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ORC 3-21-12



2012 Archives

ORC group of 3 women hitting Target stores in San Antonio filling duffle bags and using the emergency exits. A San Antonio woman may be linked to nearly a dozen shoplifting cases at Target stores. Rebecca Dynes, 23, has been charged in just one incident, a Feb. 1 shoplifting at the Target in the 700 block of Northwest Loop 410, the station says. But an arrest affidavit said police are investigating 10 similar cases. The affidavit said that in each case, three women entered the stores together, took a duffel bag from the store shelves and filled it with DVD box sets. One of the women then left the store while the other two loitered near an emergency exit, the station says. The most recent case was caught on a surveillance video, KSAT reports. The video shows a vehicle pulling up and two women exiting through the emergency door and running to the waiting vehicle. (Source

Excerpts from GAO-11-675:  Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime

The U.S. Government Accountability Office ORC report June 2011

Law Enforcement Agencies Collaborate with Retailers to Investigate ORC, and Federal Agencies Are Taking Steps to Improve ORC Case Tracking

Federal Efforts- continued from yesterday;

FBI: The FBI largely identifies and conducts ORC-related investigations through seven major theft task forces operated in conjunction with other federal, state, and local law enforcement officers. Within the FBI, a total of approximately 55 agents are involved in investigating major theft violations nationwide, some of which are assigned full-time to the 7 major theft task forces located in Chicago, Memphis, New York, El Paso (2), and Miami (2). Agents within these task forces are responsible for working all categories of major theft, which include cargo, vehicle, art, gem and jewelry, and organized retail theft. According to the major theft program coordinator at headquarters, FBI field units in other regions may also initiate an ORC investigation if retailers or local law enforcement present a case to these units or if another federal agency refers a case to them. This official noted that retailers are generally best suited to identify patterns of stolen merchandise, begin theft investigations, and potentially build ORC cases to the point that they may warrant involvement by federal agencies. He stated that the FBI generally determines to initiate a retail crime investigation on a case-by-case basis and the decision may be affected by competing threats and other resource priorities. While he is not aware of the FBI turning down any ORC cases that retailers presented he further stated that cargo theft and vehicle theft likely represent the greatest proportion of cases and the biggest financial impact within the unit.

According to FBI officials, the primary nexus for bureau involvement with ORC cases relates to the criminal statute prohibiting the interstate transportation of stolen property, a statute that generally applies to stolen goods having a value of $5,000 or more. The FBI major theft coordinator noted, however, that the FBI could potentially initiate an ORC case through an investigation of a related criminal activity, including this case, a different FBI component may have the lead for the investigation, such as the "white-collar crime" unit. According to the FBI as of February 2011, the FBI had 531 open cases of interstate transportation of stolen property across the different theft categories. However, officials were unable to identify how many of those cases involve ORC because, until recently, they did not track cases by individual theft categories. As a result, it is unclear to what extent the FBI is using resources to investigate ORC or how the numbers of these cases compare to other major theft categories. Such information would generally be useful to help identify the potential scope of ORC and would provide management with enhanced data with which to make potential resource allocation decisions. FBI continued tomorrow.

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ORC 3-21-12
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