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ORC 4-23-13



Crackdown on gangs jetting in for crime sprees in Eastern Europe  Eastern European gangs are launching short-term crime sprees in Dublin and other EU capital cities before returning home with suitcases full of stolen booty. The gangs are involved mainly in street thefts and shoplifting during the day and then focusing on customers in nightclubs and pubs at night. Gardai have smashed one gang from Romania after raiding a flat on the North Circular Road in Dublin. Gardai believe 14 suspects are involved in this gang. No arrests were made at the flat but gardai said last night that these were "imminent". Based on intelligence collected about the activities of one gang, comprised of Romanians, gardai swooped on the flat and found 4,500 euros worth of clothing, which had been shoplifted from several high-street stores, along with phones worth 2,000 euros. (Source

Five arrested in Treasure Coast ORC shoplifting ring with links to thefts from Brevard to Martin counties in Florida.  Port St. Lucie police said the suspects were caught as they left a Wal-Mart with more than $1,800 worth of stolen merchandise. The group was positively identified from photos taken by Walmart surveillance cameras. Police said the suspects have been shoplifting from stores like Walmart, Winn-Dixie and Publix in Brevard, Indian River, St. Lucie and Martin counties. (Source (Source

Ringleader awaits sentencing and pleads guilty to what turns out to be Mobile‚Äôs biggest Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act prosecution in the last 20 years.  A Federal Judge in Atlanta sentenced three people to 6 months or less plus restitution for their role in stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from retailers and credit card companies. The defendants had sold stolen and fraudulently acquired merchandise over eBay, but with the help of eBay PROACT were busted. Jason Spellen, the ringleader is awaiting sentencing in Mobile, Alabama. Members of the group used the stolen information to open up over 200 credit cards and store cards that they used to make purchases. Restitution for one a the accused is $64,421.32 to Walmart, $7,912.80 to Target, $22,968.85 to Discover, $3,440.43 to USSA and $6,414.70 to Chase credit card division. (Source

The Granny Gang - Wheelchair-bound granny, son accused of massive retail theft scheme- 83 yr. old and 61 yr. old theft ring having unique garage sales  Police now say it was all the result of this mother-son shoplifting ring. Larry allegedly pushed his mom in the wheelchair through a slew of Valley stores, grabbing items and packing them in bags hanging off the chair. The pair eventually walked away with more than $130,000 worth of products from retail stores. They allegedly often targeted and stole from stores with merchandise out front. Gilbert police say Ruthenburg and his mother allegedly were involved in 32 thefts over a five-day span from 19 retailers. Detectives say they had several potted plants in their loot from stores like Lowe's and The Home Depot. Officers discovered the pair partly through what they did next: hosting rather unique garage sales and allegedly selling off their stolen goods, still in original packaging. (Source

ORC? Man busted stealing 102 bottles of nail polish from CVS in Connecticut  A CVS loss prevention officer contacted authorities when they discovered Gonzalez stuffing his clothing with numerous bottles of nail polish. When confronted, the man admitted shoplifting the 102 bottles of nail polish, and that he had no intention of paying for them. He did not explain whether he planned to use or sell the polish. (Source

ORC habitual offender sentenced to 20 to 90 months in Michigan court  The incident occurred March 18 at the Niles Wal-Mart. She and two co-defendants stole several items from the store to pay off a $1,000 debt to a cocaine dealer. Arivett was on parole at the time so received no credit for time already served. Her prison term is consecutive to any prison term for violating her parole from a 2009 first-degree retail fraud conviction. She received an 18-month prison term for that sentence and was released from prison in March 2011. Arivett's record includes six prior felony convictions and seven prior misdemeanor convictions. (Source

NY woman attempted to use fake ID to buy $4,000 of electronics at Sears in Milford, Connecticut.  Bianca Mallard, 22, of Brooklyn was charged with attempted third-degree larceny, interfering with police and identity theft and held on a $1,000 bond after her arrest. Mallard had attempted to purchase five Samsung Galaxy tablets, two Nikon cameras and two HP laptop computers. Mallard also struggled with officers attempting to take her into custody. (Source

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ORC 4-23-13
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