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ORC 5-7-13



NYC identity theft ring started in North Texas with skimmers  The New York gang that was busted a few weeks ago got their credit card numbers from skimmers they had placed in gas pumps in Mesquite, TX. The thieves turned personal information into fake credit and debit cards with good numbers and distributed them in other states for use. Many of the victims tied back to Mesquite, TX. and the suspects stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from the victims. With one called in from a Best Buy store in PA. (Source

ID thief had spotting scope and video camera pointing at gas station from hotel room - with skimming device on a pump  Postal inspectors got a tip to search a hotel room after a suspect was arrested with several stolen cards. We opened the door and there was a spotting scope with a video camera pointed out the window," said Taylor. The camera was pointing at a gas station where the suspect in custody had placed a skimming device on a pump. He recorded 40 hours worth of transactions and he was also logging pin numbers as he was watching his victims," said Taylor. The suspect had all the magnetic strip information on each credit card along with the numbers - the perfect storm for ID theft. (Source

Three women arrested hitting Kohl's in North Andover & may be involved in organized shoplifting ring  North Andover police are investigating whether the three defendants, who are expected to be arraigned in Lawrence District Court today, may be involved with an organized shoplifting ring, according to Lt. Charles Gray. Charged with larceny over $250 and conpiracy to commit larceny are: Yris Lantigua Garcia, 52, of 53 Lexington St., Lawrence, Beatriz Caceres, 30, of 17 Washington St., Lawrence, Katerine Duran, 24, of 11 Lawrence St., Lawrence. The investigation is ongoing. (Source

Baby formula ORC thief using unsuspecting mom as getaway driver gets one year in prison  Parrish Williams was sentenced Monday after pleading guilty to stealing $700 worth of baby formula from Wal-Mart on two occasions and using his unsuspecting mother as his getaway driver in Attleboro, Mass. The mother was not charged. Police say he then got in a car driven by his mother, and told her to "take off." (Source

Five arrested in Arkansas ORC ring involved in theft and counterfeiting.  Five people were arrested in Jonesboro, Arkansas in connection with counterfeiting $100 bills and felony theft of merchandise from Walmart. One of the suspects dressed as a Walmart associate and was able to steal a 70 inch television. Additional electronics merchandise was recovered from the suspect’s home. The counterfeit money had been passed at grocery stores in the area. (Source

Three men plead guilty to stealing 41 guns from a store in Fife, Washington.  A total of 4 men had been arrested, yesterday three plead guilty to the theft of 41 weapons from the Sportco store in Fife, Washington back in 2011. The fourth man is facing 45 felony counts is scheduled to go to trial this week. Prosecutors contend Sun and Bunta broke into the store during the early-morning hours of Dec. 17, smashed opened glass display cases and made off with 39 pistols and two rifles. One of the 41 stolen weapons later was used in a robbery in Wenatchee. (Source

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ORC 5-7-13
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