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Vendor Spotlight 9-26-14

Vendor Spotlight

Making Good Customers Feel Bad is Bad for Sales

"We think you may be a cheater. Oops, you're not? Uh, sorry about that. By the way, we truly value you as a customer."

75% to 90% of manually-reviewed orders are eventually approved. As merchants spend more time and money on manual reviews, you might expect rejection rates to be rising. Not so.

The number of rejected orders remained essentially unchanged in 2011. The reality is that most manual reviews are unnecessary. More than half of merchants report that 90% of manually-reviewed orders are ultimately approved. In fact, the average approval rate for manually-reviewed orders is 75%.

Think about the impact that this high level of wrongly reviewed orders has on sales. You've just spent a lot of time, money, and effort to attract a new customer, but then you treat him or her like a second-class citizen. Can you afford to have a significant percentage of your customers feeling less than delighted with their experience on your website? Perhaps even insulted? And what about the delays that customers experience if their order is manually reviewed? Won't that hurt repeat sales? And how about competitors who are able to approve their orders more quickly than you can, without so many manual reviews? Will your customers eventually decide to take their business to them?

Having the right eCommerce fraud tool in place provides a number of ROI elements to consider. Zellman Fraudnet can reduce manual reviews to between 1-2% of all orders. Additionally, Zellman Fraudnet can mitigate cart abandonment while preserving customer satisfaction and ultimately brand image with sub-second response time (250 - 350 Milliseconds).

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Vendor Spotlight 9-26-14
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