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ORC 4-11-16




2 Colombian men charged with credit card fraud in St. John's County, Fla.
Two Colombian men who were seen using several credit cards to withdraw large amounts of cash on Friday evening were arrested and charged with 43 counts of possession of counterfeit credit cards and grand theft, according to the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office.

According to the Sheriff's Office, Lt. Michael Strausbaugh was told by a citizen at the Racetrac store on State Road 16 just off Interstate 95 that he became suspicious because the two men were referring to a ledger that contained numbers of what appeared to be credit card numbers and dollar amounts.

Investigators said they found numerous credit and gift cards that were thrown into nearby bushes. In addition, a search of the rental car that the pair was using turned up 64 credit or gift cards. Of those 43 were later determined to have been re-encoded by the suspects using stolen bank account information, authorities said. 

Investigators said they also found $11,000 in U.S. currency, over $12,400 in money orders and $175 in unopened gift cards in the car.

Shoplifting On Social Media: #ShopliftingHaul Shows Off Stolen Items, Tips On Tumblr And Twitter
There are people on social media making news because they are showing off their shoplifting hauls and getting attention. As seen in the following Tumblr post from "bbgirllifter," whose tagline asks, "Why pay?" shoplifting is something to brag about on social media. Others are issuing warnings on social media, telling the shoplifters what a dangerous proposition their stealing habits can be.

Bakersfield, CA: Three members of the Eastside Crips arrested of Burglary and Shoplifting charges
Three gang members accused of being part of an elaborate retail theft ring were convicted of burglary Friday in connection with a two-month crime spree, prosecutors said. Anthony Pinkins, 27, Jeriel Fite, 31, and Larry Davis III, 21, stole merchandise from 10 different stores throughout Bakersfield, prosecutors said. They then sold the items on the street. Pinkins faces 24 years in prison, Fite 11 years and Davis four years at their May 4 sentencing.

Franklin, TN: Kroger Pharmacy employee accused of stealing 1n200 pills
Franklin Police reported 35-year-old Lori Murphy stole the 1,200 pills, valued at approximately $2,000, between Feb. 27 and April 1. Officers were dispatched to the Kroger, after security and management detained Murphy for the theft. Murphy was taken into custody and charged with felony theft and unlawful possession of a prescription medication. She is free on $5,000 bond and due in court April 21.

Franklin, TN: 2 women arrested in $1,000 shoplifting spree at Cool Springs Galleria with children
Franklin Police reported Simona Calin, 28, and Maria Bricebag, 23, were seen by Macy's security using a diaper bag, stroller and a shopping bag to conceal the merchandise. Two children were reportedly with Calin and Bricebag, both from Clarksville, at the time of the theft. Calin and Bricebag were taken into custody and charged with felony theft.

Killingly, CT: Target Shoplifting complaint leads to heroin arrests
Two Connecticut State Trooper responded at 7 p.m. Friday to a reported theft at Target in Dayville. According to police, the two men were reportedly in the process of cutting the store's security device off of a $250 Fit Bit bracelet. When police arrived, one of the men, had left the store and was sitting in a car in the store's parking lot while the other, was still inside Target where police found and detained him. As police searched the men, one had multiple bags of heroin and a narcotic prescription medication on his person. Troopers also found a black airsoft pistol and a stolen Samsung tablet underneath the driver's seat. The two are also suspect in a Brooklyn, CT shoplifting case.

Tulsa, OK: Serial shoplifter arrested following assault of an 80 year woman at Walmart

Mentor, OH: Shoplifter asks Undercover Police Detective if the coast is clear; busted in $280 theft

River Forest, IL: Razor thief busted by Store Manager at Jewel Foods; $177 of merchandise recovered

ORC 4-11-16
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