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ORC 5-4-12



2012 Archives

One woman ORC operation hitting Wal-Mart and Target stores in northern Texas and Oklahoma stealing dozens of iPad tablets. Sherman police are joining investigative forces with several other North Texas and Oklahoma agencies in hopes of finding a woman suspected of shoplifting dozens of iPad tablets. Hitting at least 28 Wal-Marts and several Target stores area wide police have released photographs. The suspect operates the same way at every retail store, concentrating on those which provide both grocery and electronic sales. She gets a grocery cart, shops extensively throughout the store, and fills it with groceries and sometimes other items. Then, she goes to the electronics department and selects, usually, three iPads, which a store clerk carries to the checkout counter for her. In those stores, it has been the practice for the cashier to ring up the electronic items first. The surveillance video shows the cashiers Video: iPad thiefringing up the iPads, and that is when their security devices are deactivated, and then the cashiers place them in plastic bags. It is customary for the customer to place all their purchases on a conveyor belt in both retail chains. Then, the cashier takes the items from her right, rings them up, and puts them in plastic bags on her left. The customer usually helps move the process along by putting the plastic bags in the waiting, empty grocery cart. The suspect is seen in the videos first removing the plastic bags containing the iPads. She moves them to the grocery cart, near a large tote bag. As the cashier is concentrating on continuing the checkout on the numerous groceries still on the belt, the suspect is seen then slipping the plastic bags and iPads into the tote bag. Moments later, she tells the cashier she has to go to her car to get more cash, and, with the tote bag in tow, she leaves the store, along with the unpaid-for iPads. (Source (source

One man ORC bust in High Point, N.C. where police recovered $100,000 of stolen merchandise Marcus Devin Riffe, 38, of 5128 Meyers St. in Archdale, was arrested in connection with the stolen merchandise after three searches found over $100,000 in stolen merchandise - including large quantities of over-the-counter drugs, makeup, DVD players, and clothing — was recovered from each location. (Source

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ORC 5-4-12
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