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Canadian Push Archives 2012

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December 20, 2012
 Retail sales rose for fourth straight month in October
2.  Boxing Day Canada's Black Friday: 62% of Canadians expect to shop Dec. 26
3.  Three arrested and five being sought in $30M Maple Syrup heist in Quebec

4.  In $18 Million Theft, Victim Was a Canadian Maple Syrup Cartel
5.  Saskatoon Armed Robbery of a video store has police searching for the suspect

December 14, 2012
 Survey shows 53% of senior-level IT and physical security professionals say insufficient budget is
     biggest organizational obstacle to moving their security organization forward in the next 12 to 18

2.  Target's arrival in Canada a game-changer for retailers at home and afar
3.  Thieves steal 400 tonnes of corn in bold Quebec farm heist

4.  Greater Vancouver Security Partners' Forum  presents Emerging Security Trends: Cybersecurity,
     Social Media and PIPA

December 7, 2012
 Rona to sell non-core assets - there are no "sacred cows"
2.  Walmart Canada unveils 200th Supercentre
3.  Sony Store and Visions Electronics burglarized in Calgary

4.  Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

December 5, 2012
 Outlet Malls are finally coming to Canada - The race is on
2.  RCMP warn shoppers about counterfeit goods
3.  Black Friday, Cyber Monday spending spikes up in Canada with the two shopping days becoming a

4.  Retail industry is Canada’s productivity "bright spot": report
5.  Windsor, On., police increase presence at Devonshire Mall for holidays
6.  Seaway Mall security called into question after child abduction

November 30, 2012
 Target intensifies Canadian brand building efforts
2.  Canadian Tire cuts senior jobs to reduce cost ahead of increased competition

November 26, 2012
 Person charged in Salvation Army $2M toy thefts in Toronto
2.  Black Friday creeps north as Canadians join the four day frenzy
Quebec vows to make hostile bids for companies like Rona more difficult
4.  Canadian retailers to lose $5B to U.S. retailers as Canadian head south of the border for holiday

November 20, 2012
 Let the holiday shopping begin! Black Friday on its way to Canadian stores too
2.  "Retail invasion: Microsoft, Loft, Kate Spade open first storefronts in Canada

November 16, 2012
 Canada, allies mull changes to tackle organized crime
2.  As U.S. retailers threaten two more Canadian retailers merge - Leon's and The Brick
3.  Downtown Calgary shopping centre on global list of most expensive retail rents

4.  Walmart Canada appeals 'unreasonable' $1.2M award in ex-employee lawsuit
5.  Cargo Theft thief in Brampton, Canada identified, stole $200,000 worth of televisions
6.  Now that Rona's CEO is gone how long will it be before Lowe's makes another run on them?
7.  Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

November 12, 2012
 Home improvement retailer CEO that fought off Lowe's takeover - Rona's most outspoken top
     executive resigns - Will talks open up with Lowe's again

2.  Wireless cell phone industry moves to stop smartphone, tablet theft
3.  Do employers have a right to spy on workers in Canada

4.  Corporate espionage versus competitive intelligence

November 9, 2012
 Target Practice: Canadian food retailers brace for invasion of Target and Wal-Mart supercenters
2.  Amazon delivers its fulfillment service to Canadian e-retailers
3.  Mac's Convenience Stores' Central Loss Prevention Team honored as a world leader in crime
     prevention at last month's International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners Conference (ISCPP)
     Conference in Las Vegas

4.  Saskatchewan regulation protects convenience store workers
5.  U.S. and Canada Announce New Pilot to Strengthen Cargo Security
6.  Thieves used torches to steal $700K from ATMs in Ontario
7.  SUV plows into Calgary mall in early morning robbery

November 6, 2012
 New Canadian Plastic $20 bills hits the market tomorrow
2.  CIBC and Rogers Communications Inc. (owner of Canadian Grocer) launched mobile payments in
     Canada last Friday
3.  Update: Vancouver Police investigating alleged assault of man in wheelchair by security guard, one
     guard is terminated, two others under suspension

4.  Zellers female security guard goes on wild ride with shoplifter in Calgary

November 2, 2012
 According to a report issued Wednesday by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and Retail Council of
     Canada, Canadian retailers lose about $4 billion a year in theft, accounting errors and damaged

2.  Williams-Sonoma will open its first store in Quebec, Canada, on Nov. 3
3.  Canada's high-end retailer Holt Renfrew to launch new "hr2" retail concept next spring after 175 years
     in business

