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Vendor Spotlight 12-21-12


Best and Worst of Retail in 2012 part 3

By Adam Creamer
Agilence, Inc.

The previous two posts of this series we discussed the best of mobile technologies and social media, and the worst credit card scams and strategies. In this, part 3, I focus on some of the culture around the retail industry. This year has seen many ups and downs, and this post show just how well retail made the best of a bad situation. I also discuss how parents sometimes take advantage of the people at their disposal. Read part 1, part 2

Best: Retailer’s Response to Hurricane Sandy

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again kudos to all retailers and their response after Sandy. Being located in south Jersey, we witnessed our friends and neighbors further north get hit hard. Retailers in this area came on strong with their relief efforts after the storm, and in some cases helped the first responders by supplying them with food, water, and equipment. This isn’t only limited to those retailers in the tri-state area (NJ, NY, PA) either, all of those who shipped in supplies the night after the storm also deserve a big thank you. Your supplies helped the retailers here help those in need. You all showed what we can accomplish when we come together, thank you for helping the community.

Worst: Bad Parents

This may sound like it has nothing to do with retail, but you would be surprised. It seems like during the summer months there are stories on a weekly basis of parents leaving their children in cars while they decide to go shopping. This year the issue was made bigger with parents leaving their kids in the car during the winter as well. Leaving their kids in the car isn’t the only thing bad parents do either. In 2012 more and more parents used their children to steal or commit fraud. Cases ranged from parents using their children as distractions, to parents making their children actually carry the stolen goods out of the store while the parent waits in the car. It’s amazing what people will do to steal, and it’s sad that they are willing to use their children.


All of us here at Agilence would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! We hope that 2013 continues the resurgence of the economy and the growth of retail. And as always, allow us to keep an eye on your stores in the new year.

Derek Rodner
VP, Product Strategy
856-366-1200 x500


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Vendor Spotlight 12-21-12
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