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Civil Demand Associates, Inc., the oldest established civil recovery firm, is acquired by BP Law Group, LLP, to foster growth in loss mitigation


On February 10, 2015, BP Law Group, LLP acquired Civil Demand Associates, Inc. ("CDA"), founded in 1987, the oldest, established civil recovery company. CDA, a pioneer in its industry, was formed to service the retail loss prevention community's growing concerns about deterring shoplifting and employee dishonesty.

Over the past 26 years CDA has grown to establish itself as the premier loss prevention recovery agency, providing excellence in the fields of Civil Demand & Restitution. CDA's mission is to provide outstanding service to its clients in civil recovery; ensure their service is responsive, accurate, and ethical; to enable the industry partnerships to assist clients in managing their loss prevention and recovery programs; foster a great working environment, create technologies that make their services more efficient and accessible; and most of all, to put clients first. CDA's philosophy is to anticipate their clients' needs in the retail loss prevention community and to prepare to facilitate change and to effectively communicate any changes or updates in civil collection laws and challenges.

CDA was attained in an acquisition with BP Law Group, LLP. BP Law Group, LLP, founded in 2012 with its flagship office in Irvine, California, is an integral part of its parent company, Pluto Sama, LLC. BP Law Group, LLP is a nationwide law firm dedicated to the liquidation of asset backed loans, nonperforming commercial and residential loans, mortgages and deeds of trust, and other real estate finance instruments. BP Law Group, LLP clients are owners of large portfolios of distressed commercial and residential real estate, who sought a one-stop solution to liquidate and monetize their portfolios. One of BP Law Group, LLP's largest clients is its affiliate asset management company, Distressed Capital Management, LLC. BP Law Group, LLP shares the U.S. domestic Pluto Sama office network with 20 offices in the United States and is able to collect debt in over 46 U.S. States. BP Law Group, LLP holds a state-of-the- art 33 seat call center to institute and maintain loss litigation strategies with commercial and residential property owners and will use this call center to support CDA activities.

CDA, as a pioneer and first in its field, has paved the way for many milestones in its industry. CDA has been the first to specialize in retail theft cases, accept electronic transmission, offer online case management, offer automated court restitution collections and "on the spot demand." In addition, they are the first to offer civil collections on vendor fraud and employee procurement, collections on external cases, court ordered restitution, promissory note collection(s) on dishonest employee cases, and automated the letter generation process.

Matthew Browndorf, Chairman of Pluto Sama, LLC, communicated, "The compliance standard required from companies like CDA is impossible to achieve without allowing for economies of scale. The CDA/BP Law Group merger will result in clients feeling confident in our compliance standard by allowing to spread compliance costs across several companies."

The new CDA will continue to operate as before with Frank Luciano at the helm, CDA's current President/Chief Executive Officer, in CDA's new location in Irvine, California. CDA, now a part of BP Law Group, LLP's network can use BP Law Group, LLP's resources to foster aggressive growth and expansion in its industry. CDA fit exactly in line with what BP Law Group, LLP is doing and together with BP Law Group, LLP, CDA can grow expediently.

Prior to this merger CDA had the knowledge and client demand. Now, with the merger and acquisition of CDA with BP Law Group, LLP, CDA will have the network and power to fulfill its industry demands. CDA, now a wholly owned subsidiary of BP Law Group, LLP, will continue to serve the community with collection services, but the offering will be expanded.

"We are extremely excited about our new partnership with BP Law. Because of their dedication to offering better solution to civil collections, together the retail client can expect a wider range of options," says Frank Luciano, President of the new CDA.

With the added resources of BP Law Group, LLP and its network dedicated to the recovery process CDA clients can expect a higher rate of return while experiencing lower rate charges. For existing CDA clients the new approach will be contained in a video, which if they have not already seen they will soon.

"CDA has a strong reputation in the industry for high quality service, making it an excellent fit with BP Law Group, LLP. We are confident that the additional resources provided by the team of attorneys and legal professionals within BP Law Group and its network partners will strengthen and enhance CDA as we continue to build one of the leading collection companies" says Daniel Singer, Managing Partner of BP Law Group.

The industry should see real change very soon as things move more toward a focus solely on collections.
For further information about CDA please contact Frank Luciano at 818-787- 9979 or by email at

For further information about BP Law Group, LLP please visit: To learn more about Pluto Sama, LLC and to see Pluto Sama, LLC's complete portfolio, please visit:




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