4.  Mall owners upgrading properties to draw foreign retailers
5.  RCMP talk addresses retail theft issues
6.  Royal Canadian Mounted Police appoint officer with extensive knowledge of gemology to head its
     investigations of diamond-related crimes
7.  New Canadian ePassports More Difficult to Counterfeit
8.  FLIR Systems has agreed to acquire Lorex Technology Inc., a Markham, Ontario, Canada-based
     provider of consumer and professional-grade video surveillance systems
9.  Think Logistics Launches Canada's First Robotic Fulfillment Based 3PL
10. A suspected shoplifter in a motorized wheelchair violently taken into custody in Vancouver
11. Vancouver ORC couple who were busted by Safeway ORC team also selling counterfeit air bags

October 26, 2012
 American retailers have sued the province of Quebec for language laws
2.  Target poised to steal significant share from Canadian retailer
3.  The Canadian Booksellers Association decides to "explore becoming a division" of the Retail Council
     of Canada

4.  It's time to give Canadian border agents the power to seize counterfeit goods
5.  Canada Goose wins landmark counterfeit case
6.  Ottawa, Canada man facing 21 charges after string of retail robberies
7.  Aspiring journalist teen arrested for filming security apprehension at Metrotown Mall

October 19, 2012
 Loblaw plans 700 corporate layoffs
2.  'Gas and Dash' awareness campaign
3.  Counterfeit MAC makeup seized by Sarnia Royal Canadian Police

4.  2,500 small convenience stores in Ontario and Quebec shut down because of contraband cigarette
5.  Man found not guilty of trying to kill Fairview Mall security officer after fleeing from The Bay store
     trying to escape arrest
6.  Sixteen Year old with a Machete, taken down by a Jewelry Store Customer in Burnaby

October 17, 2012
 Old Navy and National Center for Missing & Exploited Children Make Child Safety a Priority

October 12, 2012
 Walmart Canada to grand-open 30 stores in October
2.  U.S. home stores are "invading" Canada
3.  While the dollar stores have been booming in the US they just now started taking off in Canada and
     have become the fastest growing retail sector there

4.  Canadian Retailers make a Big Push to hold off next year’s foreign attack
5.  Canadians made 156,000 overnight automobile trips to the U.S. in July 2012, a 43% increase over
     July 2011, the largest ever
6.  Port Hope, Ontario Razor blade thieves busted for nearly $7000
7.  Calgary Police investigate a violent convenience store robbery
8.  Peel Police continue to investigate shooting at Sheridan Centre Mal
9.  Serial Shoplifter in Nova Scotia hits for over 30 times, targeting Oil of Olay

October 5, 2012
 Microsoft has plans to open first international location in time for the holidays
2.  Alberta retail sales at highest year-over-year growth rate in Canada
3.  Organized crime behind fake pills entering Canada

September 28, 2012
 Police search warehouse for $30M worth of stolen maple syrup
2.  Canadian police investigate cheese smuggling

September 21, 2012
 Why are U.S. Retailers suddenly all showing up in Canada
2.  Canadian retailer Reitmans not worried about the arrival of Target
3.  Vancouver thieves target high end electronic bikes

4.  The public gets credit for the arrest of two jewelry store robbers in Prince George, Canada

September 7, 2012
 Thoughts on the Upcoming Retail Council of Canada's Loss Prevention Conference
2.  Quebec's premier-designate moves to block "foreign companies" takeovers - casting a shadow over
     the proposed $1.8 billion takeover of Quebec home improvement retailer Rona Inc. by U.S. giant  
     Lowe’s Cos. Inc
3.  Canada's Darling - Lululemon Athletica Inc. looking to grow by selling more children's clothes in its
     Ivivva Athletica stores

4.  The American Push - Seems like they're doing the same thing the U.S. is doing - crossing the border
     for growth

September 4, 2012
 Retail Loss Prevention Conference 2012: Check out this year's agenda

August 13, 2012
 Indigo Books & Music stores are seeing improvement in their general merchandise sales to offset the
     declining book sales but still lost $5.5M in their Q1

2.  A wave of fake currency ($20's and $100's) is passing through the Okanagan and Thompson Valley,
     prompting an alert from police in the Vancouver area
3.  Canada's economy unexpectedly lost 30,400 jobs in July in a third disappointing month for the labor
     market, indicating tepid growth

August 10, 2012
 Canada’s malls prepare for US Retail invasion

July 20, 2012
 Nordstrom Canada: American Retailer Set To Open Four Locations In Canada
2.  Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrest Alberta man who U.S. say is a suspect in international cyber

July 9, 2012
 Retail Council of Canada is in the initial stages of developing the content for the annual Loss
     Prevention Conference to be held in Toronto on Sept 11 and 12, 2012

July 5, 2012
 The Retail Council of Canada extends their Loss Prevention conference to a day and a half for the first
     time ever on Sept. 11 to 12, 2012 in Toronto

2.  Canada's "Lucky Moose Bill" Bill C-26 moves forward and "reinforces the right of business owners to
     protect their property
3.  Target plans to hire as many as 27,000 people next year alone in Canada

4.  Wal-Mart Canada is gearing up for the Target invasion by aggressively expanding their presence as
     well. This is going to be a battle to watch over the next few years - And they'll be some casualties
5.  Dunkin Donuts failed to live up to their commitments to their Quebec franchise locations - under
     pressure from Tim Horton's - and now the courts say Dunkin owes their franchisees $16.4M in losses
6.  The retail sector is the largest employer in Canada, accounting for 12 percent of all workers
7.  Canadian Security Magazine is looking for it's 2012 Security Director of the Year!

