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Sears distribution center clerk steals $3.7 million in merchandise, arrested in Logan, NJ  Police here have charged a woman for allegedly selling stolen goods out of the Sears Distribution Center at 2100 Center Square Rd. Logan officers arrested Kim Watson, 32, of Clementon, on Friday. A long-term investigation by the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office, Logan police and Sears' loss prevention team led detectives to believe Watson, an inventory clerk, had been taking cash payment and barter services in exchange for high-end merchandise. That merchandise, police said, included everything from bedding to kitchen appliances. The operation served a network of people around the tri-state area. The merchandise totaled roughly $3.7 million in retail value, leaving the Sears company with about a $2.6 million net loss. Watson was charged with second degree theft. She was held at the Salem County Jail in default of $50,000 bail. Capt. Robert Leash of the Logan police said the investigation was ongoing. "We are still looking into this," he said. "We know she had a network. She didn't do this alone, and these people knew they were receiving stolen goods."   Investigation Ongoing, More information to follow tomorrow

Women arrested in Chino Hills store burglary of $4,000 worth of sunglasses
Two women from Moreno Valley were arrested by Chino Hills Police on suspicion of stealing around $4,000 worth of sunglasses from a store at The Shoppes at Chino Hills. Keyosha Chapple, 31, and Akeila Jefferson, 30, were booked Oct. 10 on $15,000 bail in Rancho Cucamonga, according to Deputy Steve Spagon. Deputies went to the store at 13800 City Center Drive on a report of a commercial burglary. The name of the store was not provided. The deputies learned two women walked into the business, grabbed merchandise from a display case, and fled without paying. Police detectives and their Major Enforcement Team identified one of the women and were led to an apartment complex in Moreno Valley. A search of the woman's apartment unit resulted in the recovery of stolen merchandise valued at approximately $4,000 and the two arrests.

UK: Mother and daughter crime duo sold thousands in stolen goods on Facebook
Dawn Bainbridge and daughter Claire Bainbridge were locked up by a crown court judge yesterday for their part in a 'well planned and professional operation'. The pair had previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy to steal. Another daughter, Caitlyn Bainbridge, has also pleased guilty to the same charge and will be sentenced next month. Newcastle Crown Court was told the three stole more than $11270.00 of goods from retailers across the North East and Yorkshire from January 1 until June 4 of this year, before selling them on Facebook for less than their value under the business name Designer Goods North East. The scam was uncovered when a investigator from Next made two test purchases from the Facebook site. She received the clothes from Caitlyn Bainbridge by post and matched them up with unique store codes on the goods - which revealed they had been stolen. Police carried out a raid at the family home in The Crescent, and found a haul of clothing worth $10744.00. A total of $2,341 of goods was from Next stores; $1,032 from House of Fraser stores; $1.078 from Marks and Spencer; $624 from British Home Stores; $739 from Hollister, $584 of goods from Asda and $417 from M and C stores. Neil Pallister, prosecuting, said the three were arrested in March and bailed, but when police visited the home on another matter they found the shoplifting scam was still running and found another haul of clothes worth more than $1449. Police also uncovered a list of customers and even a debters' ledger at their home with names and the amounts owed to them from sales online.

Six Romanians convicted in South Florida on $340,000 skimming scheme
Six Romanian citizens were found guilty of bank fraud and convicted in the state of Florida, in the U.S. They were sentenced to three to seven years in jail, according to The United States Attorney's Office. The six suspects admitted they had installed devices to access credit card data on ATMs in Florida, a scheme known as “ATM skimming”. Using the electronic data stolen from their victims' credit cards and the PIN numbers, which they recorded with miniature cameras, they made new cards which they used to draw money out of the victims' bank accounts. American authorities found that they stole a total of USD 340,000 from 314 bank accounts.

Australian Criminals pay up to $30,000 for valid identity documents from vulnerable people  A report being tabled in the Australia's federal Parliament on Tuesday will urge people to protect their passports, driving licenses, Medicare cards, and other identity documents. It warns that criminals are expected to increasingly single out vulnerable people, such as nursing home residents, long-term hospital patients and jail inmates, to buy their identities. It also details the going rate criminals are paying for fake identity documents. The report says criminal groups pay up to $30,000 for a legitimately issued passport bearing fake details. Professional forgers charge $1500 to alter a genuine passport. The report also warns of a flourishing black market for fake Medicare cards, birth certificates, driving licenses, tax file numbers and credit cards. A fake credit card can be bought for $1000, a fake driving license for $350, a fake birth certificate for $250 and a fake Medicare card for $80. Justice Minister Michael Keenan is expected to table the report on Tuesday.


The D&D Daily - #1 Digital News Source for Retail Loss Prevention, IT Security & Safety Executives
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