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ORC 11-6-14




Pennsylvania State Police Searching for ORC Suspect
State police at Ridgway are seeking information about a male who allegedly stole in excess of $6,000 worth of merchandise from the St. Marys Wal-Mart store in Fox Township. According to the report, an unknown male entered the Wal-Mart store between 2:30 a.m. and 4:30 a.m. Wednesday. He allegedly filled one cart with general merchandise and another with expensive electronics. The male allegedly defeated security mechanisms on some electronics by cutting cables off of them. Upon filling the cart of electronics, he allegedly exited the store through the Lawn and Garden Center. The total amount stolen to date is in excess of $6,000, state police said. It was noted that St. Marys store employees indicated the male allegedly committed the same acts in the Clearfield Wal-Mart store.

UK: Thieves stole more than half-a-ton of specialist dog food during a nighttime raid on a Pet Store  Michelle Hawkins, who opened Toughmutts Country Supplies in Staunton, only ten months ago, suspects the burglary on Sunday November 2 was planned well in advanced. She noticed a total of 46 sacks of feed, as well as dog leads and harnesses, worth in excess of $4,800 were missing when she turned up to open the shop on Monday morning. "This is a new business venture for us," Michelle said. "We are supposed to be in a community-minded village. I have been working here seven days per week and I am not drawing a wage yet. "They must have had a big 4x4 as there was a hell of a lot of big bags of feed."

UPS Driver pleads not guilty to charges in alleged iPhone scheme in Chelmsford, MA  Chelmsford police say a Lawrence man, a UPS driver, was allegedly involved in a scheme to use stolen credit-card information to buy iPhone 5s and have them shipped under fake names to homes on his delivery route. Nariel Reposo, 24, was released on personal recognizance after pleading not guilty to attempting to commit a crime and receiving stolen property (two counts). After the packages were marked as delivered, police allege Reposo would return to the home and retrieve the packages, saying there had been a delivery mistake.

Mom says thieves created baby formula shortage; Two Muskegon, MI suspects identified  Police say they have identified the two women accused of stealing hundreds of dollars' worth of baby formula from Muskegon-area stores. The Norton Shores Police said the suspects stole more than $1,000 worth of baby formula. The two suspects were caught on surveillance camera leaving one of the stores. Candice Kops, a mother of three, told 24 Hour News 8 she was personally impacted by the thefts. "The past couple of weeks, I have had a problem with getting my girls specialty formula, the Enfamil Enfacare. I've had to search all over Muskegon County," said Kops. Kops has 7-month-old twin daughters who were born three months premature and need the specific formula to stay healthy. "Because the girls were so small, they need the extra calories to boost their weights. And one was weighing one pound, 15 ounces when she was born and the other one was two pounds, five and a half ounces. That extra bit of calories means a lot to them because they were so little and they spent 64 and 68 days in the hospital," Kops said. According to Kops, stores receive a limited supply of the Enfamil Enfacare because it is expensive - it costs around $17 per can - and not a lot of people need it. Empty shelves at a Meijer store Wednesday afternoon helped prove that claim.

Nebraska Woman arrested in $4,000 eyeglasses theft
Lancaster County prosecutors charged a 49-year-old Omaha woman Wednesday with felony theft for allegedly stealing more than $4,000 worth of eyeglasses five months ago. On June 19, Della R. Nicholson and a man went into EyeCare Specialties and allegedly took 10 pairs of eyeglasses worth $4,020.

Kmart employee in Racine, WI arrested for $2,500 theft
A 20-year-old Racine man has been charged, accused of serving as an employee, and allowing specific people to steal merchandise from Kmart. There, police say they met with a loss prevention employee who said he had detained two women who acted in concert with a store employee. The loss prevention employee was able to provide police with documents showing Brooks had transferred at least $2,500 worth of merchandise on at least five occasions.

$500 Shoplifting suspect nabbed outside Plymouth Township, MI Kmart
A 36-year-old Garden City woman was arrested on a retail fraud charge Oct. 28 after police found nearly $500 worth of merchandise in her purse outside the Kmart on Ann Arbor Road. Merchandise recovered from the purse included jewelry, four watches, hair clippers and a necklace, the police report said.

UK: Thief with 101 convictions tells court he steals every day, court lets him go

ORC 11-6-14
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