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2012 ORC News Archives

ORC News Archives

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December 21, 2012
 Las Vegas gang caught stealing a trailer of merchandise from Target; $250,000 recovery.
2.  Trio arrested in counterfeit money scam hitting Toys R Us stores in California

December 20, 2012
 Georgia's ORC Effort - Past, Present, and Future
2.  Rochester, NY police working with local retailer, developing shoplifters info website to fight ORC
3.  Spartanburg, SC couple busted for $78k credit card fraud
4.  Two women ORC gang busted in Detroit hitting Target stores
5.  Marshall’s Associate Investigated for Gift Card Scam in Temple, Texas.
6.  Two females shoplifters nabbed at Lord and Taylor; $1500 recovered

December 19, 2012
 Georgia's ORC Effort - Past, Present, and Future
2.  Shoplifting gangs stealing $252,541 U.S. of goods an hour in Ireland
3.  New Hampshire Police working with Retailers on Shoplifter Website.
4.  Four boys and a man on a shoplifting spree arrested in Portland; $6000 in merchandise recovered.

December 18, 2012
 Georgia's ORC Effort - Past, Present, and Future
2.  Chillicothe police arrest alleged serial shoplifters

December 17, 2012
 Georgia's ORC Effort - Past, Present, and Future
2.  Albuquerque police say shoplifting has evolved in the last few years into a more violent and organized
3.  Suspicious vehicle check results in ORC arrests in Houston, TX
4.  Organized Retail Crime Detail at Gurnee Mill Mall north of Chicago pays off with four arrests.

December 14, 2012
 Chicago police arrests two men using Gift Cards in a large-scale fraud operation hitting Target stores
2.  One small business owner and Social Media takes on 5 shoplifters in Manteca, CA.

December 13, 2012
 "The new kings of crime" from Eastern Europe hitting retailers in Chicago - their #1 crime
2.  Ten indicted in $7 Million eBay fraud scheme.
3.  An Employee at a New York Community College steals $50,000, by inventory and refund fraud.
4.  Indianapolis area woman wanted for felony theft at Target.

December 12, 2012
 Four women ORC gang accused of running large-scale theft ring in Tucson, AZ and stealing over
     $100,000 from 30 shoplifting incidents
2.  Four women and a female juvenile apprehended for felony theft at Walmart in Queensbury, NY.
3.  Disbanding serial shoplifting rings in Tulsa by targeting 20 serial shoplifters
4.  Updated newly released video: Senior Citizens? - ORC traveling ring of four men hits Best Buy Stores
     in Pittsburgh, PA.

December 11, 2012
 Fencing Operation busted in San Francisco and it could be a part of a bigger ring
2.  Canadian ring busted with 30,700 stolen payment card numbers and at least a dozen stolen POS
3.  Criminal crew - ORC gang targets Seattle-area Microsoft stores
4.  Ross Store in Tulsa, Oklahoma busts five for Grand Larceny following a high speed chase.

December 10, 2012
 Kohl's LP Exec., Michael DeMeo busts Trio who plead guilty to being involved in a massive
     nationwide identity theft and check counterfeiting ring
2.  "Skimmers" discovered "all over the place" across San Bernardino County, CA
3.  ORC? Three wanted in retail theft at Hershey outlets in Hershey, PA
4.  Four detained at Kohl's, accused of running shoplifting ring in Live Oak, TX
5.  Trio ORC box-stuffing gang hits Best Buy for 40 iPads and MP3 players worth $200 each in
     Evansville, IN
6.  Police nabbed three members of Felony Lane Gang in Naples, FL.

December 7, 2012
 Wrentham police bust counterfeit theft ring - hit 31 stores at Wrentham Village Premium Outlets in
     one day
2.  Growing trend in ORC - a car-load of stolen steaks and ribs - in Rochester, NY
3.  ORC gang hitting Wal-Mart stores in Brownsville, Arkansas and Mississippi busted
4.  Serial Shoplifter in Columbus, Ohio arrested, has 20 Aliases, 3 Socials and 9 different birthdates
5.  Police release surveillance video - three shoplifters at a Target that triggered a police shooting in FL.
6.  ORC - Woman hitting Sunglass Hut multiple times in Lower Merion, PA.
7.  AT&T Wireless stores & Verizon store in Lower Merion, PA., getting hit by same suspects
8.  Police searching for credit card fraudster hitting Kmart and Food Lion stores in Newport News, Va

December 6, 2012
 Booster Bag shoplifters caught in Tampa, $700 recovery
2.  Smash & grabs "plaguing" Mobile and Baldwin Counties in Alabama
3.  Del. Police Seek Suspects in Identity Theft hitting Wal-Mart

December 5, 2012
 Dallas police shut down 80 fencing operators in the city
2.  Multi-state identity theft & counterfeit check gang busted in Baton Rouge, La

December 4, 2012
 More on the ORC activity in Pittsburgh - getting hit by multiple ORC gangs
2.  Five member ORC gang busted in St Louis hitting Sports Authority, Dillard's, and Von Maur stores
3.  Hat thieves hit Lord & Taylor in Palisades Mall in New Jersey
4.  More on London's West-end $1.6M high-speed motorcycle smash-and-grab ORC gang

December 3, 2012
 Ringleader of a $1.63M U.S. smash and grab gang "plaguing" the West End of London convicted
     along with his gang
2.  Senior Citizens? - ORC traveling ring of four men hits Best Buy Stores in Pittsburgh, PA
3.  Apple devices again the target of thieves at an Arkansas Wal
4.  Pittsburgh Louis Vuitton store robbed Thursday; five suspects are likely part of an ORC ring
5.  San Diego thieves hit Victoria Secret’s for 300 pairs of panties

November 30, 2012
 Another all in the family--Father son duo busted hitting American Eagle Outfitters in Albuquerque, NM

November 29, 2012
 Fresno-based robbery crew busted for 7 robberies and ORC thefts of high-dollar items from retailers
2.  Two New Orleans women busted at Mandeville. LA., Victoria's Secret with a dozen ID's, shoplifting,
     returning merchandise, and two dozen gift cards from various retailers
3.  A postal worker among six arrested in Alabama identity theft ring

November 28, 2012
 Multi state crime ring hits Wal-Mart in Mahoning Township, Pa
2.  Gang of female shoplifters invade large retail store Saturday night and stole thousands of dollars in
     merchandise in Muhlenberg, Pa
3.  Three member ORC gang busted hitting stores in Westport, Conn

November 27, 2012
 Two Bangor suspects hit Cabela’s on numerous occasions
2.  Mastermind of a five member ORC gang on the run for five years busted and locked up in Orlando, Fla

November 26, 2012
 Three women arrested after van full of stolen merchandise is found in Madison, Wisconsin
2.  Des Moines, Federal Way men arrested in alleged Centralia shoplifting ring
3.  Shoplifting crews busted in Orland Park investigation

November 21, 2012
 Three women arrested in Port St Lucie Walmart, nearly $2000 in merchandise recovered

November 20, 2012
 ORC group of three c-stores busted after 3 month investigation in Durham, NC

November 19, 2012
 Is Bay Area Flea Market Merchandise A Real Steal
2.  Identity theft ring leader pleads guilty in Manhattan Federal Court Friday to $1M in large-scale scam
     hitting big retail stores
3.  Two men accused of "skimming" hundreds of credit card numbers will plea out in St. George, Calif
4.  Two Baton Rouge women have been sentenced for an identity theft scheme that netted $150,000
5.  NYC Shoplifting Gang busted in Kittery, Maine
6.  Duo jailed in retail theft spree in Palm Beach, FL
7.  Massachusetts man-serial shoplifter busted stealing ink cartridges in Windsor Locks local pharmacy

November 16, 2012
 Five arrested in connection with cross-country retail theft spree hitting retailers including Target, TJ
     Maxx and Marshalls
2.  Rite Aid ORC suspect hits store in Thomaston, CT for razors and teeth whitener products
3.  Walmart refunders in Tampa, FL could face robbery and assault charges

November 15, 2012
 ORC couple returning stolen merchandise for refunds at J.C. Penney in St. Louis County busted

November 14, 2012
 Police bust shoplifting ring at Fashion Valley in San Diego, CA
2.  Four suspects in Baltimore, MD area identity scheme plead guilty, now facing 11 to 20 years
3.  A Mississippi man has been sentenced to serve 15 years in prison for selling pirated DVDs and CDs
4.  New York woman accused of identity theft, using a relatives name

November 13, 2012
 ORC costs New York $75 million in lost taxes
2.  Iowa Best Buy associate steals $37,000 of iPhones, one per day
3.  $5000 of cologne stolen from Ulta in Greenville, SC and police are seeking two suspects
4.  Nordstrom in Cherry Hill hit for $20,000 in Burberry products
5.  San Antonio,TX Walmart computer thief nabbed, charged with theft and engaging in organized crime
6.  Radio Shack in Palm Beach, FL fools burglars with empty boxes
7.  Port St. Lucie, FL Police have arrested two Miami area men who allegedly stole cell phones from
     several stores in St Lucie
8.  Burglars steal $6000 worth of generators in 3 minutes in Lufkin, Texas

November 12, 2012
 Charleston, WV Police Department uncovers $10,000 in retail theft with LeadsOnline & Cabela's LP
     team's help
2.  Ontario, Cailf., identity theft victim - whose card was never stolen - helps police bust ID scanning thief
     hitting retailers
3.  Follett Higher Education Loss Prevention busts three at George Washington University stealing over
     $150,000 of text books
4.  3,000 cases of Enfamil formula stolen from the manufacture’s truck in Michigan

November 9, 2012
 Gang of shoplifters rip off Macy's at Plaza Bonita in National City, CA., may be connected to other
2.  "Kia Crew" ORC gang busted in Delafield, California hitting Marshall's

