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Not just source tagging!

Recently in the EAS world, the conversation has shifted to source tagging. While the need for EAS tagging is as obvious as ever, the method of tagging has been a hot-button issue. Can an EAS tagging solution not only reduce shrinkage, but be cost-effective in today's wintry economic climate? Far too often retailers have foregone EAS to save a buck, only to realize later the high shrinkage cost that their sacrifice has wrought.

Source tagging has emerged as one of the most cost-effective mechanisms for EAS tagging and is quickly catching on in the retail world. The elimination of in-store tagging labor costs and the expediency of merchandise being delivered to the floor carry obvious benefits to even most shrewd money men. Maintaining a uniform tagging policy at the point of manufacture also generates a smoother aesthetic on the store floor, leading to a better customer relations experience.

All these benefits are inherently characteristic of any source-tagging program. All the major EAS suppliers and companies either already have a source-tagging program or are close to developing one. So who do you choose for your source-tagging needs? At WG Security Products, we strongly believe in source-tagging, but have found a way to make it even more beneficial to our customers. It is called WG Green Tag.

WG has combined source-tagging with tag recycling for a complete all-in-one solution for your tagging needs. Rather than use disposable hard tags, labels, or even bargain-basement tags, WG provides retailers with many options of our world-renown quality hard tags to be used for source-tagging.



Or WG can work with your currently stocked tags if that is preferable, even if they're from our competitors. Merchandise is tagged using retailer's specifications at the point of manufacture and sent to the store floor-ready. After removal of tags from merchandise, the tags are sent back to WG in pre-paid packages. WG inspects, cleans and re-sends the tags to the merchandise manufacturer for re-use.

Because of the cyclical nature of the tag use, retailers do not need to spend capital on the purchase of hard tags, but tags are leased from WG to be used for a pre-determined amount of time.  Retailers no longer have to maintain a stockpile of tags or find a way to dispose of their tags once they have been used.  Less waste and more green!

This is the benefit Green Tag provides over other source-tagging programs.  Not just reusing your tags, but WG quality tags.  The Green Tag program is already in effect at retailers like bebe stores and Fred Meyer with exceptional results.  To learn more about WG Green Tag and request literature on the inner-workings of the program, please contact WG at 

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