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Canadian Push 12-13-11


2011 Archives

Security Salary Survey 2011: public image of security top of mind The Canadian Security magazine each year conducts a Security industry salary survey with this year being sponsored by Commissionaires. The results featured more than 70 job titles, but the most common were Security Manager (22.1%), Security Guard (12.9%) and President (12.2%). The overwhelming majority of respondents reported that they work in Ontario (62.6%). Second was B.C., with 9.7%. When asked, "What is the most pressing workplace issue for the security industry?" 16.5% said career opportunities, and 16.9% said remuneration. The most common response was "public image of security," which was chosen by 17.7% of respondents. This is a great review of the private security industry and the difficulties we all face throughout our careers. One might see huge similarities between the U.S. and Canada in this report and its worth the read even though it doesn't really deal with the retail industry. (Source

Women do 80% of holiday shopping in Canada
BMO, Bank of Montreal, says 80% of households polled said the female head of family will do the majority of holiday shopping, and this year, more and more will do it online. At 49% men are still somewhat more inclined than women to shop online — but the gap is narrowing. (Source

Canada in midst of largest-ever crackdown on illegal citizens
The Harper Conservatives have laid out plans to revoke 26 times more Canadian citizenships than all previous governments — combined. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said Friday his department is looking to pry citizenship away from more than 2,100 people he believes cheated the system. The sweep is the biggest citizenship-fraud crackdown in Canadian history. In total, the government is investigating 6,500 people from more than 100 countries for their allegedly fraudulent attempts to become Canadian citizens or maintain permanent resident status. "Our intention is not to make it too difficult for law-abiding people to become citizens," said Kenney, adding that Canada has the highest rate of immigrants in the developed world who go on to become citizens. Being very true indeed Canada is a true melting pot more so then the U.S. And in actuality makes immigration rather simple. While we in the States deal with southern illegal's Canada deals with illegal's from all around the world with a heavy emphasis on the middle east and surrounding countries. As a matter of fact many of these immigrants look to enter the U.S. by establishing their citizenship in Canada which they feel will make it easier to immigrate to the U.S. However with the new agreements between us the loop hole may be closed in due time. Regardless Canada is cracking down on illegal's as we are and one has to believe the Fed's are pushing this in their fight on terrorism. (Source

Police make early morning raids across Canada
Early today, more than 900 officers executed 67 search warrants simultaneously in Ontario, Alberta and B.C. Investigators say Project Marvel involved criminal organization offences, attempted murder, firearms trafficking and importation, drug trafficking, robbery, shootings, prostitution and other crimes. Police say officers from more that 20 police forces, Canada Border Services Agency, and the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were involved in the investigation. Sounds like organized crime in Canada is taking a hit today and you can be assured somehow retailers were being victimized as well. (Source

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Canadian Push 12-13-11
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