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ORC 3-5-12



2012 Archives

Excerpts from GAO-11-675:  Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime

The U.S. Government Accountability Office ORC report June 2011 The Definition of ORC continued: On 2-27-12 we published the actual Federal definition of ORC and today we're continuing their definition to include the wording that appears immediately afterwards and details it further.

At the federal level, law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI, prefer to utilize the term organized retail theft to differentiate between in-store theft and cargo theft, or other fraud related activities, which are categorized as distinct crimes.3 However, in addition to shoplifting and traditional retail theft crimes, non-federal stakeholders routinely include acquisition of retail merchandise by fraud or other illegal means as a principal component of ORC. Accordingly, we also included these activities within our definition of ORC, in addition to the activities encompassed by the federal definition of organized retail theft. Despite the definitional variations, however, stakeholders are consistent in identifying a clear distinction between ORC incidents and those perpetrated by opportunistic, amateur shoplifters, who tend to steal merchandise for personal consumption. (Source

We will continue our ongoing reporting on this highly informative report as it is important that we understand exactly where our federal government is on this issue.

ORC group of two more women hitting south Florida's Victoria's Secret and Express stores with foil-lined leather bags. Authorities found $4,500 worth of stole merchandise in their car after they hit Victoria's Secret and Express stores in Indian River Mall. Inside the car, deputies found 183 clothing items from Victoria's Secret and 44 from Express, the affidavits state. Much of the merchandise still had anti-theft tags on them, but deputies said the women used leather bags lined with aluminum foil to avoid setting off alarms. Bermudez and Duran were charged with retail theft in concert with others and possession of two anti-shoplifting devices. This is the second small group in less than a week hitting the same stores. (Source

ORC group hits Banana Republic in Pittsburgh and is caught on video but got a away - here's the crime stoppers video.

3 men charged with running a small electronics fencing operation out of Downers Grove, ILL., and Westmont convenience stores.
Working on a tip provided by Downers Grove area Target stores, for several weeks detectives investigated Downers Grove Food Mart, in the 6300 block of Woodward Avenue, and Spree Mart, in the 6000 block of Cass Avenue, police said. The three were arrested on Tuesday when detectives served a search warrant at the Downers Grove Food Mart. (Source

Major credit card skimming operation and organized crime group of 7 busted in Toronto that extended worldwide. "The investigation revealed the existence of an organized criminal group that was dedicated" to making, distributing and installing ATM tampering devices, financial crimes Det. Ian Nichol said. The data skimmed from credit cards was distributed around the world and money was withdrawn from ATM machines in Europe, South America, the U.S., South Africa and the Caribbean. Toronto Police said they shut down two labs manufacturing fake cards on Dec. 14 -- one in Toronto and another in Scarborough. It's estimated the loss to Canadian financial institutions exceeds $360,000, with total financial exposure surpassing $800,000. He said 1,500 individuals from one bank were knowingly affected, and he suspects many more from other financial institutions were also hit. On Feb. 16, police executed multiple search warrants at homes in Toronto, Brampton and Pickering. The seven are charged with 357 fraud-related offences. (Source


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ORC 3-5-12
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