November 8, 2012
 ORC ring busted in Houston targeting baby formula
2.  Three women charged with organized criminal activity in Midland, TX hitting Wal-Mart stores

November 7, 2012
 Baltimore man pleads guilty to identity theft for $70,000 worth of merchandise - his second conviction
     for ID theft in 5 yrs.
2.  Young ORC gang of three busted hitting Wal-Mart stores in Idaho Falls
3.  Couple shoplifted more than six dozen pieces of jewelry from Boscov's in Palmer Park Mall in Palmer
     Twp, PA

November 6, 2012
 Identity Theft Crew Busted
2.  ORC gang of four Mass. women busted hitting The Children's Place and others at Timberland outlet in
     Kittery, Maine

November 5, 2012
 Liquor Thefts in Seattle, The Northwest Grocery Association and the Seattle City Attorney said the
     bulk of the thefts are being committed by organized retail crime rings
2.  Two men accused of charging $50K of electronics to a stolen card
3.  Police seize 878 Counterfeit DVDs from a Minneapolis Man
4.  Three Walmart Baby Formula thieves lead Police on high speed chase in Massachusetts

November 2, 2012
 "There is a number of rings out there working, stealing alcohol," said King County sheriff's office
     spokesperson Cindi West. "It's a quick way to make a buck and easy to get rid of"
2.  Local shoplifting could be part of ring in Boone, NC
3.  Suspects arrested for felony burglary at Home Depot in Downers Grove, IL

November 1, 2012
 Sledgehammers, cans of pepper spray and less than one minute - four professional crooks swipe
     $100,000 of jewelry in broad daylight from a San Carlos store Tuesday
2.  Alleged Spokane theft ring busted for stealing TVs
3.  Woman ring leader of ORC gang busted hitting Target stores in Houston for thousands in baby
4.  Former State Department employee pleads guilty in an identity theft scheme that led to illegal
     transactions with credit cards

October 31, 2012
 Smash and grab' burglars target more than a dozen Burbank business
2.  Smash and grab video released from Florida Pawn Shop

October 30, 2012
 Two Eyeglass Stores hit in an hour in Peoria, IL.
2.  Police warn of shoplifting rings operating in Southwest Texas and Louisiana
3.  Serial Coat Thief in Tulsa apprehended, stealing over 30 coats from Macy’s and others.

October 29, 2012
 ID crime ring boss gets 25 years in prison for stealing thousands of personal identities and
     counterfeiting credit cards to buy high-end goods to be resold on Craigslist and eBay.
2.  Novi, Michigan Eye care store hit for $25,000 in merchandise by burglars.
3.  An organized shoplifting crew made off with high-end handbags worth more than $5,000 on Oct. 21 at
     Nordstrom in Pleasanton, Calif
4.  Yuba City, California suspects nailed at The Home Depot; Theft, Fraudulent identities and Mail theft.

October 26, 2012
 Retail crime ring stealing laundry detergent, diapers in Puyallup, Wash
2.  ORC ring leader who hit 70 Home Depots in New Jersey & New York admits to over $100,000 in theft
3.  Multi-state ORC ring of two women hitting Walmart stores Fed Ex'ing stolen goods to Los Angeles
     busted in Minnesota
4.  Potential ORC ring of three men operating in Marion, IL hit Dillard's store

October 25, 2012
 Friendly return policy at Nordstrom taken for $150,000 in Cincinnati
2.  Two Florida men arrested hitting Wal-Mart stores and notes found in their vehicle with security details
     about several Walmarts in Florida

October 24, 2012
 ORC Efforts Across the Pond
2.  Leader of ORC theft ring that targeted NJ Home Depot stores pleads guilty
3.  Four arrested, charged with engaging in organized criminal activity in Commerce, TX

October 23, 2012
 2012 WSORCA Training Conference Recap
2.  President Obama signs legislation on organized retail crime
3.  Jacksonville police searching for suspect in retail thefts

October 22, 2012
 Dozens of Calgary stores join police in battle against retail theft & ORC
2.  Two male employees of Woodbury Common Premium Outlets storage units hit Burberry for $93,000
3.  Safeway and Fred Meyer battling ORC in the North West
4.  ORC women duo hits Osage Beach Premium Outlet Mall in Osage Beach, Mo

October 19, 2012
 Faucets and power tools lands a Staten Island Home Depot thief in jail
2.  Two JC Penney associates confess to stealing over $5000 in merchandise in Monroe, Louisiana
3.  Piercing Pagoda employee steals from her store, sells merchandise to another store in the same mall
4.  O’Reilly Auto Parts Store employee busted, stole $11,000 over last two years

October 18, 2012
 Habitual ID thief busted after hitting Best Buy in Norwalk, Conn., and Target in Stamford, Conn
2.  ID/check fraud theft ring busted in McMinnville, OR hitting a retailer

October 17, 2012
 Theft ring of six teenagers busted in Pearland, TX
2.  Car stop leads to car filled with stolen merchandise from Pac Sun, Adidas and J Crew in Vacaville,
3.  The Metropolitan Security Council of Greater New York

October 16, 2012
 One woman ORC thief hits Palais Royal stores (Stage Stores) for two years in Houston, TX
2.  Three arrested in Alabama with 400 counterfeit debit/credit cards
3.  Union Square store in San Francisco hit by girl gang
4.  Two Alabama men accused of $10,000 in theft from Lowes

October 15, 2012
 Taking a bite out of organized retail crime
2.  New ORC group ALERT, Area Law Enforcement and Retailers Team task force, established in Tri-|
     Cities area (Bristol, VA and Johnson City, TN) hosted by K-VA-T Food Stores
3.  Springfield man pleads guilty to elaborate check fraud scheme hitting various retailers
4.  ORC gang of four charged in theft of $38,000 from East Syracuse Home Depot
5.  ORC gang of four females busted for shoplifting hitting Walmart stores at Moncks Corner, SC
6.  Mesa, AZ man busted selling 45 electronics items stolen from Walmart stores to pawn shops

October 12, 2012
 Major identity theft ring busted in Spokane, Wash., after buying hundreds of thousands of dollars in
     goods with fraudulent credit cards
2.  Two Shoplifter at Macy’s in Philadelphia head to court for robbery, theft and assault on a Loss
     Prevention Agent.

October 11, 2012
 The Metropolitan Security Council of Greater New York
2.  ORC gang of three busted hitting Walmart stores in Oakland, Livingston and Macomb Counties in
3.  Earlier this week we published an article stating that Las Vegas had made the Top 10 list for retail
     theft, including Organized Retail Crime
4.  Serial Shoplifter nabbed in Wisconsin
5.  Five female suspects hit Saks Outlet near Cincinnati for a large quantity of perfumes
6.  Idaho Falls man arrested for theft and fraud from Home Depot
7.  Burlington, Mass., Police search for a trio hitting Best Buy
8.  Two suspects arrested after hitting Abercrombie stores in Peabody and Braintree
9.  Convenience store theft ring broken up in Limerick
10.Third member of ORC gang in Danbury Conn. turns herself in

October 10, 2012
 New Partnership Brings Together Retailers and Law Enforcement to Fight Organized Retail Crime
2.  Dallas area thief admits to stealing thousands of dollars of Frontline Pet medication, but denies being
3.  Michigan trio busted for Walmart electronics theft; equipped with lock pick and bear spray
4.  Louisiana Identify Theft Ring had stolen information on over 100 people
5.  Long Island baby formula thief being sought
6.  Impatient shoplifter couldn’t wait in a long line

October 9, 2012
 Organized Retail Crime gang in Jackson County, Florida uncovered during stolen car traffic stop

October 8, 2012
 Suspicious shoppers are caught for burglary and possession of stolen property

October 5, 2012
 Police target Las Vegas retail theft rings with RAPP program
2.  ORC couple hitting Wal-Marts in Washington state
3.  LAAORCA announces exciting news!

October 4, 2012
 Michigan sees a rise in shoplifting rings
2.  Two separate ORC busts at Home Depot in Mesa, Arizona

October 3, 2012
 Ohio mother and daughter running a shoplifting ring indicted
2.  ORC couple hit Giant food stores in 5 counties with retail theft & refund scam
3.  Shreveport pull over a car suspected in grab and run robberies, recovering thousands in merchandise

October 2, 2012
 $37.5M worth of fake credit cards found in Australia, making it the the most sophisticated and most
     successful fraud operation in the country's history
2.  Third suspect arrested in Pennsylvania in 'Operation Hard Target'
3.  Police and Troopers are developing more information on Midwest Walmart thieves
4.  Stein Mart in Louisville nabs thieves with $1000 of cologne
5.  Publix employee Pepper Sprayed by Shoplifter

October 1, 2012
 Michigan House Commerce Committee approves legislation addressing ORC
2.  Idaho couple load up shopping carts attempting to shoplift from Walmart
3.  A federal investigation in Mobile, AL negotiated guilty pleas from three more people in a multi-state
     theft ring that was selling fraudulently-obtained electronics on eBay

September 28, 2012
 Third Annual C.L.E.A.R Conference
2.  Michigan House would make organized retail theft a felony with tougher punishments than those for
3.  Four arrested in Burglary ring in South Carolina
4.  70-year-old man arrested for organized fraud

September 27, 2012
 6th Annual New England Organized Retail Crime Symposium and Trade Show
2.  Pair hitting Walmart for video games in Ohio and Indiana have the key
3.  Three arrested in Rochelle Walmart for thousands in theft, connection to other thefts in Wisconsin
     and Illinois
4.  Wisconsin Beauty Product thieves behind bars

September 26, 2012
 Identity theft ring of 3 busted last week in Fremont, CA.
2.  Champs store employee works with restaurant credit card thief, stealing $24,000.
3.  Portland, OR Mom gets 4 days jail for running a home based black market mini-mart.
4.  Delaware man accused of Organized Retail Theft on 31 counts.
5.  Five teens wanted in Brooklyn sneaker store robbery.
6.  Group responsible for 40 robberies of Oxycontin could be living in Ottawa.

