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ORC 2-9-12





2012 Archives

More on the possible ORC ring operating in Milford, PA. from the Daily's ORC column Tuesday this week. Hitting stores in Pike and Monroe counties, PA., the two women and two men were stealing large quantities of Prilosec, Rogaine, and Mucinex. Police believe the suspects could be part of a larger theft ring. Recovered were items stolen from the Rite Aid on Harford Street in Milford, the CVS Pharmacy in the Eagle Valley Mall in East Stroudsburg and the nearby Weis grocery store in East Stroudsburg. Two women were caught while trying to flee police in Milford; the men got away. After obtaining a search warrant, police found four large, black trash bags filled with stolen drug store goods valued at $6,004 in the car's trunk. Inside the passenger area police found a 2012 "At-A-Glance" personal calendar. Inside was a dismissed warrant from Virginia that belonged to Dalton. Also in the calendar was a three-page list of Rite Aid stores in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Three of the stores had asterisks next to them and one had the name "Elizabeth" written under it. This ring was obviously operating all over the Northeast. (Source

Colorado news show goes after retailers selling hot merchandise. Here's the video- Great story about it being a gateway crime and even mentions the new book out on ORC and talks about how Colorado legislators may be considering new tougher laws. More tomorrow! (Source

Serial robber of 19 c-store robberies since Jan. 23 and accomplice charged with ORC in Tucson Tucson police said Wednesday they have arrested a man and his accomplice they believe were involved in at least 19 different burglary incidents at area convenience stores. (Source

ORC Surveillance and Staff Development Training

by Hal Cunningham
Surveillance Consultants

Loss Prevention Mangers should insist on structured Organized Retail Crime Surveillance Training to address Corporate concerns of Risk Management Principles due to Civil Liability and also add credibility to their testimony. A properly structured training program for your staff will be rewarded by professionalism, accountability, and the ability to develop your personnel to their maximum efficiency.

Careful consideration should be made as to the "in house" training for your personnel in the field of surveillance. Numerous organizations offer no formal training for their new members and are subject to some difficult questions during a hearing of civil liability, should a motor vehicle accident occur during a project. Surveillance is a well developed technique of definite do's and don'ts with strict guidelines that should be followed. I have over 30 years of police experience and over 20 years of corporate investigative experience and can appreciate the manpower and budget constraints imposed when you are involved in your projects. It is therefore imperative that your staff development program accommodate your full team surveillance situations. I've always attempted to learn the most proficient methods available and adapt to the situation. It is much easier to lower your expertise for an easy target well within your ability, rather than try to increase your ability higher than your trained expertise. To meet the objective of avoiding detection and obtaining either photographic or video evidence, one must ensure that the principals of proper surveillance are utilized. Anyone can follow another person but only a trained operative can do it without detection. The art of "shadowing" someone without attracting attention to yourself is seldom obtained without proper training. Too frequently the untrained or sloppy operative attracts more attention to himself by his cloak and dagger methods of following the target. The ability to blend in with the surroundings is essential to the operative. You must be able to enter and leave the target's area without anyone knowing you were there. "Shadowing" is exactly that. You are repeating a person's movements behind them in a discrete manner.

As a police, private or corporate investigator, your mission is to obtain the evidence you require and leave the scene totally undetected. Unfortunately, anything less can be very detrimental to your project. Due to the fact that surveillance is extremely challenging, I am of the belief that it requires a special type of person and that all people may not be suitable. I believe that it demands the best of the best to respond in a team atmosphere. Disastrous results have occurred where average and below average personnel have attempted surveillance under difficult situations. The ideal operative must posses special characteristics. The ability to be unobtrusive, patient, alert and adaptable is extremely essential. He/She must also be a TEAM player. You must be able to blend into your surroundings in all areas at all times of the day. Your appearance, demeanor, dress and actions will determine your success. The ideal operative must appear as average as possible to the man on the street. Your goal is to someone that no one will notice. A good operative will always assess their performance and look for a better way to perform. There is always a better “eye” to get or a better “con” to play, to get further away or closer, when the time is right. Never get to complacent in your duties. There are a lot of people involved in investigations that have learned surveillance either on their own or by someone who “thinks” he knows how it is done. Unless it has been a structured program by a qualified Instructor, then unfortunately others have learned bad habits by unqualified personnel.

I welcome your comments.

Hal Cunningham is the author of The Art of Shadowing and Owner of Surveillance Consultants teaching ORC Investigators from the United States and Canada his surveillance techniques. He is a retired Staff Sergeant with the Toronto Police Service and former member of their elite Intelligence/Surveillance Unit. He can be reached at (416) 716-3107 and

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ORC 2-9-12
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