.  Ringleader and 21 others waive hearings in ORC case involving 110 suspects in West York, Pa.
2.  Police bust New Sudbury, Ontario 6 member ORC ring
3.  ORC ring member and drug dealer makes Fugitive of the Week in New Hampshire
4.  Interstate Crime Ring hits outside of Milwaukee; suspects believed to be from Detroit.
5.  Organized Retail Crime: Estimated Lost Sales Tax Revenue by State

February 21, 2013
1.  Three arrested in Walmart theft in Pueblo; ends in a crash.
2.  2013 LAAORCA Award Winners
3.  Organized Retail Crime: Estimated Lost Sales Tax Revenue by State

February 20, 2013
1.  Identity Theft ORC Ring Hitting St. Louis, MO Furniture Dealer, and potentially others
2. shuts down, but new is an upstart in the online resale market.
3.  Victoria’s Secret in Gastonia, North Carolina hit for $2500 in merchandise.
4.  Identity theft ringleader who hit Walmarts nationwide to be sentenced today
5.  Organized Retail Crime: Estimated Lost Sales Tax Revenue by State

February 19, 2013
1.  ORC Bill in Nevada introduced focuses on Habitual Offenders and major Retail Crimes.
2.  ORC trio busted hitting a Walmart store in Ark.
3.  Organized Retail Crime: Estimated Lost Sales Tax Revenue by State

February 18, 2013
1.  Two females indicted on conspiracy and $11,000 in credit card fraud in NY.
2.  Four apprehended for ORC thefts from Oregon Safeway’s: thefts totaling $13,000.
3.  Former Duluth man pleads guilty to being part of the 25 member identity theft ring that hit retailers for $170,389
4.  Walmart Employee Theft Ring Broken Up in Colorado Springs
5.  Organized Retail Crime: Estimated Lost Sales Tax Revenue by State

February 15, 2013
1.  2013 LAAORCA Award Winners
2.  Sophisticated credit card fraud scheme targeting luxury retailers in Hawaii busted.
3.  Three suspects arrested for electronics thefts at Walmart in Maryland.
4.  Police seized $7500 worth of stolen merchandise from a New Philadelphia, OH home.
5.  Organized Retail Crime: Estimated Lost Sales Tax Revenue by State

February 14, 2013
1.  Organized Retail Crime: Estimated Lost Sales Tax Revenue by State
2.  Boise man arrested in four-year retail crime scheme - aimed at guns
3.  St. Louis woman accused of stealing from Sam’s Clubs in 7 states, arraigned in Federal Court yesterday.
4.  One female busted tied to an extensive fraud ring operating in St. George, Ut.

February 13, 2013
1.  Organized Retail Crime: Estimated Lost Sales Tax Revenue by State
2.  Boulder, Colorado area couple behind bars for stealing thousands from Walmarts with their children.
3.  Police alert - ORC couple hitting Seaside, Oregon area retailers with fraudulent checks and bad credit cards

February 12, 2013
1.  Counterfeit check fraud ring of 3 busted in Charlotte, N.C. hitting major retailers
2.  Two woman ORC ring busted in Louisville, Ky. involved in "large scale theft ring"
3.  Colorado Springs launches their COORCA program last Tuesday and the turnout was great!

February 11, 2013
1.  Two suspects arrested hitting Marshalls in Sarasota, Fla. with both having over 86 arrests over two decades

February 8, 2013
 Special Press Release
2.  Tallahassee police arrest seven in connection to Lowe's refund frauds.
3.  6,650 rounds of ammo stolen from Academy Sports in Texas; police found at pawn shop.  
4.  Four suspects charged with stealing Reward points for discount gasoline at Weis Markets in Lehigh Valley.
5.  Identity theft ring busted in Framingham. Mass., hitting Best Buy Stores
6.  ORC? Two men hit Kohl's store in Gastonia, N.C. stuffing shopping bags with $5k in clothes

February 7, 2013
 Check fraud ring operating from Colorado to Nebraska and traveling I-80
2.  Five female ORC ring busted in Panama City, FL., hitting Victoria’s Secret, Hollister, Bath and Body Works, American Eagle, Justice for Girls, Carters, Claire's, and Charlotte Russe
3.  Four people arrested in Walmart fraud scheme in Lancaster, PA
4.  ORC twosome busted hitting Walmart store for DVDs multiple times in Utica, NY

February 6, 2013
 Old Navy employee spots ID thief trying to open a second credit card in the same store in one week & hitting stores in multiple states
2.  AT&T Manager arrested for stealing $23,000 in phones from his Jacksonville store.

