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'Get Money Team' retail crime ring busted in Indy - Police used GPS tracking and Facebook to bust them  The "Get Money Team," group of women identified in more than 20 reported incidents of retail theft in Marion and surrounding counties. Operating since 2000 as an ORC gang known as the ‘Get Money Team." This group is known throughout their community as the ‘Boosters." "The group took orders and sold stolen merchandise out of their homes, trunks of their vehicles and hair salons. Prosecutors said surveillance cameras caught several of the thefts and that police became familiar with members of the group. They attached GPS devices to several of the suspects’ cars to track their movements—and found the women were often traveling to malls and retail stores. The women were also all connected on Facebook and referenced their activities, in one post referring to themselves as the “MONEY TEAM.” The group has been charged with multiple felony counts, including corrupt business influence, criminal recklessness, theft and forgery, in relation to alleged counterfeit $20 bills presented by two of the women. Court documents said the suspects pilfered multiple retail outlets including Burlington Coat Factory, Rack Room Shoes, Victoria's Secret, Buckle, Carter's and Sunglass Hut. (Source (Source

Two men from California used counterfeit credit cards for $100K at Nordstrom, Macy and others  Police arrested two men from Los Angeles accused of using counterfeit credit cards to make more than $100,000 in purchases throughout the Portland metro area. Xunhai Zheng, 33, and Jin Hua Lin, 22, are charged with aggravated theft, aggravated ID theft and organized retail theft. Police were called to the Washington Square Mall on Wednesday after Nordstrom security workers spotted the duo. Investigators said they had been notified about Zheng and Lin the previous day after store owners discovered they had used fraudulent credit cards to purchase gift cards and other merchandise. Officers followed them throughout the afternoon. Police said they went on another "shopping spree" at the Macy's store in The Streets of Tanasbourne shopping center. Zheng and Lin then went to a hotel in northwest Portland, where they were ultimately arrested. A search of the hotel led to an extensive collection of gift cards and merchandise purchased with counterfeit credit cards. (Source

ORC ring led from inside Ala. prison with inmates cell phone scams leading to retail fraud arrest - loading up their prison accounts with sales of fraud purchases  Timothy Richard Robertson, 45, charged with fraudulent use of a credit card and first-degree theft of property by deceit for buying and selling merchandise to load up his friends/inmates prison accounts. The inmates would smuggle cell phones into the prison, call phone numbers of hotel rooms or other random phone numbers and use a ruse to convince the person on the other end of the phone to give them credit card information. They would then send that information to people on the outside who would make purchases, sell the items and then deposit money into the inmates’ prison accounts. Ventress Correctional Facility is conducting an internal investigation and will likely charge inmates as co-conspirators in the theft ring that may have been operating all over the state. (Source

Organized Retail Crime charge dismissed for one of the first people to be charged under Michigan's new state law  One of the freshman class of people charged with Michigan’s Organized Retail Crime law, a felony punishable by as much as five years in prison, saw the charge dismissed and was able to walk out of the courtroom a free woman. Lisa Dawn Ehorn, 26, pleaded guilty to second-degree retail fraud on Monday, Oct. 21, and Kent County Circuit Court Judge George Buth sentenced her to time served, as well as a slew of fees totaling more than $1,000. (Source

Female duo busted stealing 614 items from Wal-Mart in Utica, N.Y.  Sara Millron, 27 of Clinton, and Elizabeth Wust, 29 of Edmenston, N.Y., were both eventually arrested on the basis that they allegedly stole 614 items of merchandise, valuing a total of $4,092.71 from the chain store. (Source

UK Serial shoplifter with 163 offenses must serve 6 months in jail
Shoplifting $691 U.S. from UK retailer Marks & Spencer's they found a devie for removing security tags in her purse. The judge heard that Clarke had a total of 163 previous convictions, including 112 similar theft offences. He branded Clarke’s record as “appalling” and told her: “This was on any view a premeditated criminal expedition, organised and professionally executed by you. The goods taken were of high value, 443 pounds worth of clothing and food. (Source

Two Miami men busted on I-75 in Bonita Springs, Fla. - the west coast of Fla. - with 15 counterfeit credit cards  Lee County's Highway Interdiction Unit stopped two Miami men on I-75 in Bonita Springs and found pot and altered credit cards. The detective could smell marijuana coming from the vehicle and a subsequent search of the pick up uncovered a gram of marijuana and 15 fraudulent or altered credit cards. The two suspects purchased $2,000 in merchandise using the phony credit cards. Both men face charges of trafficking in counterfeit credit cards and possession of marijuana. (Source

Michigan trio hits multiple stores in two or three Michigan counties - busted this morning  BIG RAPIDS, MI – Police say three young men stole televisions, audio systems, a laptop computer and other items but were caught early Monday, Oct. 21, during a traffic stop. Big Rapids police said the suspects, a 20-year-old Kentwood man and two 19-year-old men from Baldwin stole more than 30 items from Meijer Inc. and Walmart in two or three counties. (Source

Two arrested for Organized Theft in Corpus Christi, TX.
Corpus Christi Police arrested a man and a woman at a store on South Padre Island Drive for Organized Retail Theft Sunday night. Officers discovered evidence to support an accusation that the stolen retail merchandise was bartered, sold, or otherwise disposed of in a manner beyond ordinary theft. Corpus Christi Police arrested 30-year-old Bonnie Vidrio (11/11/1982) and 31-year-old Joel Garcia (9/3/1982) for Organized Retail Theft and delivered them to the city detention center. No retailer was mentioned.

Two Gainesville Furniture store employees accused of theft; selling stolen new product to a consignment shop  The men worked for Walker Furniture stole the chairs over the past year and used a company truck to take them to a consignment shop, where they were sold at a drastically reduced price. An employee of the consignment shop told police that he had been dealing with Jones and Edwards since the store opened about a year ago. The employee said Jones and Edwards told him that Walker Furniture was overstocked and wanted to sell the chairs. (Source


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Rex Gillette, VP Retail Sales, Protection 1.

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