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ORC 8-19-13





ORC takes major hit with 361 MS-13 Gang Members Rounded Up Nationwide By ICE 
The recent arrests of 361 MS-13 gang members in the below article will obviously make an impact on ORC. The issue is does ICE even recognize the need to include this aspect in their investigations and interviews. And can the retailers ORC groups get involved and try to gather information and possible evidence or maybe even recover stolen goods, get information on fencing operations, and ORC teams that have been hitting the nations stores. Seems like a great opportunity to gather intel if ICE is approached correctly. We would suggest this be a concerted effort and well coordinated between various retailers. With them holding the suspects in 71 various U.S. cities the retail ORC teams are in a great position to hopefully be allowed to interview them or possibly try to get ICE themselves to include it in their investigative processes.

ICE's "Operation Razor's Edge" -Nationwide MS-13 gang Sweep - 361 arrested - Defining the ORC impact?  This national anti-gang enforcement operation, "Project Razor's Edge," was conducted July 15 to Aug. 9. The 361 arrests included 263 gang members and associates from 43 different gangs in 71 U.S. cities and 98 others encountered during the operation: 84 non-gang members wanted on criminal charges and 14 for immigration violations. 297 of them were arrested for criminal offenses for federal and state criminal violations, charges included first degree murder, aggravated assault, assault, firearms possession, aggravated robbery, armed robbery, attempted armed robbery, obstruction of criminal investigations, interference with commerce by threats or violence, illegal re-entry of a removed alien, sexual assault, indecent contact with a minor and kidnapping. Editors note: Obviously this group is heavily involved in retail crime and potentially significant ORC activity. So to take these criminals off the street, at least for the time being, we may see the impact. Certainly during the investigation and various interviews they may develop information regarding ORC activity throughout the 71 cities. Interestingly enough ICE and HSI conducted a similar operation and executed "Operation CAGE" (Central America Gang Enforcement) in conjunction with Central American law enforcement and arrested 207 gang members in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras between May 20 to July 29. Obviously these two operations were coordinated together and made a major hit on the gang world. Lets hope we see it's impact on the U.S. ORC activity. The various ORC group leaders in the U.S. need to communicate with ICE and determine how much ORC may have been involved! So trying to follow up and communicate with ICE may be advisable. (Source (Source



Wal-Mart Global Security busts $300,000 counterfeit check casher in Madison, GA. - member of larger operation - investigation is ongoing  According to reports, Latiffany Taylor, 25, was arrested by Malcom soon after she allegedly attempted to cash a fraudulent $498.80 check. The check, Malcom reported, was a payroll check ostensibly from a Nashville, Tenn., medical supply company. After Taylor was apprehended attempting to leave the store by Officer Elliot Kline, Malcom notified an officer with Walmart Global Security and was told that the routing number on the check as well as the account number on the check had been used in a wide-ranging scam that had successfully cashed approximately $300,000 in fraudulent checks. The fraudulent checks, the security officer told Malcom, were all in the amount of $498.80. Carl Jones, Madison Police Department assistant police chief, said officers are continuing to investigate the fraud attempt and currently believe that Taylor was a minor player in the scam. “She is a small part of what we believe is a larger operation,” he said. (Source

2 male suspects hit The Buckle for $3,000 worth of merchandise stuffing Hot Topic bags at Quincy Mall on August 14th  The Quincy Regional Crime Stoppers are looking for information on a recent retail theft case. On August 14th at approximately 11:50 a.m., three black male subjects entered The Buckle in the Quincy Mall. Once inside, two of the males pulled out black, Hot Topic bags and began stuffing jeans into the bags. The jeans were all Rock Revival brand. Two of the suspects left the store with $3,000 worth of merchandise. The third suspect fled when confronted. (Source

Habitual ORC thief sentenced to 4 years in prison for $4000 of over-the-counter pharmaceuticals theft in DuPage County, IL  Released on parole Feb 2012 for another felony theft conviction, Patrick Karney, 30 yrs old, has been arrested more than 50 times. Police Sgt. Lou Cammiso said officers charged him with stealing an estimated $800 worth of over-the-counter drugs from an area grocery store he would not identify by name. A larger amount of additional, over-the-counter medications ... were located in (Karney’s) vehicle,” Cammiso said. Those pharmaceuticals had a total estimated value of $4,000, he said. (Source

The South American Theft Group Intelligence Network (SATGIN)  The South American version of the ORC models here in the states gives a talk about booster bags and Metal Guard in this palmbeachpost column. (Source

Nordstrom hit for 48 designer shirts at Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg, IL 
Police received a report that 48 designer shirts were taken from the Nordstrom store at Woodfield Mall. The suspects are believed to be 3 females in their 20’s who escaped in a white Ford Taurus. (Source

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Rex Gillette, VP Retail Sales, Protection 1.


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ORC 8-19-13
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