February 5, 2013
 Spartanburg, SC sees 46% rise in shoplifting because of ORC
2.  ORC trio steals 600 pairs of underwear, drags Town Center female officer 30 feet with car
3.  Houston man steals $660 of pants from JC Penney, nearly $10,000 in refunds.
4.  Three men arrested for stealing $700 worth of food from Safeway in Monterey, California.

February 4, 2013
 Fraudulent credit card ring of 3 busted in San Mateo, CA.
2.  Portland Police Arrest two for Organized Retail Theft in Connection with Macy’s “Flash Mob” Theft
3.  Cooke County, ILL., indicts one on ORC

February 1, 2013
 Deputies in Georgia arrest man they say stole over $10,000 from six Walmart stores in S.C.
2.  WA. Sen. Mike Carrell Wants to Nip 'Flash Robs' in the Bud
3.  Organized retail crime said to be widespread, growing

January 31, 2013
 Two year cross-country fraud ring investigation nets 17 arrests in Florida for a half a million $$$$$
2.  3 suspects hit CVS store for shopping bags full of Rogaine and Olay products in North Cornwall, Pa.

January 30, 2013
 110 people involved in large retail theft ring that stole at least $750K, could be millions in
      merchandise, in West York, PA
2.  Rack Room Shoe employees busted selling over 200 pairs of shoes from Rockvale Outlets in
      Lancaster, Pa.
3.  Stockton, Ca., woman sentenced to 4 yrs and 3 months for stealing over $1M in designer clothes and
      selling them online
4.  North Carolina group busted for drugs, search turns up $5000 in stolen merchandise.

January 29, 2013
 Good Morning America's episode on Tide theft
2.  Baby Formula theft ring busted at Kroger in Louisville.
3.  Woman busted for hitting Walmarts in Pitts., had her son and kids helping

January 28, 2013
 Family sentenced to prison for theft ring
2.  Counterfeit and retail theft gang busted in Sterling, IA.
3.  ID theft duo busted hitting Bloomingdales and Macy's at Willow Grove Mall in Pa.
4.  Serial shoplifter busted for 8 incidents and $15k worth of stolen merchandise in Horry County, SC
5.  Two men arrested in check fraud, burglary and ORC, hitting Home Depot & other retailers

January 25, 2013
 Identity theft duo busted in California that hit more than 30 times in multiple states and are still under
2.  Identity theft duo busted in Humble, TX. hitting Walmart and still under investigation as well
3.  ORC thief on the loose - Tide thefts leave Colo. retailers airing dirty laundry
4.  Cincinnati Tri-State area merchants are beginning to lock up the Tide.
5.  Three member check fraud ring hitting Walmart, Safeway, Radio Shack, and Sears in Cowlitz County,
6.  ORC gang hits Green Hills Mall in Nashville, Tenn.
7.  Pearl, Ms. serial shoplifter busted
8.  “Operation Cash Back” sentencing of six for $16 million organized theft ring.

January 24, 2013
 Pottstown, PA theft Ring busted; Walmart and Best Buy targeted for $6000 in electronics.
2.  ORC gang of 4 busted hitting Best Buy stores in Southern Florida
3.  Task force arrests two responsible for possibly over 20 smash-and-grab burglaries in Manatee,
     elsewhere in FL.
4.  ORC gang of three hit Famous Footwear and other retailers in Kennewick, WA.
5.  Two charged with theft of $3500 in cologne from Ulta and JC Penney in New York.
6.  Identity Theft Ring hits NE Ohio, hitting Kohl’s, Macy’s, J. Crew, Best Buy, Williams-Sonoma,
     Brooks Brothers
7.  ORC? Memphis police looking for suspect who's been hitting Sam's Club and an ID thief hitting stores
     for thousands

January 23, 2013
 Woman shot dead in West Miami-Dade police shooting headed retail theft ring
2.  San Francisco Police bust another electronics fencing operation
3.  Counterfeit ring leader gets 2 years 9 months in prison after hitting Nordstrom, Target, and Fred
4.  Man Responsible For Shoplifting Spree At Walmart: Repeated Television Theft
5.  Nashville woman arrested for shoplifting $5000 of merchandise from the mall at Green Hill.
6.  Vacuum Cleaner thieves apprehended at a Alton, IL Walmart

January 22, 2013
 Serial Shoplifter busted at Walmart in Bryan, Texas; active warrant and 7 prior theft convictions.
2.  Guilty plea reached in theft of thousands of DVD’s from Walmart’s in the Midwest.
3.  Three suspects arrested in a stolen car with JC Penney loot in Scotts Valley, California.