September 25, 2012
 Woman charged with stealing $6K in baby formula from Kroger in Louisville, KY
2.  Eighteenth cigarette heist in Columbus, Ohio since July

September 24, 2012
 Between Jan 1, 2012 and September 21, 2012 the Daily has reported on 1,226 ORC apprehensions
     and over $200M in known theft with an average per-suspect amount of $168,350
2.  Hialeah, FL., murder case leads to cargo theft ring in southern Florida
3.  Final suspect in large scale shoplifting ring operating in New England and possibly up and down the
     east coast arrested in Brooklyn
4.  Long Island Razor Blade thief moves camera prior to the theft at Giant Foods

September 21, 2012
 Three suspects sought in the theft of $2,500 in razors and razor blades from Targets in the Tampa, FL
2.  A Stuart, Florida couple used an elaborate scheme to make money by stealing merchandise and
     fraudulently obtaining gift cards for six months
3.  Store associate recognizes shoplifter who stole $1000 worth of merchandise
4.  Target in Pennsylvania hit for $8000 in ink cartridges and computer hard drives
5.  Romanian family hits a jewelry store in Houston, TX one suspect arrested in Canada

September 20, 2012
 Second suspect in Danbury, CT arrested in ORC theft at Lowes.
2.  Five people faced with 300 charges of fraud in GTA identity thefts.

September 19, 2012
 Minnesota woman that hit Target sentenced in Federal Court on counterfeit checks case must pay
     $45K in restitution
2.  Prescott, Arizona police arrest 2 men in Verizon store robberies, one is a former employee

September 18, 2012
 Starting next week, the Daily will be publishing weekly articles highlighting ORCAs in the U.S.
2.  Cincinnati Outlet Mall ORC shoplifters fight with police
3.  Boston area woman attempts to steal formula from Target
4.  Kohl’s cargo theft ends up being part of a murder investigation
5.  Two Romanians plead guilty to credit card hack

September 17, 2012
 Pasco County, Florida Kmart store burglarized as one thief remained in the store after closing
2.  Allentown Walmart nabs 3 electronic thieves with over $5000 of electronics

September 14, 2012
 New York ORC thief gets minor jail time in Michigan
2.  "Operation Pacifier" hits 4 stores in St. Paul, MN selling stolen baby formula
3.  Jamestown, North Dakota couple faces felony theft charges, '3 pickup truck loads of merchandise
4.  A Rochester man faces felony for allegedly stealing printer ink and electronics

September 13, 2012
 Miami to Melbourne theft ring based in Miami involving a larger group of women may be hitting your
     stores - here's a photo of one
2.  ORC gang of 4 women busted in the Dungannon area of the UK
3.  New England ORC Symposium & Tradeshow Agenda

September 12, 2012
 Dallas Show Warehouse LP helps Prince George's County, MD Police shut down fencing operation
2.  Four more found guilty in 14-state $2M+ federal identity theft ring in Minnesota that hit retailers and
     financials institutions
3.  Multi-state credit card scam comes to an end in Franklin, Tennessee
4.  Two busted on shoplifting spree in Jackson, MI

September 11, 2012
 Retailers Against Crime expands to Southern Ireland
2.  Fallas Paredes store in Fresno, CA hit for 40-45 pairs of jeans
3.  Bloomingdales in Northern New Jersey hit for $2400 of True Religion Jeans

September 10, 2012
 New England ORC Symposium & Tradeshow Agenda
2.  Portland ORC ring of two busted who sold $1M on eBay since 2008
3.  Atlanta ORC duo hitting retailers for hard drives from computers - with one man busted and the
     other still unidentified
4.  Husband wife ORC duo busted in Cary, NC for shoplifting thousands and selling boosted goods
5.  ORC gang of three busted in Petaluma, CA after hitting Kohl's with car loaded with stolen
     merchandise after what police believe was a "burglary spree
6.  Is this an ORC operation?
7.  Police search for 4th suspect in Hialeah, FL robbery

September 7, 2012
 4 members of multistate $2M ID theft ring that hit retailers found guilty

September 6, 2012
 RxPatrol - a web-based program to help combat pharmacy theft
2.  ORC duo on their way across country hits three Wal-Mart stores stealing electronics gets busted
     in Michigan

September 5, 2012
 ORC ring busted at Lowe's in Florida had inside help stealing tens of thousands of dollars
2.  Two men busted stealing iPods at Wal-Mart store in Houston - to sell online

September 4, 2012
 Albuquerque Police Department receives two awards honoring their leadership role with retail
     organized crime efforts
2.  Two suspects turn themselves in for more than a dozen burglaries of Bay Area electronics stores
     netting over $400,000
3.  ORC group in Lakeland, FL of two women with their kids in tow busted with $70,000 of
     merchandise headed for sale online

August 31, 2012
 Family cleaning crew - ORC gang - hits TJ Maxx store for $100,000 worth of property in Virginia
     Beach, VA
2.  ORC ring operating in Cleveland, Ohio where a man is paying people $20 to $30 for each gift card
     totaling over $100 they get from returning stolen merchandise
3.  ORC ring suspected in California with one member being busted stealing baby formula from
     multiple stores

August 30, 2012
1.  With 22 ORC groups around the U.S. we estimate that there's close to 10,000 public and private
     sector executives now meeting at annual conferences to band together and fight this increasing
2.  Two Chicago women busted for hitting three Walgreens stores in one day for over $6,000
3.  St. Louis, MO area mall alarmed over increase in recent thefts

August 29, 2012
 ORC ring of 4 busted in Round Rock, Texas hitting 12 separate locations in Round Rock, San
     Marcos, and San Antonio
2.  Pep Boys and Tractor Supply Bad Check passer behind bars
3.  Woman goes on identity theft shopping spree in Arizona
4.  Columbus, Ohio police are searching for 6 possible ORC bandits

August 28, 2012
 "Major fencing operation" in Conn. uncovered and police seize truckloads of stolen retail
     merchandise estimated to be worth $100,000
2.  Teeth-whitening stripes are flying off the counters in Indiana and being stripped from store shelves
3.  Two couples in San Antonio used their children to hit Outlet Malls

August 27, 2012
 ORC group arrested passing counterfeit $20's and using customers credit card numbers to
     purchase gift cards at Sam's Club and Wal-Mart in Tallahassee, FL
2.  ORC suspect gets 2 to 5 years in prison for her role in a ring that hit CVS and Rite Aid drug stores
     in the northeast

August 24, 2012
 Sparks, Nevada police arrest two suspected of buying stolen items; 15,000+ DVDs, CDs, video
     games recovered
2.  Trio targeting retail stores in Allentown,PA with counterfeit $100 bills
3.  Vacaville, California Walmart nabs 2 suspects with 163 cans of baby formula

August 23, 2012
 Shoplifting suspect turns herself in seeing surveillance video on television

August 22, 2012
 Seven arrested for Organized Retail Crime from Louisiana Co-op
2.  Theft Ring busted in North Las Vegas, recruited children

August 21, 2012
 Suspect with showcase keys makes a clean get away, except for the camera
2.  Five women hit Target in Woodbury for phones and electronics
3.  Fry’s Electronics surveillance video released: $163,000 of Apple products stolen

August 20, 2012
 Charlotte, NC police are battling a big spike - 20% - in shoplifting cases this summer and blame
2.  "Greenville Grabbers" were busted as a known ORC shoplifting ring hitting a Wal-Mart store in
     Monticello, Arkansas
3.  Willowbrook Mall, NJ Apple store gets hit by ORC three male suspects for 36 iPods valued at
     $8,000 and may have hit before
4.  Suspect arrested for a second time this month stealing baby formula

August 17, 2012
 Your own shoplifting personal shopper in Albuquerque
2.  13 people busted in Queens for stealing millions in ID theft that funded shopping sprees at Best
     Buy, Home Depot, Loehmann's, Walgreens and Sephora
3.  Minn. Apple stores get hit with the popular "here talk to the credit card company on my cell"
4.  Female suspect busted with 47 shirts stolen from Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister stores in
     Memorial City Mall in Houston

August 16, 2012
 Two men steal 500 canaries from Florida breeder to sell to Miami area pet stores

August 15, 2012
 Coalitions, Cooperation, Congress Are Key in Battle Against ORC

August 14, 2012
 Multi-state shoplifting ring indentified in Richmond, VA., hitting JC Penney stores
2.  Minnesota Apple Store loses $44,000 on fake authorization numbers

August 13, 2012
 Mom and son "box stuffing" ORC team hit Toys R Us for $2M and hit 50 states in one year
2.  The 2012 Chicago Cook County Retail Organized Crime conference scheduled to be held on Sept
     10-11 is booked up - filled and will obviously be a packed house with Loss Prevention executives
     and law enforcement members.
3.  Traffic stop in Mobile, Ala., uncovers 4 ORC suspects with booster bags that had over 500 stolen
     items in their trunk.
4.  Conn. Trio busted hitting Outlets in Clinton and Westbrook.
5.  Video shows women shoplifting more than $10K in goods from West U boutiques in Houston, TX

August 10, 2012
 36 arrested in fraud case that began in Richland, Washington.
2.  Kentucky Pawn Shops in the Middle of Gift Card Crime.

