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December 2, 2010

By Matt Steinfort, President and CEO, Envysion
Unlock the Hidden Loss Prevention Value in Your Video Surveillance

There's power in that surveillance video -- power to improve profitability 10-15%. Envysion customers are realizing the value of video surveillance with Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS), a video management solution that makes video and business insight available via the Internet. First and foremost, MVaaS is not CCTV and is unlike any other video offering on the market. With MVaaS, customers can rapidly scale to hundreds or thousands of users and sites making it ideally suited for enterprise use. Envysion's MVaaS solutions put video surveillance into the hands of the entire organization, extending the capabilities of loss prevention professionals. With Envysion's MVaaS solution, every function can engage in loss prevention activities to create a virtual army of support across the enterprise to accelerate and extend loss prevention results. Different from CCTV, MVaaS does not record video just in case; Envysion's MVaaS solutions are designed to be used every day and designed to help loss prevention professionals be more efficient and effective at their jobs.

Unlike traditional video and stand-alone loss prevention applications, Envysion integrates managed video surveillance with point of sale (POS) systems to provide a robust set of exception reporting, alerting and search capabilities. In addition to the customary benefits of video surveillance -- increased security and reduced loss from vandalism, theft and unfounded liability claims -- Envysion enables customers to automatically track potentially fraudulent transactions such as voids, returns, discounts and coupons. For example, Envysion's solutions make it easy for loss prevention professionals to create alerts for large percentage discounts. When a site or employee passes the acceptable threshold for these discounts, Envysion sends the loss prevention team a notification. A loss prevention professional can then review the video of the event and determine if it warrants further action. Because the Envysion application quickly pinpoints video of important events, the retailer can effectively manage down exceptions and improve the average dollars per transaction. Envysion's retail, restaurant and hospitality customers typically drive one to three percent of sales to the bottom line with the company's MVaaS application.

Endorsed by loss prevention advisors and partners including David Gorman and King Rogers Group Analytics, Envysion provides secure instant access to live or recorded video at multiple, geographically dispersed locations from anywhere with an Internet connection. This feature yields several advantages for strained loss prevention professionals. Among these efficiency-building benefits are the ability to quickly isolate video evidence of employee fraud, build cases against shoplifters in less time and perform loss prevention audits faster. For instance, loss prevention professionals can augment in-depth, on-site audits with targeted, virtual audits in between site visits. The online MVaaS platform also lends itself to improved collaboration among the loss prevention team allowing users to immediately and securely share key video surveillance inside the company or with law enforcement.

Designed to be enterprise grade, Envysion's MVaaS expands the use of video into every aspect of the organization from operations and risk management to marketing and human resources. As retailers continue to cut costs and scrutinize standalone systems, this is an important shift in how organizations think about surveillance video. Envysion transforms video surveillance from a niche application used for specific situations, such as investigations or litigation, into a broadly used tool with multiple, proactive business improvement applications.

For more information on Envysion's MVaaS solutions for loss prevention, email

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