January 21, 2013
 Three arrested in ORC ring in Nevada.
2.  Phony credit card number scam artists hitting for thousands.

January 18, 2013
 Two suspects arrested in New Braunfels, Texas Kohl’s may be connected to vacuum thefts last year.
2.  Atlanta burglary suspect caught by owner, recognized him from trying to sell stolen items.

January 17, 2013
 Target the target of a multi-county shoplifting spree
2.  Myrtle Beach Walmart shoplifter accused of stealing $15,000 of merchandise
3.  Providence father uses toddler to shoplift

January 16, 2013
 Orlando Credit Card suspect arrested with $7000 of gift cards

January 15, 2013
 UK city sees drop in shoplifting after pre-Christmas crackdown

January 14, 2013
 Suspect arrested for multiple thefts from Walmart in Prescott, Arizona.
2.  Four male suspects hit a Jimmy Choo Store in Rockville, Maryland for $10,000 in handbags.
3.  Pulaski County, Kentucky to launch ‘Project Shop-Loss’, bringing merchants, law enforcement and
     prosecutors together.

January 11, 2013
 Thieves linked to 15 smash-and-grab robberies in one month in Arvada, Colorado

January 10, 2013
 Nationwide fraud ring busted in Kearney, NE
2.  ORC group of three busted stealing merchandise, receiving gift cards and selling them for cash in
     Louisville, Ky.
3.  Lone Tree, Colorado getting hit by ORC weekly
4.  Check Fraud Scheme with ties to Scotts Valley, CA., Suspects on the Run
5.  Police seek help in ID'ing identity thief who's hit Ace Hardware, Home Depot and Zip trip stores in
     Spokane, WA.

January 9, 2013
 Three member ORC gang hits Walmart in Bremerton, WA
2.  Knox County celebrates a good year for the Holiday Task Force; 328 arrests, $65,000 in stolen goods
3.  South Carolina mother and son using two way radios to steal from a Bi-Lo store

January 8, 2013
 Suds for Drugs - Liquid Gold - The story behind the Tide push
2.  Two women stealing cart loads of merchandise from two Lincoln, Nebraska Walmarts.

January 7, 2013
 Four arrested during shoplifting spree at Apache Mall in Rochester, Minnesota.
2.  ORC trio busted New Years Day hitting TJ Maxx, Ulta Beauty, and Dick's Sporting Goods in
     Charlotte, N.C.
3.  Sanford, Fla., professional shoplifters - couple rent van to haul off stolen merchandise from Walmart
4.  Silver Springs, PA looking for two suspects hitting Walmart stores in five retail theft incidents involving
     Xbox games.

January 4, 2013
 Dyson vacuum cleaner ORC thieves busted at Walmart in Godfrey, ILL.
2.  Facebook tip leads police to jewelry thief who had been hitting Target stores over the Holidays in
     Green Cove Springs, Fla.
3.  Great Falls, Montana suspect arrested, connection to several electronics thefts from Walmart.
4.  Chinese Black Market making profits off Australian Baby Formula.

January 3, 2013
 Port Charlotte couple arrested at Dollar General leads to felony charges at Best Buy and Tractor
2.  Group of five hit Walmart buying gift cards with counterfeit currency in Clermont, FL

January 2, 2013
 Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signs legislation establishing the Organized Retail Crime Act
2.  Chicago's "Operation Whoville" busts 108 suspects in covert undercover sting operations over the
     holiday season
3.  Redding, Pa., trio arrested for string of retail robberies
4.  ORC ring hitting Walmart for thousands in baby formula in Houston, Tx.
5.  Shoplifting ring busted at Walmart with two employees involved in Buffalo, N.Y.
6.  Booster bag and security tools used by female duo in Macy's at Eastview Mall in Victor, Ca.


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