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Snaptagg Announced as a RILA 2016 INNOVATION AWARD Finalist

Montreal, Canada - Snaptagg is proud to have been selected as a RILA 2016 INNOVATION AWARD finalist. Come find out why at the RILA AP Conference starting April 17th, 2016. We will be right by the exhibit entrance door (booth #300).

Last year our start-up company finished building Snaptagg after many years of R&D. We wanted to build a tag which was good for almost any application, ORC-proof, and that would be good for today and many years to come, so it took time. This year we started piloting and selling our product and we are proud that already some major global retailers are using Snaptagg.

We have added some more features this year, including merchandise visibility features. Now, you can use Snaptagg for data capture too!

Snaptagg really is an all-in-one tag!

Snaptagg is the ground breaking technology that the retail LP industry has been waiting for. Last year we were one of the busiest booths of the show. No other product comes close to Snaptagg’s features and benefits. It may look similar to other products, but it is by far the most versatile self-alarming tag on the planet which can be utilized for hard goods (boxes and demos) and soft goods (fashion).

The enormous versatility of Snaptagg is what makes it appealing for our customers so far. This is because the overall cost per use is lower to any other tag if you consider that one tag can do what it takes many tags to do right now. The ROI is simple to calculate.

In fact, everything about Snaptagg is simple…that’s our guiding Vision!

Snaptagg is a “wire-free” self-alarming tag (10+ alarms) which solves many of today's retail pain points relating to current solutions such as:

Wrap Rage #1:
- cumbersome, labor intensive wraps
- ineffective against ORC tactics : booster bags, commercial magnets or home-made versions, “pry-off removal especially for small packages and irregular/rectangular shaped boxes, box opening, etc.

Wrap Rage #2: the biggest and oldest consumer complaint is those hard to open, finger cutting sealed blister packages. Find out how Snaptagg solves the rage by allowing blister packages to be easy to open yet more secure than ever! Reduce out-of-stock too!

Acrylic lock boxes:
- shelf space “eaters” & reduced brand appeal (especially when dirty).
- no defence against boosters. Add Snaptagg Conceal to a Keeper and catch them boosters.

Concealment: (anything goes) booster bags, garbage cans, luggage, personal shopping trolleys, tool boxes. With Snaptagg Conceal we will catch’em in the act.

Tag cut-out: Snaptagg is the only tag which will alarm if someone tries to cut out the tag.

Blister package security: Our Snaptagg Ready blister package has an integrated pre-formed base which is easy to use and protects items from being cut out at the same time. Good for any application including HBC, and tiny objects such as SD cards, USB sticks, etc.

- Wraps effect brand image and most often damage the box by improper application. Snaptagg preserves the brand.
- Stacking becomes an issue and straight facings are hard to keep. Snaptagg makes it possible to have great looking shelves and preserve the package reducing mark-downs!

Merchandise Availability: Snaptagg will give you the confidence to unlock merchandise and unlock sales while reducing labor costs.

Cable protection: One tag really does it all. Convert Snaptagg into an easy cable solution. Combine Tiny Cable ® with Conceal on demos (such as tablets and laptops) and get the industry’s top level security solution. For fashion, with Snaptagg you only need to buy a wire, not a new tag.

Deactivation-Detaching: (ORC, online (youtube) ``how-to-defeat`` schemes, easy-to-obtain detachers).
- Snaptagg has smart keys which optionally can be refreshed daily to keep your stores better protected in case keys get lost. Also, we have the ability to change the codes on the keys and the Snaptagg. Today when the store loses the keys, LP calls in the locksmith. With Snaptagg it is possible (optionally) to do the same digitally. Ask us how. Snaptagg is simple to utilize and effective against ORC!

EAS alarm detection: improve detection without upgrading your system.

Metal Packages: Snaptagg provides a solution. (i.e. powdered baby formula in cans, coffee bags, etc).

Multi-device management: no need for multiple devices. With Snaptagg you snap-in parts (like a Lego®) to adapt your Snaptagg to your needs. No need to buy different tags. This means you get more mileage with Snaptagg than any other tag in the market. Reduce your operating costs by using Snaptagg.

POS throughput: Our keys which are not bigger than the average car key, easily attach to the Alpha ® key cords to create a “combo-key”. Alternatively, Snaptagg will be releasing an even seamless deactivator for the fastest “magnetic free” throughput time in the industry.

Scan & Pay: We have a solution for scan & pay like no one else. That is one reason why we made it “customer friendly” to remove our tag. Snaptagg’s patented twist & lift design creates the right balance between store security, employee handling, and the future of retail with scan & pay technology such as iPay!

Our patented product effectively protects items in blister packages & boxes without wires: featuring Snaptagg Cut-Out Protection ™, Snaptagg Booster Bag Detection ™ , and Snaptagg Digital Locksmith ™ coded keys.

Why Wrap? Just Snap!

Snaptagg embodies a “grow concept” so it is ready for use today on all merchandise, but also tomorrow when packages are sourced with an integrated Snaptagg base! Come see live proto-types of Snaptagg Ready ™ products at our booth. Snaptagg will endeavor to marry the retail LP industry with the brand owners and the packaging industry to achieve impressive solutions never before seen! We have a new blister pack Snaptagg Ready design which we have perfected. Come to see. It will make you say WOW!

In fact, since we got a lot of “Wows” last year we decided we will take the names down of all those who say “Wow” and hand out prizes to the top 3 finalists on Tuesday at 5:30 pm to those who say “Wow” the most!

To book an appointment please write to or call us at 561-981-6278.

Participate in our “SNAP-TAGGING CONTEST” and get a chance to win an iPad.

Start "Snap-tagging" today!!!



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