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HSB BI&I Study Shows 87 Percent of Canadian Businesses
Experienced Hacking Incidents
Almost 90 percent of Canadian businesses have experienced at least one hacking incident in the last year. More than half (60 percent) believe their companies are dedicating enough money or trained and experienced personnel to combat the evolution of hacking techniques, yet 42 percent do not have cyber insurance coverage. With the prevalence of cyber attacks in Canada, there is a clear discrepancy among risk managers' perceptions and the level of exposure their companies face from hacking activity."

Cybersecurity, Privacy and the 'Connected Store' in Canada
In the age of the connected store at its very base level it "means that you as the customer must opt into the retailer's database and freely consent to give your information to the retailer to store for future purchases. With the amount of personal information stored in the database, the retailer must ensure that they diligently and consistently safeguard their clientele's privacy."

Editors Note: Which also means that the retailer has to be able to communicate and convince the customer that the retailer is going well beyond in building the best cyber security model and defenses. Which in turn means the actual reshaping of the security model and team to include the Loss Prevention organization of every retailer. Because you can't have two separate groups, IT Security and LP operating independently. They will merge and become one out of necessity and cost effectiveness.
'Tap and go' credit card purchases are surging in Canada
- PIN becoming Passe'
Punching in a security pin is rapidly becoming passé for Canadian credit card users when making small purchases. Cards equipped with technology that allows a user to pay with a simple wave or tap of a card is surging, new data shows. The dollar volume of "contactless" payments made across its terminals jumped 162 per cent in the three months between July and the end of September. Purchases at drug stores, gas stations and convenience stores were the chief drivers of the spike. Usage has hit a "tipping point," according to Michelle Michalak, Visa Canada's head of public affairs.

One in seven smokes contraband in B.C.: survey - Illegal Gangs
Contraband tobacco products account for one in seven smokes in B.C. - almost 50 per cent higher than the Alberta rate, says the president of the Western Convenience Stores Association, who cited the prevalence of illegal gangs as a major factor. About 10 per cent of Alberta cigarettes are deemed to be illegal compared to almost 15 per cent in B.C. There are 177 gangs skilled in distribution of good such as illegal tobacco. In one seizure, millions of dollars worth of illegal Asian cigarettes manufactured to replicate Canadian cigarettes were discovered at the Port of Vancouver two years ago.

Co-op investigating unscented propane to ensure safety
Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL) has been notified that one of its propane suppliers may not have added the mandatory safety odour to propane that was distributed through Co-op sites.

The Canadian Push Becoming the Canadian Squeeze
- Canada's Retailers Face "drawn out, margin-squeezing, profit-shaking competitive battle" this Holiday Season

StatsCan's latest measure of retail sales shows they rose 2.8 per cent in the 12 months to August, slower than the 4.4 per cent growth rate in the year before that. And much of that slower growth has been concentrated in one area: auto sales, spurred at least in part by lower gas costs and cheap credit.

Retail prices this year have been growing at the fastest pace in at least a decade, an annual rate of 6.3 per cent through the middle part of this year. All of this makes for a holiday shopping environment that will be "subdued."  Editor's Note: Sounds like the same in the States by the way.

Tim Hortons owner vows to speed pace of global expansion -
"Taking Tims all around the world"
With 150 Tim Horton restaurants in the Cincinnati over next decade, announcements of new international franchise partners expected in the coming quarters.

Montreal Retailer Brown Shoes to open 25 stores next 4 yrs. - 55 stores now

Apple Pay expanding to Canada with American Express

Loblaw draws on the latest data technology to address inventory issues

Retail Fast Facts: October 2015 
● Total monthly retail sales changed by 1.4 per cent over the comparable month last year.
● Total sales excluding food, automotive and gasoline changed by 2.2 per cent over the comparable month last year. Read more



Halifax: Parents of Mall Shooting plot suspect pen complaint letter to Police
The parents of the young man found dead inside his home as police foiled a mass murder plot on Valentine's Day have written a letter to the Police Complaints Commission. Patti Cody, James Gamble's mother, says she and her husband want the commission to consider their extenuating circumstances, but they have yet to receive a response. "We have so many questions," said Cody. "We're not been given any answers." James Gamble, 19, took his own life after police say they put an end to his and two other's plan to commit mass murder at the Halifax Shopping Centre. "James was our son. We want to know what happened. We're his parents," said Cody. Cody and her husband are concerned about what they say is a 'lack of communication' with police. They tried to complain, but were told they were too late.