August 9, 2012
 Allied Against ORC - Collaboration, data sharing lead to convictions
2.  Serial shoplifter busted in Lodi, Wisconsin after hitting numerous Madison-area stores
3.  Green Bay police are searching for two people who allegedly shoplifted cartloads of electronics
     from local stores.

August 8, 2012
 Town of Newburgh, NY police said they arrested a trio of New York City men Saturday morning
     using gift cards bought with bogus credit cards to buy thousands of dollars of electronics from Wal-
2.  The LP News Network (LPNN) will be shooting an episode while attending New England's ORC
     Symposium & Trade Show Sept 20th with Albuquerque's Police Chief Raymond Schultz; Karen
     Fischer, Albuquerque's Strategic Support Division Manager ; and Joe LaRocca, Senior Advisor,
     Loss Prevention

August 7, 2012
 Queens couple pleads guilty to role in U.S. largest identity theft case in history that hit Apple and 
     Best Buy stores.
2.  Major Fencing operation - Flea Market busted in Proctorville, Ohio
3.  Fencing operation busted in Ottawa, Canada
4.  Shoplifting ring identified after police pulled them over in their car in Fridley, Minnesota
5.  Collier County Sheriff's Office, in Naples Florida, recently launched the the Collier County
     Organized Retail Theft Association.
6.  Aiken, SC check forgery gang of 3 busted hitting Bi-Lo grocery stores with fraudulent payroll

August 6, 2012
 Three arrested with $9000 of Walmart electronics: using gift cards purchased with fraudulent credit
2.  The New England Organized Retail Crime Symposium & Trade Show being held in Worcester,
     Massachusetts on September 20th, is a strong blend of education, networking and career

August 3, 2012
 Philadelphia Burberry store hit for over $16,000 by a team of thieves.
2.  Two women busted in Fairlawn, OH for hitting Apple stores repeatedly and stealing thousands in
3.  Coming next week; An interview with Kevin Plante

August 2, 2012
 Operation Baby Steps" in Los Angeles ends in multiple arrests with cash and formula seizures
2.  A Minnesota woman has 30 identities, and was on an internet shopping spree every night
3.  4 in Minneapolis plead guilty to creating fake documents and counterfeit checks used at retail
     stores to make expensive purchases and then returned for cash

August 1, 2012
 Group hits Loehmann’s for nearly $3000 in handbags
2.  Kerastase Age Recharge shampoo becomes a hot item at Darien CVS
3.  Baby formula, diapers and fake credit cards, land 2 Brooklyn men in jail
4.  Five TJ Maxx Associates charged with theft
5.  Two suspects in Madison, Conn., go on shoplifting spree at Stop & Shop over several days and hit
     them for thousands
6.  George Torres (CVS Caremark) is now the Sr. Advisor & Board Member at the Los Angeles Area
     Organized Retail Crimes Association (LAAORCA)

July 31, 2012
 Three arrested after $9,000 in merchandise taken from Victoria's Secret in Boca Raton
2.  Three charged with several computer thefts from Walmart

July 30, 2012
 Sacramento, CA County Sheriff's high-tech crimes unit bust credit/debit card skimming operation
     with skimmers found in gas station pumps undetectable on the front of the pumps
2.  Oregon quintet busted stealing from a dozen stores by Boise Towne Square Mall and may be
     connected to other shoplifting sprees
3.  "Major shoplifting ring" busted in Muncy Township, PA, stealing thousands of dollars worth of
     DVD's from Sam's Club, Target, and Best Buy to support their heroin addiction
4.  Earlier this month Florence, SC, police busted three suspects with 886 bottles of pain relievers and
     multi-vitamins in their possession after questioning them regarding a CVS drug store incident and it
     is suspected they may be a part of a shoplifting ring spanning several states
5.  In Memoriam: Walgreen ORC Team Member passes

July 27, 2012
 Newly formed law enforcement/retail partnership in Las Vegas leads to multiple arrests and
     seizures at local market
2.  It was announced today that Debbie Ho (Target Corporation) will succeed George Torres as the
     Retail Co-Chair of the Los Angeles Area Organized Retail Crimes Association (LAAORCA)

July 26, 2012
 Fed's bust store owner and two others for buying and reselling black-market liquor, baby formula,
     and untaxed cigarettes in Vegas and running a retail theft ring
2.  Police bust 5 men for running a bogus check-cashing ring targeting Publix stores throughout
3.  "Organized group of shoplifters" stole eight cell phones from Radio Shack in Richmond Centre,
     Ky., and may be connected to a similar shoplifting spree in Georgetown

July 25, 2012
 New Jersey State Police Cargo Theft Unit bust organized theft operation with profits of more than
     $100,000 by stealing crushed and baled cardboard boxes from Wal-Mart and Sam's Club.
2.  Label switching Mom hitting South Florida Target stores was yielding $30,000 a month.

July 24, 2012
 Gift-card scammers rounded up by authorities face charges of ID theft, forgery
2.  Authorities bust "major crime ring" where four suspects would commit "elaborate" smash-and-grab
     robberies at jewelry stores in Houston.
3.  Organized crime group from Southern California possibly involved in a number of burglaries in San
     Luis Obispo area
4.  Five suspects indicted for organized retail theft in Sequin, TX.
5.  Two females charged with fraudulent credit cards and identity theft in the theft of $4000 in NJ.

July 23, 2012
 4 Brooklyn residents busted passing fake $100's at Stop and Shop in Darien, CT and had
     merchandise from other stores

July 20, 2012
 Staten Island's Michael Cusick looks to combat organized shoplifting rings
2.  Around 60 million euro has been stolen from bank accounts in a massive cyber raid on 60 banks

July 19, 2012
 Three NJ shoplifters busted at Lord and Taylor
2.  The Buckle Store stops 2 grab and run bandits
3.  Three suspects arrested at The Buckle in Olympia

July 18, 2012
 Investigators say counterfeit goods industry is bigger business than the illegal drug trade

July 17, 2012
 The Tri-Cities ALERT system recently brought local law enforcement and retailers together to
     accomplish the first step in organizing an ALERT group

July 16, 2012
 "Crestsmile" nic - husband wife ORC team selling $70K to $140K a month online busted. "One of
     the largest fencing operations for shoplifted goods in Portland" according to Rick Whidden,
     Safeway's director of loss prevention - couple pleads not-guilty
2.  Identity theft ring identified operating in Central California

July 13, 2012
 ORC ring busted in Washington, D.C. buying stolen Tide and exporting it for resale in Vietnam
2.  Albuquerque Organized Crime Unit bust ORC ring at Home Depot stealing weed killer and no-touch
     faucets and returning the merchandise for refunds
3.  Two women busted for shoplifting spree that hit Dillard's, Old Navy, the Children's Place and
     Aeropostale in Central Florida
4.  4 Michigan residents indicted for using other people's credit cards and hitting Home Depot, Meijer,
     and Wal-Mart in Northern Kentucky
5.  Trio of convicted felons with combined total of 48 bookings and 105 criminal records hit Kohl's in
     Port Charlotte, FL

July 12, 2012
 Woman pleads guilty in Fed court for taking part in large-scale multi-state 25 member - $2M
     identity theft ring that hit retailers as well
2.  San Carlos, Arizona retailers are increasingly getting hit by organized retail crime groups
3.  Possible ORC group of four busted after hitting Hannaford Supermarket in Hudson, MA
4.  ORC duo being sought in Dunwoody, GA., that has been stealing large amounts of clothing and
     beauty products and hitting Ulta and Target stores and trying to sell their merchandise
5.  Niles, Ohio police are looking for two women involved in multiple thefts from retailers and are asking
     the public for help

July 11, 2012
 Gangbangers are trading in their guns and masks for laptops and card skimmers
2.  Albuquerque Retail Assets Protection Association, FISOA and the Albuquerque Police Department
     present: 1st Annual Golf Tournament

July 10, 2012
 Toys R Us Takes Repeat Burglar off the Streets
2.  Two "serial shoplifters" busted after 11 years - using their kids and baby strollers in Lakeland,
3.  ORC female suspect for multiple shoplifting incidents from Wal-Mart arrested in Morris County,
     N.J., and the investigation is ongoing for her accomplices
4.  Traffic Stop Leads to Identity Theft, Counterfeiting Bust in LA County

July 9, 2012
 ORC female suspect apprehended in San Antonio and police are looking for additional suspects

July 5, 2012
 Jurisdictions utilizing the Public-Private Partnership Model in combination with the Real Time Info
     Sharing System

July 3, 2012
 3 member ORC ring busted in Florence, SC, hitting CVS and police suspect the shoplifting ring
     could span several states
2.  ORC gang of 8 busted in Muncy. PA after a three month investigation by police with the original
     lead coming from the LP team at a Sam's Club store
3.  ORC duo in Ohio suspected in hitting multiple Wal-Mart stores and stealing thousands of dollars of
     Apple products
4.  Raleigh, NC retail store use to sell stolen goods and tied to at least 10 thefts at various grocery
     stores over a six month period

July 2, 2012
 Multistate print cartridge shoplifting ring caught in Tilton, New Hampshire
2.  Razor blades, Prilosec and Advil theft from Pennsylvania Walmart gets 22 people indicted

June 29, 2012
 Eastview Mall trio busted for shoplifting and possession of criminal tools
2.  Twenty five hundred dollars of electronics stuffed in a leaf blower box
3.  Paramus Nordstrom stunned by firework as thieves get away with $1500 in watches
4.  2012 Chicago CCROC Conference

June 28, 2012
 TOYS R US Investigations team closes $400k ORC case in Houston!
2.  Indianapolis ORC gang busted at area hotel
3.  Rolex smash-and-grab robbers to face trial in California

