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Vendor Spotlight 2-28-12

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WG Security, Inc.

The innovators in ferrite technology

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, and since we introduced ferrite technology, as a new way to achieve the 58Khz frequency in the Acoustic-Magnetic (AM) world, we've seen companies copying it all over the world. And quite frankly we're proud to be the trailblazers, even if it did open Pandora's box. But one thing is always true no matter what product line is copied - it's just never as bright as the original.

WG created the first 4-alarm smart EAS hard tag along with pioneering ferrites in both the 58Khz and 8.2Mhz, which allowed us to spring-board into the AM market that was once monopolized by one company for many years. These ferrites are being used in a wide range of EAS products such as hard tags, accessories and wraps. In fact, we believe there are more ferrite than non-ferrite EAS products being produced and sold around the world today and it's because of WG!

If you look at the current selection of EAS tags and technology today, you'd notice other companies releasing multi-alarming tags and using ferrite technology. Many times, EAS companies look to what is new and copy products as their own. No company has been a bigger victim in the EAS industry to this imitation phenomenon than us. But once again we're proud to be the trailblazers and we've shown that our hard work, perseverance, and ingenuity set us apart from the pack, as well as our willingness to invest significant capital to engineer the finest products in the EAS marketplace.

As innovators we're committed to using only the most superior and quality materials, sparing no expense to provide customers with the best bang for their buck and to produce the most aesthetically pleasing tags in the market. We understand we're being copied and while some may not go that extra mile in the manufacturing process, the world knows there's no substitution for quality craftsmanship and we at WG guarantee ours.

Saddled with that innovative spirit, our team is always looking to improve - looking for that next great solution and consequently we're always producing and delivering high-quality best-in-class innovate products every year.

Working with retailers across the globe, we're revolutionizing the RFID and EAS technology into one simple tag and we're expanding our elegant Protection with Class collection this year. We'll be introducing new technology for our pedestals as well that increases detection ranges while staying within the regulatory standards. A step that we're very proud of and once again sets us apart from most. Our one-of-a-kind Sentinel system will soon be a complete asset tracking and security system that will no doubt be copied soon enough.

When looking at the selection of EAS products, WG is a clear-cut pioneer. We're flattered to be the company that others model their product libraries on and we accept it, but if you want the best, look no further than WG. Because by the time they're done imitating, we've already improved it! We invite you to find out what's new and exciting in EAS and we look forward to continuing to be the innovators. Contact a WG Security Products executive to find out how your company can benefit from our leadership and let us show you how we can drive your cost down.

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Vendor Spotlight 2-28-12
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