Retail robberies spike in Ottawa - Up 39%
The number of businesses and banks being robbed in Ottawa has spiked over the same time last year. And robbers are targeting unusual spots including a furniture store, even the bus terminal. An increase in violent robberies is never a good thing but if there is one positive note in this, it is that the same culprits have been responsible for many of the robberies and they've been caught. The footage from a surveillance camera captures the desperation of a robber as he races into a pharmacy on Baseline Road, demanding drugs. He gets locked in the store and tries to crawl out through the ceiling, only to fall to the floor. He flees through a window. Staff-Sergeant Mike Haarbosch is with the Ottawa Police Robbery Unit, 'They'll take whatever they can get their hands on at the end of the day,' says Haarbosch, 'but most commonly, they're after fentanyl.' Ultimately, though, they're after cash, wherever they can get it. Retail robberies have spiked this year in Ottawa up 39% over the same time last year. Bank robberies are up 54%, according to police statistics.

Grande Praire, AB: Stolen credit card used to buy $2000+ in lottery tickets
Grande Prairie RCMP are looking for a man accused of buying more than $2,000 worth of lottery tickets with a stolen credit card. The suspect bought them at a local grocery store the morning of August 22nd.

Regina, ON: Man pleads guilty to 20 counts of identity theft, fraud
A Regina man has pleaded guilty to a long list of fraud charges. James Provost stole mail to create fake IDs and credit cards. He appeared in provincial court on Tuesday afternoon. The 39-year-old admitted to the crimes, as well as drug and gambling addictions. Provost has a long criminal record dating back to the 1990s. The judge called identify theft devastating to the victim and a heartless crime. Provost was sentenced to 465 days in jail after subtracting time served, plus one year probation.

Pangnirtung RCMP seek public's help to find armed robber 
Nunavut RCMP are seeking the public's help after a Northern Convenience Store employee was a victim of an armed robbery, the second this month. Cpl. David Lawson says a male approached the employee at around 10:15 p.m. last night, as he was closing the store and demanded his backpack.

Saskatoon police search for 2 men who robbed 33rd Street store with shotguns
According to a news release, police were called to a convenience store on the 3300 block of 33rd Street W. at around midnight Monday night. Staff reported two men with shotguns entered the store and took cigarettes.

Halifax: Urinating on a tree leads to Credit Card Fraud charges
for three Quebec men
Three men from Quebec are facing several charges, including credit card fraud and fraud over $5,000, after a man caught peeing on a tree lead Halifax police to a rented home where he and two others had been manufacturing fake credit cards. Police responded to a call of an indecent act where a man was seen peeing on a tree just after 3:45 a.m. on Saturday morning. The man then got into a car, which was followed by police, and located at the Needs Convenience store on Herring Cove Road. Two of the three men in the car were arrested for breach of court orders and the third for obstructing a police officer. The vehicle was also seized. Through their investigation, police learned that the three men had rented a home in Halifax, which they then searched. In their, search officers found materials used to make fraudulent credit cards and other items that police allege were obtained fraudulently.

Family spots stolen car being pursued by police on CTV News
A Squamish family never thought they would see their two stolen cars again - until they spotted one of them on TV, recklessly weaving through traffic during a police pursuit. Paula Samra saw footage of the pursuit, taken from the RCMP's Air One helicopter, Wednesday night on CTV News and couldn't believe her eyes: there was her brand new Nissan Rogue acting as a getaway car for thieves who had stolen it only days before. Police recovered a variety of stolen passports, cheques, and stolen mail, which they say points to an identity theft ring.


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