June 27, 2012
 ORC investigator nabbed a booster while at the NRF Loss Prevention Conference & Expo
2.  Wisconsin suburb of Wauwatosa stops a 10 mall shoplifting spree
3.  A Caseyville, St. Louis Area, police officer is hospitalized in stable condition after he crashed his
     car into a railroad bridge pier while chasing a theft suspect in north St. Louis
4.  Five arrested in string of Walmart thefts linked to crime ring
5.  Theft Ring Leader gets 8 years

June 26, 2012
 Fraud Suspect Arrested; $200,000 Worth of Stolen Goods Recovered
2.  Kalamazoo Retailers and Law Enforcement work together to arrest an ORC Ring

June 25, 2012
 Four armed suspects rob a Boost Mobile store in Clairemont Mesa
2.  Racketeers running “iRacket” from inside prison
3.  Ohio Crime Stoppers focused on the theft of $10,000 in electronics

June 22, 2012
 Bicycle thief linked to over $100k in stolen bikes caught in Boise
2.  UK teenagers stole smart phones from shops to resell

June 21, 2012
 Loss Prevention Officers at Belks identify an ORC ring that results in 5 arrests
2.  8 people charged in a string of jewelry store robberies in Canada

June 20, 2012
 One suspect was arrested and others were cited following what Coolidge, AZ Police believe was an
     organized retail thrift spree
2.  TJX officials identify man using counterfeit checks at various retail stores in Myrtle Beach and
     notify police

June 19, 2012
 The San Diego Organized Retail Crime Alliance, In conjunction with the San Diego Police
     Department, will be hosting their second annual Organized Retail Crime Training Conference.
2.  Police say organized retail theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the country
3.  Woman charged in two year fraud scheme that cost residents and and businesses $337K

June 18, 2012
 High End Shoplifting Ring busted in Sydney Australia
2.  UK shoplifting gang convicted of theft of over $25,000
3.  Brazen robbers hit a Melbourne, Australia grocery store on a busy Saturday morning as 200
     customers are stunned
4.  South African Organized crime unit takes down $50 million cargo theft ring

June 15, 2012
 Police bust $13M - 14 member Florida ORC ring that used stolen identities to apply for 23,527
     credit cards and purchased 56,873 gift cards at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club
2.  Arizona ORC ring of 6 busted and was hitting stores in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tucson

June 14, 2012
 ORC duo- men dressed as women - committing credit card fraud busted in Manhattan Beach, CA
     and hitting businesses and retailers all over Southern CA
2.  Lake County Sheriff and accomplice busted at Wal-Mart in Sanford, FL that may be ORC duo
3.  Woman hitting multiple Wal-Mart stores for TVs busted in Deep Creek, FL
4.  Thieves attempt to steal cargo from a moving truck
5.  Gilroy, CA - There will be an ORC Operation in the Gilroy Outlet Center on July 18 and 19, 2012

June 13, 2012
 ORC gang of 5 Portland gang members from "The Rollin 60's Crips" busted in Boise, Idaho may be
     involved in thefts in Nampa, Twin Falls, and Pocatello - The investigation is ongoing and may
     warrant follow-up by retailers
2.  40th Fraudster in $2M ORC gang pleads guilty yesterday in Federal court
3.  Possible ORC? Two men shoplifted 50 cans of Red Bull from a Wawa store in Palmyra, PA right
     outside of Philly

June 12, 2012
 Gilroy, CA - There will be an ORC Operation in the Gilroy Outlet Center on July 18 and 19, 2012
2.  Seguin, TX police bust "major theft ring" ORC group stealing TVs from Wal-Mart stores
3.  Two Russian nationals busted traveling four Southern states using other people's ID's purchasing
     discounted smartphones on long term contracts and selling them online

June 11, 2012
 Tulsa Police Department creates ORC Unit
2.  Columbus, Ohio police and Loss Prevention are working together online with the new Ohio ORC
     Coalition website
3.  Suspects sought in ORC Dyson vacuum cleaner ring hitting Walmart in New England
4.  Second break in this month at Chicago’s Best Buy stores

June 8, 2012
 Ohio Regional Organized Crime Coalition holds 1st Annual Retail Crime Symposium

June 7, 2012
 ORC ID theft ring hits Meijers self-checkout lane and drags Secret Service agent in pursuit 50 feet
     while driving away during their getaway
2.  Bank Teller - center pin - for ID theft gang based in Minnesota that stole over $2 million from banks
     and retailers in 14 states pleads guilty

June 6, 2012
 There's a new push to stop organized retail theft
2.  Organized Retail Crimes Targeted - Long Island Press Releases— By New York State Senate
     Committee on Consumer Protection
3.  Possible ORC gift card gang busted in El Cerrito, CA
4.  Looks like another ORC group hitting a Wal-Mart store in Wood River, IL and taking "Liquid Gold" -
     baby formula
5.  Caught on tape, 2 suspects arrested breaking into Lowe’s in Kentucky, $70,000 in merchandise
6.  Home Depot nabs two serial shoplifters in Louisiana
7.  Gypsies' arrested for the theft of 40 iPhones

June 4, 2012
 Asheville, N.C., police chief says ORC boosters are the driving force behind a 46% surge in
     larcenies over the past year
2.  The Mexican Connection - For the third time this year, authorities have arrested a group of Mexican
     ORC foreigners going on shopping sprees in San Antonio, Houston and West Texas with fake
     credit cards
3.  Two indicted for organized retail theft in Kingman, AZ. after theft from local Wal-Mart store

June 1, 2012
 More Info on - Colorado ORC law targets criminal organizations that steal from stores in bulk to sell
     the goods illegally - an enterprise that costs state retailers an estimated $500 million a year
2.  Professional Shoplifter/ORC or addict? Busted at Macy's in Philadelphia with two prior retail theft
     convictions and three she hasn't even gone to trial on yet

May 31, 2012
 New York State Fighting ORC with New Legislative Package
2.  Colorado Governor signs bill to fight organized retail crime
3. $10,000 burglary hits at Best Buy

May 30, 2012
 Pertinent Information to Combat Organized Retail Crime Presented at Pleasanton, CA ORC
2.  Provo, Utah Police bust a storage shed used to warehouse stolen goods
3.  Nine members of a crime ring that hit jewelers in 5 states netting millions busted and facing
     charges for nearly two dozen robberies across the country
4.  ORC pair appears in court and their detailed journal of theft proves their level of sophistication

May 29, 2012
 Baby Formula Professional ORC duo hitting Wal-Mart in Kenner, Louisiana

May 25, 2012
 Michigan Court overturns guilty "racketeering" conviction of Home Depot ORC suspect because
     they didn't prove - criminal enterprise involving more than on person

May 24, 2012
 Broward County, FL., Sheriff's Office ORC unit busts one man online fraudster after three month
     investigation hitting Home Depot and others
2.  Retail Theft Ring - Traffic stop in Sturbridge, MA uncovers $7,500 in stolen merchandise with price
     tags still in tact and 3 suspects arrested

May 23, 2012
 Coronado Mall Blitz
2.  Md. store owner busted selling stolen goods and says he doesn't care if items were illegally
3.  Shoplifting spree gets four women busted wheeling out two shopping carts full of merchandise at
     the Wal-Mart store in Oswego, NY
4.  The Lego King - A Silicon Valley SAP VP software executive put fake bar codes on Lego sets at
     various Target stores, bought the toys at a steep discount, then sold them online for thousands of

May 22, 2012
 3 day ORC operation in New Mexico's biggest mall "Coronado Crackdown" busted 38 with LP
     officers from Gap and Victoria's Secret joining 15 Albuquerque police detectives

May 21, 2012
 Cargo Theft has the greatest impact on the manufacture driving many into bankruptcy

May 18, 2012
 Half a million $$$ ORC fake return scam across nine states hits T.J. Maxx, Home Goods, and
     Marshalls stores
2.  Four arrested in Houston area Walgreens
3.  Boise Counterfeit Credit Card ring busted
4.  Western Michigan teens facing felony charges
5.  Phoenix makes "Top 10" list of cities being hit by ORC
6.  Stein Mart reports ORC return scam in St. Charles, ILL

May 17, 2012
 Shoplifters felt confident enough to go rent a truck
2.  Family of thieves busted in eyeglass case

May 16, 2012
 Police get a break, Walmart credit card scheme

May 15, 2012
 Gangs Move from Drugs To ID Theft

May 14, 2012
 Organized retail crime rings are hitting Charlotte, NC retailers because of the "growing heroin
2.  ORC ring operating in Glenarden, MD hitting J.C. Penney cosmetics and police bust two "bit
     players" of the bigger ring with $20,000 worth of cosmetics

May 11, 2012
 ORC Ring of 14 plus their pawn shop fence and ring leader busted in Dubuque, Iowa
2.  Connecticut women face organized retail crime enterprise charges; store clerks tips Concord
3.  Four suspects arrested for string of commercial burglaries in Visalia, California
4.  Jacksonville Police set the bait for ATM machine thieves
5.  New York Couple who went on a 91-store theft spree get 176 days in prison - time served and
     released in PA and one year probation in NY
6.  Utica, N.Y. Citi Trends store robbed by three masked and armed men Wed night at 8:30 p.m

May 10, 2012
 California Department of Justice thanks ORC team
2.  ORC ring of three busted with one still on the loose hitting high-end retailers throughout the country
3.  Huntsville, AL police sting busts convenience stores selling stolen merchandise from Publix and
4.  3 thieves hit Daytona Beach area Walmart 4 times, over $5,000 in missing electronics
5.  Austin, TX duo using counterfeit credit cards hitting multiple retailers
6.  Macy’s in Salem, NH hit with a $10,000 grab and run
7.  Two Staten Island suspects Indicted for theft of thousands in baby formula

May 9, 2012
 100+ iPad's ORC suspect busted after hitting Wal-Mart and Target stores in 36 different cities with
     most in north Texas

May 8, 2012
 Five women charged with Organized Retail Theft and robbery with a dangerous weapon after hitting
     Kmart in Thomasville, N.C.

