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ORC 3-30-16




NYC, NY: Chanel employee arrested for theft of $75,000 in merchandise
A 30-year-old borough man who worked as a driver for a Chanel Store in New York has been arrested and charged with stealing more than $75,000 worth of Chanel-branded items, authorities said Tuesday. The investigation that led to the arrest of Edwin Duran started March 14, when Haledon Police received a complaint from Chanel staff that one of the company's drivers was stealing merchandise he was expected to deliver, said Lt. George Guzman. The 50 missing items, with a total value of $75,180, included shoes, purses, sunglasses and neckwear, Guzman said. Detective Sgt. George Kelly and Detective Tim Lindberg arrested Duran at his home and recovered all the missing merchandise. Guzman said the investigation revealed that Duran had intended to sell the stolen items on the black market."

Fencing Operation - 5 Arrested for Alleged Credit Card Fraud Ring in Miami-Dade: Police
Miami-Dade Police have arrested five people in connection to an alleged credit card fraud ring operating out of two homes in Miami-Dade.

Detectives said Tony Pedraza-Ruiz and Zulia Seijas were working with their next-door neighbors, David Gonzalez and Digna Delaguardia, to obtain merchandise through fraudulent credit cards to sell on the black market. Alexis Delgado also faces charges in the case.

After conducting search warrants in their southwest Miami-Dade homes, police found dozens of blank counterfeit cards, along with gift cards and more than $20,000 in cash.

Many of the merchandise items were found packaged and with tags on them, which allows the buyers on the street to return the items for store credit or exchange them, according to investigators.

Investigators also seized skimmer software used to download stolen credit card numbers and a magnet strip to produce counterfeit credit cards.

Police Nab New York Identity Theft Gang Suspected of Targeting Apple Stores in Southern CA. - $55k recovered
Officers arrested three suspects at an Apple Store in Old Pasadena on suspicion of identity theft who may have been a part of an organized theft ring targeting Apple stores.

About 3:27 p.m. Monday, the men entered the Apple Store, 54 W. Colorado Blvd., and tried to make purchases using other people's credit cards. All three suspects were subsequently detained, according to Pasadena police Lt. Mark Goodman.

"During the investigation, their vehicle was searched and around $55,000 worth of Apple (computer) products were recovered from the trunk of their vehicle," Goodman said. "It's believed that these three suspects are possibly a part of an organized theft ring targeting Apple stores."

The suspects were identified as East Elmhurst, N.Y. resident Anthony Pichardo, 21; New York, N.Y. resident Julio Reyes, 25, and The Bronx, N.Y. resident Franklin Hilliciano, 26, he said.

Apple store on NYC's Upper West Side hit twice in $50,000 theft
Thieves outsmarted the geniuses at an Apple Store on the Upper West Side - twice - to swipe dozens of iPhones in the past month, police said Tuesday. Three crooks, including a woman disguised as an Apple worker, first stole eight iPhones worth more than $5,300 from the store on Broadway at West 67th Street around 1:30 p.m. on Feb. 16, according to police and an Apple source. A male cohort distracted the real workers, while another acted as a lookout during the heist. Then, last Tuesday, three thieves used the ruse to net 59 iPhones worth $44,000.

Cuban national sentenced 24 months - cc fraud hitting Sam's Club in Bowling Green & other retailers
Traveling Duo Hits Stores with Cloned Cards in Multiple States

The cards, which contained information belonging to other peoples' credit card accounts, were used to buy gift cards at several stores, court documents show. Guerra is serving a 20-month sentence for the same offenses.

Simon and Guerra were linked by law enforcement to a car rented at Louisville International Airport on Feb. 11, 2015. They were arrested eight days later outside Sam's Club in Bowling Green under suspicion of identity theft. At the time of the arrest, police found about 60 re-encoded credit cards in the rental car, and an investigation by multiple law enforcement agencies linked Simon and Guerra to thefts reported at retailers in multiple states, according to federal court records.

