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Spotlight on Leadership 5-19-15

Envysion Customizes Solution for National Stores;
Reduces Theft, Loss, Customer Wait Times


Every retail business understands the complexity associated with monitoring and managing operations and minimizing loss due to theft or shrinkage. National Stores, headquartered in Los Angeles, is no different. With more than 325 locations in 22 states and Puerto Rico-under names that include Fallas and Factory 2-U-National Stores is constantly challenged with optimizing employee behavior and customer experience across hundreds of employees, spread across large geographic areas.

National Stores originally had a conventional video surveillance solution in place prior to working with Envysion, but it was highly inefficient and offered only a one-dimensional view of operations. After implementing the Envysion intelligent video solution and integrating it into their point-of-sale system, National Stores gained new visibility into operations, reducing theft and improving their customer experience. According to Veasna Koy, corporate investigations and crisis manager at National Stores, "Our ability to quickly remotely view into any location is one of the most important business benefits. It gives us key insights and saves on travel expense and time on the road."

Chris Nichols, vice president of loss prevention, offered his contacts at Envysion the opportunity to gain first-hand insights into the way National Stores was using the system, granting Envysion the ability to "not just operate it, but use it in a day-to-day scenario." Envysion, in their constant mission to learn more about their customers, jumped at the opportunity to put themselves in their customer's shoes for a few days.


Envysion sent a small team to spend a few days in the life of loss prevention at National Stores. They worked directly with the loss prevention team, gaining new insights into how Envysion was used, what worked well, and what didn't. As a result of this experience, Envysion identified ways they could simplify the user interface in order to make it easier and faster for National Stores employees to do their jobs.

"The Envysion solution gives us peace of mind that we know what's going on in each of our stores," Koy says. "And the fact that the Envysion team would come work with us one-on-one to improve the solution and ultimately simplify the way we interact with the technology shows us that they are dedicated to our success and a partner that we can really trust."

National Stores is currently testing Envysion's line time analytics feature in multiple stores. This technology allows National Stores to measure the length of time customers spend in line, understanding and avoiding conditions that lead to customer frustration and abandoned carts. With these insights, National Stores can make adjustments in the number of open registers or employee schedules, ensuring customers have the best possible experience every time they come into a National Stores location.

Working with Envysion, National Stores has been able to impact much more than just loss prevention. What started as an attempt to mitigate loss continues to evolve its ability to help National Stores optimize nearly every aspect of store operations.

For more information on Envysion Insights and how retailers are using video-driven business intelligence visit our website or email



Spotlight on Leadership 5-19-15
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