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Is Associate Safety a Bigger Issue
than Originally Thought?

"Nutech National scrutinized the Safety Issues, teamed up with their experts and introduced Employee Watch, the next level in Associate protection"

Orlando, FL - November 19, 2014 -
It’s late on a Friday night. The parking lot is dimly lit and area patrol is nowhere to be seen. Alone, a store manager casually walks to their vehicle after closing the store. Upon arriving to the vehicle, the store manager fumbles through their pockets for car keys. This sets the scene for one of many perfect opportunities for a crime to occur. How long will it take before someone finds the individual and the police are called after a violent crime takes place? The answer to this will vary depending on the location and precautionary measures in place. Shockingly, 7% of all violent crimes occur in commercial parking lots. That amounts to nearly 70,000 attacks per year according to the website.

Another worry for management is internal theft. 18% of all internal theft is related to collusion, and employee theft accounts for nearly half of a store’s overall loss. How is management keeping track of deposits being made at the end of the day? Did the employee really get held-up at the bank, or did they simply pocket the revenue?

Nutech National scrutinized these questions, researched the issues, teamed up with their security experts and came up with a ground-breaking technological solution for employee protection and internal financial loss prevention and introduced Employee Watch.

The new application is just another service being offered through Nutech Link 6.0, Nutech National’s reporting database. Employee Watch, which can be installed on any smart phone device, allows the Central Station immediate notification of when the employee leaves the store and arrives to their destination.

In regards to parking lot safety, each employee will create a user profile, giving a brief physical description, car model/color, etc to be transferred to Nutech Link. Employee Watch will be downloaded by all store employees and each store sets a customized "timer" that automatically counts down once the app is activated. The employee will activate the app as they leave the store, and de-activate once they arrive safely to his/her vehicle. If the timer runs out and the employee doesn’t de-activate, local area police will be dispatched. The application uses GPS tracking technology to track the employee’s exact path, and in the case of a crime their location will be known. A pulsing function is also included with the app. Employees will carry the silently pulsing phone on the way to their cars to know Employee Watch is activated and they need to de-activate upon vehicle arrival. If a crime does occur, authorities will arrive in the fastest time possible; there is no need for someone to find the victim hours after a crime is committed before police are involved. A panic siren button and police dispatch button are also included.

The other half of keeping employees safe in the parking lot is through Employee Watch’s inclusive use of Axis camera systems. The app is completely compatible with these cameras and they can also be used to monitor employees in the parking lot, recording any criminal activity until the app is de-activated.

Managers can also track employees making deposits. Employee Watch is activated when employees leave the store and GPS will track the employee to the bank to make the deposit and the timeframe in which they were gone. This gives management the most control and insight when it comes to deposit monitoring.

Employee Watch offers an extra layer of security monitoring capabilities for associates everywhere, at every store, and every location. Call Nutech National today to learn how you can bring this latest feature into your stores.

Experience More today, call 800-569-1600 ext. 1205



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