June 14, 2012
 Vector Security Promotes North American Service Capabilities at 2012 National Retail Foundation
     (NRF) Loss Prevention Conference

June 12, 2012
 Canada's Senate is considering Bill C-26 The Citizen's Arrest and Self-defence Act, passed by
     parliament in early May and it will impact the retail Loss Prevention industry

2.  Toronto's Eaton Center food court shooter incident June 2nd that left 1 killed and 7 injured, showed
     that the Mall guards were well trained and responded accordingly

June 11, 2012
 ORC - does it exist in Canada? Or is it that the newspapers just don't pick it up? - A Reader's

June 8, 2012
 ORC - does it exist in Canada? Or is it that the newspapers just don't pick it up?
2.  From "Reinvention" to "Differentiate or Die" and from "Multi-channel" to now "Omni-channel" - It’s time
     to get 'radical' in retail
3.  Ann Inc. opens its first Loft store in Toronto's Yorkdale Shopping Center

4.  Rogers Communications - Canada's largest mobile operator - turning to three new markets: so-called
     "machineto-machine" technology; retail transactions made with smartphones; and video
     consumption over mobile devices
5.  Quebec store owner defends himself with Bear Spray from two armed thieves
6.  Senate considers expanding citizen's arrest powers

June 1, 2012
 The Retail Council of Canada (RCC) and four border community Chambers of Commerce ask
     Canada's Federal Government to eliminate import tariffs on finished goods to level playing field for
     Canadian Retailers

2.  Apple is a "Mall Phenomenon" not a tech phenomenon and it generated $5,000 of sales per square
     foot in 2011. 12 times greater than the average mall retailer
3.  The huge success of the Apple store is driving high tech retailers to open more stores & kiosks in
     Malls across Canada - including Samsung who is opening their first store in Canada

4.  Target is on the hunt for 3,000 people in British Columbia alone to open 18 stores in 2013
5.  8 million consumers used their smart device to help them shop in the last month
6.  "Because something has worked in this U.S, it does not predict success here, particularly in Quebec
     and other diverse regions of Canada" and having a strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
     program like Target has in the U.S. may increase a retailers success
7.  Canada's largest specialty apparel retailer Reitman's is facing strong headwinds and lots of new
8.  Canadian Tire isn't standing still for the U.S. invasion with "aggressive" expansion plans of its newly
     acquired FGL Sports banners

May 30, 2012
 Canada's retail market now matches U.S. per capita
2.  In 4 years Canada will face what demographers have dubbed "the cross-over": the day when there are
     more seniors than children
3.  Redbox is making its Canadian debut next month in Wal-Mart stores and convenience stores
     operated by Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc

4.  Quarterly Sales Report

May 18, 2012
 The Canadian Security magazine each year names a Security Director of the Year
2.  Mobile Wallets are at the door in Canada - with a major Canadian Bank and Canada's largest wireless
     carrier striking up a deal to embed credit card info
3.  Sears is cutting its stake in its Canadian brand from 95% to 51% and may even sell "some or all of
     the rest.

4.  Toronto Police seeking information on fake Brinks guard

May 17, 2012
 Bank of Canada teams with Law Enforcement to target economic crimes
2.  Cross-border shopping a $20B economic drain on the Canadian economy

May 11, 2012
 British Columbia’s Peoples Jewellers hit for $140,000 worth of merchandise in overnight break-in

April 27, 2012
 The Retail Council of Canada reports that retailers coast-to-coast collectively lose $3 billion
2.  "Thousands" of Canadian retailers are already ready for mobile sales - They're leading the way

April 20, 2012
 Toronto convenience Store chain launches Mac’s Crime Busters

March 30, 2012
 Marshall opens six new stores in Canada
2.  Target reveals 12 new Quebec store locations, opening fall of 2013
3.  United States and Canada top report on malware attack focus

4.  Brinks truck dumps $5 million in Canadian coins on a highway
5.  Canadian pennies to be removed from circulation
6.  Home Hardware ex-employee arrested for stealing $1.5 million

