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Spotlight on Leadership 9-6-13
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Denny Dansak, Senior Corporate Manger ORC for Kroger - Building a Best-in-Class ORC program

A little over six years ago Karl Langhorst, joined Kroger as their first ever corporate Senior Director of Loss Prevention and as you might imagine starting an LP effort for a 2,500+ store chain has been a herculean effort. From establishing the model to building the various functions and teams, it's been a huge task and one that's been very successful for the Kroger organization. Early on Karl recognized the need for a highly structured and very professional national ORC effort. And four years ago he hired Denny Dansak, who had just retired as a Supervisory Special Agent from the U.S. Attorney General's office as a special agent managing the investigative efforts for their organized crime, counter terrorism, and narcotics efforts throughout a five state region.

As Kroger's first senior corporate manager for ORC Denny faced many of the same challenges Karl did when he first started at Kroger. From having to establish credibility, building the ORC national model, ensuring the return on their investment, and integrating the Kroger effort throughout the entire retail community. Denny walked into virtually a non-existent program and over the last four years has built one of leading ORC efforts in North America. Under Karl's direction and support Denny and his team have shown this retailer the benefits and impact that a national ORC program can bring to an organization.

Starting with just two team members and now numbering over 20 managers around the country this ORC program has quickly become one of the Best-in-Class models in the nation focusing on building the partnerships between the retailers and law enforcement and educating law enforcement as well. As a subject matter expert in organized crime Denny has seamlessly transitioned from the public law enforcement community and has been able to prove to this retailer that their investment in their ORC effort has paid dividends. From decreasing the shrinkage in the impacted markets to making the stores safer for the employees and customers. Kroger's ORC team is making an impact and helping the entire retail community.

In working with him directly over the last four years I think we can all see the two reasons that drive their success. First, the vision and support Karl has shown and given to the program and second Denny's genuine and humble desire to make a difference and make the retail stores a safer place for everyone.

Over the last few days we've all read about the recent Middletown, Ohio ORC ring that was broken up and Denny helped lead the way in that investigation right there in Kroger's back yard in the Dayton, Ohio area. And last night Denny was featured on their local news station. You'll find the article and clip below for those of you that didn't get to see it.

Job Well Done Denny - Thanks for your efforts and thanks for joining the retail Loss Prevention industry.

Inside Kroger's organized retail crime unit
This week, Dansak took WLWT News 5 inside the Kroger in Middletown. He explained, just like they do in bigger cities, crooks are ripping off stores right here in the Tri-state -- stores that everyone shops at, like Kroger, CVS, Wal-Mart, Meijer and Lowes, among others. What drives the booster, the products he steals and boosts from the stores, is dictated by what the consumers want to buy," Dansak said. Tide, liquor, Red Bull, batteries, Crest Whitestrips and over-the-counter medicine are some of the more popular items that are being swiped from store shelves. Because the goal is to keep the customer happy and prices down, Kroger has partnered with other retailers and law enforcement officers. In the last six weeks, Kroger, Middletown police, CVS and about a dozen other agencies worked together to nab about 100 boosters. They said the criminals were brazen and often worked in teams. They would load up their carts and head out the door to a getaway car. What concerns Dansak is that some of the items that are being stolen and then resold are perishables, like baby formula. If they're not stored at a proper temperature or stored in an area that is not clean and being sold by the fence, it is a safety issue for the consumer," said Dansak. Middletown police said the partnership between law enforcement and retailers is only going to get stronger and they warn thieves that the crackdown has just begun. (Source

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Spotlight on Leadership 9-6-13
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