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Canadian Push 8-25-11


2012 Archives

The Canadian Push – Over 1,000 stores in 24 months!

The U.S. "Invasion"?

Over the last 24 months, U.S. retailers have announced and begun over a 1,000 store expansion program into Canada. Taking into consideration that the U.S. is over stored and virtually saturated with 1.1 million stores, 14.2 billion sq. ft. of retail space, and has 46.6 sq. ft. of retail space per capita, it's obvious that in order to grow mainstream, U.S. retailers must grow internationally. And Canada, the U.S.'s closest neighbor, with only 13 sq. ft. of retail space per capita – 72% less retail space per capita than the U.S. – and with a culture that is virtually the same, represents the easiest and quickest way for U.S. retailers to grow.

This "Canadian Push" series is dedicated to that effort and its objective is to provide a vehicle of information, communication, and debate for the industry that will help educate, inform, and develop the Loss Prevention efforts that are absolutely necessary to help make this massive expansion effort a success. The topics will range from supply chain issues, pricing strategies, border restrictions, x-patriot employment regulations, staffing and employment issues, legal issues surrounding employee interviews and investigations, the vendor support population, and most importantly the Canadian Loss Prevention community, itself, and their thoughts, concerns, and suggestions.

The U.S. retailers are investing billions of dollars in this effort and much is at stake. But the most important aspect of it all is that we Americans are pushing northwards as we never have before and while the investment will help both countries, we must remember that we're visitors in their country and learning their culture, the way they do things, their perceptions and opinions of this "invasion," and understanding their consumer is the priority if we expect to add value to this effort and be successful. And while Loss Prevention practices and techniques are extremely similar, there are differences, and at the end of the day it's about the people and there acceptance of our businesses in their communities.

This series is dedicated to the Loss Prevention executives in Canada and is committed to providing the information necessary to bridge two countries into one team dedicated to delivering the best Loss Prevention services and shrinkage results for our retail customers; and to delivering the safest environments for our consumers.

Look for the "Canadian Push" series every week!

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Stephen O'Keefe
, Vice-President Loss Prevention and Risk Management, Wal-Mart Canada Corp

Jen Drake
, Director, Resource Protection, West 49, Inc., and Retail Council of Canada's Retail LP Conference Planning Committee Chair


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Canadian Push 8-25-11
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