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ORC 7-25-14




Fraudster Hit Apple stores in 16 states with old fake phone validation scheme for $309,000  The U.S. Secret Service has arrested a Florida man for federal wire fraud related to $309,000 in credit card transactions at Apple retail store that exploited a procedural vulnerability and the willingness of employees to complete a sale. Parrish has 11 previous arrests by the Tampa Police or surrounding Hillsborough County Sheriff (HCSO). According to the Secret Service, Parrish would visit Apple stores and present his own credit cards that were not reported stolen, but whose accounts were closed. When an Apple employee swiped the credit card, it would be declined—no reason is typically provided to the retailer for such a declination. Parrish would then express surprise, and pretend to telephone his bank directly as the Apple employee listened. After a conversation with a supposed customer service agent, Parrish would verbally give the Apple store employee the required six-digit authorization number that is usually automatically generated and displayed by the point-of-sale device. He would instruct the employee to “force post” the transaction using that number. Against Chase and SunTrust policy, the criminal complaint says, the employee would manually process the transaction and manually enter the authorization number provided by Parrish. Using this fraudulent technique, the complaint says, Parrish made 42 different purchases from various Apple stores, including the four stores noted above. “Because the Apple employees overrode the initial declination,” the criminal complaint says, “Apple, not the financial institution, suffered the loss.” (Source

Professional Thieves net large haul at Best Buy=$6,000+ in one hit Kingsport police say five individuals recently worked in concert to pull off a precision shoplifting heist at Best Buy, distracting employees and exiting with totes full of smaller items valued at more than $6,000. Revealed through security footage — the men cut the plastic tops off the packaging to 37 separate items: 20 "activity tracker" wristbands, 11 sets of headphones, and six GPS watches. The duo is alleged to have then "scattered" the merchandise throughout bottom shelves of aisles. At approximately the same time, two females entered the store "carrying large totes." Police say they filled the containers with items the men had placed on bottom shelving, all while the men "stood over them, watching for security guards." With half the merchandise now boxed up, the women headed toward the exit with their totes. Before they passed through and out into the parking lot, according to police, a third male entered and distracted an employee by the door, asking persistent questions about an item in a Best Buy ad. With half their bounty now secured, the women reportedly re-entered the store. All the suspects "performed this task once more," according to a police report, "collecting the other half of the items." Police are now sharing some of those images with the public, hoping to obtain information on the shoplifters. Anyone with information is asked to contact Kingsport police at 229-9429 or 246-9111. (Source

Florida convicts committing identity theft from behind bars  Channel 9 anchor Vanessa Welch learned inmates are ripping off consumer credit card numbers, using them to get cash and redirecting the money to family and friends back home. Welch sat down with one family, the Bashwiners, who easily fell for the scam and now think prisoners have too much freedom. The Bashwiners traveled to Walt Disney World to celebrate a daughter's birthday. They checked into the Polynesian Resort hotel and went straight to the Magic Kingdom. But when they returned to their hotel room, the phone rang. “They told us it was the front desk, and our American Express, there was a problem with it. Do we have another card? So I gave them our debit card,” explained Kristine Bashwiner. Kristine had no clue that she had been tricked by Florida prison inmate Damion Goldsmith, who was already serving time for credit card fraud. (Source

ORC gang member out on bail sent back to jail in Framingham - Goes back to TJ Maxx stores after court order to stay out!  Dedham woman, part of a large-scale shoplifting gang responsible for stealing nearly $48,000 worth of merchandise throughout the state sent to jail. In the report, police said Burrell is part of a group that stole clothing and other merchandise valued at more than $47,600, from stores in Framingham, Milford, Norwell and Bedford. T.J. Maxx security recorded Burrell in T.J. Maxx at least two times since the court order was issued. Judge David Cunis ruled that Jasmine Burrell, 25, violated the terms of her earlier release by repeatedly going to T.J. Maxx in Framingham against the court's order. On Thursday, Burrell was back in court for a pretrial conference, and prosecutor Ben Franklin asked Cunis to revoke Burrell's bail. Burrell is charged with larceny of property worth more than $250 from T.J. Maxx in Framingham in June. According to a Framingham Police report filed in court, Burrell stole more than $1,500 worth of clothing that day. (Source

Identity Theft Ring Busted in Simi Valley; 3 Arrested

Felony organized retail crime charge dropped in Rochester, NH

‘Career Criminal’ in Framingham, MA rug thefts, busted for credit card fraud

Crooks in Miami Clean Out Cell Phone Store In Thirty Seconds 


ORC 7-25-14
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