May 7, 2012
 Chili's waitress in Coral Springs, FL found with illegal credit card scanner skimming customers

2.  Midwest fraud ring on the loose with police looking for 5 members hitting several retail chains
3.  Washington state ID theft ring busted after making expensive purchases with forged ID's and the
     victims real credit cards and washed checks

May 4, 2012
 One woman ORC operation hitting Wal-Mart and Target stores in northern Texas and Oklahoma
     stealing dozens of iPad tablets

2.  One man ORC bust in High Point, N.C. where police recovered $100,000 of stolen merchandise

May 3, 2012
 Here's an ORC bust of two women professional boosters shopping at Target using their children as

2.  White Supremacist Meth Dealers 'The Hated' Formed Unlikely Alliance With Latino Gang
     Prosecutors Claim and were involved in "organized shoplifting" along with a host of other crimes
3.  Congratulations on the one year anniversary of the WSORCA Website
4.  "The Impact of Organized Retail Crime to the Economy"

May 2, 2012
 Detailed notebook of stolen items making it easy on Murrieta,CA Police.
2.  Ex-Associate at Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet in Ohio ordered to pay $24,000 in restitution.
3.  Smash-and-grab Minnesota jewelry store robbers caught on tape

May 1, 2012
 Man and woman ring leaders of theft ring in Coachella Valley, CA ordered to stand trial
2.  Murrieta, CA ORC ring of three busted with thousands of dollars worth of stolen merchandise and
     about 100 gift card receipts from Kohl's, Marshall's, Sports Chalet, Ross stores, Staples, Walmart,
     Target, Lowe's and The Home Depot
3.  Kittery Premium Outlet ORC trio busted with $8,500 in merchandise and booster bags in Kittery,

April 30, 2012
 Tide Theft Crime Trend Comes To Tulsa
2.  Credit Card Identity Theft Ring Busted in Chicago targeting patrons at Wrigley Field, Ralph Lauren
     Restaurant, McDonald's and Taco Bell

April 27, 2012
 Counterfeit check ring leader pleads guilty to making $227,000 of purchases at large retail stores
     across Louisiana

2.  Burglary gang hits Daytona Best Buy, makes off with $45K in electronics

April 26, 2012
 Tigard Police Investigating Retail Organized Theft from Nordstrom at Washington Square Mall in
     Portland, Ore

2.  ORC ring operating at Tanger Outlet Center in Beaufort County, Ga.
3.  ORC Gang ordered to pay back Verizon $1 million in restitution
4.  Ohio will hold it's first ever ORC Conference in June

April 25, 2012
 FedEx driver busted in sting operation set up by Texas Department of Public Safety after AT&T
     Asset Protection department suspected him of stealing cell phones from deliveries

2.  ORC Trio of women busted in Madison, Wisconsin after hitting Kohl's
3.  ORC member who had been hitting Philadelphia Premium Outlets gets 6 to 23 months in jail
4.  North Portland raid finds fencing operation and drug house with a courtyard filled with merchandise

April 24, 2012
 ORC Trio targeting Wal-Mart stores in the Carolinas and hit four counties
2.  Houston Footaction armed robbery ends with four arrested
3.  Ohio is joining the fight against Organized Retail Crime!

April 23, 2012
 Second member of the Aoun Organization, convicted on Counterfeit Goods charges

April 20, 2012
 $15,000 Worth of Sunglasses Lifted from South Carolina Sunglass Hut Outlet
2.  Specially designed leotards worn by North Wales shoplifting gang
3.  College girls making bogus credit cards in there dorm room

April 19, 2012
 Hundreds of items remain after $1M theft ring busted
2.  North Carolina ORC group stealing thousands in electronics from Walmart
3.  Frederick County Bureau of Investigation investigating organized retail theft, $4k stolen from the

April 18, 2012
 $30,000 of Wal-Mart merchandise recovered from a former Associate’s basement.

April 17, 2012
 Three accused of stealing $7,000 worth of items from CVS stores

April 16, 2012
 Durham, N.C., police and Fed's bust 11 businesses selling stolen goods from Walgreens, CVS,
     Kroger, and Food Lion stores and bust 10 people

2.  ORC team of two both get 11 to 23 months in prison for multiple box-stuffing thefts from Wal-Mart
     stores in Upper Moreland, PA.
3.  Rental car GPS shuts down getaway vehicle of three ORC thieves and police recover stolen
     merchandise in Havelock, NC

April 13, 2012
 $1M Theft Ring busted in Charlotte, North Carolina.
2.  Identity theft ring in Scotts Valley, CA., identified with one suspect arrested and information on others that was "responsible for several hundred thousand dollars in stolen items.

April 12, 2012
 Corpus Christi, TX., police arrest store owner of Norma's Fruits for selling stolen H-E-B food.
2.  Organized theft syndicate ‘Geng Kangkang’ arrested with powered milk in Kuala Lumpur.
3.  East Longmeadow, Massachusetts "Tooth Paste" thief causes concern for small businesses.

April 11, 2012
 Identity theft ring busted in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, hotel room
2.  Denver police are seeking public help to capture "prolific thief" who's hitting stores all over the city
     including Victoria's Secret and Macy's
3.  Woman hitting 4 Sam's Clubs just rolls 55" flat-screen tvs out the door with the store manager's
     name on post-it notes on the boxes
Excerpts from GAO-11-675: Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime: The U.S. Government
     Accountability Office ORC report June 2011: Stakeholders Identified Additional Federal Actions
     Intended to Deter e-Fencing and Mitigate Potential Health and Safety Concerns but Potential
     Impacts Are Unknown

April 10, 2012
 Tulsa forms Organized Retail Crime unit that has identified over 40 to 60 groups that's causes Tulsa
     over $1M in tax revenue loss

Excerpts from GAO-11-675: Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime: The U.S. Government
     Accountability Office ORC report June 2011: Stakeholders Identified Additional Federal Actions
     Intended to Deter e-Fencing and Mitigate Potential Health and Safety Concerns but Potential
     Impacts Are Unknown

April 9, 2012
 ORC ring of three females busted at Burlington Mall in Burlington. Mass., after hitting Bath and
     Body Works and several other stores

2.  Las Vegas Police nabs 50 in identity theft stings
Excerpts from GAO-11-675: Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime: The U.S. Government
     Accountability Office ORC report June 2011: Stakeholders Identified Additional Federal Actions
     Intended to Deter e-Fencing and Mitigate Potential Health and Safety Concerns but Potential
     Impacts Are Unknown

April 6, 2012
 ORC ring leader and two gang members of foreign nationals (Central & South America) busted that
     had hit 70 Home Depot Stores, mostly in New Jersey, and two others are wanted

2.  South Florida Victoria's Secret still getting nailed by ORC
Excerpts from GAO-11-675: Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime: The U.S. Government
     Accountability Office ORC report June 2011: Leading Online Marketplaces Have Taken Steps to
     Combat e-Fencing, but It Is Unclear If Additional Federal Action Is Warranted

April 5, 2012
 Two men busted in California for more than a dozen cell phone store robberies in Houston
2.  Counterfeit credit card gang member pleads guilty to purchasing $28,000 in gift cards from Giant
     Eagle and Wal-Mart stores in western PA
Excerpts from GAO-11-675: Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime: The U.S. Government
     Accountability Office ORC report June 2011: Leading Online Marketplaces Have Taken Steps to
     Combat e-Fencing, but It Is Unclear If Additional Federal Action Is Warranted

April 4, 2012
 Kirkwood, Mo., police bust ORC fencing operation that hired drug addicts to steal merchandise
     from retailers

Excerpts from GAO-11-675: Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime: The U.S. Government
     Accountability Office ORC report June 2011: Leading Online Marketplaces Have Taken Steps to
     Combat e-Fencing, but It Is Unclear If Additional Federal Action Is Warranted

April 3, 2012
 Austin police bust the largest fencing operation in Texas - with 8 people involved - they busted one
     female selling tens of thousands of dollars in shoplifted laundry detergent, batteries, shampoo, and
     other cosmetic items at flea markets and from her southeast Austin home and in Mexico

2.  Target's advanced surveillance capabilities helps police in Southington, Ct. tie a one man ORC thief
     to multiple armed robberies at Cumberland Farms convenience stores
3.  North Attleboro, MA. ORC couple busted stealing merchandise from Ulta Beauty store off Route 1
     Saturday after stealing from the same store the Thursday before

Identity theft ring leader pleads guilty to 50 felony counts for stealing numerous identities to buy
     high-end goods he then sold on eBay and Craigslist
Possible ORC connection - Husband and wife couple busted stealing baby formula and Tide from
     Genuardi's in Wynnewood. PA
6.  Colorado Deputy DA says ORC rings are using stolen cars to transport stolen items and those
     stolen cars are popping up at crime scenes
7.  Colorado's full Senate may vote this week on their ORC bill that toughens penalties
8.  Identity Theft suspect’s death leads to funeral drive-by shooting in Miami
9.  Excerpts from GAO-11-675: Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime: The U.S. Government
     Accountability Office ORC report June 2011: Leading Online Marketplaces Have Taken Steps to
     Combat e-Fencing, but It Is Unclear If Additional Federal Action Is Warranted

April 2, 2012
 South Florida is an uphill battleground for the U.S. Secret Service fighting increasingly high-tech
     credit card crime

