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Live in NYC 2015

The D&D Daily "Live in NYC" 2015 at the NRF Big Show

  • MCs Amber Virgillo and Joe LaRocca Hard at Work Enjoying the Afternoon
  • Some of the Interview Crew
  • Live Interview With Bill Titus
  • Bill Titus - PwCs LP Strategy & Analytics Team
  • One of our MC Shorts Interviews
  • Producing the Live Interviews
  • Cybersecurity - The Never Ending Threat
  • Cybersecurity - Suzie Squier, RILA and Tom Litchford, Retail Technologies & NRF
  • Another MC Short Interview
  • Kenya's West Gate Mall Massacre with Richard Frankel, FBI
  • One of the U-tip Two Minute Tips
  • CENTURY 21 Team: Jason Hulla, Merrissa Nacht and John Feehan
  • A&P Team: Brad Reeves, Michael O’Mara, Laura Krzykowski, Bo Walaszek, Michael Matz
  • Bloomingdales:  Steve Pace,  Fred Becker,  Chad McIntosh
  • AC MOORE Team: Leigh Kohlhaas and Steve Werner
  • Gus Downing and Gordon Smith from the D&D Daily
  • Rich Frankel, FBI
  • Van Carney, Domino’s; David Johnston, Dunkin Donuts
  • Kenny Fingerman, Sephora; Barry Brown, Burlington Coat; Rahni Holmes, Sephora
  • Van Carney, Domino’s; Cheryl Burke, Verisk Retail
  • Cheryl Blake, Verisk Retail; Gus Downing; Lisa LaBruno, RILA
  • David Johnston, Dunkin Donuts; Mike Campbell, Se-Kure Control
  • Roger Leyden, SeKure Control and Gus Downing
  • Larry Sechuk, Macy’s; Robert Moraca, NRF; Kevin Coleman, Macy’s
  • Paul Fisher, Bass Security; Paul Driscoll, Bass Security; CJ Denton, Hermes
  • Bob Serenson, Bed, Bath and Beyond; Walter Palmer, PCG Solutions; Bill Nichols, Bowlmor AMF
  • Paul Paglia, Donna Karan; Ed Wolfe, WG; Gregg Smith, Five Below
  • LPI: Amy Carey, Steven May and Kevin O’Brien
  • Amber Virgillo, Calibration Marketing with Gus Downing
  • Paul Fisher, Bass Security; Van Carney, Domino’s; Pete Driscoll, Bass Security
  • Fred Becker, Bloomingdales; Brian Bazer, Dressbarn; Ken Rayca, USS
  • Brad Reeves, A&P; Joe LaRocca, RetailPartners; Jim Burger, Equinox Fitness
  • Russ Hawkins, Agilence; Read Hayes, LPRC; Jackie Anderson, Schneider Electric/MultiSight; Carrie Hayes, LPRC
  • Bob Oberosler, Rite Aid with Gus Downing
  • Charles Delgado, Meijer and Pedro Ramos, Agilence
  • Bill Nichols, Bowlmor AMF
  • David Johnston, Dunkin Donuts; Amy Carey, LPI; Steven May, LPI and Kevin O’Brien, LPI
  • Ed Wolfe, WG; Gus Downing; Paul Paglia, Donna Karan
  • Larry Sechuk, Macy's and John Matas, Macy’s
  • BACK: Leigh Kohlhaas, AC Moore; Joe Guzzone, J Crew; Robert Moraca, NRF; Joe Troy, J Crew; Bill Nichols; Bowlmor AMF; Steve Werner, AC Moore / FRONT: John Bartolac, Axis Communication; Ted Wilkinson, Axis Communication; Bob Serenson, Bed, Bath and Beyond; Walter Palmer, PCG Solutions
  • BACK: Brad Reeves, A&P; Bo Walaszek, A&P; Justin Dietel, Wakefern; Pete Driscoll, Bass Security; Jim Burger; Equinox Fitness / FRONT: Laura Krzykowski, A&P; Michael O’ Mara, A&P; Michael Matz, A&P; Paul Lunt, Turning Point Justice
