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ORC 4-4-14



Kroger, Macy's and FYE stores helps bust Charleston, W.Va. fencing operation - retail store - 'Middle East Mart'  Charleston Police raided the business after an eight month under cover investigation of retail organized crime fencing operation. Undercover officers were made aware that the business had been receiving stolen property, and that led to the investigation. Undercover officers had been selling employees at the business items that those employees believed were stolen. Those items were marked. During the raid of the business, officers located those stolen items, marijuana, and an undisclosed amount of cash in a back room. Police say the store owner would give well-known-thieves a shopping list -- sending them out to get high end purses, food, and even DVDs and CDs. Charleston Police Sergeant Bobby Eggleston says they worked with major retailers Macy's, Kroger, and the music store FYE to crack these cases. Sergeant Eggelston says the thieves are people the police know on a first-name-basis. The store is just a few steps away from the Charleston Transit Mall a well-known trouble spot in downtown Charleston. In the last week and a half nearly two-dozen arrests have happened in that area related to outstanding warrants, drugs, and harassment. (Source (Source

Two US men plead guilty for their role in $15M global hacking operation
Robert Dubuc, 40, from Massachusetts along with Oleg Pidtergerya, 49, of New York, used information stolen from more than 12 banks, payroll processing companies, brokerage firms and government agencies - in their effort, more than $15 million in funds have been reportedly stolen. Once a bank account was compromised, the cybercriminals then sent the information to others, accused of withdrawing funds from ATM accounts or making fraudulent purchases in New York, Massachusetts, Georgia, Illinois and other locations. They both face 25 years in prison. (Source

Five males - ORC gang hits cell phone stores in Seminole County, Fla. - one arrested & charged with ORC  Hitting a Verizon and AT&T stores they selected phones and left without paying and escaped in a stolen vehicle. In their last hit they left one suspect behind who was arrested and charged with ORC in Seminole County. (Source

Public helped police ID and capture serial Walmart thief in Riverhead, N.Y.

ORC 4-4-14
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