March 9, 2012
 Canada's "socially progressive national newspaper" - The Canadian takes a swipe at Nordstrom and
     all "cheap sizzle U.S. retailers

2.  The Canadian grocery landscape is changing as fast as the U.S. and maybe even faster once Target
     enters the market

March 2, 2012
 In the last six months the RCMP has seized tens of million of dollars worth of counterfeit knockoff
     goods that are actually endangering the public health

2.  Older Canadians are dominating the labor-market gains in recent years with the 60+ group accounting
     for 1/3 of net job gains
3.  The easy days are over," is the title of a new internal report from the Retail Council of Canada to its
     members. "Retailers foresee slow growth, no momentum

4.  Canada's #1 grocer LobLaw is launching a new rewards card next year to catch up to rivals and get
     ready for Target's red card
5.  Target starts their year-long effort to win the Canadian shoppers with a pop-up store of Wu's
     collections in Toronto and that's just the beginning
6.  J Crew announces 3 new stores in Canada - Vancouver- Edmonton and Toronto
7.  Tory Burch, an American luxury retailer of women's apparel and accessories, plans to set up an
     outlet in Toronto, Canada
8.  RCMP bust 8 in 600,000 cigarettes smuggling ring in Quebec

February 22, 2012
 With 1,500 Zellers workers in 12 stores in Ontario ratifying a new, three-year union agreement they're
     now launching a battle with Target, who's buying some of their stores

2.  Wal-Mart's #1 Asset Protection position remains open after their last Vice President Stephen O'Keefe
     left to join the Retail Council of Canada as Vice President
3.  Microsoft is looking at its first Canadian store and trying to play catch-up with Apple

4.  The Bay's 5'8" virtual greeter - a life like digital image projected on a glass tower in their flag ship
     store in Toronto - welcomes customers to its new interactive display of high-end gifts

February 10, 2012
 Private Security firms in Canada are welcoming new citizen's arrest law that's being considered in the
     House of Commons but wants more powers and the police are Private security firms -

2.  Canadians pay typically 20% more for goods than Americans
3.  Hudson Bay Co. is closing all 141 Fields stores throughout Canada

4.  Cabela's opening their Winnipeg store with more stores coming
5.  Canada's copyright bill currently in the House of Commons is being influenced by the same lobby
     groups that promoted SOPA in the States and there's lots of opposition
6.  Canada's job growth is slowing down and unemployment is up to 7.6%- two bad signs for their

February 8, 2012
 Walmart Canada goes on offensive ahead of Target arrival
2.  Canada's retail landscape is "going to get tough"
3.  Canada's drug store industry is set for a battle as well

January 30, 2012
 "Harry Rosen readies itself for retail foreign invasion"
2.  Wal-Mart Canada's Loss Prevention leader left to join the RCC, leaving the biggest LP job in Canada
3.  Sears Canada cuts 400 jobs in their second downsizing

4.  Retail Sales in November were up 0.3% to $38.7B for the fourth straight month
5.  No big LP job gains yet in Canada - actually we've seen some shrinking of the market

January 20, 2012
 Canadian retailers face a pressure-cooker year ahead
2.  86 Zellers stores remain unwanted and unsold -What will Hudson Bay do with them
3.  Canadian retailers have a Target on their backs

January 13, 2012
 The Retail Council of Canada's Safety Group Program hits milestone with a $2.3 million rebate check
2.  Canada's online business to reach $30.9 billion by 2015
3.  Early reports show Canadian retailers were flat in holiday sales

4.  Online sales for December were up 22% and transactions up 35% for online retailers for Pulse
5.  Prices may slightly improve in Canada but not by much
6.  Montreal losses 18,000 retail jobs in the final three months of 2011 while Toronto gains 4,000
7.  Canada's largest grocer Loblaws takes a negative stand on the new whistleblower laws
8.  Canada's $6 billion gift card industry reports about $1 billion is never cashed
9.  Target is building it's third distribution center in Canada in Calgary
10. Quebec's largest drug store chain and major shareholder of Rite Aid, Jean Coutu sees a healthy 3rd
11. Canadian Food Inspection Agency has laid 60 criminal charges against Brampton-based Maple
     Lodge Farms, Canada’s largest independent chicken processor, alleging violations of federal animal
     health regulations

January 6, 2012
 It's going to get tough in Canada
2.  Target announces their first 24 stores in Canada and all of them are in Ontario
3.  At the end of the day, the Canadian retail sector looks promising for job growth in 2012

4.  Pity the poor retailer who fails to keep up
5.  Increasingly bold thieves hurting trucking industry across Canada
6.  Le Chateau reports same store sales down 8.4% last quarter

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Canadian Push Archives 2012
Canadian Push Archives 2012
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