  • BACK: Tom Nicpon, FBI; Guest; Tony Montes, David Yurman, Darren Adkins / FRONT: Guest; Rich Jacobs, FBI; Eugene Gonzalez, Lacoste; Lynn Schiess, Lacoste
  • BACK: Jim Shephard, Protection One; Rex Gillette, Protection One; Sissy Scruggs, WG; Brian Bazer, Dressbarn; Craig Cunningham, USS / FRONT: Bruce Docherty, i3 International; Ron Vance, Barnes & Noble; Jean Ann Schutte, Checkpoint Systems/Alpha; Dan Reynolds, Checkpoint Systems
  • Century 21's Jason Hulla, John Feehan and Merrissa Nacht with Gus Downing
  • BACK: David Duhaime, Verisk; Howard Hafkin, Macy’s; Kevin Coleman, Macy’s; John Matas, Macy’s; Tim Gates, WG; Guest; Larry Sechuk, Macy’s / FRONT: Guest; Joe Coll, Macy’s; Amber Virgillo, Calibration Marketing; Nick Khalil, Checkview
  • BACK: David Johnston, Dunkin Donuts; Mike Campbell, Se-Kure Control; David Shillingford, Verisk Retail; Cheryl Blake, Verisk Retail; Van Carney, Domino’s / FRONT: Evan Garabedian, Schneider Electric/MultiSight; Jackie Anderson, Schneider Electric/MultiSight; Karl Langhorst, Kroger; Hedgie Bartol, Axis Communications
  • BACK: Gregg Smith, Five Below; Fred Becker, Bloomingdales; Micael Kelly, Bloomingdales; Steve Pace, Bloomingdales; Read Hayes, LPRC / FRONT: Chad McIntosh, Bloomingdales; Carrie Hayes, LPRC; Ed Wolfe, WG; Paul Paglia, Donna Karan; Graham Handyside, WG
  • Gus Downing and Suni Shamapande, PwC
  • BACK: Megan Curtis, Disney; John Velke, Total Wine; Michelle Cabrita, Burberry; Vy Hoang, i3 International; CJ Denton, Hermes; Joe LaRocca, RetailPartners / FRONT: Suni Shamapande, PwC; Bill Titus, PwC; Roger Leyden, Se-Kure Control; Greg Saputo, Se-Kure Control
  • BACK: Tony Mancino, NuTech; Guest; Kevin O’Brien, LPI; Mark Stinde, 7-Eleven; Jim Passarella, 7-Eleven / FRONT: Amy Carey, LPI; Tarik Sheppard, NYPD; Sean Huggins, Rite Aid; Steven May, LPI
  • BACK: Jason Hulla, Century 21; Russ Hawkins, Agilence; Jim Harden, WG; Bob Oerosler, Rite Aid / FRONT: Ken Rayca, USS; Barbara Staib, Turning Point Justice; John Feehan, Century 21; Merrissa Nacht, Century 21
  • BACK: Derek Rodner, Agilence; Two Guests; Chip Chiappetta, DSW / FRONT: Jenny Deyhle, DSW; Barry Brown, Burlington Coat; Kenny Fingerman, Sephora; Rahni Holmes – Sephora
  • Charles Delgado, Meijer; George Karaolis, i3 International; Paul Fisher, Bass Security; Larry Sechuk, Macy’s; John Matas, Macy’s; Joseph Malone, Security Resources; Pedro Ramos, Agilence
  • Guest; CJ Denton, Hermes; Joe LaRocca, RetailPartners; Megan Curtis, Disney; John Velke, Total Wine; Suni Shamapande, PwC; Bill Titus, PwC; Roger Leyden, Se-Kure Control; Greg Saputo, Se-Kure Control

Watch all the episodes filmed at 'Live in NYC' 2015!

Live in NYC 2015
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