2.  Northeast Portland fencing operation busted this weekend that employed so-called "boosters"
3.  ORC ring member in Tennessee turns herself in to police after hitting T.J. Maxx stores in Nashville
     and Middle Tennessee

Preventing Organized Retail Crime
Excerpts from GAO-11-675: Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime: The U.S. Government
     Accountability Office ORC report June 2011: LERPnet Provides a Mechanism to Share Data
     Nationally, but Stakeholders Report That Use of the Database by Retailers and Law Enforcement
     Has Been Limited

March 30, 2012
 Excerpts from GAO-11-675: Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime: The U.S. Government
     Accountability Office ORC report June 2011: LERPnet Provides a Mechanism to Share Data
     Nationally, but Stakeholders Report That Use of the Database by Retailers and Law Enforcement
     Has Been Limited

March 29, 2012
 High end watches running out the door; 3 Florida suspects escape with $215,000 worth of Rolex
     and Breitling time pieces

2.  Excerpts from GAO-11-675: Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime: The U.S. Government
     Accountability Office ORC report June 2011: Merging Regional Networks Helping Retail and Law
     Enforcement Partners Share ORC Information and Build Potential Cases

March 28, 2012
 Excerpts from GAO-11-675: Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime: The U.S. Government
     Accountability Office ORC report June 2011: Merging Regional Networks Helping Retail and Law
     Enforcement Partners Share ORC Information and Build Potential Cases

March 27, 2012
 Middle Tennessee TJX apprehends one suspect in ORC ring
2.  Excerpts from GAO-11-675: Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime: The U.S. Government
     Accountability Office ORC report June 2011: Merging Regional Networks Helping Retail and Law
     Enforcement Partners Share ORC Information and Build Potential Cases

March 26, 2012
 Excerpts from GAO-11-675: Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime: The U.S. Government
     Accountability Office ORC report June 2011: Law Enforcement Agencies Collaborate with Retailers
     to Investigate ORC, and Federal Agencies Are Taking Steps to Improve ORC Case Tracking

March 23, 2012
 Interesting note: A publication in India - Fibre2fashion news desk published the following article that
     the Daily reported some time ago. "Cabela’s sets up team to tackle organized retail crime

2.  Barber shop Quartet store selling stolen and counterfeit merchandise raided with $125,000
     recovered in Prince George County, Md
3.  High Point, N.C. ORC ring busted hitting all the stores in the area including Walmart, Walgreens,
     CVS Pharmacy, Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods

Excerpts from GAO-11-675: Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime: The U.S. Government
     Accountability Office ORC report June 2011: Law Enforcement Agencies Collaborate with Retailers
     to Investigate ORC, and Federal Agencies Are Taking Steps to Improve ORC Case Tracking

March 22, 2012
 Three ORC rings operating in Nashville "targeting specific stores and locations" and police are
     concerned they may be getting more violent

2.  ORC man and woman crime duo busted in Riverdale, N.J., shoplifting $4,000 in power tools from
     Home Depot and "preyed heavily" on other Home Depot stores in the region
3.  ORC ring of 4 women in High Point, N.C., busted that stole $30,000 to $50,000 from local stores

Excerpts from GAO-11-675: Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime: The U.S. Government
     Accountability Office ORC report June 2011: Law Enforcement Agencies Collaborate with Retailers
     to Investigate ORC, and Federal Agencies Are Taking Steps to Improve ORC Case Tracking

March 21, 2012
 ORC group of 3 women hitting Target stores in San Antonio filling duffle bags and using the
     emergency exits

2.  Excerpts from GAO-11-675: Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime: The U.S. Government
     Accountability Office ORC report June 2011: Law Enforcement Agencies Collaborate with Retailers
     to Investigate ORC, and Federal Agencies Are Taking Steps to Improve ORC Case Tracking

March 20, 2012
 Prince George, MD police department 's special enforcement division (ORC) says they started
     seeing the Tide "liquid gold" organized schemes last fall and made significant arrests and now are
     seeing evidence it's starting again and "It's a national trend."

2.  Alpha High Theft Solutions response
3.  Excerpts from GAO-11-675: Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime: The U.S. Government
     Accountability Office ORC report June 2011: Law Enforcement Agencies Collaborate with Retailers
     to Investigate ORC, and Federal Agencies Are Taking Steps to Improve ORC Case Tracking

March 19, 2012
 ORC couple with duct tape-lined shopping bag busted stealing $6,000 in jeans from True Religion
     at Wrentham Village Premium Outlets in RI.

2.  Omaha, Nebraska serial shoplifter with nine shoplifting busts is busted again with thousands of
     dollars of stolen merchandise in his vehicle.
3.  Excerpts from GAO-11-675: Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime: The U.S. Government
     Accountability Office ORC report June 2011: Law Enforcement Agencies Collaborate with Retailers
     to Investigate ORC, and Federal Agencies Are Taking Steps to Improve ORC Case Tracking

March 16, 2012
 Excerpts from GAO-11-675: Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime: The U.S. Government
     Accountability Office ORC report June 2011: Law Enforcement Agencies Collaborate with Retailers
     to Investigate ORC, and Federal Agencies Are Taking Steps to Improve ORC Case Tracking

2.  The Secret World of Shoplifting

March 15, 2012
 Local & Federal authorities raid Lincoln Park, IL., home and find elaborate fencing operation and
     "truckloads of high-end, stolen merchandise" worth $100,000.

2.  ORC ring of two women busted by Bosie ORC Unit and thousands of dollars worth of stolen loot
     found in their storage unit.
3.  Wisconsin bill lowering felony threshold from $2,500 to $500 reported yesterday in the Daily also
     includes ORC provisions.

Washington state man & Romanian skimming gang leader pleads guilty to ATM skimming that
     cost banks and retailers more than $300,000.

March 14, 2012
 Gun wielding shoplifter on the lose in Albuquerque, N.M., hitting Wal-Mart stores multiple times
     and stealing flat-screen TV's in one hand and a gun in the other

2.  Friday Victoria's Secret in Boca Raton's Town Center Mall got hit again for 600 pairs of panties -
     worth $6,300 - 9 days after busting two Miami-Dade women linked to an "elaborate lingerie fraud
     targeting Victoria's Secret shops across the area since October
3.  Excerpts from GAO-11-675: Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime: The Government
     Accountability Office report on Organized Retail Crime, Dated June 2011

March 13, 2012
 ORC nic "myotherjob" eBay seller gets 1 year and one day in federal prison
2.  One member of the "Park Criminal Enterprise" headquartered in Bergen County, N.J., that
     obtained, brokered, and sold identity documents to customers for the purpose of committing credit
     card fraud, bank fraud, and tax fraud was sentenced to 41 months in prison yesterday
3.  ORC? - Two Maryland men were arrested Saturday after fleeing a Kohl’s store in Exton carrying
     two Dyson vacuum cleaners valued at $1,200

March 12, 2012
 ORC couple busted for $1 million in credit card fraud scheme at Sam's Club's in Florida
2.  ORC group of three women busted in Madison, Wi., with one of them saying she's addicted to
     shoplifting and the addiction was "worse than crack
3.  Excerpts from GAO-11-675: Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime: The Government
     Accountability Office report on Organized Retail Crime, Dated June 2011

March 9, 2012
 Excerpts from GAO-11-675: Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime: The Government
     Accountability Office report on Organized Retail Crime, Dated June 2011

March 8, 2012
 ORC costing Colorado $500 million a year and they've introduced a new bill that will toughen laws
2.  Michigan Governor plans on enacting tougher ORC laws as well and has the full support of the
     Michigan Retailers Association
3.  ORC ring of two & fencing operation busted in Lawrence, Mass., with $20,000 in stolen clothing
     seized in suspects apartment

Possible ORC suspect arrested and may be involved with others in North Attleboro, Mass.

March 6, 2012
 Colorado Organized Retail Crime Alliance- COORCA goes live on March 7th.

March 5, 2012
 Excerpts from GAO-11-675: Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime. The U.S. Government
     Accountability Office ORC report June 2011

2.  ORC group of two more women hitting south Florida's Victoria's Secret and Express stores with
     foil-lined leather bags
3.  ORC group hits Banana Republic in Pittsburgh and is caught on video but got a away - here's the
     crime stoppers video

3 men charged with running a small electronics fencing operation out of Downers Grove, ILL., and
     Westmont convenience stores
5.  Major credit card skimming operation and organized crime group of 7 busted in Toronto that
     extended worldwide

March 2, 2012
 Excerpts from GAO-11-675: Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime: The U.S. Government's
     Accountability Office report on ORC (June 2011) found the following, Part 3 of 3

2.  Victoria's Secret Bra Bandits ORC ring led by "Pink" busted in South Florida after months of
3.  Convicted serial shoplifter was arrested Wednesday on allegations that he shoplifted from six Tulsa
     stores within months of his release from 2 yrs in prison for 5 shoplifting counts

March 1, 2012
 Excerpts from GAO-11-675: Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime: The U.S. Government's
     Accountability Office report on ORC (June 2011) found the following, Part 2 of 3

2.  The $6.4 million San Diego - "Box Stuffer Crew" Update - Three of the five suspects plead out.
3.  Group of possibly 5 young individuals working together hit a Wal-Mart store in Rochester

Three men hitting Home Depot stores in New York charged with organized retail theft
5.  ORC ring apprehended called "serial shoplifters" and travels from Vermont to Massachusetts hitting

February 29, 2012
 ORC gang in North Wales convicted that wore specially adapted lycra leotard suits with front
     openings for concealing merchandise

2.  Excerpts from GAO-11-675: Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime: The U.S. Government's
     Accountability Office report on ORC (June 2011) found the following, Part 1 of 3

February 28, 2012
 Excerpts from GAO-11-675: Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime. Why, the U.S. Government
     Accountability Office (GAO), did this study on ORC (June 2011)

February 27, 2012
 The U.S. Government Accountability Office ORC report June 2011.
2.  ORC Definition.

