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ORC 1-6-15




ORC duo hit Walmart store for 15 hand-held game players - sold at pawn shop in Crossville, Tenn.  Surveillance tapes show two Crossville area men of going into the store and stealing 15 game players on Nov. 29, with one of the suspects on the same day pawning four of the stolen devices at a Crossville pawn shop. One of the suspects - who is jailed on unrelated charges - denied stealing the game players and pointed the finger at a second suspect, who admitted stealing only 11 of the players. Surveillance tapes implicated the first suspect in the theft of four of the items.

Walnut Creek, CA Police search for 3 suspects in high-end theft at Neiman Marcus  Walnut Creek police have turned to social media to track down a trio of thieves. Police released photos on Facebook showing two people wanted for a grab and run at Neiman Marcus on New Year's Eve. Investigators are also looking for a third thief. They got away in a white car. Police say a short pursuit followed, but high-speeds made it too dangerous to continue.

Unknown subjects stole about $5K from the registers at a Orangeburg Co, SC Walmart  Four unknown people stole an estimated $5,000 from one of the checkout registers at Orangeburg's Walmart Friday night. The individuals - two males and two females - were in the store "seemly shopping" about 9 p.m., according to an OCSO incident report. The store's security video shows two females at register No. 6 paying for items and one of the male subjects walk behind them and appear to pull a key from his pocket, all the while using an air filter he purchased to shield his hand as he opened the cash register on lane No. 5. The man then "retrieved the large bills from the register," concealing the money and exiting the store, the report states.

Surveillance photos released of Great Falls, MT Shopko robbery suspect  The Great Falls Police Department has released photos from surveillance video of the person suspected of stealing a vacuum cleaner from Shopko in Great Falls, and then reportedly pulled a knife when an employee tried to stop him. The Great Falls Police Department says the incident happened just before 10:30 a.m. on Sunday. The man walked out of the store on the Northwest Bypass carrying a large vacuum in a box over his shoulder when the loss-prevention employee confronted him outside in the parking lot. The man then pulled a knife on the employee and chased him around the parking lot; the employee got away and went back inside the store, and the man then got into a car and drove off. The employee was not injured.

Shoplifting trend in St Louis area uses children as decoys
A woman pushing a stroller in a shopping mall is not an uncommon sight, but in a recent incident, a woman used her baby and stroller to distract from her shoplifting. Des Peres Police arrested the mother after she made a Facebook post featuring pictures of the items she allegedly stole with her child at her side. Detective Trent Koppel of the Des Peres Police Department showed News 4's Jasmine Huda surveillance video of a shoplifting incident, which is part of a trend of using children in shoplifting attempts. "The child is there, looking around bored," Det. Koppel said of a little girl accompanying three women who police said were shoplifting. When asked how old the child was, Det. Koppel said he believed she was only 3-years-old. The presence of the girl serves as a distraction so security personnel will watch the child instead of the adults. In numerous similar cases, parents have concealed items on themselves, in a stroller, or even on a child. "You have the parent who goes one up, above and beyond, and has the child do the stealing," said Det. Koppel. "Thinking if they prompt the child to do the theft, then they won't be the adult responsible for that child." In reality, the adults are held responsible for the shoplifting. In a recent case at the West County Macy's store, 23-year-old Dwight Sanford was charged with felony stealing after allegedly hiding clothing and other items in a stroller that held two infants.

St Louis Woman, part of a Lowe's shoplifting ring, pleads guilty
A St. Louis woman has pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years of probation in one of several cases of theft of merchandise from St. Louis regional Lowe's home improvement stores. Regina M. Anderson, 23, of St. Louis pleaded guilty to entering the Lowe's store in Alton on Nov. 12 and walking out with merchandise. The Alton location was one of several where four women entered Lowe's stores and walked out with about $3,000 in "high end" merchandise. Anderson allegedly entered the Alton store and the Granite City store with the intent to commit a theft. She was charged with two counts of burglary on Nov. 14 and has been held in the Madison County Jail since. She was sentenced to the nearly 60 days she spent in custody since the four women were caught leaving the Alton store with bags of merchandise, but she will get credit for time served. Her bail was set at $50,000. Police had worked with Lowe's security officers after they received a tip that a ring of women who allegedly had stolen about $3,000 in merchandise from each of several St. Louis-area Lowe's stores was returning to shoplift again in Alton. Police arrested Anderson and three other women after they left the Alton store allegedly carrying bags of power tools and electronics they did not purchase.

Drug habit fuels shoplifting ring in Richmond and around Macomb County
A shoplifting ring has targeted Richmond stores for more than two years, according to a detective with the Richmond Police Department. Thieves steal easily marketable goods to fuel drug addictions, particularly heroin addiction, the detective said. "What we have seen -- and what our counterparts in Chesterfield and at the Macomb County Sheriff's Department have seen -- is a loose ring of individuals shoplifting certain high-priced items like Enfamil baby formula, Red Bull and Crest White Strips, and then either taking these directly to the drug house and trading them for drugs or selling them back-door to another store for cash to buy drugs," said Det. Julia Frantz. Richmond police officers have been handling these cases of retail fraud "for at least the last two years," she said. Frantz said jurisdictions across Macomb County are experiencing the cases, but stores in Warren, Chesterfield, St. Clair Shores and Port Huron have been particularly impacted.

Shoplifter swipes $2K in 'BLING' from Victoria's Secret in Chesapeake, VA
Chesapeake police say a woman shoplifted thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from Victoria's Secret last month. On December 9, surveillance cameras at the Victoria's Secret store in the 1400 block of Greenbrier Parkway captured a woman taking a large amount of clothing without paying for it. Many of the articles of clothing had the word "BLING" on them, according to Kelly O'Sullivan with the Chesapeake Police Department. The stolen merchandise totaled about $2,000, making the crime grand larceny, O'Sullivan said.

14 phones worth $13,600 stolen from Walmart by two suspects in St. Charles, LA

ORC 1-6-15
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