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Canadian Push 2011

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December 23, 2011
 Influx, expansion of international chains in Canada shows no signs of slowing
2.  The High-Tech fall out is still spiraling for a few
3.  The PATH is coming and it will be the biggest underground shopping complex in the world!

December 16, 2011
 Holidays 'a field day' for shoplifters
2.  British Columbia- loosens late-night retail security rules which labour advocates say could make
     workplaces more dangerous
3.  Season 'busy, busy' for local retail
4.  Holiday spending on the rise
5.  Sobeys to Purchase 250 Shell Gas Stations in Atlantic Canada and Québec
6.  Top talent getting harder to find: Survey

December 13, 2011
 Security Salary Survey 2011: public image of security top of mind
2.  Women do 80% of holiday shopping in Canada
3.  Canada in midst of largest-ever crackdown on illegal citizens
4.  Police make early morning raids across Canada

December 9, 2011
 Canada and the United States unveiled plans Wednesday for an unprecedented joint approach to
     border protection
2.  Canadian small businesses lost $3.2-billion to workplace fraud last year, study finds
3.  Hudson's Bay closing 26 Ontario Fields stores; company cites market conditions

December 2, 2011
 Canadian retailers offer their own Black Friday sales even though their Thanksgiving is a month earlier
2.  Target Corp. is locked in a fight to prevent Zellers employees from maintaining their union status
3.  Vancouver-based counterculture magazine Adbusters has kicked off an "Occupy Christmas"
     campaign targeting consumerism over the festive season
4.  The Canadian Manhattan Push
5.  Canadian government may be reducing old manufacturing tariffs that could reduce Canadian Prices
     and make them more competitive with U.S. prices.
6.  Canada’s new polymer bank notes are coming. Are you ready?

November 23, 2011
 Counterfeiting 'criminals' need harsher punishments and Canadian Border Services needs authority

November 18, 2011
 Andy Buchanan, Associate VP Asset Protection, Marks - ORC in Canada is a Plague We Can
     Mitigate – Learning From Our US Peers

November 4, 2011
 Jen Drake, CFI, Director of Resource Protection, West 49 Inc. On – Environmental Programs
2.  RCMP and Canadian Border officials seize $25 million in counterfeit goods in 14 different raids with
     more to come.
3.  The real winner in the Canadian Push will be the Canadian consumer as Target raises the bar for
4.  According to our sources, Target plans on leading the Asset Protection effort from their corporate
5.  Canada's Senate is studying the price differences between the States and Canadian prices
6.  While Lowe's is closing some stores in the U.S., they have plans to hit 100 in Canada
7.  The real estate crunch is so great that some retailers are now behaving like vultures
8.  Quebec forces the restaurant industry to install expensive software called "black box" sales-recording
     modules (SRMs) that prevents the use of "zappers" – software that enables users to illegally skim
     cash at the point of sale

November 2, 2011
 A 2-year investigation by Canada Border Services and the RCMP leads to busting a $46.6 million
     international organized crime ring

October 28, 2011
 Jen Drake, CFI, Director of Resource Protection, West 49 Inc. On – Security Licensing
2.  With all the press and pressure about retail prices being 20% higher in Canada, their government is
     looking to decrease tariffs and "encourage good behavior through the tax system" on the Canadian
     retailers and manufacturers themselves
3.  Lowe's stops its Canadian military 10% discount rolled out in 2008 and says it was only intended for
     U.S. military
4.  U.S. consumer/now Toronto resident says "the real kicker for me is the lack of e-commerce" in

October 21, 2011
 Jen Drake, CFI, Director of Resource Protection, West 49 Inc. On – Consumer Protection
2.  7-Eleven Inc. is joining the Canadian Push,
3.  With the pressure on every Canadian Retailer, the CEO of the Bay joins the Sears CEO in "working
     fast to revamp that retailer" as well
4.  Indigo Books, Chapters, is trying "to become the world's first lifestyle store for book lovers,
5.  Canadians placed 114 million online orders for goods or services worth $15.3 billion in 2010.

October 19, 2011
 Retail Council of Quebec study indicates 36% of loss is from employee theft

October 7, 2011
 Jen Drake, CFI, Director of Resource Protection, West 49 Inc. On – Employment Standards and
     Labour Laws
2.  Like their U.S. counterparts Indigo Books & Music, Chapters, is going thru the same issues Borders
     faced and Barnes & Noble are successfully reacting to.
3.  Loblaw's grad@Loblaw program is enjoying "tremendous success" and is injecting new life into the
4.  Sears Canada's new CEO, Calvin McDonald, who came from Loblaw himself, appears to be on a
5.  Canada is totally revamping their copyright laws with their Copyright Modernization Act Bill C-11

October 5, 2011
 Retailing Today has partnered with Sales Is Not Simple to bring established Target vendors all the
     information they need about the Canadian market in a convenient half-day workshop session.

October 4, 2011
 Target's Executive VP and Chief Marketing Officer who was leading their "Canadian Push" resigns
2.  Canada ranks No. 1 in Forbes annual look at the Best Countries for Business.
3.  Ray-Bandits target Windsor, Ontario, Sunglass Hut in a brazen half-million heist
4.  RCMP have issued a warning against buying counterfeit products after fake Lululemon items were
     seized at a house party
5.  More than $54,000 in counterfeit U.S. currency has been seized by Richmond RCMP from a
     passenger flying into Vancover.
6.  Pinnacle Security is suing two former employees and an industry consultant, claiming they
     "conspired together" to create a new Canadian company

September 30, 2011
 Retail crime accounts for $3.6 billion in losses in Canada
2.  Nordstrom and Kohl's are looking into opening stores in Canada
3.  Almost two-thirds of Canadians wish they had more information about food safety

September 29, 2011
 The 25% pricing difference in Abercrombie & Fitch's Canadian stores over their U.S. stores is also
     impacting their sales

September 2, 2011
 The 25% pricing difference in Abercrombie & Fitch's Canadian stores over their U.S. stores is also
     impacting their sales
2.  Yankee Candle joins the "Canadian Push" and announces it'll open 5 company stores
3.  Ellen Fisher, another American retailer joins the "wagon train north" and will open one store in
4.  "Illegal gangs" throughout Canada, numbering over 175 organized criminal gangs, use the sale of
     illegal cigarettes to bank roll their activities
5.  The Royal Canadian Mounted Police seized counterfeit goods from a vendor at the London, Ontario,
     Woodstock Fairgrounds valued at $45,000
6.  "Food in Canada: Eat at your own risk." the Canadian Medical Association Journal editorial this past

September 1, 2011
 Jen Drake, CFI, Director of Resource Protection, West 49 Inc., on "Pricing Strategies"
2.  The Canadians have complained that U.S. retailers pricing strategy's are higher
3.  Target Canada is shopping around for hundreds of new employees and says it will eventually be hiring
     thousands of people

August 25, 2011
 The Canadian Push – Over 1,000 stores in 24 months! The U.S. "Invasion"?


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2011 Canadian Push
Canadian Push 2011
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