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ORC 5-19-14



Indiana trying to pass ORC legislation
With all of the states surrounding Indiana having ORC laws authorities say their ORC is spiking because the criminals know the punishment is less. To combat the trend, he said the Indiana Retail Organized Crime Coalition is working with state lawmakers and county prosecutors to pass legislation that would make boosting a more severe crime. The goal is to strip some of the low-risk, high-reward appeal. The 2013 National Retail Federation survey lists 28 states that have passed or enacted legislation related to organized retail crime, including all of the states surrounding Indiana. That's our golden goose right there," Thompson said of the legislation. "We're looking at the language in the (organized retail crime) laws of our bordering states to draft legislation for Indiana, and we hope to have it introduced in time of the next legislative session." The tougher state laws help, said Mellor of the National Retail Federation. But the patchwork of state-by-state laws motivates thieves to cross state lines in search of less severe punishment should they get caught. With Indiana being surrounded by states with organized retail crime laws, criminals in the Midwest could be drawn to the Hoosier state.  The National Retail Federation has been lobbying for organized retail crime to be defined as a federal crime with appropriate sentencing guidelines.  "We've been advocating for a number of years, so the federal lawmakers are tuned into it ,and they know how serious it is," Mellor said. "The problem is they have other priorities, and we just keep trying to get on the priority list." (Source

Tucson police create team to go after serial - ORC offenders  Two detectives and 24 plainclothes officers are working stores where shoplifters strike most to build felony cases against repeat thieves, said Capt. Paul Sayre of the property crimes division. Some of the officers are working undercover in hopes of catching habitual offenders in the act. Steady growth in shoplifting, along with the realization that many thieves were hitting stores over and over, resulted in the concentrated effort involving police, the business community and prosecutors. It is really important that Tucson police, the city and county prosecutors work closely together in a coordinated effort on this issue that is significantly impacting our community,” said Baird Greene, deputy city attorney of the criminal division. He said each group plays a role in making solid cases so offenders are locked up, rather than repeatedly receiving probation or being referred to diversion programs. Also, by targeting shoplifters police expect a drop in violent crimes because some of the thieves are tied to burglaries, robberies and carjackings. Last year there were nearly 15,000 shoplifting incidents in the city, police records show. That’s up from about 12,500 in 2012. The state’s Organized Retail Crime Association meets monthly and works with law enforcement to make a dent in thefts. Retailers are losing millions of dollars each year,” said Carlos Estrada, loss-prevention manager for the Arizona Division of Circle K Stores and a founding member of the state association’s Southern Arizona Chapter. “When the bad guys take our product, it hurts all of us and minimizes our government because of the loss in tax revenue. There are groups that hit stores in Phoenix, along the Interstate 10 corridor, and in Tucson — and on their return trip to Phoenix, they do the same thing.” (Source

Fraudster gets 4-year sentence for credit card scheme in Newfoundland, Ca. Mouneimneh, along with his partner in the scheme Michael Soliman, arrived by ferry the province in February and proceeded to use stolen or fake credit cards to buy gift cards or prepaid credit cards, allowing them to steal thousands of dollars from individuals and retailers. He committed the crimes in this province while out on a conditional sentence from Quebec for similar crimes. There is also an ongoing investigation by police in Edmunston, New Brunswick. Chalker said the fact that Mouneimneh shipped the cards from province to province and owned a machine to perform the fraud meant his intention was clear. (Source

ORC female duo hits Dillard's in Penn Square Mall in Oklahoma City for $17,000 in Michael Kors watches


ORC Takes Center Stage - An in-depth look at the national epidemic


From meat to razors to Tide Detergent "Liquid Gold," organized retail crime gangs are boosting everything and anything these days. To combat the ever-growing problem, LP investigators have developed new methods to counteract the criminals invading their stores. These videos offer insight into the ORC epidemic and what retailers are doing to fight it.



ORC 5-19-14
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