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Axonify - Retail Datasheet

The Challenges of Training in Retail

The failure of learning transfer in retail organizations costs millions of dollars a year. Why?

-  Average employee turnover is 50% resulting in a constant need for training;

-  Employees don’t remember, or
operationalize today what they learned when they were hired;

-  Safety claims, OSHA fines and lost workdays due to injury result in massive annual loss;

-  Awareness campaigns related to shrink are ineffective causing American retailers to lose over $35B a year;

-  Typical employee training isn’t fun,effective or reinforced.

Put Axonify to work - we'll address these issues and more, and save you millions.

  Here's HOW and WHY Axonify works

Bite-Sized Reinforcement
Associates receive personalized training every day in the form of 2-3 targeted questions via computer, smartphone, laptop, POS or web-enabled time clock. Demonstrated knowledge gaps result in engaging, short training bursts. Questions are repeated over time to reinforce concepts and retention is measured every time. It takes less than a minute a day.

Gamified Learning
Axonify uses game mechanics to deliver questions in interesting, fun and effective ways. Games have been proven to not only increase employee participation in training, but accelerate their learning. Tell us what fits with your culture and employee demographic. With Axonify, you can customize training games and include specific rewards to motivate associates. When training is fun, employees want to learn.

Personalized Knowledge Map
No other e-learning solution offers a truly personalized experience allowing each employee to follow their own\ path. Axonify continually analyzes what every associate remembers, or not. For example, if Mark continually answers questions about back training incorrectly, Axonify repeats questions on this subject until he demonstrates knowledge retention. If Jennifer knows quite a bit about customer service, Axonify advances her to more in-depth training on the subject.

Analytics & Reporting
Axonify is the only solution that lets you tie training activities to specific outcomes. Let us correlate participation levels and question success by person, location, job title – you name it – to what you’re trying to achieve. Are you looking to mitigate an OSHA claim? Do you have an employee theft problem in one store? Let us tie measurable levels of awareness to the specific issue that you’re trying to address.

Axonify’s Retail Success Rate to Date:
Increased knowledge retention from 48% to 98% after just 5 iterations of questions
Reduced inventory shrink across the organization by over 50%
Saved $8.5M in insurance claims, lawsuits and OSHA fines over 2.5 years

To find out more about how Axonify can increase employee awareness and save you millions, visit

Peggy Nitsche

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Vendor Spotlight 12-5-12
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