Six charged in scam targeting Carbon County Walmart
Exchanged stolen merchandise for a gift card to buy heroin. Several people have been arrested in Carbon County for stealing merchandise from Walmart, putting it into Walmart bags, returning it to the store in exchange for a gift card and swapping that gift card for bags of heroin.

Serial Walmart Thief Caught And Charged in Sheboygan, WI
According to a criminal complaint, deputies have been investigating Duncan for a series of thefts at area Walmarts since February, both in the City and Town of Sheboygan. Deputies say Duncan has a history of coming into a Walmart, taking a TV from the shelves, and putting other merchandise on top of the TV to disguise it as he tries to leave the store. Loss prevention staff in the stores have attempted to stop Duncan on several occasions, but he has gotten away until his arrest this week. Duncan has also been banned from entering any Walmart property since July of 2014. Deputies say Duncan's habit is to steal the TVs and then transport them to Milwaukee to sell them off in order to purchase heroin.

Littleton, CO: Teen jumps into van with shoplifting suspects
as they try to flee store
The Jefferson Co. Sheriff's Office was looking for two women who fled a Burlington Coat Factory with armloads of clothing. The woman ran from the store around 7:20 p.m. last Thursday. A loss prevention officer was able to grab some of the clothes as the woman ran to a black minivan. At the same time, a family pulled into the parking lot and saw what was happening. "The mother told her 19-year-old daughter, to 'Get them!'" according to a release from the sheriff's office. The teen managed to jump into the suspect's van after the women. "The van took off with the side door still wide open, and without the suspects realizing they had company," The suspects hit a parked car and a cashier as they sped away from the store. "About 100 yards from the store entrance, Byanka yelled at the suspects, who were startled. They stopped the van and yelled at her to get out which she did. She suffered no injuries."

Pregnant woman with Prior Theft History steals $1,000 in Target merchandise
A West Haven woman was arrested for larceny in the sixth degree at the Target inside the Westfield Trumbull Mall around 4 p.m. Wednesday, March 23. Police said Elaini Simmons, 43, was observed by security and is known for shoplifting in the store in the past. Simmons was seen putting a car seat, bedding supplies, and electronics into her cart and then entering a fitting room. After concealing much of the merchandise, she exited the fitting room and walked directly out of the store with the electronics and car seat still in her cart. According to a report, security stopped her and brought her back to the loss prevention office, where they recovered $1,024.86 worth of merchandise. Simmons, who is seven months pregnant, had her infant daughter of less than a year with her at the time of her arrest.

Fremont, CA: Two arrested in $1,000 Baby formula and alcohol theft from Safeway; CVS & Walgreens hit
Police stopped a vehicle fitting the description, and found $817.57 worth of baby formula and bottles of alcohol security-tagged from Safeway. Police also learned $195.92 worth of baby formula had been dropped outside the store as the women fled the Safeway. Officers also found more items, including containers of Rogaine, over-the-counter medication, baby formula, razors and beauty products stolen from the Walgreens and CVS.

UK: Liverpool: This is the one man crime wave who would steal from some Liverpool One shops twice in a day
This is the face of the one man crime wave who made his living stealing from Liverpool One shops including Urban Outfitters and John Lewis. Phillip Robert Jones, 34, was locked up for eight months this week after confessing to stealing clothes worth thousands of pounds in Liverpool city centre. When he was confronted by a security guard who got wise to him Jones threw clothes in his face before punching him and threatening to stab him if he kept chasing after him. Andrew Page, prosecuting, reeled off a lengthy list of thefts from stores in the Liverpool One shopping complex on various dates since May 2015, including John Lewis, TK Maxx, Hollister, The Nike Store, Urban Outfitters and Top Shop. He already had 20 convictions for 57 offences. The total cost of the items exceeded $8,000.

Minneapolis, MN: The lucrative larceny of Lego bricks

ORC 3-30-16
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