February 24, 2012
 ORC ring of four Polish Gypsies based in Chicago busted in Boulder, Colorado stealing expensive
     fishing rods and possibly hitting Bed Bath & Beyond stores as well.

2.  West St. Paul, Minn., ID theft ring busted for credit card fraud, theft, and counterfeit checks - as
     well as buying gift cards.

February 23, 2012
 LAAORCA - 3rd annual conference Feb 16th, 2012 - "The greatest crime spike in our lifetime" may
     be at the door in California.

2.  Here's Tom Arigi, Senior VP of Loss Prevention with National Stores at last week's LAAORCA

February 22, 2012
 LPNN's Exclusive interview with the San Diego Detective Dave Iorillo who busted the "Box Stuffer
     Crew" for $6.4 million.
2.  ORC rings hit the UK as well with one gang serving time and ordered to pay back $229,000 to local

3.  U.S. Government Accountability Office report on Organized Retail Crime dated June 2011 shows no
     federal agency had been keeping track of or monitoring the ORC problem in the U.S

Small Abilene, TX., ORC group of three stealing merchandise and returning the items for gift cards
     apprehended and charged with organized retail theft

February 21, 2012
 ORC Ring-leader gets 5 years in prison and ordered to pay $170,000 in restitution
2.  Very High Tech Gang responsible for seven jewelry store robberies in Australia
3.  Houston Police have released a new video of the smash and grab robbery at Ben Bridge Jewelers in
     the Memorial City Mall

February 20, 2012
1.  UK’s Shoplifting Gang Has To Pay Back $229,999
2.  Police obtain information leading to the arrest of six for theft, possession, and receiving stolen

February 17, 2012
1.  Delaware State Police arrest a store owner admitting he sold stolen merchandise.
2.  Yesterday the LAAORCA conference saw over 1,000 public law enforcement officials  and retail LP

February 16, 2012
1.  Jones County sisters charged with fraud.

February 15, 2012
1.  Williams–Sonoma associate busted for $200,000; merchandise ended up on the internet.
2.  Traffic stop nets $12,000 in counterfeit goods.

February 14, 2012
1.  Police are looking for help to identify 3 Kansas, Best Buy thieves.
2.  Macy's ORC Case: 'illdevilinc''

February 13, 2012
1.  Suspect to plead guilty in counterfeit movie and music case.

February 10, 2012
1.  Colorado launches The Colorado Organized Retail Crime Association.
2.  New ORC law coming in Colorado and the Colorado news channel continues their series on ORC

February 9, 2012
 More on the possible ORC ring operating in Milford, PA. from the Daily's ORC column Tuesday this
2.  Colorado news show goes after retailers selling hot merchandise.
3.  Serial robber of 19 c-store robberies since Jan. 23 and accomplice charged with ORC in Tucson.

ORC Surveillance and Staff Development Training.

February 8, 2012
 Nashville Metro Police dismantle ORC fence and seize $125,000 in product
2.  Madison, WI., woman jailed on numerous shoplifting counts form Target stores may be part of an
     ORC ring being investigated by police

February 7, 2012
 Downtown Topeka retailers unite to fight professional shoplifters by sending mass text alerts out to
     each other.
2.  ORC ring of four hitting Rite Aid, CVS, and Weis Markets in PA.
3.  ORC ring of three busted at beach city stores in LA.

Michigan State Police charge two in ‘high dollar’ ORC ring.
5.  Multiple Felony counts for two ORC thieves in Washington State.

February 6, 2012
 Colorado television station focuses on the impact of ORC
2.  Michigan State Police busts two leaders of an ORC ring
3.  Spokane police bust "prolific" thief that had been hitting Best Buy for months and charge him with
     Organized Retail Theft

Jewelry thieves hit a Boscov’s Department store for $100,000

February 3, 2012
 Thieves hit Fourth Shoe Store in a string of Burglaries
Four suspects arrested for the theft of nearly $5K of Apple products

February 2, 2012
 CVS ORC Investigators with Palmdale Sherriff's (Calif) "hit the mother load" and busted ORC ring
5 Nashville residents busted for hitting Wal-Mart stores for $700,000 using bad checks to purchase
     prepaid debit cards in Tennessee and five other states

More on the $6 million Box-stuffing crew busted last week
2 ORC ring leaders convicted for $100,000 theft ring hitting Lowe's

February 1, 2012
 12 people face federal indictments on identity theft ring operating in 14 Midwest states.
2.  Organized crime spree to steal guns in Houston area.

January 31, 2012
 "Thieves in Law" transnational criminal gang of 4 indicted in Switzerland -managers of a Europe-
      wide organized crime ring.
2.  ORC ring leader gets 5 yrs probation and ordered to pay $50,000 in restitution or spend 7 years in
3.  The last two of a five member counterfeit currency ring that had been hitting retailers busted in

Is there an ORC Ring operating in Gwinnett County Ga.???.

January 30, 2012
 Organized jewelry-theft rings exist in South Florida with one group of Cuban immigrants pulling off
     more than 20 heist in 18 months.
2.  Two weeks back and the Victorville, CA., Retail Crime Free Task Force bust ORC identity theft

January 27, 2012
 The LPNN will be filming a special broadcast of the ORC Loss Prevention leaders at the upcoming
     LAAORCA conference.

2.  Two violent baby formula thieves arrested after hitting a N.J. Target store twice in one week.
Three people in Greenville, NC are facing charges after being caught stealing electronics from

January 25, 2012
 In September 2011, Saks Fifth Avenue’s Corporate Asset Protection team initiated an investigation.
2.  Baton Rouge identity theft crew of three busted hitting retailers.

January 24, 2012
 $6 million multi-state box-stuffing ORC crew busted in San Diego.
2.  11 more members of the identity theft ring that used their fake documents to purchase expensive
     items and gift cards from retailers in the Mid West indicted bringing the total to 17 now
3.  Skimmer pleads guilty to using fake id's to buy $200,000 in Apple iPads and iPhones

"One-woman shoplifting spree" sounding like a one person ORC operation - busted in Victoria,
     British Columbia, Canada.
5.  New Jersey State Police Cargo Theft Unit busted an organized theft ring.

January 23, 2012
 $6 million multi-state box-stuffing ORC crew busted in San Diego.
2.  Another example of cooperation between Retailers and Law Enforcement in Combating ORC in
    South Florida.
3.  3 ORC ring ripping off 23 Wal-Marts in the Houston area busted for over $250,000 in stolen

11 more indicted in Mid-West identity theft ring operating our of the Twin Cities.
5.  Highway Interdiction Unit intercepts Miami shoplifting crew with over $17K in stolen property.

January 20, 2012
 Police shut down ORC gang in Portland area that had set up their apartments as retail stores.
2.  ORC group of two using fraudulent credit cards in Idaho busted and believed to be part of a larger
3.  ORC Trio busted passing counterfeit money at Wal-Marts and Kmart stores in Frederick, Md.

California ORC member sentenced to 2 years in prison.

January 19, 2012
 Two Organized thieves take 5 antique firearms
2.  Two Identity Thieves arrested in Lee County, Florida; stopped for going to slow

January 18, 2012
 Mailbox theft in Miami leads to 6 arrests for fraud.
2.  Two arrested in Jacksonville, believed to be involved with state-wide ring.
3.  Two arrested in Ontario with a shoplifting list.

January 17, 2012
 Piedmont woman linked to ID theft investigation.
2.  Woodville Walmart theft could be part of larger theft ring.
3.  A former human-resources manager of Trident Seafoods in Anacortes is being charged with several
     counts of theft.

January 16, 2012
 Retail Theft Ring Arrested.
2.  Retail crime cost the high street £1.4bn last year - an increase of around a third, according to a
     British Retail Consortium survey.

January 13, 2012
 Home Depot, Sears, Kmart, and Kohl's Hit By Identity Theft Ring.
2.  Suspected statewide retail theft crew "The Barbie Bandits" cleans out Columbia Center, $70,000.
3.  Serial shoplifting husband wife team caught at Wal-Mart in East Peoria, IL
Three NY brothers-four others charged in million dollar identity theft ring.

January 12, 2012
 Man gets 6 1/2 years in prison in sale of $1 million in stolen items on Web.
2.  Major identity theft ring busted in Central Florida.
3.  Suspects in a $2 million identity-theft ring that involves more than 100 people began appearing in
     federal courtrooms.

Two accused of $30,000 check scheme against Target stores.
Three Men in Boise, Idaho are in jail on felony charges following shoplifting scheme.

January 11, 2012
New Jersey Ring leader of $4 million identity theft ring admits he ran scam that ripped off millions
     from banks and retailers and laundered a portion of millions in profit overseas.

January, 10 2012
 FBI involved in the $2M ruby theft.
2.  Jewelry theft takes a matter of seconds, yielding thieves over 100K.

January 9, 2012
Shoppers help bust $500,000 ORC ring hitting Home Depot stores in Oregon.

January 6, 2012
Here's a great video of a booster using her dress.

January 4, 2012
 More on the 4 Kroger cashiers ringing up almost $70,000 in fraudulent coupons in Houston.
2.  ORC Ring of three busted in Tulsa, OK., stealing over $100,000 of merchandise from local stores.
3.  Dallas PD bust ORC fencing boss and "large shoplifting theft ring."

One of Scotland's ORC professionals brags about how Christmas orders kept her busy and how
     she can remove all types of security tags and get around most security.

January 3, 2012
Tulsa Police arrest 2 shoplifters suspected in the theft of over $100,000 in merchandise.

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