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Vendor Spotlight 12-6-13
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Vendor Spotlight


Surveillance Analytics

Real-Time Intelligence for Live Detection of Safety and Security Events

Nextiva Surveillance Analytics helps organizations make sense of vast amounts of security video and data, generating Actionable Intelligence for better decisions and faster, more effective action. This powerful suite of integrated analytic applications can automatically pinpoint potential breaches and significant events and send video alerts to the appropriate people, departments and agencies. Designed to address the specific safety and security requirements across critical infrastructure and enterprise environments, this platform helps organizations with a proactive approach to threat deterrence and management.

Nextiva Surveillance Analytics enhances situational awareness and can transform threat detection from a manual, resource-intensive operation to an efficient, accurate, automated process. With Nextiva Surveillance Analytics, security staff can focus on deterring and managing threats in real-time with automatic and time-critical detection capabilities, enabling them to take immediate action.

With a wide range of analytic detection functions, Nextiva Surveillance Analytics helps organizations:

Quickly distill and prioritize relevant video
Customize analytics rules based on individual corporate policies and environments
Escalate video that have applied rules violations for immediate response

Create and intelligently distribute alerts to local, remote or mobile operators virtually anywhere on the network
Minimize false alarm rates, even in complex environments with rapidly changing conditions
Increase ROI using existing security camera infrastructure and/or pre-enabled IP cameras
Operate 24 hours a day regardless of actual staffing levels

Full integration with the Nextiva Video Management Software and Nextiva PSIM platforms leverages efficiencies difficult to attain with standalone analytic products – providing a powerful situation intelligence solution.

An Indispensable Tool for a Variety of Industries

Nextiva Surveillance Analytics offers benefits to a wide variety of industries, including:

Transportation and Logistics Hubs: helps to monitor potential threats and reduce accidents with its ability to track perimeter intrusion, unattended objects, breaches to secure zones, crowding, loitering, obstructions to the traffic paths and more.

Urban Light Rail Networks: sophisticated analytics modules such as viewing people accessing restricted areas, detecting a person or object on platforms, unattended items left behind and suspicious activity all help these public service entities provide better protection and decrease vandalism.

Safe City Surveillance: helps detect suspicious vehicles causing traffic obstacles or entering restricted areas, monitor crowding or grouping of people, identify unattended objects and more.

Campus Environments: helps to enhance situational awareness and transform threat detection from a manual, resource-intensive operation to an efficient, accurate, automated process.

Energy and Utilities: enables immediate identification of perimeter intrusion, blockages to fire and emergency exits, breaches to secure zones, human or vehicle tailgating, objects left behind and more.

Retail: helps detect objects left behind in sensitive areas, monitor blockages to fire and emergency exits, observe traffic in high-value product areas, reaching over counters and inventory monitoring of sensitive areas.

Finance: helps automate and better manage security at branch offices. This solution helps financial institutions make faster and smarter decisions by providing perimeter protection and analysis about loitering, area detection, unattended objects and camera tampering.



Vendor Spotlight 12-6-13
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